Mmorpg: Martial Gamer Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Bull One, Bull Two

It was only natural that outsiders like the players from the Quan Zhen Sect did not understand the ways for the martial world. How could they understand that as the greatest genius the martial world has ever seen, Wang Yu had an extremely over exaggerated status in the world. It even reached the point where his own father had to show respect to him...

Everyone present could not understand the complicated relationship between Wang Yu and his brother.

One tall and one short, this pair of brothers looked like father and son from afar...

An extremely complicated feeling rose in the hearts of the Twilight City players when they saw the leader of the ten thousand man guild being toyed with by Wang Yu.

This was especially so for the Sanguine Alliance. As enemies of the Quan Zhen Sect and people who had bitterly clashed with the Peerless Heaven guild, they didn't know how to feel as they watched this scene.

They were happy that the threat of the Peerless Heaven guild had been stopped. Depressed because the one who had stopped the Peerless Heaven guild was their greatest enemy: Wang Yu.

"Get your guys to pullback, I'll let you go this time! I don't want to bear a grudge over the new year!" Wang Yu berated Evil Rampage.

Evil Rampage's expression turned ugly when he heard Wang Yu's words, thinking to himself: This whole fiasco started all because of you...

But ultimately, he didn't have the guts to talk back to his brother, obediently sending a message to his guild: "Pullback pullback, we can't afford to offend this person, otherwise there will be a bloodbath even I can't escape..."

The other members of the Peerless Heaven guild had already predicted this outcome after they saw how close the two seemed. They immediately kept their weapons upon command and retreated from Twilight City.

The players from Twilight City dumbly stared at their enemies retreating... they didn't dare to make any sudden moves, lest they mindlessly provoke the Peerless Heaven guild again...

If war really was to break out again, it was hard to say what kind of carnage Wang Yu would unleash onto the battlefield...

Sanguine Warflag and 2012 felt extremely uneasy, there were words that they wanted to say, but was better left unsaid... It seems as though the Quan Zhen Sect had taken advantage of them once again.

But they were undeniably the strongest guild in Twilight City, even the sum of all the guilds in Twilight City could not deal with the Peerless Heaven guild.

In fact, the guild leader of the Peerless Heaven guild had been beaten into the ground by Wang Yu, meek as a mouse...

It was obvious who was stronger. Was there even a need to dispute this fact? These two guild leaders finally understood the folly of their actions.

Fearless looked over at Sanguine Warflag and 2012's sullen expression as a bright smile bloomed on his face...

Twilight City had once again made the headlines on the <> forums. The Quan Zhen Sect. The Peerless Heaven guild. The ten thousand man war.

There was never a moment of peace for Twilight City. First to kill bosses, first to complete a headquarters defense mission. These were all accomplishments from Twilight City players. This time the entire city had been involved in what was the largest PK war in the game. This was all done by the Quan Zhen Sect. They had always been at the centre of every mess in Twilight City.

The players that had just logged onto the game flocked to the forums to speak their minds.

"Have you heard of the Peerless Heaven guild?"

"Of course I do, they're the local tyrant in the city that I'm from. Whatever you do, don't offend them. I've heard that they even have more players in their guild than some cities have players..."

"Have you heard? Apparently, they were defeated by another guild!"

"Are you sure? Who could have done it?"

"This piece of information is definitely true! They were defeated by the eight man guild in Twilight City, the Quan Zhen Sect! Their guild leader even got spanked in front of the entire city!"


The story became more and more exaggerated as time went by. The most outrageous tale told was that Wang Yu rode into the battlefield on a horse, slaughtering a path through his enemies. Single handedly slaying ten thousand enemies before stripping Evil Rampage of his armour and killing him...

In the Twilight City Inn.

"You really are quite capable aren't you! Who would have thought that you could get all those people to be your underlings..." Wang Yu slapped Evil Rampage's back as he laughed.

Even though he was Wang Yu's younger brother, Wang Yu had never understood him. Evil Rampage had always been rebellious, never took his martial arts training seriously and loved to try out new things.

The stubborn and old-fashioned Wang Clan would never have tolerated it if Wang Yu had dared to behave like his brother. But his father had always been more lenient with Wang Yu's brother, indulging him and allowing him to do as he pleased...

There were times that Wang Yu had tried to fight the inequality that he faced, only to be shouted at a forced by into line by his elders.

"You're the big brother, we're depending on your to carry the family in the future! If you were to become anything like him the Wang clan would be finished! Do you want to be like your fourth uncle's kid? He's been thrown out to do manage the clan's businesses, do you want to end up like that?"

Wang Yu had never dared to fight back after that.

"It's nothing much, I'm just casually playing this game to earn some money..." Evil Rampage blushed when he heard the praises of this brother. Evil Rampage had always had an eye for business and making money.

"Do you think the family really needs that little bit of cash you're bringing in?" Wang Yu asked.

"Third elder supports this idea..." Evil Rampage shrugged.

"Oh..." Wang Yu fell silent.

"Oh well. At the very least you're still doing better than me, I mean just look at how many people our guild even has... not to mention how f*cked up everyone here is. They're all shameless scoundrels, I'm the only with morals." Wang Yu comforted his brother.

"F*ck! How shameless!" The other members of the Quan Zhen Sect growled at him.

"You don't have to pretend bro, I can see that you have a group of really good friends. Not to mention the fact that they are the first people in the game who have ever put me into a disadvantageous situation in a fight." Evil Rampage laughed.

"Bull Two really does know how to compliment people!"

Evil Rampage's words had really fed the ego's of the players from the Quan Zhen Sect. Vainglory had practically forgotten that Evil Rampage had killed him previously, happily adding to the conversation: "Uncle Bull Two, why don't you teach me a move or two? You seem like a much better person that Uncle Bull..."

"F*ck!" Wang Yu dejectedly mumbled, this little boy really knew how to talk.

"Haha, little friend, there really isn't anyone in the world that can compare to my brother in terms of martial arts. If you don't think he's qualified to teach you, then I doubt I'll be of much help!" Evil Rampage chuckled.

"And also, just call me Rampage, or you can call me Ah Fei, but please don't call me Bull Two! You make it sound as if I'm his underling!"

"Ah Fei? But that's still the name of an underling..."

"Oh by the way, are you still with that woman?" Evil Rampage turned around and asked Wang Yu.

"What woman? She's your sister in law! We've already gotten married!" Wang Yu stated as he slapped Evil Rampage on the head.

"Married? Since when?" Evil Rampage gasped in shock.

"For about half a year!" Wang Yu laughed as a gleeful look appeared on his face.

"Nice, you really are savage! You've been married for half a year and you didn't even bring her back home to meet the rest of us?" Evil Rampage laughed as he should a thumbs-up to Wang Yu.

"I'm not going back. Go tell our father to train you harder! Stop wasting your time in all these games! The Wang clan is going to rely on you in the future!"

"F*ck, please don't do this to me. You've carried the mantle for the past twenty years and you're going to throw it over to me now? Why don't you just come home? What's stopping you?" Evil Rampage unhappily grumbled.

"Will they accept her?"

"This..." Evil Rampage scratched his head: "I really do think that you guys are a perfect match..."

"..." Wang Yu silently glared at Evil Rampage, not saying a word.

"But of course, Third Elder is really stubborn. Don't worry, he'll surely soften up if you bring a kid home with you!"Evil Rampage quickly answered.

"Are you asking for a beating?" Wang Yu glowered at him.

"I'm speaking the truth... how could you not understand father's temper even after so long?" Evil Rampage sighed.

"We'll talk about it in another two years... and please don't tell them that you met me understand?"

"I understand." Evil Rampage nodded.