Mommy Villainess Chapter 106

106 A Blasphemous Prayer
WHEN TILLY woke up that morning, Kiho was already gone. But his scent still lingered in the bed a clear sign that he stayed up all night to guard her.

He really didn't wake me up after three hours, huh?

A few minutes after she woke up, the priestesses came and helped her take a bath. For that morning, she wasn't allowed to eat breakfast because she has to have an empty stomach while lighting the candle for the saint later. Apparently, the tea that she was supposed to drink at the ceremony later tastes awful that she might throw up if she was full.

Gosh, what kind of tea would that be?

Anyway, she went straight to the bath that morning. The priestesses spent hours on making sure that she was immaculate after the bath. Then, they spent more hours in doing her hair and makeup.

And finally, they put on a pristine white dress on her.

In fairness, she looked very fresh today. Her skin was glowing and the dress fit her so well that she might be mistaken for an angel.

Okay, that was narcissist of me but whatever.

After she was dolled up, the priestesses brought her to the High Priest's private office. Apparently, Howard was assigned to teach her about her task at the ceremony later.

"Welcome to my office, Lady Nystrom," Howard greeted her cheerfully. "You look divine."

"I know," Tilly said with a smile that seemed to surprise the High Priest. Oh, right. She was supposed to be modest. "Thank you, Your Eminence."

He just smiled, and then ushered her to sit on the receiving table in front of his desk.

She immediately noticed the medium-sized candle in the center of the table. It was a plain white candle with the symbol of the church engraved to its body. The candle holder was made of pure gold and just like the candle, it looked elegant.

"How was your last night in the temple, Your Grace?"

"Are you asking because you really don't know?" Tilly asked with a smile. "Or do you just want to know if the enemy managed to injure me, Your Eminence?"

""Enemy?"" he asked with wide eyes. "Were you attacked last night, Your Grace?"

He didn't know?

"Someone visited my chamber last night," she said but she purposely didn't go into details. "But they claimed that they were on my side."

It wasn't like she could say that Kiho was with her all night.

"Lady Nystrom, I didn't know about that," he said desperately. "I know that you don't trust me. But I swear to the gods that I don't have anything to do with it."

"It's not important right now," she said in a dismissive tone, then she changed the topic. If the High Priest didn't know about the "visit" she received last night, there was no point talking about it. "Anyway, what am I supposed to do later, Your Eminence?"

The High Priest looked surprised by her sudden change of topic, but he answered her question anyway. "I'm going to lead the prayer later and you're going to stand behind me the entire time. After that, your task is to light this candle" He motioned for the candle on the table. "And bring it to the altar of the saint. I say it's an altar. But in reality, it's the door of the saint's room. He's literally sleeping under the altar."

She let out a soft gasp. "That's like sleeping in a coffin."

"It was the saint's request to be laid in the altar," Howard explained with a soft laugh. "He's a quirky person."

"A quirky divine person?" Tilly asked while shaking her head. "That sounds troublesome."


KIHO felt very uncomfortable while Captain Sherwood was looking at him like he was a puppy excited to see its master after a long time.

Shit, I forgot that His Majesty is going to attend the ceremony as well.

The ceremony was going to be held at Eclis Church the church where Tilly and him got married. It was in the Royal Capital so yes, they had to travel from the holy city to get there. Of course, the Holy Knights escorted the High Priest.

And Tilly travelled with the High Priest while he wasn't allowed to travel behind them.

It made him anxious but thankfully, Sentinel volunteered to return inside Tilly's heart so he could protect her. Knowing that the spirit guardian was with his wife, his anxiousness lessened. Only then did he travel to the Royal Capital with Miss Luna.

Unfortunately, when they got to the church, Captain Sherwood was already there.

Right, the captains of the Four Orders are supposed to guard His Majesty whenever he's out of the palace.

He was sure Captain Ainsworth, Captain Denver, and Blake (the temporary captain of Black Serpent Knights) were also there. But since he couldn't see the other captains around the area, they must have been assigned to different locations.

If Captain Sherwood is here, that means the Blue Dragon Knights are the ones assigned to protect His Majesty in the church.

"I've missed you, Duke Nystrom," Captain Sherwood greeted him cheerfully. "Did you miss me?"

Captain Sherwood was lucky that the other guests were a few meters away from them. If the bystanders happened to hear what the captain just said, he would have gutted him. The thing he hated the most was being in the center of a stupid "rumor."

"No, I didn't," Kiho said coldly. He was about to bid him goodbye, but then, he suddenly thought of interrogating the captain lightly. "Captain Sherwood, where were you last night?"

Captain Sherwood was a smart man. No wonder he easily understood what he meant by his question. His boyish grin disappeared and his eyes suddenly darkened. "Your Grace, were you attacked last night?" he asked in a low voice. "Do you want me to investigate it?"

He was about to say no but suddenly, the guard near them announced His Majesty's arrival.

Kiho and Captain Sherwood stood straight as preparation of greeting the emperor.

We might be enemies now, but I still have to watch my manners.

A few moments later, the royal family's grand carriage arrived in front of the church. Sir Gregory opened the carriage's door. And finally, His Majesty stepped out of the grand coach.

Emperor Aku looked immaculate and powerful in his proper attire and red mantle.

The emperor hated huge crowds around him so he only had Sir Gregory behind him. To be honest, that was practical. Emperor Aku was the strongest person in the empire. He didn't really need a royal guard to protect him.

How am I supposed to kill this person?

"Kiho," Emperor Aku greeted him with a smile when he stood in front of him. "I know that look on your face. I don't think this is the right place for that."

He flinched at that.

How come he knows me so well?

Anyway, Kiho bowed politely to the emperor. "Greetings to the only moon of our Great Moonchester Empire."

"Your formality breaks my heart," Emperor Aku complained in a playful tone. But for some reason, the sadness in his eyes looked real. "See you later, Kiho."

What's up with His Majesty?


TILLY tried her best to stop herself from yawning while listening to Howard's long and boring sermon.

His voice is making me feel sleepy.

Right now, she was in front of the altar while standing behind the High Priest. She was holding the special candle with both hands.

When Howard told everyone in the church to close their eyes, she was forced to tear her gaze away from her yummy husband who was standing in the front row. Kiho was now a duke so naturally, his seat belonged there. On a side note, His Majesty and his party were in the balcony. But she wanted to ignore the emperor's presence for now and solely focus on her task

and her husband who looked immaculate in his outfit today.

Black really looks good on Kiho.

After checking out her very handsome and very sexy handsome, she finally closed her eyes. She was sure Kiho only closed his eyes after she did.

Gosh, we're in the church, she reminded herself. Stop lusting after your husband!

"Now, let's offer a prayer to our precious Saint Forrester," Howard said in a calm voice. "Your Holiness, please come back to us."

"Please grace us with your holy presence again, Your Holiness," the church attendees said in unison.

To be honest, it wouldn't make a difference to me whether you wake up or not, she said in her head. I know that I sound very rude right now. But I can't help but feel upset for the gods who let me suffer unjustly in my previous life. I was innocent, Your Holiness.

Of course, only silence answered to her.

Your Holiness, I heard that Her Royal Highness is still unconscious in the temple, Tilly continued in her mind. To make it up to me for letting me die miserably in my previous life, can you grant me a wish? I'm a simple woman with a simple need. I just want Her Royal Highness to sleep forever. The earth doesn't need her anymore. Can the afterlife claim her now?

The silence she expected was soon replaced by a soft laugh that gave her goosebumps

and then it was followed by a gentle voice that made her feel like she was a very sinful person compared to the owner of the voice.

"That's a blasphemous thing to ask of me, Daughter of the Sun."


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