Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 740

Chapter 740 Peak Of Perfections Gift

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“This? It’s the Apostle’s token and his love letter…” Peak Of Perfection displayed the token to everyone, seemingly as if he had nothing to hide.

“Not this, I’m referring to the green coloured object.” Wang Yu shook his head before he pointed at the green coloured vine in Peak Of Perfection’s hand and asked.

“This… It’s the Godly Tree Vine and it looks like a rare material of some sort…” Peak Of Perfection answered while raising the green vine.

“This is the Godly Tree Vine?!” After hearing what Peak Of Perfection had said, Fearless couldn’t help but exclaim in shock.

This item that Evil Rampage had been searching for after combing through a few hundred cities but to no avail, was actually in Peak Of Perfection’s hands. This brat truly was Quan Zhen Sect’s lucky star.

“So? Do you all know what does this thing actually do?” Peak Of Perfection curiously asked.

“Are you selling it?” Wang Yu ignored Peak Of Perfection’s question, asking another question instead.

“Er… Not selling…” Peak Of Perfection answered after pondering for a bit.

“I’m willing to pay a high price!” Wang Yu hurriedly said.

This Godly Tree Vine was a key ingredient required to repair Wang Yu’s equipment. Now that it was just right in front of his eyes, if he missed this opportunity, god knows when will he be able to obtain it again. After all, even though an Ancient grade BOSS wasn’t too hard to find, Peak Of Perfection’s luck was.

Upon hearing Wang Yu’s offer, Peak Of Perfection smiled and said, “Do you think that I would be lacking in money?”

“…” After Wang Yu had heard what he said, he didn’t know what else to say. With Peak Of Perfection’s luck, he could casually sell some of the items that he had looted before and instantly turn into one of the wealthiest players in the game. He truly did not have a need for more gold coins.

“So what do you lack then?” Wang Yu asked.

“I lack friends that are true experts like you! I’m not selling this item, I’m giving it to you!” Peak Of Perfection laughed and handed the Godly Tree Vine over to Wang Yu.

“This… How could I possibly accept this?” Seeing Peak Of Perfection handing the item over to him, Wang Yu was momentarily stunned. The Godly Tree Vine was an extremely rare material, even Evil Rampage wasn’t able to find it. The Godly Tree Vine could be sold easily at an extremely high price to any player that had a need for it. Thus, when Peak Of Perfection suddenly handed such a precious item over to Wang Yu for free, Wang Yu did not know how to react to it.

Even if it was a gift to a friend, this gift was simply too extravagant… Wang Yu was not like the other players in Quan Zhen Sect who were so thick skinned and would brazenly accept gifts like this for free. Thus, he would not accept it so easily.

“What’s there to be shy about? Didn’t the kid already say so? Since we’ve helped him clear the dungeon, this is his token of gratitude… You deserve it.” Fearless stepped in to pass the Godly Tree Vine from Peak Of Perfection over into Wang Yu’s hands.

Fearless could easily see through the reason why Peak Of Perfection would willingly give such a gift away as a favour to Wang Yu.

“Yes, you deserve it,” Peak Of Perfection said, slightly awkward at how things have turned out.

“That I know, but the value of the item is simply too much…” Wang Yu said.

Before this, Wang Yu did not know the value of the Godly Tree Vine. However, after hearing that Evil Rampage had tried to find this item in over 300 cities but to no avail, he then knew how rare this item actually was. It was definitely worth more than him helping Peak Of Perfection to clear the dungeon, and Wang Yu wasn’t someone that would take advantage of others.

“If that’s the case, I can do you a favour instead.” Wang Yu offered after thinking about it.

“How can I accept this…” Peak Of Perfection smiled and said. Even though his expression suggested that he was embarrassed about it, deep down, he already had the intention of Wang Yu doing a favour for him.

Thinking about it, as valuable as the Godly Tree Vine was, in the hands of someone that had no use for it, it was merely a useless rare material. From Wang Yu’s attitude, it was obvious that he desperately needed the material. Trading a rare material for the favour of a peak expert was definitely a worthy trade for Peak Of Perfection. Peak Of Perfection was a smart man.

“Old Bull, you dumb *ss. He is trying to take advantage of you, don’t you know that?” Seeing that Wang Yu offered to help Peal Of Perfection, he promptly sent the message privately to Wang Yu.

Wang Yu calmly replied and said, “I know, but I don’t like to owe people favours.”

“You simpleton!” Fearless sighed in frustration, before turning to Peak Of Perfection and asking, “Say it, what do you want us to help you with? As long as it is within our means, we will help you.”

Fearless knew too well how evil a person’s motive can be. In the event that Peak Of Perfection made use of this opportunity to make Wang Yu do things such as quitting the game forever, a man like Wang Yu whom would never go back on his promises would be placed in a dilemma. By adding the phrase “As long as it is within our means” behind, it was Fearless’ way of trying to salvage the situation and providing a leeway for Wang Yu.

Peak Of Perfection replied, “Not you guys, I only need Boss Iron Bull’s help.”

“Oh? What do you need help with then?” Fearless asked with caution.

Peak Of Perfection could guess what Fearless was thinking. Thus, he promptly smiled and said, “Boss Fearless, don’t worry. I only need Boss Iron Bull to help escort me back to my main city, that’s all.”

“Oh, I see…” Fearless nodded his head in realisation. Being a bodyguard wasn’t too big a chore for Wang Yu in the first place. Thinking up till this point, Fearless then asked, “Do you have a lot of friends in the capital?”

“I have no friends there…” Peak Of Perfection said while shaking his head.

In the game, strength was everything. Even though Peak Of Perfection had many good items on him, he was weak and did not have the capability to defend himself. Thus, a majority of the people that wanted to get close him probably did not have good intentions, to begin with. From the short interactions they had, one could tell that Peak Of Perfection was someone proud and would rarely place other people in his eyes. Thus, it was natural that he did not have many friends.

“Do you have a lot of belongings there?”

“No…” Peak Of Perfection shook his head once more. He was a traveller that never once settled down on a spot for long. Thus, all of the good stuff that he possessed was in the bank.

Upon hearing this, Fearless then smiled and said, “Since that’s the case, then why not join our Quan Zhen Sect? I think our Quan Zhen Sect would need someone like you.”

Fearless was ruthless. Peak Of Perfection was merely trying to take advantage of Wang Yu to act as his temporary bodyguard. Who would have known that Fearless would actually turn the tables of him and take advantage of him instead?

Of course, there was some sincerity in Fearless’ offer as well.

Even though Peak Of Perfection’s moves were trash and his personality wasn’t exactly friendly either, his luck was simply too good.

Even with the god, Wang Yu, in Quan Zhen Sect, as good as his moves were, the loot that they could get would still be disappointing if they didn’t have any luck.

As for the problem regarding his personality, apart from Wang Yu, the rest of the players from Quan Zhen Sect were in the sect because they were oddballs themselves. Thus, it definitely wasn’t a problem.

Seeing that he was invited by Fearless, Peak Of Perfection wasn’t surprised. Instead, he sincerely answered, “I, Peak Of Perfection, rarely look up to people. However, the people from Quan Zhen Sect are exceptions. Despite so, I truly am unable to join you guys.”

“Why so?” everyone asked, confused.

“That is because we are from different factions… I myself am from the Dark Faction.” As he was speaking, Peak Of Perfection displayed out his own faction.

The background story of the Herb Garden Dungeon had just taught everyone there that people from different factions could not be together…

Fearless was momentarily at a loss for words. He then proposed, “You can consider changing your faction… It isn’t too difficult a task.”

Peak Of Perfection then took out the token from the treasure chest and said, “I’ve gone through so many troubles just to retrieve this item. How could I bear to switch factions now?”