Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 685

Chapter 685 Catching An Enemy Off Guard With A Surprise Attack

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The main reason why Fearless was always able to bring Quan Zhen Sect out of a dangerous situation was that this fella’s judgement of war situation was incredibly accurate.

Just as water retains no constant shape, there are no constant conditions in warfare. With Fearless’ flexible thinking and Quan Zhen Sect’s skills, they would always be able to turn from prey to predator.

After all, hiding in the safest place to threaten and disturb their opponents brought the greatest joy to them.

As Wang Yu noticed that the situation was changing to favour them, he couldn’t help but look fearfully at Fearless. This fella was simply too scary. He didn’t even do much and the entire table had turned drastically. Evidently, every move from Fearless was well calculated and planned.

It was clear that Fearless didn’t intend to do these. It was just like how Wang Yu would be able to quickly think of a breakthrough when someone attacked him. This was due to many years of experiences, habits and instinct…

Who knows what kind of environment one must have to cultivate such an instinct…

“Should we rush in to rescue them?” Crotch Lord looked at the Void Blade’s players at the resurrection point before asking Fearless.

Fearless smiled and said, “There is no need for that. All they need now is a target to attract their attention. Moreover, these people were those who ambushed us earlier on. Even if it is Old Bull, he can only guarantee that he can escape by himself. We will be useless even if we head in.”

At this moment, all the top experts from Void Blade were gathered at the resurrection point. These fellas were top experts among experts and none of them would be weaker than the players from Quan Zhen Sect. Moreover, they knew that the Quan Zhen Sect were assembling so they would have some sort of plan in place. If it was Wang Yu alone, he could still move around freely. However, it was evidently difficult if he wanted to bring Ming Du and co. out from this heavy encirclement around the resurrection point.

“Should we take this opportunity to raid their lair?” Boson asked as his voice was trembling in excitement.

Even though Boson wasn’t ambushed by anyone, he was fuming when he heard that these fellas snatched their quest goods which they fought so hard for. They even stole a skill book which he could use.

Even though Boson looked like an honest man, he was known to be one of the “Quan Zhen War Gods” as one of the early members of the Quan Zhen Sect. This was because all of them had extreme characters and had always done things in a completely crazy and ridiculous manner. Previously, they were wreaking havoc in a game to the extent that the Quan Zhen Sect became the game’s public enemy. They were no longer able to play the game which led to Boson exercising restraint.

“That would be useless!” Fearless shook his hand and replied, “From Sanguine Warflag’s words, Void Blade should be a local guild which means that direct teleportation is enough to travel there. Because of this, we will not be able to steal anything at all. Moreover, they have so many people around, so by the time we reach their headquarters, some of these fellas would have returned.”

“So what should we do?” Wang Yu was started to get depressed. They finally turned the situation to their favour so they couldn’t possibly just sit here and wait.

“No hurry,” Fearless smiled as he sent a message in the guild chat. “Frost Blade, how are things going on your side?”

“We’re done shifting and heading towards the resurrection point with Old Fish now,” Frost Blade responded very quickly.

Because the Quan Zhen Sect seldom returned to their headquarters, the majority of their valuables would be kept in the main city’s bank.

The guild headquarters’ warehouse was filled with materials but with just one sweep of the hand by Evil Rampage, the shifting of the warehouse was almost completed. The moving of sales items like medicine and others were extremely easy to shift. Therefore, what was left at this moment were merely the daily consumables of the ladies which were not worth much. They only needed two trips to shift everything.

“Hehe.” Fearless chuckled and told Ming Du in the guild chat, “Old Li, go ahead and pull one wave of their aggro.”

“Alright!” Ming Du, who was simply staring blankly at the entrance of the resurrection point, jumped up in excitement when he heard Fearless’ instruction. He made a beeline for the entrance of the resurrection point.

“Let’s go! Let’s go kill the ordinary players from Void Blade.” After giving Ming Du his task, Fearless instructed the rest of the Quan Zhen Sect.

There were too many experts from Void Blade gathered at the entrance of the resurrection point so there was no choice other than to meet force with force first.

Wasn’t it Void Blade’s wish to become famous? They should have a taste of death first!

“But we can’t possibly look for them blindly on the streets right…” Looking at how despicable Fearless was, Wang Yu was slightly nervous.

It was easy to recognise players from Void Blade as they were all wearing badges on their chest. However, killing people outside the city proved to be slightly difficult. There were so many people in Twilight City so finding each and every one of them seemed a little troublesome.

Fearless replied, “Of course not! I’ve discussed with Sanguine Warflag and the Sanguine Alliance will constantly report the coordinates of Void Blade’s players to us.”

“Sanguine Warflag? I thought he didn’t want to intervene?” Wang Yu said.

Fearless laughed as he answered, “He is not intervening. All he is doing is to get people to report their locations. He isn’t killing anyone.”

Void Blade poached the strong players from Sanguine Alliance which caused them to suffer huge losses. However, because Void Blade didn’t do anything illegal in the process, Sanguine Alliance could only bear with their unhappiness.

Fearless was right because as long as Sanguine Alliance didn’t interfere to kill players from Void Blade, they would not be considered as intervening. After all, Void Blade were the ones who played dirty first so even if they found out that players from Sanguine Alliance were reporting their locations, they couldn’t do much. With this opportunity to take revenge, Sanguine Warflag was naturally not going to let this go. After all, not reciprocating is against etiquette.

In order for a small guild like the Quan Zhen Sect to deal with a huge guild like this, they needed to sow dissension…

“You’re vicious!” Wang Yu and Spring Halo heard what Fearless said as they both gave Fearless a thumbs up before leaving in different directions.

On the resurrection point’s side, the top experts from Void Blade saw that Ming Du and Vainglory walked towards the resurrection point. They all thought that Wang Yu and co. were here so they became extremely focused and looked around cautiously. Everyone watched their surrounding and stayed on guard.

However, there were no suspicious-looking figures in the area around the resurrection point.

“Could they have changed outfit?!” Sanguine Red frowned as he asked.

Top experts definitely had their own train of thoughts as it didn’t take long for them to think of this.

“This makes sense! Everyone, pay close attention as they could have changed equipment.” Captain Don’t Open Fire heard Sanguine Red’s words and instructed in the chat.

At this moment, Sanguine Rain replied faintly, “Even if they change their outfit, the badge on their chest wouldn’t change. Sanguine Red, are you an idiot? Don’t tell me you’re only looking at their outfit.”

“F*ck…” Sanguine Red’s face turned red as he replied embarrassingly, “No, no, I didn’t. This is just a casual remark.”

“What about you guys?” Sanguine Rain asked Captain Don’t Open Fire and the rest.


Even Captain Don’t Open Fire lowered his bald head…

After a close round of observations, Captain Don’t Open Fire heaved a sigh of relief when he didn’t see any Quan Zhen Sect’s players.

Just then, Ming Du was dancing and gesticulating for joy as he stood on the periphery of the safe zone. He shouted at Captain Don’t Open Fire, “Hey, why are you guys looking around? I’m here!”

Captain Don’t Open Fire glanced at Ming Du but didn’t pay much attention to them. With that many experts around, he didn’t believe this fella could escape.