Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 744

Chapter 744 The divine Smith Whose Practice Made Perfect

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Although the players below never installed a God’s Wood, it was so famous that they have heard of it so everyone very well understood the installation of the God’s Wood.

The first installation of the God’s Wood was very simple. Players just needed to use their usual hammering strength to hammer it and it will be a success. Any experienced Blacksmith would be able to complete it.

However, the second installation of God’s Wood was the real beginning. The difficulty was raised by more than a level.

As the hammering count increased from once to thrice, the original strength had to be split into three equal hammers. Once there was a mistake, it would be a failure.

Normal people would have to rely on luck to even succeed once at splitting the original strength into three equal portions, much less three times… Unless they devote themselves completely to blacksmithing and practiced thousands of times, they would not be able to do this.

As such, the standard of passing for a Blacksmith was strength-control when hammering. The second installation’s success rate had also become the determining factor of a Blacksmith’s abilities.

Wang Yu used three God’s Wood for his first installation so to those watching, he was an unqualified Blacksmith but now, he passed at the first attempt for the second installation.

Furthermore, Wang Yu did not pause in between the three hammers and did them in one shot so there was no way luck played a role. His extreme confidence when hammering decisively made everyone’s jaw drop.

“This… can’t be luck…” someone said in disbelief.

Of course, Wang Yu’s control of the three hammers was too shocking. Those lads below hung out frequently at the Blacksmith store and hence, had a keener eye than usual people. If Wang Yu did it based on his abilities, that strength-control would be unprecedented.

“Who knows… There’s the last God’s Wood left. Let’s see if he can succeed at the third installation.”

Just then, everyone’s eyes diverted towards the God’s Wood on Wang Yu’s table. Even the other Blacksmiths put down their hammers and stared at the God’s Wood on his table.

Wang Yu calmly picked up the God’s Wood and slowly placed it into the operation column.

“Hehe… How challenging…” Wang Yu could not help but sigh when he saw the notification.

The third installation was already so impossible. Even rich players would not dare to casually use their God’s Wood. Then again, if the success rate was too high, rich players would have a set of level 100 equipment on them which would ruin the fairness of the game and by then, the game server would close down.

Wang Yu shook his head then forwarded the system notification to Crotch Lord and asked, “So? Do I continue?”

By then, the Shield of God’s level requirement reached level 50 and Crotch Lord was level 43. If Wang Yu succeeded this time, Crotch Lord would be able to attain a piece of god-grade equipment in a few days but if he failed, the level requirement would return back to level 55… Five levels after level 50 was not something he could attain within one or two weeks.

Should they take this risk? Or stop now? After Crotch Lord saw the notification, he rubbed his hands in a dilemma.

Of course, those in Quan Zhen Sect had a unique feature. They were all risk-takers… They liked to take big gambles and even though Crotch Lord joined them afterwards, he was influenced to enjoy thrill too.

“How confident are you?” Crotch Lord asked Wang Yu. Crotch Lord has the guts of a Central Plains’ person. Just now, Wang Yu succeeded at the second installation when he was ninety percent confidence so it meant that Wang Yu already figured out the way. Even if Wang Yu only had ten percent of confidence, he would let Wang Yu continue.

“One hundred percent!” Wang Yu smiled.

“What? Brother Bull, are you joking…” Crotch Lord almost collapsed at what he heard.

The third installation was tougher than the second by unknown multiple. Wang Yu only had ninety percent confidence and now he had a hundred?

“Do you think I am joking?” Wang Yu said.

“You don’t look like it… But why…”

Wang Yu smiled, “Because practise makes perfect.”

“Erm…” Crotch Lord was at a loss for words.

Crotch Lord did not know that the epitome of martial arts was complete strength-control. During the first installation, Wang Yu was testing out his strength so he was the least confident.

Now that Wang Yu succeeded in two installations, he knew very well the amount of strength needed and divided it into nine times. For an expert like Wang Yu, it was easy.

“Then… Then go ahead.”

Crotch Lord wiped his sweat as he spoke.


Wang Yu nodded then lifted the hammer on the table.

Seeing how Wang Yu was about to try the third installation, everyone held their breath and looked at the hammer in Wang Yu’s hands.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

Wang Yu’s hammer gently knocked on the Shield of God, giving out crisp yet full sounds continuously without any pauses. They resounded in everyone’s heart as they silently counted the number of knocks.

After nine knocks, a green ray of light flashed on the Shield of God.

“Ok, here you go!” Wang Yu handed the Shield of God to Crotch Lord.


By then, Crotch Lord was dumbfounded.

Honestly, Crotch Lord saw that Wang Yu was more determined now than when taking on an ancient BOSS alone.

After all, Wang Yu was a martial arts expert, a true blue fighting master. Crotch Lord had confidence in Wang Yu’s aggressiveness but being a Blacksmith was completely different from martial arts. Did Wang Yu’s family also have Blacksmiths?

Not just Crotch Lord, when the surrounding players saw the green ray, they fell into silence and kept quiet for an even longer time.

“Is… Is this the legendary Divine Smith?”

After a long while, a player finally spoke.

“Divine Smith!””Divine Smith!”

Soon after, a wave of applause accompanied the chanting of “Divine Smith” flooded the area.

Players with real jobs, especially those in this line of work, were very confident in their abilities. For them to call someone divine meant that they were completely bought over by his skills.

Wang Yu’s last nine knocks were continuous again and broke all possibility of luck, causing all the Blacksmith players to look up to him and admire his abilities. He was indeed worthy of the god title!