Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 730

Chapter 730 Situation Stabilized

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“Aiyo Uncle Bull, flying an airplane?” Just when Wang Yu was feeling down, a voice suddenly rang out from behind.

Wang Yu mood instantly lifted as he turned around to see that Vainglory and the rest had successfully managed to enter through the teleportation gate.

Vainglory pointed at Wang Yu who was flying in midair and excitedly said, “Uncle Bull, teach me! I want to learn how to fly too…”

Spring Halo replied in disdain, “Teach my *ss. If you don’t help out you won’t earn your share from this boss! Hurry up and help him.”

While he was speaking, Spring Halo lifted his staff and charged forwards. With a wave of his hand, six Demons emerged, blocking the path of the Yellow Scorpion Guard.

Spring Halo’s Demons had a bulky build. When placed in comparison with the Yellow Scorpion Guard, the Yellow Scorpion Guard looked like a dwarf. They were able to completely seal the pathway of the Yellow Scorpion Guard.

Seeing that it was surrounded, the Yellow Scorpion Guard did not panic. It swiftly swung the pincer in its hand and managed to clamp one of the Demon’s thighs in its pincer. Before the Demon could even react, it was instantly sliced into two clouds of smoke. Following which, it dashed forward, breaking through the blockage.

At the same moment, [Dark Barrier] was activated, rooting the Yellow Scorpion Guard to the ground. In that split second, Vainglory had dashed in front of the Yellow Scorpion Guard. With the activation of [Shadow Chain Kick], the Yellow Scorpion Guard was kicked back.

Vainglory had decent talent. Coupled with Wang Yu’s guidance, his moves were rather exceptional. After kicking away the Yellow Scorpion Guard, he promptly activated [Crushing Blow], causing the Despair’s Sting in his right hand to release a faint glow. Following which he drove it straight into the eye of the Yellow Scorpion Guard.

[Shadow Chain Kick] was a skill that dealt heavy damage to the target. Coupled with the damage from the entire combination of skills, Vainglory had successfully drawn the aggro of the Yellow Scorpion Guard towards himself.


The Yellow Scorpion Guard screamed in agony. It attempted to use its pincer to slice off Vainglory’s right hand. Upon seeing this, Vainglory immediately retracted his hand, however, it was a little too late. One of the fingers on his right hand was chopped off and his HP bar immediately turned red. Additionally, a condition “Bleeding” appeared above him.

Thankfully, with Fearless’ healing magic, Vainglory did not die.

“D*mn!” Seeing that the Yellow Scorpion Guard had such a high damage output, the three of their hearts palpitated.

It was merely a slight wound inflicted by the BOSS and yet Vainglory was almost eliminated from it. If someone was to get caught in the pincer, wouldn’t that be an instant death?

At the same time, everyone was left in awe of Wang Yu’s abilities once more.

From their attributes, the Yellow Scorpion Guard obviously had the lowest damage output amongst the three guards. That is to say, if Wang Yu was hit by either of the Bosses, he would have been instantly eliminated.

All three BOSSes were of the agility type. However, Wang Yu was able to dodge all the attacks from the onslaught by the three BOSS. What kind of sorcery was that?

“Little Chicky, hurry up and dodge!” Just when the three of them were revering Wang Yu’s abilities, Wang Yu suddenly shouted to warn Vainglory, before kicking him in the back. Vainglory was thrown to the side while Wang Yu borrowed the momentum of his kick to reposition himself.


At the same moment, the location at which Vainglory was previously standing on suddenly erupted into flames. Shortly after, the ground started to melt and lava spewed from the ground…

“Old Li, Old Meng, above!”

Fearless promptly cast [Sacred Ray] above him, marking the Scarlet Wasp Demon Guard. Shortly after, Yang Nuo’s and Ling Longmeng’s arrows, as well as Ming Du’s [Berserk Thunder], were thrown at it, bombarding the Scarlet Wasp Demon Guard and forcing it to retreat.

With the help of the other players from Quan Zhen Sect, the pressure on Wang Yu was lessened significantly. As there was no longer a need for him to keep on dangling around in midair, he let go of the rope in his hand, jumping towards the Toxic Green Ant Guard.

Seeing Wang Yu landing towards it, the Toxic Green Ant Guard raised the poisonous thorns in its hand and stabbed towards Wang Yu.

When Wang Yu was soloing against the three BOSS, never once did the Toxic Green Ant Guard manage to hit Wang Yu. Now that it was a 1 vs 1 situation, how could it possibly hit him?

Wang Yu’s body flickered, before promptly arriving behind the Toxic Green Ant Guard, resulting in the Toxic Green Ant Guard’s attack to miss. Following which, Wang Yu switched his dagger to his right hand and used his left to wrap around the head of the Toxic Green Ant Guard. He then used the dagger in his right hand to stab the Toxic Green Ant Guard at its throat.


Following which, Wang Yu sliced the dagger across the neck of the monster.


After the two damages appeared, the HP bar of the Toxic Green Ant Guard decreased significantly. It then thrust both of the thorns in its hands upwards in an attempt to stab Wang Yu who was behind it.

Wang Yu smirked. He then released the head of the Toxic Green Ant Guard, promptly activated [Thunder God’s Stomp], kicking the Toxic Green Ant Guard on its back, sending it flying forwards. The creature, however, turned invisible before it landed.

Upon seeing that the creature had vanished, Wang Yu calmly thrust his dagger towards his right.


Wang Yu’s dagger was lodged into the head of the Toxic Green Ant Guard. In its desperation, the creature frantically swiped at Wang Yu with its thorns.

As the Toxic Green Ant Guard was very short, Wang Yu could neither bend his head down nor jump to avoid the attack. Thus, he chose to fall flat on the ground, before grabbing and pulling on the legs of the Toxic Green Ant Guard. With a vigorous tug, the Toxic Green Ant Guard lost its balance momentarily and fell on the ground.

At the same time, Wang Yu stood up and used the daggers to plunge into the waist of the monster. He then grabbed hold of one of its legs and flung the Toxic Green Ant Guard into one of the thorns growing on the stalk of one of the roses nearby.

The roses here in stage 3 were extraordinarily big. The thorns growing on the stalk of the rose were exceptionally sharp, with the thickest part of the thorn being as thick as the waist of the Toxic Green Ant Guard. With Wang Yu’s throw, the sturdy thorn managed to pierce through the Toxic Green Ant Guard’s chest, leaving the creature’s body dangling on the thorn.

With this attack by Wang Yu, the HP bar of the Toxic Green Ant Guard was instantly halved.

Meanwhile, the Yellow Scorpion Guard and the Scarlet Wasp Demon Guard were not having things any easier either.

Compared to a close to 2 metres broad sword, a Pugilist’s fist weapon was more practical in dealing with the Yellow Scorpion Guard. The shorter the weapon was, the more flexible one could be in his style of combat. Furthermore, in this case, it would not be as easy for the Yellow Scorpion Guard to trap the weapon with its pincer.

As can be seen, being short has its own advantages and disadvantages.

However, Vainglory was agile as well. Coupled with Spring Halo’s control abilities and Fearless’ support, the Yellow Scorpion Guard was suppressed to its current position.

As for the Scarlet Wasp Demon Guard, it was an unlucky chap. Initially, when Wang Yu was dealing with the three creatures alone, the monster was used by Wang Yu as a helper. Now that Wang Yu had thrown it away, it became the target of a multitude of arrows.

The three ranged players from Quan Zhen Sect were all as slippery as an eel, especially Yang Nuo herself. Her combat maneuvers had always been exceptional beyond belief. Coupled with the additional dodging skills of an Archer, she would not be at a disadvantage if she were to fight solo against an enemy of more than ten archers alone. A Magician classed BOSS whose attacks always revealed the area of effect prior to the activation of the skill itself was of no threat to Yang Nuo in the least.

Ming Du, on the other hand, was able to cast double [Teleportation]. Furthermore, his current position was extremely crafty, he was standing in the blind spot of the Scarlet Wasp Demon Guard.

Ling Longmeng was even more overpowered. Apart from the high frequency of her attacks, there were countless images of her surrounding the Scarlet Wasp Demon Guard with which she could switch positions with. Furthermore, the Shadow Bind Arrow that she was using had a restricting effect and could occasionally root the Scarlet Wasp Demon Guard on the spot, making it into a fixed target board…

Even though the Scarlet Wasp Demon Guard had an exceptionally high damage output that could one hit K.O a player, if it was unable to hit the target itself, it would simply turn out as a joke instead.

The Scarlet Wasp Demon Guard wanted to land on the ground to avoid the onslaught of arrows, however, seeing the three Thieves that were eyeing it threateningly, it would rather engage the three ranged opponents instead of engaging all six of them.

It was tough being a BOSS after all…

Seeing that all three of the BOSS were about to be beaten alive, a clear and delicate voice rang in everyone’s ears.

“Intruders, why have you come to slaughter my people!”