Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 89

Chapter 89: The Hunter In The Shadows

The second and third level of the quarry was only divided by a small boundary. Once a player passed through it they would instantly appear on the next level. Furthermore, passing through the boundary would reset the aggro players drew. Hence the moment that Wang Yu reached the second level, all the aggro that he had from the zombies had already disappeared.

Nonetheless, Wang Yu still felt some pressureseeing all these zombies. Ever since the Zombie King had commanded them with its roar, these monsters were considered part of the hidden quest and all received buffs.

No matter how confident Wang Yu was, he wouldn't fight so many level 30 zombies at the same time.

When he first explored the third level, Wang Yu had already noticed that these monsters all possessed high physical defense. So the moment the Zombie King summoned the Zombies Wang Yu immediately tried to flee. With his new Sunset Warboots, escaping wouldn't have been a problem for him.

However, after Wang Yu heard Unstoppable Thunder's shout his face immediately lit up.

Since they wanted to fight the boss so badly then he would be more than happy to help them!

As Wang Yu was still planning his next move, the Zombie legion and Peerless Heaven players both arrived at the second level.

Seeing the massive and seemingly endless army of Zombies rushing towards them, the Peerless Heaven players couldn't help but freeze in shock for a moment.

Motherf**ker! Were the fighting a boss or defending a city? Why the hell were there so many Zombies?

Without giving Unstoppable Thunder a chance to find out what was going on, the Zombie hoard surged forward.

Taking advantage of the chaos, Wang Yu hopped on top of a small protruding rock in the cave to observe the chaos.

Judging from the number of Peerless Heaven players, Unstoppable Thunder really wanted Wang Yu dead very badly. He had managed to round up seventy to eighty players!

Although the Zombie hoard was huge, the width of the cave ensured that the Zombies couldn't all rush over at once.

Before the fight had even begun, the Peerless Heaven players had already been stunned by the size of the Zombie hoard. However, being experts, the quickly composed themselves and got into formation. The tanks rushed forward to guard the ranged classes who were preparing healing spells and crowd control skills. The Assassins and Archers on the other hand immediately began the attack.

This scene really demonstrated the difference between a top tier guild and a random party. Although all the players were only around level 15, once they formed up they were able to suppress all of the Zombies rushing at them.

As the spells and arrows flew, the dark mist specific to the deaths of dark type monsters constantly spawned.

After a full 10 minutes of fighting, the Peerless Heaven players finally managed to kill every Zombie that had rushed to the second level. Wiping the sweat from their faces, the Peerless Heaven players arrogantly laughed: "Cheh! And here I thought level 30 monsters were supposed to be a challenge! What kind of joke was that?"

"Heh of course! We could even clear thesebastards when we were level 10!"


Suddenly a loud roar echoed through the cave. The roar was so powerful it was as though they were experiencing an earthquake! The ground violently shook and a few stalagmites even fell from the ceiling as a giant Zombie emerged from the third level.

"This is the Zombie King? Hahahaha he looks so weak!"

Seeing the Zombie King's appearance, Unstoppable Thunder immediately burst into laughter. Although the Zombie King was bigger than normal Zombies, he was still only two meters tall. Compared to those four to five meter tall bosses that usually appeared in the wild he was like a baby!


As though he could sense that the Peerless Heaven players were mocking him, Jesse angrily roared and swung his fist at them.

"Knights and Guardians quickly block! Healers prepare your spells!" Seeing that Jesse was attacking, Unstoppable Thunder unhurriedly shouted a few commands.

Watching from above, Wang Yu could only sigh in disappointment: "What kind of idiots are these? Why can't they just dodge the boss' attacks?"

The martial arts in this game really was too rough and clumsy. It was clumsy to the point where Wang Yu felt depressed. Something like dodging was not even a consideration to these players!

Zombie King Jesse was an existence that could even tear metal chairs apart so his attack was definitely not something a level 15 could withstand. With a single attack, the entire front row exploded into white light.

"F**k! Its attack is that high??" Unstoppable Thunder exclaimed.

In <>, bosses attributes were usually just a scaled up version of their minions. Most of the time the boss' attack was at most double that of the minions. This was the mindset that gave Unstoppable Thunder the confidence in his tanks to block the attack. He would never have imagined that they would all be wiped out in a single hit!

What he didn't know was that this boss was a hidden quest boss that Wang Yu had triggeredand not a standard boss that spawned in the wild.

The bosses in hidden quests all possessed monstrous attributes. If the players facing them didn't have the proper attributes then it would be even more challenging. What's more, for Unstoppable Thunder and his minions, a boss in Independent Mode was definitely not something that they could handle.


Before Unstoppable Thunder had even recovered from his shock, Jesse had punched out again and wiped out all the sub tanks that that rushed forward to take over those that had died.

This second blow lowered the morale even further and made the Peerless Heaven players understand how truly terrifying the boss that they were fighting was.

"Use your movement skills! Ranged players quickly go all out!!" Unstoppable Thunder commanded again.

Receiving the order, the front row players quickly spread out and surrounded Jesse. [Vigorous Charge] had an incredibly long wind up movement so it wasn't that hard to dodge. As long as they dodged at the right time and they had the proper buffs and heals then they would be able to survive.

However, these players being able to survive meant that Wang Yu couldn't sit still. This was his own quest so how could he allow others to snatch his boss away?

As Wang Yu was still thinking of how to disrupt them, Jesse suddenly roared and shot a beam of grey light out of his eye sockets, turning everything they touched into stone.

[Stone Gaze]: Turns all enemies in the user's field of vision into stone.

This sudden development shock even Wang Yu who was just watching them. Luckily he was just watching from afar, otherwise, he might have turned into stone as well

Peerless Heaven really did suffer immense losses this time. Now with all the tanks gone, the Assassins were the ones drawing the aggro.

Staring at Unstoppable Thunder just standing there deep in thought Wang Yu couldn't help but wonder why he hadn't turned into stone as well.

Could it have been some special skill?

Without giving them any chance to rest, Jesse unleashed his [Stone Gaze] again, turning three out of five of the Assassins into stone. One of them had been behind Jesse trying to backstab it and the other was currently fleeing.

Even though Unstoppable Thunder and the rest didn't understand what was going on, Wang Yu did. As long as one didn't face Jesse directly, his [Stone Gaze] wouldn't work.

At this point, Peerless Heaven's tanks were all wiped out and it only had two Assassins left. Since the second level wasn't that large, there was no space for the ranged classes to retreat to and safely attack from. Whether or not they could successfully kill the boss was completely dependent on Unstoppable Thunder.

With all their hopes pinned on him, Unstoppable Thunder really had a lot of pressure on him. Taking a deep breath, he charged forward and shouted: "Heal me properly!"

However, before he even reached Jesse, a figure landed in front of him and viciously kicked his head, turning him into a ray of white light instantly. Without pausing, the figure turned around and stomped an Assassin to death before rushing towards the last Assassin behind the boss.

Within seconds, Peerless Heaven's last four melee players all appeared at the respawn point together.

In their battle logs, all of them had the same message.