Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 706

Chapter 706 Grow Only With Peace

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“Why? Looking at Boss Captain’s face, it seems like you don’t believe us? You have to know that Quan Zhen Sect is the only sect in <> who owns a high-level Pharmacist. If you don’t believe us, I can show you the list of items…” Frost Blade smiled as he replied.

“Alright, 20,000 gold it shall be then…” Captain Don’t Open Fire waved his hand as he saw Frost Blade taking out a list.

Damn it! Everyone knew that Void Blade robbed Quan Zhen Sect’s headquarters and it was also rather well-known that the Quan Zhen Sect was a supplier of high-level medicines.

Nobody, not even Captain Don’t Open Fire, would believe if they were to say that Void Blade invaded Quan Zhen Sect’s headquarters but didn’t obtain a single item. Therefore, the losses would have to be determined by the Quan Zhen Sect. He was afraid that if he continued to argue, the total cost of the list of items might amount to 30,000 gold… This was not impossible.

“You destroyed our gate so I think that is worth at least 10,000 gold…” Ming Du gestured.

“Gate? Isn’t that given by the system? Isn’t 10,000 gold a little too much?” Captain Don’t Open Fire replied anxiously.

Any infrastructure of the guild headquarters would be recovered when the guild re-obtained the authority of the headquarters. Therefore, everything would be free as long as Captain Don’t Open Fire returned the headquarters’ contract to Quan Zhen Sect… Moreover, even if it wasn’t free, the repair of a broken gate would never amount to 10,000 gold. They might as well ask for a gold-plated gate in return.

Vainglory replied, “What about our Guild Crystal? And our guild defenders are gone too. Rounding up to the nearest whole number is just about right…”


Captain Don’t Open Fire was speechless. What’s the difference between the Guild Crystal and the gate? As for the guild defenders, the players from Void Blade didn’t even see any of them…

“Should we give you a receipt?” Ming Du asked.

“F*ck… Alright, 10,000 gold it is.” Captain Don’t Open Fire was honestly fearful of these two fellas.

“Our forging workshop and pharmacy were all destroyed… These were huge losses,” Boson added.

The forging workshop and pharmacy infrastructure were built by the players themselves. The materials really did cost a bomb so Boson was not spouting rubbish.

“This… I know…” Captain Don’t Open Fire nodded as he was finally relieved there was an honest person in the Quan Zhen Sect.

What he didn’t know was that the Quan Zhen Sect’s forging workshop and other facilities were basic infrastructures provided by the system as well. They didn’t spend any money building it.

“Our guild has a Godbeast BOSS, a female one…” Spring Halo said.

“F*ck… That is a BOSS? A Godbeast?” Captain Don’t Open Fire vaguely remembered something.

The Flower Goblin was the Quan Zhen Sect’s only resistance. However, the level of the Flower Goblin was too low and it was a domestic BOSS. One wave of attacks by the Void Blade was enough to destroy it… Captain Don’t Open Fire was trying his best to link this plaything to a Godbeast.

Spring Halo replied, “Of course! You should know about the Crown of the Flower Goblin, right? Our Godbeast BOSS is capable of producing God grade equipment… Oh yes, God grade equipment should cost quite a bit of money too…”

“En, that’s right! The Flower Goblin can even expedite the growth of our medicinal garden… Most importantly, it looks good…”

“And also the Guild Manager who suffered a heart attack by you b*stards. Don’t you think you should fork out some money to treat him?”

As Captain Don’t Open Fire saw how the Quan Zhen Sect responded one after the other and with increasingly ridiculous requests, he finally understood what was shameless…

“Alright, why don’t you just give me a sum of the total amount?” Captain Don’t Open Fire anxiously asked.

“Sum? But we haven’t finished listing them out to you… Oh, but it should add up to about a hundred thousand…” The Quan Zhen Sect acted all righteous as though they were not out to take advantage.

“Alright, there is no need for big brothers to waste your energy listing. Is 100,000 enough?” Captain Don’t Open Fire said.

Fearless laughed as he replied, “Boss Captain is truly an impressive and generous man!”

“How could I not be generous? You guys are only lacking the knife on my throat to rob me…” Captain Don’t Open Fire teared up as he took out a bag of money to hand it over to Fearless together with the Quan Zhen Sect’s headquarters contract. The contract was Captain Don’t Open Fire’s bottom line, and he wasn’t planning to hand it over unless the Quan Zhen Sect asked for it.

Seeing the gold and the contract, everyone from Quan Zhen Sect laughed out loud. They were so happy that they started acting like a friendly neighbor which gave Captain Don’t Open Fire goosebumps.

As Fearless collected the money, he smiled and said, “From today onwards, all previous conflicts between us shall be written off. See? You can only grow with peace.”

“That is true.” Captain Don’t Open Fire nodded.

“Make sure you don’t find trouble with us in the future,” Spring Halo reminded.

“Brother Spring can rest assure that we will not find trouble with you! I’m your grandson if I do!” Captain Don’t Open Fire waved his hands. With this lesson, why would they ever dare to do the same in the future?

“And you guys too…” Fearless pointed at Sanguine Wolf and the rest. “Be a good person and stop acting like you’re the best. There is always someone stronger than you out there…”

“…” The professional experts lowered their heads simultaneously. They cursed at Fearless in their hearts a thousand times.

At this moment, Sanguine Wolf whispered, “Boss…”

“Oh yes! Why haven’t I seen Great God Iron Bull around?” Captain Don’t Open Fire couldn’t help but ask.

“He…” Fearless shook his head. “All because of you guys, his god-grade weapon is damaged. I believe he is crying in some corner… You’re looking for him because?”

“F*ck… Nothing…” Captain Don’t Open Fire heard Fearless as he hurriedly replied, “If there is nothing else, we shall make our move first…”

Fearless shook his head and said, “Go back then… Remember to be good in the future, okay? We, Quan Zhen Sect, are true pacifists…”

“You’re right…” Captain Don’t Open Fire nodded his head vigorously as he left with his men.

“Boss, my dagger…” After leaving the restaurant, Sanguine Wolf asked in disappointment.

Sanguine Wolf’s peak grade dagger was still with Wang Yu. Earlier on, Captain Don’t Open Fire asked about Wang Yu because of the dagger.

Captain Don’t Open Fire replied as though he was coaxing a kid as he said, “Aiya, I’ll get you a better one in the future.”

“What about this one? Mine was an Obsidian grade dagger… It can grow even more.”

Sanguine Wolf’s question was also as childish as what a kid would ask.

Captain Don’t Open Fire patted Sanguine Wolf on the shoulder as he replied, “Wolf ah, as your brother, I suggest that you forget about that dagger…”

Didn’t he hear what Fearless said? His god-grade weapon was damaged. Captain Don’t Open Fire personally witnessed how Wang Yu’s weapon broke. Even though he wasn’t sure that his weapon was god-grade, they shouldn’t be too shocked at how unreasonable the Quan Zhen Sect’s players were.

Since they mentioned that it was god-grade, these b*stards were capable of even proving how a broken tree branch could be the greatest god-grade weapon ever…

No matter how impressive Sanguine Wolf’s dagger was, could it be more valuable than a god-grade weapon? Mentioning about the dagger at that point in time was simply suicidal.