Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 700

Chapter 700 Scary Psychological Warfare

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Other people did not know how impressive Quan Zhen Sect was but Void Blade’s players knew very well. Quan Zhen Sect moved around with no trace and killed people decisively. When they did not buy coordinates, they were already able to ambush and assassinate. Now that they were buying coordinates, they were unstoppable.

Once they went out, countless CCTVs sold their coordinates. It felt as though someone was watching them around the clock and it was definitely a fearful feeling.

What was scarier was that everyone could see that it was Iron Bull who sent that announcement. No one in Twilight City did not know who Iron Bull was.

He was a veteran player who had been well-known and was very active in Twilight City’s forum’s first page, and someone who could take on an entire guild alone.

Of course, it was too exaggerated to call him an enemy of the masses but no matter how exaggerated the rumours were, he definitely could kill hundreds of people single-handedly.

Perhaps other people would not believe that Wang Yu could defeat one hundred people alone but Void Blade’s players believed he could, as just half an hour ago, Wang Yu escaped from 300 people’s attack and killed a dozen of them.

Having their coordinates wanted by such a person made it difficult for anyone to empathise with them. If he had their coordinates, they would be dead.

If everyone was together, everyone would feel more secured but after raiding Quan Zhen Sect’s headquarters, they did not expect that Quan Zhen Sect would buy their coordinates so they had split up to do their own things.

At that time, Void Blade’s players who were all over Twilight City saw Wang Yu’s announcement, felt a chill run down their spine.

“Boss, what should we do?”

Void Blade’s players did not know what to do so they asked on the guild chat.

They were all veteran players but this was the first time they were so fearful of a dozen of people even with thousands of companions. Especially since they had just raided those people’s headquarters. They now had some sense of regret.

Captain Don’t Open Fire was also afraid but as the central pillar of support, he could not say anything demoralising so he angrily said, “What’s there to fear! We have so many people, why should we be afraid?”

Captain Don’t Open Fire’s words made sense as Quan Zhen Sect did not dare to directly take on 4,000 people. However, in such a situation, even if they had 500 people together, they still did not feel safe, much less since everyone was apart.

Since everyone was an adult, they understood this logic so Captain’s words had no effect.

Just then, Big Bear said, “I don’t believe that with so many people, we can’t defeat a dozen of them.”

“Just believe we can’t.” Captain said, “You were not around, you didn’t witness how despicable Quan Zhen Sect was.”

Big Bear was about to rebut him and suddenly, Quan Zhen Sect’s loudspeaker appeared once more.

Frost Blade: Twilight City 1454.2144, two Void Blade players present.

“??” Seeing the loudspeaker, Big Bear was shocked.

Big Bear did not think that coordinates would be sold so quickly.

After Frost Blade announced the coordinates, Void Blade’s guild chat received notice that players were killed.

There was instant silence on Void Blade’s guild chat.

“Dusk Forest xxxx.xxxx, four Void Blade players present!”

The loudspeaker sounded once more and Void Blade’s guild chat received four notifications. Four people died.

“Dusk Highlands… three!”

“Dusk Lake… one team!”

In the main city’s channel, the loudspeakers kept sounding while notifications kept appearing one after another on Void Blade’s guild chat…

Quan Zhen Sect’s coordinates loudspeakers were jinxes. Every time they sounded, players would be killed.

From chaos, Void Blade’s players started panicking and gradually, it developed into fear, worrying that the next coordinates would be their own. Instantly, everyone became each for his own.

Void Blade’s guild chat remained dead silent as everyone did not know what to do while seeing their companions die one by one.

“Psychological warfare! What a scary bunch!”

Bystanders always have a clearer mind. When Big Bear decided to attack Quan Zhen Sect’s headquarters, Sanguine Rain already treated himself as a bystander and so, he was able to have a clearer train of thought.

Seeing how Void Blade was tortured by Quan Zhen Sect till this state, Sanguine Rain could not help but sigh.

From the initial ambush, Quan Zhen Sect had never stopped demonstrating their strength, causing Void Blade to recognise that this bunch of people were great at a long, slow battle.

Then when Void Blade took over Quan Zhen Sect’s headquarters and was the most excitable, Wang Yu’s call for coordinates was like a pail of cold water poured down on the burning flame Void Blade had.

Then they aggressively sent out death coordinates on the main city channel, building up Void Blade players’ fear.

This way, Quan Zhen Sect step by step guided Void Blade into fear. How evil must these people be to set such a devious psychological trap?

Even a collected and calm person like Sanguine Rain broke out in a cold sweat after realising Quan Zhen Sect’s intentions.

By then, the overwhelming stress pressured Void Blade’s players until they broke down.

“Let’s quickly return to the city and not hang around outside! Quan Zhen Sect is beginning to hunt us down!”

“There’s no point in returning to the city. There are more eyes there. We should go to a safe zone…”

“Damn, Quan Zhen Sect is really coming…”

One person in fear was not truly fearful. When everyone was collectively in fear, this was really the end of the world…

In addition, Quan Zhen Sect continuously sent out death notices and filled the channel with assassination news. Void Blade players were in complete chaos and lamented desperately in their chat.

Captain Don’t Open Fire and Big Bear Deng Deng An could no longer control the situation.

“Don’t panic, I’ve got an idea!” Big Bear could not sit any longer after seeing how everyone was on the verge of breaking down. He blocked messages on the chat and used his guild leader’s authority to yell on the chat.

Big Bear’s yell did work. Void Blade players instantly felt less fearful and gradually calmed down.

“Don’t panic, let’s gather at the Dusk Canyon. I got an idea on how to kill Quan Zhen Sect,” Big Bear said on the chat.

Captain Don’t Open Fire and the rest who stayed back at Quan Zhen Sect’s headquarters to clean up loose ends looked at Big Bear after hearing what he said.

“Big Bear, what ideas do you have?” Captain Don’t Open Fire asked puzzledly.

“Hehe, he wants our coordinates right? I’ll give him your coordinates.” Big Bear chuckled.

Captain Don’t Open Fire was angered, “F*ck you, are you insane!”

“Listen to me.” Big Bear explained, “Later we will hide around here and kill every one of them who comes!”

“Hmm… Will this work? That Iron Bull is not to be trifled with.” Captain Don’t Open Fire was feeling unsure.

Big Bear annoyedly said, “No matter how impressive he is, all of us together will be impressive as well.”