Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 699

Chapter 699 Quan Zhen Sects Final Tactic

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In the system settings of <>, when in headquarters battle mode, once the battle was declared, both parties’ warehouses would be locked so it was impossible for Quan Zhen Sect to move the things after Void Blade declared battle.

However, Quan Zhen Sect’s warehouse was empty so obviously, before the battle was declared, everything was moved away. No matter how small the headquarters was, it was still a big piece of land, what more Quan Zhen Sect which was stinkingly affluent. Even if they were broke, there was no way they would not even have stools and tables.

If it was indeed so, that meant that from the beginning, Quan Zhen Sect had already predicted that Void Blade would raid their headquarters. Since they knew, they still dared to go against Void Blade so strongly. It was obvious that they had everything in control.

“Is this a trap?” At this thought, Big Bear Deng Deng An broke out into a cold sweat.

No matter how strong-hearted Quan Zhen Sect was, after they received the news that their headquarters had fallen, they still felt a squeeze in their hearts.

At that moment, everyone in Quan Zhen Sect looked at Fearless and the table fell into silence as everyone looked gloomy.

“Fearless, we have really lost our headquarters…” After ten seconds of silence, Wang Yu’s voice broke it.

“Yes, I received the news too,” Fearless said nonchalantly.

“Did we just throw out our headquarters? Why did we not give it a try?” Boson asked upsetly.

At the end of the day, no one knew what Fearless was thinking to have thrown out their headquarters. This made everyone annoyed.

Initially, everyone had hope for Fearless and thought that Fearless would lead a team to raid Void Blade’s headquarters or something to fight it out. However, Fearless just gave their headquarters away for nothing. Even Boson sounded angry.

Fearless smiled. “Give it a try? Can we win? Even if we attack Void Blade’s headquarters, don’t forget, Void Blade is not short on money so their headquarters’ defence must be extremely strong, so why waste our energy.”

“But I can’t accept this!” Boson said upsetly.

“Don’t be upset!” Fearless said as he threw bags of money in front of everyone.

“Come, take them.” Fearless grabbed a money bag and put it into Boson’s hands.

Everyone recognised them. They were large money bags which contained ten thousand gold coins each.

“Are you splitting our assets?” Seeing how Fearless gave out money to everyone, Spring Halo asked in shock.

“What rubbish. These are the revenge money contributed by some girls. They took out their entire assets for this!” Fearless said, “10,000 gold coins per person. Keep them well. Don’t be corrupt and return me the leftovers.”

“Revenge money?” Everyone heard the word revenge and the awkwardness dissipated.

“Then what do we do next?” Vainglory asked hurriedly, “Use money to bury them?”

“Use money to bury Void Blade? What a wild dream.” Everyone despised Vainglory.

Just then, a main city announcement appeared above everyone.

Fearless, “Void Blade shamelessly bullied us by having majority. Today, I represent Quan Zhen Sect to inform Void Blade that our two guilds are arch-enemies!”

“Damn, Fearless are you trying to waste loudspeakers? How childish.” Seeing Fearless’ announcement, everyone broke into a cold sweat as he was competing with money spent on loudspeakers. That was only something young kids would do. It was tough to believe that this was Fearless’ final tactic. Was he traumatised?

Fearless’ loudspeaker covered the entire city so Void Blade definitely heard it. Seeing Fearless’ loudspeaker, everyone laughed.

“Damn, arch-enemies, who is he trying to scare?”

“Exactly, they don’t even have their guild headquarters and still dare to be so loud…”

“I think they have run out of ideas so they need to rely on loudspeakers to establish a presence.”

“He can spam us with loudspeakers, I am not afraid… Come, brothers, let’s go!”

Captain Don’t Open Fire was indeed wealthy. In one wave of his arm, gold coins rained down and filled Void Blade’s screens.

Those who strike it rich after being poor were not grounded. After Void Blade raided Quan Zhen Sect’s headquarters, they thought they were unformidable and started getting arrogant. Every one of them became boastful and were just slightly short of flooding the main city’s channel. The game company must be seething in happiness now.

Seeing this bunch of ridiculous people, Sanguine Red was hesitant, “How, how can it be?! What is Quan Zhen Sect doing? They just admitted defeat like this?”

Honestly speaking, seeing how Captain Don’t Open Fire was so proud, Sanguine Red was on Quan Zhen Sect’s side.

Sanguine Rain puzzledly said, “I also have no idea what these guys are up to…”

All these crazy people but Sanguine Rain was also puzzled, “They did not just make a simple declaration.”

Indeed, after Sanguine Rain finished speaking, a larger region-wide announcement suppressed all of Void Blade’s announcements.

Ironbull: Purchasing all Void Blade players’ coordinates. Every coordinate for a silver coin, with no limit. Anyone with coordinates can contact: Fearless, Ironbull, Spring Halo… (everyone in Quan Zhen Sect), cash upon delivery, valid long-term!


Once Wang Yu’s announcement was out, Void Blade’s main city’s loudspeaker gradually stopped.

“Buying coordinates!! F*ck!”

Sanguine Rain saw the announcement and could not hold back his yell.

Sanguine Red looked at Sanguin Rain in shock, “Brother, don’t be like this, Captain and the rest are looking.”

Sanguine Red and Sanguine Rain have been hanging out together for so long so he knew that Sanguine Rain was calm and had good control over his emotions. This was the first time he saw Sanguine Rain like that.

Yes, buying coordinates was Quan Zhen Sect’s final tactic.

When two guilds were battling, it had been a long practice to hire mercenaries. As long as they were veteran online game players, they would know.

However, Void Blade just wiped out Quan Zhen Sect and was enjoying their victory but if Quan Zhen Sect hired people to kill Void Blade, Twilight City’s players would have to consider as no one would like to offend such a large guild.

Buying coordinates was different. All they needed was to provide information. Only Quan Zhen Sect knew who betrayed Void Blade and they were offering a high price. One piece of news for one silver coin was easy and safe money. No one would give up this opportunity.

Quan Zhen Sect was not worried about people selling fake coordinates as in <>, there was no tracking number. Quan Zhen Sect was known for their notorious reputation and even dared to kill Void Blade so no one would offend such fierce people for just one silver coin.

Void Blade’s players saw Wang Yu’s announcement and turned pale, losing all the arrogance they had a while ago and replaced it with faces of fear.

Even Captain and Big Bear looked anxious.