Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 729

Chapter 729 Scary Pincer Attack

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The Toxic Green Ant Guard which was thrown to the floor angrily glared at the Scarlet Wasp still flying in midair, expressing its dissatisfaction that it was helping the enemy fight against them.


The Scarlet Wasp raised both its arms up, seemingly to say, “What the hell can I do about it? I can’t do anything either… my waist is almost twisted… if you guys are losing so badly, what difference would it make if I get down and join in the fight? Wouldn’t I be beaten up alive as well?”

Lucky for them, Wang Yu could not understand what they were saying. If he did, he would have charged at the cowardly Scarlet Wasp as well, as he had to bring in his teammates from Quan Zhen Sect in at all costs.

Of course, as Elite BOSSes, both the Yellow Scorpion and the Green Ant weren’t cannon fodders. After carelessly receiving the brunt of Wang Yu’s moves in the first exchange, they would naturally be more cautious in the next few attacks.

The two monsters possessed terrifying speed and were attacking from the ground. Naturally, they had more control and initiative in their attacks as compared to Wang Yu who was dangling in midair.

With the flexibility that they had on the ground, both of the creatures started chasing down Wang Yu.

Wang Yu, on the other hand, was still suffering from the poison’s debuffs and was unable to land on the ground to face them. He could only fly around in midair to dodge the onslaught of attacks dished out by the Yellow Scorpion and the Green Ant, with the help of the rope tied to the Scarlet Wasp. Occasionally, he was able to land a counter attack on them. Even though he was unable to kill them for now, he managed to successfully lure the three monsters away from the teleportation gate.

At the same moment, the players from Quan Zhen Sect that were waiting outside of the teleportation gate started to speculate about what happened to Wang Yu, seeing that they have yet to hear from him for quite some time.

“Surely, Uncle Bull would not have been killed, right…” Vainglory said in a low voice.

Fearless replied, “Since when did you become blind? Can’t you see that Old Bull’s name in the party member list is still lit up?”

“Then why has there been no news from him so far…”

“I’m guessing he is busy handling the monsters for now and does not have time to get back to us…” Fearless said.

When players were engaged in battle, they would normally be unable to handle sending messages in the midst of their battle.

“Unable to handle? Since when did Old Bull have instances whereby he was unable to handle anything?” everyone said unbelievingly.

In their eyes, Wang Yu had always been too overpowered. Even if he was facing a Big Boss, he would still be able to send messages in the midst of the battle.

“That may not be accurate. Did you guys not hear what Little Crotchy said? There were three monsters blocking the entrance in the next stage. If Old Bull is unable to communicate with us but is still alive, that would mean that he is occupied with handling them. Thus, we have to enter now to lend him a helping hand,” Fearless correctly speculated.

“Help?…” Upon hearing what Fearless said, everyone became hesitant.

They couldn’t help it. After seeing Crotch Lord getting instantly decimated, the trauma placed on them was too much, none of them dared to enter.

After seeing such a situation in his team, Fearless then said, “Whoever enters first will have the privilege to get first-pick from the loots of the Bosses that we face later on.”

“Privilege to get first-pick?! Are you for real?” Everyone was instantly energized.

The privilege to get first-pick was an unconditional right for a player to be the first to pick any form of item or equipment that they had their sights on. For a team that always determined on the order of picking based on a dice roll, the privilege to first-pick would naturally entice all of them.

“Of course, I mean what I say,” Fearless confirmed.

“I’ll go! I’ll go! I’m the closest with Uncle Bull!” Vainglory jumped and waved his hand around.

Spring Halo instantly used his staff to hit Vainglory on the butt, following which, he said in all seriousness, “As Quan Zhen Sect’s oldest member as well as all of your big brother, I can not possibly sit idly by and watch Little Bull fight a battle alone!”

Ming Du punched his fist upwards and said, “I will always be all of your fire support!”

“I am…”


Everyone started putting on airs.

“Ok ok ok, can all of you shut up now,” Fearless said, annoyed. “We should let a Tank enter first. Why are all of you low health classes making so much noise? Old Li, you trash, stand at the back.”

As he said this, Fearless walked towards Boson who had kept quiet throughout and said, “Boson, you go first. If there is no danger, then we will follow behind!”

As Quan Zhen Sect’s only other Tank apart from Crotch Lord, the only one that could possibly survive a wave of attack from the three monster’s onslaught would be Boson.

“En!” Boson nodded, before stepping into the teleportation gate with a layer of Fearless’ Holy Shield wrapped around him.

Once he was in, Boson saw Wang Yu, who was flying about in midair, with the Yellow Scorpion Guard and the Toxic Green Ant Guard chasing after him.

“These three monsters are actually Elite-class Gold grade BOSS!” After seeing the attributes of the three monsters, Boson looked at Wang Yu in reverence and awe.

Elite-class BOSSes were usually harder to deal with. Even if it was just a random Elite BOSS out in the wild, normal players would usually require a small party to deal with it. The difficulty would naturally be even harder for an Elite Boss from the hidden dungeon…

Wang Yu was currently soloing three of the Elite-class Gold grade BOSSes from the hidden dungeon. Despite Boson having seen Wang Yu in battles countless times, looking at the scene in front of him still left him dumbfounded.

At this moment, Wang Yu saw Boson. He then shouted, “Boson, what are you standing there for… Hurry up and help me pull away the aggro from the yellow one! It’s too annoying.”

Even though the Yellow Scorpion Guard was not as flexible as the Toxic Green Ant Guard, it had the ability to do a surprise attack. Wang Yu, who was in midair, had already experienced a reduction in his flexibility. Having to occasionally dodge this attack from the Yellow Scorpion Guard was beyond frustrating.

“Ok, I’m on it!” Boson replied. He then promptly updated in the chat, “All of you can come in now, the three BOSSes at the gate have already been distracted by Wang Yu.” Following which, Boson charged towards the Yellow Scorpion Guard.

Just when the Yellow Scorpion Guard was about to fly up to attack, Boson suddenly charged at it from behind, causing the Yellow Scorpion Guard that was in midair to get rammed onto the ground. Luckily, the body of the Yellow Scorpion Guard was small and it was easy to pin it down. Otherwise, trying to knock over a normal BOSS would prove to be a difficult task to do.

After the Yellow Scorpion Guard was knocked on the ground, Boson followed up with a [Mountain Shattering Blow], hacking towards it.

“Stop…!” Seeing Boson about to smash the Yellow Scorpion Guard, Wang Yu immediately shouted to warn him. However, Boson was already leaping towards the Yellow Scorpion Guard, even if he cancelled his skill, it would not have made any difference.

Just when Boson was wondering why Wang Yu had asked him to stop, the Yellow Scorpion Guard calmly turned around and used its pincers to trap Boson’s two-handed sword. Following which, it twisted both the pincers, causing Boson to flip in midair and falling flat on the ground.

“What the hell! What is this sh*t!” After seeing the system message, Boson was dumbfounded. This BOSS was actually capable of destroying a player’s equipment… It was too terrifying.

At this moment, the Yellow Scorpion Guard suddenly leapt in the air, both its pincers aimed towards Boson’s head.

Just when Boson wanted to raise his sword to defend himself, he suddenly hesitated after looking at the Yellow Scorpion Guard’s pincers…

Getting killed by the BOSS would only result in him leaving the dungeon, Boson himself would not have incurred much loss. At the very most, he would be unable to fight the upcoming BOSS ahead of them. Using his weapon to defend himself, on the other hand, would cause him to suffer terrible losses. In the game, equipment, especially weapons, was way more important than a player’s life.

As Wang Yu’s dagger did not belong to him, he could care less if the dagger was destroyed. Boson, on the other hand, relied on his weapon to make a living. How could he bear to destroy it?

Seeing the Yellow Scorpion Guard on the verge of severing Boson’s neck, Wang Yu stepped on the Toxic Green Ant Guard, propelling him towards the Yellow Scorpion Guard. Following which, he activated [Eagle Stomp] and [Thunder God’s Stomp] on the Yellow Scorpion Guard, kicking the Yellow Scorpion Guard to the floor.

Right at this moment, the ground below Boson started melting. A fountain of lava spewed from the earth, enveloping Boson. Boson was instantly burnt to death, leaving behind white light.


Wang Yu was depressed. He finally managed to receive help from another player, but before any help could be rendered, the player was annihilated…