Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 734

Chapter 734 The Terrifying Flora Deity

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With the wave of her hands, the Flora Deity was able to control both heaven and earth. The petals covering the Scarlet Wasp Demon Guard starting to peel off from its body. Following which, the wasp transformed into a huge Scarlet Wasp Sting, piercing towards the Flora Deity.

When the Scarlet Wasp Sting came into contact with the Flora Deity, it appeared as if it melted against the skin of the Flora Deity, integrating into her body. Following which, the colour of the hair and clothing of the Flora Deity changed into a bright red colour, and her eyes were glowing with a fiery blaze.

[Thousand Flower Blessing]: The Flower Whisperer has received the blessings of a thousand flowers. Intelligence increased by 300%, Magic Damage increased by 100%, 100% Magic Resistance.

“Resurrected again!” Seeing the HP bar of the Flora Deity get refilled once more, Wang Yu couldn’t help but comment on it.

This BOSS was like a stubborn cockroach that refused to die no matter what. Every time she was beaten down, she got up once again. Furthermore, each time she got back up, she became even more powerful… As the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…

The BUFF that the Flora Deity received this time was even more overpowered compared to previous because the Flora Deity was an Intelligence-type BOSS. Thus, the previous increase in her Strength was definitely not as beneficial as her current increase in Intelligence.

An increase in Intelligence by threefold would lead to an increase in Magical Damage output of more than threefold. Even if the target was a LVL 55 Magician that had no item equipped, he/she would have the capability to instantly wipe any player, much less the Flora Deity who was a LVL 55 Ancient class BOSS.

Upon seeing the Flora Deity’s transformation, everyone couldn’t help but start to panic in their hearts.

“Despicable Martial Artist, you will pay for your actions!”

The Flora Deity was truly pissed this time. She totally ignored the other players and only targeted Wang Yu.


Following the Flora Deity’s cry of anger, an extremely gigantic meteor flew towards Wang Yu, with the sound of wind trailing behind it.

This was the first time Wang Yu had seen such an extravagant and exaggerated magic ability. The scale of this attack was beyond what a normal human being could expect. As overpowered as Wang Yu was, even he did not dare to receive the attack head-on. He promptly leapt away from his spot, dodging to the side.


When the meteor landed, a crater of 10 metres in diameter appeared at the place at which Wang Yu was previously standing on. The ground damaged by the meteor was melting as burning hot lava formed a huge pillar of fire and spewed from the ground.

“What the hell! How do we even fight this?!”

The players who were watching from afar, including Fearless, was speechless when they saw the scale of the Flora Deity’s attack.

The gigantic meteor alone was scary enough. Who would have thought that there would be a second and third phase in that attack alone? An Ancient class BOSS was truly powerful. After witnessing Wang Yu beating the Flora Deity up previously, everyone thought that this BOSS was a weakling. However, they were quick to change their opinion on that and realised that their way of thinking previously truly underestimated the system’s creativity.

After seeing the lava pool that was formed from the explosion of the meteor, Wang Yu who had chosen to dodge earlier wiped off cold sweat from his forehead. Thankfully, he could Teleport, otherwise he would have been blasted to smithereens by the attack.

“Slippery insect, I shall see where can you hide!”

Just when Wang Yu had finally stabilised himself from the previous attack, the Flora Deity lashed out angrily once more. At the same time, the ground beneath Wang Yu’s started to feel hot. Soon after, a sea of flames rose from the ground, engulfing Wang Yu’s figure.

“Ha ha ha! Now you’ve finally got a taste of Earth’s wrath!” The Flora Deity started laughing hysterically after seeing Wang Yu getting engulfed by the flames.

“Next, I will eliminate the rest of you intruders for that is the only way for me to soothe the vengeance in my heart, ha ha ha!”

Upon seeing the Flora Deity laughing maniacally, everyone started to think, “Wow, has this woman lost her mind after getting beaten senseless or what?”

Of course, a BOSS that was in its Berserk state was able to deal way more damage than when it was in its normal state.

With a wave of both her hands, countless numbers of large meteors were formed around the Flora Deity, waiting to be unleashed. Shortly after, the Flora Deity raised her right hand to the sky and followed it by aggressively thrusting her left hand to the ground. At the same moment, the surrounding meteors flew into the sky and rained down upon the players from Quan Zhen Sect.

At this very moment, the entire sky was covered by countless numbers of flaming meteors.

“Hurry up and hide behind the BOSS!”

From the looks of the previous attack on Wang Yu, the meteors had an attack range of minimally 10 metres in diameter. With the onslaught of meteors, there would not be any safe areas to stay in.

However, the Flora Deity’s attack wasn’t a sure kill one. For example, the attack did not cover the area underneath her.

After Fearless gave his order, he promptly jumped off the branch that he was standing on and glided above the ground, over to the blind area of the attack.

After receiving the order, Ling Longmeng did not bother to acknowledge the command. Instead, she immediately ran towards the safe zone and was the first to arrive there. Yang Nuo was following close behind, maneuvering through the attacks, barely managing to reach the area underneath the Flora Deity.

Spring Halo was not as lucky as them. After he turned into a mist, his flying speed was slow and his current form did not have any resistance to magic. Thus, after struggling for a while, he was finally done in by one of the meteors.

Meanwhile, Peak Of Perfection and a few other players who were wrapped into a cocoon by the grass nearby were even more pitiful. Other players at least had the chance to run and escape. The few of them, on the other hand, had been bound. Even if they wanted to run, there was nowhere they could run to. Thus, the only thing they could do was watch the meteors in the sky fly towards them.

“Crap, Peak Of Perfection mustn’t die!” Right at this moment, Fearless suddenly thought of Peak Of Perfection.

The reason why everyone came to the dungeon in the first place was to help Peak Of Perfection complete the quest for his job advancement. If Peak Of Perfection died, the quest would be deemed as failed.

This was the first deal that the Quan Zhen Sect’s “Murder of Crows” battle team had accepted. If they were to fail here on their first mission, that would be rather ominous.

Actually, the players of Quan Zhen Sect couldn’t care less about such superstition. However, if they were to fail the mission here, there would be no reward for them to collect once the mission was over.

Just when Peak Of Perfection was about to die and everyone was starting to despair, a bright light was cast on Peak Of Perfection’s body. Shortly after, the grass cocoon wrapping around Peak Of Perfection’s body was hanging onto a flower branch that was chopped off. At the same time, a message from Ming Du appeared in the chat, “Idiots, take revenge for Daddy!”



“Old Li, he…”

After seeing Ming Du’s message, everyone was immediately relieved. No one in their right mind would have expected the self-centred Ming Du to actually put himself in danger to rescue someone else.

With a single wave of the Flora Deity’s bombardment, more than 90% of the area in the map was turned into a sea of flames… only a few random sports, as well as the area underneath the Flora Deity, were unharmed.

“Eh? Stubborn pests, to think that all of you are still alive!”

At this moment, Flora Deity noticed Peak Of Perfection who was dangling off a flower branch as well as the few players that were beneath her.

Fearless cast a sacred marker and pinpointed the location underneath the skirt of the Flora Deity. Following which, he cheekily smiled and said, “I would do anything to spend more time with a beauty.”

“Hahaha, you are truly interesting. I wouldn’t bear for you to die so quickly.” The Flora Deity gave a sinister smile, before forming two flaming rings on the palm of her hands, one aiming towards Fearless while the other at Peak Of Perfection.

Fearless bantered and said, “Same here. I can’t bear to see you die as well. In that case, why not the both of us stop the battle here.”

The Flora Deity laughed and replied, “Hahaha! What a joke, all of you will… Ah!”