Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 75

Chapter 75: Bosons Springtime Of Youth

Watching Mu Zi Xian and Yang Nuo happily celebrating the completion of the quest, Wang Yu couldn't help but feel depressed.

This silly girl really was too trusting She always trusted people much too easily. Wang Yu had already told her not to interact with Yang Nuo yet the two of them were still playing together

Flaunting her husband's martial arts This silly girl couldn't be blamed for everything though. There was always the chance that Yang Nuo had asked her about it. Since Wang Yu was currently the top player in the game, it was perfectly normal for people to ask "Why is your husband so strong?", knowing martial arts was a very reasonable answer. What's more, women naturally had that bit of vanity to them.

Thinking of this, Wang Yu started feeling like him helping them with the quest was all part of Yang Nuo's plan. With her abilities, as long as she could dodge the final attack of the boss, she would definitely have been able to solo it!

Or perhaps she wanted to measure Wang Yu's abilities

One thing that Wang Yu was certain of was that even though she knew who he was, she didn't try to expose him. What was even more important was that she had no hostile intentions towards Mu Zi Xian. Otherwise, with the Wang and Yang clan's power, there would already have been men knocking on their doors.

Since it appeared that she also wanted to peacefully play the game, then Wang Yu would treat her as an online friend then. However, Wang Yu still felt it was best to giver get a warning first. They could mess with him, but the moment they touched Mu Zi Xian they were all dead

Since they were all martial artists, no one wouldn't know of Wang Yu's abilities.

When the three of them got back to the village, Yang Nuo and Mu Zi Xian went to turn in the quest while Wang Yu went back to Twilight City.

When Wang Yu got back to the inn, the Quan Zhen Sect had already been waiting for him for quite awhile.

The seven guys were sitting around a large table drinking while Li Xue and the rest were sitting at a side table and chatting away.

When they saw Wang Yu walk in, Ming Du immediately greeted him: "Old Bull! Where did you run off to? Were you helping us scout for girls again?"

The Quan Zhen Sect had been together through numerous games in the past, but aside from the fabled first and second guild masters, there have never been any female members. Yet now Wang Yu had so easily roped four beauties! To Ming Du, he was akin to a god now.

Wang Yu casually walked over and plucked Ming Du off his seat while scolding: "So much nonsense every day! Helping a girl with a quest is chasing her? Why's your mind so corrupted?"

"F**k You really went out with a girl? Give me your wife's number, I need to report this!"

The rest could only dejectedly sigh at Wang Yu's reply. Ming Du had only been joking and yet he had hit the nail right on the head Were there really so many girls playing this game? How come the rest of them couldn't even meet a single one? Did they log in wrongly or something?

Thinking of this, they all started to get lost in their own fantasies.

"What date are you talking about? I went to kill a boss! It was my wife that invited me" Wang Yu angrily replied.

"Oh? Mrs Bull is playing too? What's her character's name? I can power level her" Fearless happily smiled as he licked his lips.

"F**k off!" Wang Yu viciously glared at him.

Giving someone's in game name (IGN) was no different from giving the person's phone number. Wang Yu had to be a complete retard to give his wife's IGN to a pervert like Fearless.

"Oh right, so what's the arrangement for the four of them?" Wang Yu glanced at the Li Xue and the rest and asked.

"Well, obviously they'll be in charge of our supplies! Since they're professional gamers, they'll provide us with items they crafted and we'll provide them with materials and payment for their services!"

"Oh? Did they agree to this?"

"Of course! Our Quan Zhen Sect has special resources after all Since we're all in this together, any money we earn will be shared! We can earn that much with just the eight of us!" Fearless resolutely replied.

"Nice plan!" Wang Yu gave him a thumbs up. He truly was very satisfied with Fearless' planning. No wonder he was the guild leader. He really did have an eye for people and business. If it was him doing the arrangements he definitely wouldn't know what was to do Wang Yu knew that if he hadn't met Frost Blade when he first started, then he would have had problems even selling equipment

At the same time, Wang Yu felt more at ease now that the four of them had managed to find a better workplace. Although the pay they could gain from gold farming was substantial, at the end of the day it was still manual labour. If they were completely focused on crafting then their lives would have been much easier

As the few of them were talking and messing around, Mary suddenly walked in front with a cup of wine. Her entire face was flushed red as she shyly muttered: "Brother Boson, thanks for saving me earlier please accept this cup of wine"


The Quan Zhen Sect fell silent the moment they heard Mary's words. They could only frigidly stare at Boson and Mary.

At this time, Boson's expression was even more shocked than the rest.

It was merely a game so killing others to save someone was very commonplace. Saying thanks on the spot was already enough. There was no need to specially offer him a cup of wine as thanks.

"It was nothing really. The one you need to thank is Brother Bull." Boson hurriedly replied.

Mary's blush deepened as she continued: "It's not the same, Brother Yu and I know each other in real life so it's only expected that he saves me. But you're the first man who's ever fought for me...II..."

"Oh ok then" Boson numbly accepted the cup and drank it.

"Th Thank you" Taking the cup back, Mary deeply stared at Boson again before scurrying back to her table, leaving a frozen Boson.

When the rest finally came back to their senses, they finally realised, this girl wanted to chase Boson!

Wang Yu finally couldn't endure the awkward atmosphere and whispered to Fearless: "Next time we gather can it be in the headquarters? It's nothing if it's just our own people, but seeing something like this in front of so many others really is too awkward"

Vainglory shifted himself next to Fearless and whispered as well: "That's right! At the very least you can't have a fight to the death with your rival in love in public! You'll need to pay for the damaged furniture too..."

"Cheh! That poor girl has been deceived" Fearless coolly said as he took a sip from his cup.

"Pffft!" Fearless' words really were too much. The others could barely stifle their laughter. Only Frost Blade managed to compose himself enough to mock: "Brother Fearless your confidence is ready something! Only you could say something like this"

"What are you guys thinking of? It's not what you f**kers are imagining! I know Boson the best here! That kid is more loyal than a dog! He doesn't even change the tree he pees at!" Fearless grumbled.

"I know what you're talking about. The last time Boson got drunk, he chipped his front teeth trying to get to his usual tree"

Hearing this the rest couldn't help but gasp in shock. Boson sounded like someone with a really interesting personality.

"In that case doesn't that mean Boss Fearless is very close to Boson? Believe me, men always change" Crotch Lord rubbed his chin as he nodded.

"F**k all your mothers! I'm his brother! Do you f**king clowns think you know him better than me?" Fearless angrily shouted.

"..." This really was news to most of them.

Hearing Fearless shout, Boson finally sat down and explained: "That's right. The two of us are brothers. It's just that one of us lives with our dad and the other lives with our mother"

"So it's like this" Upon closer inspection, the two of them really did look quite similar. It was just that everyone thought it was because they spent too much time together... None of them would have imagined that they would have this kind of relationship. However, in this current day and age, these kinds of relationships weren't uncommon.

"Heh heh heh Those romance novels girls like always pair brothers like you two together" Frost Blade laughed to himself.

"Oh hoh! I didn't know you had such tastes"

The Quan Zhen Sect really didn't have any normal members

"There's nothing wrong with single parent households so you don't need to worry. What's more, this lady really is quite something! Just go for it kid!" Spring Halo comforted Boson.

"Boson has a girlfriend already. It's just she already left him long ago. But he's still stubbornly waiting for her this kid really is too different from me!" Fearless lightly sighed.

"Really? You have a girlfriend too?" Wang Yu gasped in shock.

"I don't! That's the main difference between us!" Fearless replied very naturally.