Mommy Villainess Chapter 103

103 Saint Forrester
"LADY NYSTROM, tomorrow is your final day as the Beast Priestess."

Tilly sipped her tea while listening to Howard.

Right now, she was having an afternoon tea with the High Priest. They were in the rose garden in front of his temple. There were priestesses and two Holy Knights standing a few feet away from them.

Kiho wanted to join as well but he had to leave because his "curfew" was over. He wasn't allowed to stay the night after all.

"The Beast Priestess is supposed to be blessed by His Holiness Saint Forrester," Howard continued, then he put the cup down on the table. "But unfortunately, His Holiness has been in slumber for almost two decades now."

She heard about that.

Apparently, the Saint was forced to enter a deep slumber to regain his divine powers that he lost for a reason unknown to people outside the temple.

That was why all these years, Howard became the highest authority in the church. Some people even say that the High Priest was loved by the people more than they loved the saint. But of course, the die-hard devotees refused to believe that.

So even if the Saint has been in slumber for a long time, his followers remained loyal.

"Your Eminence, what am I supposed to do tomorrow?" Tilly asked after she finished her tea. "That's the reason why we're having tea right now. Am I wrong?"

He chuckled. "You're as straightforward as usual, Lady Nystrom."

She just smiled at that.

"You will light the holy candle and lead the prayer tomorrow," the High Priest said later. "The Beast Priestess is asked to pray to the Ancients Beasts for two days so her voice will be heard by the gods. Then, for the Beast Princess's final day in the temple, she will be asked to pray to the gods for Saint Forrester to awaken."

"Oh," she said in surprise. "So, praying for the saint to awaken is the reason why a Beast Priestess is chosen every year?"

"Yes," he answered. "It's been a tradition for almost twenty years now. But the selection for the Beast Priestess had been changed when His Majesty, the current emperor, started the Hunt."

"Before the Hunt began, how did you choose the Beast Priestess annually?"

"There's not much competition," he said. "Once the ladies realized that Her Royal Highness was one of the candidates, they would always concede even before the competition began."

"So, Her Royal Highness was the chosen Beast Priestess until His Majesty changed the selection process?"

"You can say that, Your Grace."

"No wonder the saint hasn't woken up yet."

The High Priest almost choked on his tea. But in the end, he let out a soft laugh. "Lady Nystrom, I'm really glad that you were the chosen Beast Priestess for this year. I hope you succeed in waking up the saint."

"I have no interest in waking up the saint," she said bluntly that seemed to shock the High Priest. "The church is a neutral ground in a war. That means you can't betray the royal family or completely take our side. I know that even though you're fascinated by my baby, you still serve the Moonchesters."

Guilt crossed his eyes.

Bull's eye.

"That's why I can never trust you, Your Eminence," she continued. "That's the same with the saint. I don't need people who stand in the neutral side. After all, I believe that people who turn a blind eye and keep their silence don't help the oppressed. In fact, they are worse than the oppressors. I don't want to associate myself to people without balls."

Once again, the High Priest choked on the vulgar word that she used.

She just sipped her tea.

I'm not in the mood to filter my words.

"You have to understand the church, Lady Nystrom," Howard said carefully. "When a war starts, we welcome everyone who seeks shelter whatever side they belong to."

"And I'm saying that I don't need people like that," she said firmly. "Sure, your objective is noble. But we won't personally gain anything from your role during a war. I know that I sound harsh. But you have to understand that the royal family is practically the god of this empire. If we don't go all out, we're going to be wiped out. That's why what we need are people who will fight with us until the end."

Understanding crossed his eyes. "I apologize," he said. "I know that I said that I worship your son. But you're right, Lady Nystrom. My position in the church wouldn't allow me to fight alongside you. I can't completely disobey His Majesty or Her Royal Highness. But I swear that I will protect you and your son in other ways I can."

"That's alright," Tilly said. Then, she sipped her tea before she continued. "Even if the gods aren't in our favor, I've got nothing to worry about as long as I have Kiho and our son."

Howard smiled at that. "I will pray for your family's safety, Lady Nystrom."


THE HIGH Priest is really sketchy.

That was on Tilly's mind while she was sitting in front of the mirror. The priestesses helped her take a bath in the temple's indoor pool. They also assisted her in changing into her nightgown. After that, they left her in the chamber to rest.

But she couldn't sleep with her hair still wet so here she was, using a face towel to dry her hair. If only blow dryers existed in the empire

Should I try making one and sell it to the public?

"What's on your mind, Tilly?"

Tilly gasped aloud in surprise when she saw Kiho's reflection in the mirror. When she turned around, she found her husband standing behind her. "What the hell, hon?" She stood up and gently hit him in the arm. "You freaking surprised me."

Kiho looked at her with heated gaze. "I find it hot whenever I hear you curse, Tilly."

She blushed at that, but she held her ground. "We can't have sex in the temple, Kiho."

It was his turn to blush. "I didn't mean it that way, honey."

"I'm just reminding you in advance," she said, then she crossed her arms over her chest. "All the people living in the temple vowed to be virgins forever. Let's respect that and refrain from having sex in a sacred place like this."

This time, his ears and neck were also red with embarrassment. "Tilly, sometimes I can't get over at how blunt you are."

"Oh, sorry. Habit," she explained. "In my second life, I lived as an independent woman in a modern world. In that world, women have more rights than the ladies here. I had a taste of freedom there so I can't like how I used to be during my first life."

"What kind of life did you have in that modern world, honey?"

She tore her gaze away from him. "I was a hot shot businesswoman. And I, uh, I was married to a fellow business tycoon."

When she didn't hear a reaction from him, she turned to him.

Her husband was obviously shocked and upset.

"I'm upset but I know I deserve that karma," Kiho admitted with a pout. "I got remarried to another woman in your first life. I don't have the right to get hurt when you got married to another man in your second life. Was he good to you though?"

"We were married but we never slept together," she said straightforwardly. "His sexual preference prevented us from consummating our marriage. But I didn't mind because I only married him because I wanted a child."

His brows furrowed in confusion. "How would that happen if you wouldn't sleep together?"

"Ah, the modern world I came from has advanced technology," she explained. "There's a way for the doctors in the modern world to help us conceive a child by artificial insemination. It's kind of complicated but to keep the story short, I got pregnant even though nothing happened between me and my husband."

He looked shocked again. "W-What happened to your baby?"

"I didn't have the chance to give birth to the baby," she said sadly. "I died in an accident while I was pregnant. When I woke up, I was already back in this world."

Sympathy crossed him eyes. Then, he gently pulled her to him and hugged her tight. His body maybe cold, but his thoughtfulness warmed her heart. "You went through a lot, Tilly."

"I'm fine now," she assured him, then she changed the topic. "How did you get here, Kiho?"

"Miss Luna helped me," he said. "I was supposed to stay the night in front of the temple. She said I look stupid, so she sent me here."

She laughed softly. "That's very Miss Luna-ish."

"I'll leave before the sun rises tomorrow," he promised. "I just want to make sure that you'll be safe on your last night here in the temple."

"Thank you, hon."

He kissed her on the cheek. "I can't wait for us to go home."


Kiho looked at her with hunger in his eyes hunger that only her body could fill. "We'll make up for lost time," he said in a low and sexy voice. As if that wasn't enough to seduce her, he had to lick his lips without tearing his gaze from her. "Tilly, I hope your body didn't get stiff for serving the temple for the past days."

Tilly's cheeks burned, but she couldn't help laughing at his light teasing. "We are so going to hell for being so horny, Kiho Nystrom."


"WHAT did you do to Her Royal Highness?" Howard asked in shock when he saw Princess Nia when he returned to the secret room where the princess was being treated. "How come you easily managed to heal the burnt marks caused by the Red Phoenix's flame?"

Princess Nia's skin returned to its original state: white, smooth, and soft. There wasn't a sign of her being burned alive. But Her Royal Highness remained unconscious.

But this huge improvement. I'm sure His Majesty will be very pleased to hear that his beloved has regained her beauty. Still, I don't understand how this happened. Miss Lahara's blood barely worked.

"Who are you really?" Howard asked to the lady who had hair as dark as the night when he saw her last time. But right now, her brown had become an ordinary shade of brown. He tried to ask her about her hair a while ago but she refused to answer his question. But after she successfully healed Princess Nia's burnt marks, he suddenly got curious of her. "What are you, Lady Morganna?"

To be honest, he found it hard to talk to Lady Morganna.

She was always smiling, but she never paid attention to what he was saying. She would only give him vague answers. Still, there was something about her aura that he found it hard to say 'no' to her requests.

"Who or what I am isn't important right now," Lady Morganna said with a twinkle in her eyes. "I can feel his presence nearby," she said in an excited tone. Then, she turned to the door as if she couldn't want to get out of there. "Your Eminence, can I visit Duchess Nystrom's chamber?"


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