Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 679

Chapter 679 Why Are You Courting Disaster?

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The speed of arrows was extremely fast and also from a tricky angle. Even though it was shot straight from the front, the trajectory of the flight was through a crowd of players. Under the cover from the other players, only a person like Wang Yu who could sense danger would be able to detect this.

Shooting through the gaps between players could easily result in the death of the wrong target. However, the fact that the arrow was able to fly through the crowd of players to reach Fearless proved that the opponent’s control of the speed of arrow reached perfection. The level of accuracy was also exceptional. The Archer’s confidence in his own ability was also at the maximum.

Otherwise, the moment this arrow had the slightest of deviation, it wouldn’t be effective as an ambush.

When Fearless heard Wang Yu’s warning and reacted, it was already too late for him to dodge as the arrow was already right in front of him. Just as the arrow almost pierced right through his head, a large pair of hands covered Fearless’ sight as the hand casually caught the arrow.

Wang Yu was probably the only person who could catch an arrow in such circumstances.

“Old bull…” Fearless, who was relieved to be alive, looked anxiously at Wang Yu as he cried out.

“This arrow skill… It’s Sanguine Red!” When Sanguine Warflag saw the brilliant arrow, he couldn’t help but comment.

It seemed like Void Blade really had eyes everywhere. The restaurant wasn’t far from the resurrection point. After killing Ming Du, Sanguine Red immediately arrived here.

Wang Yu didn’t bother about the two of them as he grabbed Fearless by his collar to pull him behind Sanguine Warflag. Following that, he held up a wooden bench and walked towards the door.

“Eh?!! How is this possible?” Sanguine Red was beyond shocked when he saw Wang Yu catching his arrow.

As one of the top experts in the ring of professionals as well as the disciple of Sanguine Rain, the previous leader of Sanguine Squad, Sanguine Red was extremely confident in his arrows.

Sanguine Red’s arrow skill was incredibly high and it was from an ambush too. Even if he was an ordinary player or also a top professional expert, he would have died quietly under the circumstance that he didn’t expect someone to be shooting at him.

Who knew that not only was Wang Yu able to detect the arrow, he was even able to catch it. This was certainly way beyond Sanguine Red’s imagination.

Regardless, Sanguine Red was still a top expert. Being shock was one thing but when he saw that Wang Yu charged out, he picked up his bow and shot yet another arrow towards Wang Yu.

Wang Yu smiled when he saw this as he threw out the wooden bench to hit Sanguine Red’s arrow.

A wooden bench from the restaurant was made from materials that players would break easily just by sitting on it, let alone the impact of an arrow from a professional expert.


The wooden bench was indeed destroyed instantly and Wang Yu caught the arrow before flying towards Sanguine Red. With the arrow in his hand, he stabbed it right through Sanguine Red’s head.


After all, it was merely an arrow dart so the damage wasn’t high. Moreover, Wang Yu had no intention to kill him. This single move took away health his health.

After being attacked by Wang Yu, Sanguine Red’s natural instinct was to retreat back. But the moment Sanguine Red succeeded in doing that, the Boss of the restaurant jumped out from the counter with a speed greater than Wang Yu. He grabbed onto Sanguine Red’s collar tightly before shouting, “Intentional damaging of private property, pay up!”

“F*ck!” After being caught by the restaurant’s Boss, Sanguine Red turned pale with fright.

An Archer was a job that specialised in long-ranged attacks. He wouldn’t do well if a close-ranged specialist like Wang Yu got close to him.

Speaking of timing, just when Sanguine Red struggled and was about to retreat, Wang Yu already arrived right in front of him again.


When the sound of an activated trap was heard, Sanguine Red’s pale face immediately turned into a smile.

“Haha, you’re still too inexperienced to fight with me!” Sanguine Red smiled as he told Wang Yu, who was rooted to the ground. At the same time, he took out some gold and handed it to the restaurant’s Boss to set himself free.

“Really?” Wang Yu asked with a stern face, “Why did you attack my friends?”

“Hehe! It’s just a game! I attack because it makes me happy. There aren’t reasons for everything,” Sanguine Red replied coldly.

The trap’s root effect was extremely long so Sanguine Red was in no hurry to kill Wang Yu. Instead, he was enjoying the fact that he was talking to a helpless Wang Yu.

Wang Yu replied, “To make Void Blade reputable, right?!”

“You ask even when you know the answer.” Sanguine Red was unwilling to comment more.

“There are many ways to gain fame for your guild. Why are you courting disaster? I’m not someone you want to mess with. Return our items and I can consider letting all of you off,” Wang Yu replied.

“Pfff…” Sanguine Red burst out in laughter when he heard Wang Yu. “To think a dead duck still dare to talk back! I’m just not happy to see how arrogant your Quan Zhen Sect acts. As long as you guys still stay in Twilight City, players from the Void Blade will kill every one of you every time we see you!”

Wang Yu smiled as he extended both his arms and said, “Sure, you can try and kill me first!”

“You really think I don’t dare?” Wang Yu’s pejorative actions instantly angered Sanguine Red. As the number two Arrow King in the ring of professionals, anyone who saw him would greet him with respect. Today, how could he tolerate being disrespected twice by ordinary players?

Sanguine Red was extremely infuriated as he raised his bow to shoot an arrow at Wang Yu.


Wang Yu waved his hand calmly as the arrow was smacked to the ground.


Looking at this scene, Sanguine Red’s jaw dropped to the ground.

Wang Yu was merely one [Sidestep] away from Sanguine Red. Moreover, Sanguine Red took one step backwards when pulling his bow so taking everything into account, the distance between the two of them was merely one metre.

Killing someone who was rooted to the ground from this distance was not a difficult task at all.

Therefore, this arrow should logically be a surefire. How could he have possibly blocked it?

One must know that shooting arrows in a game and in reality was vastly different. In reality, shooting an arrow from one metre away was not going to be very threatening. However, in a game, the shorter the distance, the greater the damage and the lower the probability of being blocked.

With such high judgement and close distance, it was evident that only a person with exceptional reaction and judgement could block his arrow.

The moment Wang Yu smacked the arrow away, he didn’t stay idle. He immediately changed from his glove set to his long pole as he swung at Sanguine Red’s chest. A shocked Sanguine Red was turned into white light.

After killing Sanguine Red, Wang Yu swung his long pole towards his back.


A sneaky figure which was about to attack Wang Yu was struck. Following that, Wang Yu’s pole sealed the entrance.

As the Assassin failed his ambush and the door was sealed, the Assassin turned back to escape. Wang Yu turned his head to Fearless and shouted, “I can’t move so please take care of him.”

“Hiss…” When the spectators in the restaurant heard Wang Yu’s words, everyone took in a deep breath of cold air. This man was really rooted to the spot…

Nobody knew how good the Assassin was but everyone personally witnessed Sanguine Red’s level of skill in terms of shooting an arrow. An able-bodied professional expert being killed by a rooted-to-the-spot Wang Yu was indeed more ridiculous than any legends they heard.

At this moment, Sanguine Warflag’s spear extended to block the Assassin’s way and when the Assassin lifted his head, Sanguine Warflag was dumbfounded, “Sanguine Thorn!!”