Mommy Villainess Chapter 107

107 Good Morning
A FEW minutes before the ceremony began

LUNA was alone.

She returned to the Royal Capital in a carriage with Duke Nystrom. But she asked to be dropped off a few meters away from Eclis Church. She could hide her presence well enough that even though the royal knights could see her, they would simply ignore her and not question her for loitering around the church. It was some kind of a charm that only high-level witches like her could execute well.

Anyway, the security around Eclis Church right now was very tight because His Majesty would attend the ceremony later.

Still, the air around is pricking my skin.

There was definitely someone or something in the Royal Capital now that wasn't supposed to exist. That was the feeling she was getting.

What could it be?

And was it possible that it was the same entity that "visited" the duke and the duchess last night?

"My lady, can I help you with something?"

Luna was kind of surprised when someone noticed her. But when she turned around and realized who it was, her surprise was replaced by amazement.

Captain Denver.

Ah, she should have expected that the charm she used, no matter how level it was, wouldn't work on a high-skilled captain like Mikhail Denver. Aside from his position as one of the captains of Four Orders, he was also a Fire Mage.

"I noticed that you've been looking around," Captain Denver said politely when he stood in front of her. "Are you lost, my lady?"

"I am where I'm supposed to be," Luna said, then she gave the captain a polite curtsy. "My name is Luna, Sir Denver. I am Lady Nystrom's doctor."

"Oh," he said with a hint of surprise in his voice. "May I know why the people around us are acting like they don't see you?"

"It's my charm. As in literal charm," she explained. "I'm hiding my presence so no one would question as to why I'm loitering here. But of course, my charm doesn't work on people with high level Mana like you, captain."

"Ah, I see," he said cautiously. "Is there a reason why you need to do that, Miss Luna?"

"This area isn't safe for the duchess."

He looked surprised by her bluntness.

And as if on cue, all of a sudden, they both felt a very strong bloodlust directed at them. When they turned to where the bloodlust was coming from, they found a grand carriage with the crest of House Huxley. She recognized the crest because it was an old family.

But the murderous feelings they felt was gone as soon as they felt it, making both of them question if what they felt really happened.

Still, she noticed something strange.

The chilling aura that I've been feelings since I arrived at the Royal Capital was very strong in that carriage.

"That was Lord Huxley's carriage wasn't it?" Luna asked when the carriage was no longer in sight. Then, she turned to Captain Denver. "Did you offend the count or something?"

"I'm not sure," Captain Denver answered in a confused tone. "As far as I am concerned, I've never been involved in any of Lord Huxley's business."

"Still, that chilling killing intent was strongly directed at you."

"I noticed that as well," he said. "I guess I have to be careful around the count."

"We should follow them," she told the captain. "Something in that carriage feels strange. I'm certain it wasn't the count."

The captain's brows furrowed in confusion. "I'm sorry but I don't understand what you're talking about, Miss Luna."

"Just trust me, Captain Denver," Luna said seriously. "Like you, it's also my duty to protect the heart of the Supreme."

Captain Denver looked surprised. But then, he became serious after he realized that like him, she was also a servant of the Supreme. "Let me lead the way, Miss Luna."


NOPE, I didn't hear anything. I'm just hallucinating because I'm hungry. Nope, nope, nope I refuse to deal with this kind of sh*t again.

Tilly heard a soft laugh that sounded like it came from a man. Still, she pretended that she didn't hear that.

Nope, I'm not hearing things.

And did that voice call her "Daughter of the Sun" earlier? Gosh, she had so many "pet names." Some people called her the "heart," others "Supreme," and now, "Daughter of the Sun?"

What the heck?

Thankfully, the High Priest finally asked them to open their eyes.

When Tilly opened her eyes, her gaze easily found Kiho who was looking intently at her. She had a feeling that he didn't even take his eyes off of her. Not even for a second.

Kiho, that's kind of rude, she scolded her husband lightly.

To be honest, Kiho obviously wasn't a religious person. In fact, he was kind of rude to the gods as if he didn't believe them.

But he's a good person. He's better than most nobles who attend church religiously but treat other people badly as if they didn't learn anything from the sermons and teachings of the priests. At least, my husband isn't hypocrite like them.

"Lady Nystrom?"

Tilly's tore her gaze away from Kiho when Howard stood in front of her while holding a tea cup. "Yes, Your Eminence?"

"I offer you the drink that His Holiness enjoyed in the past," Howard said. "May the gods answer your prayer and bring the saint back to us."

Oops, sorry. I didn't pray for the saint to awaken.

She politely nodded, and then she parted her lips lightly as she was instructed to do.

The High Priest helped her drink the tea in the cup.

She wasn't afraid to drink it because Sentinel was insider her heart now. He assured her earlier that he would make sure she wasn't going to be poisoned or anything. Plus, she still had the protection spell that Luna put on her.

And of course, Kiho was there.

I'm blessed to be surrounded by good people.

Anyway, the tea didn't taste as awful as she expected it to be. It was black tea mixed with a flower that she wasn't familiar with. But she understood why the previous Beast Priestesses probably didn't like the tea. It was very bitter after all.

Well, as a foodie, I enjoy discovering "strange" food and drinks.

After she finished the tea, Howard lit the candle she was holding using a huge match stick. "I wish you luck, Lady Nystrom."

"Thank you, Your Eminence," she said, then she acknowledged the "audience" with a polite nod before she literally turned her back on them.

Let's get this done and over with.

She started to walk to the altar and as soon as she stood in front of the long table decorated with flowers, the flame in the candle died out.


Thankfully, she had her back on the people so no one saw what happened.

Well, she was hoping that His Majesty who was in the balcony area didn't see it despite his super senses.

Gosh, the emperor is so OP.

Anyway, she didn't want to make a fuss by announcing that the flame in the candle died out. After all, it was considered as a bad omen.

Let me handle this quietly.

She discreetly placed her index finger on the candle wick, then poured her concentration on it. Her temperature increased, but she gathered the heat of her body at the tip of her finger. She kept it up until she created a tiny flame that lit the candle again. After her successful improvised solution, she smiled proudly at herself.

Good job, Tilly Nystrom.

Satisfied by her own work, she gently placed the candle holder in the center of the table. Then, she put her hands together and closed her eyes to "pray."

Your Holiness, good night, she said. Don't let the bedbugs bite.

After praying, she turned her back on the altar to join the High Priest who was standing a few meter away from her.

"Hey, insolent child."

She wanted to ignore the voice again but her body suddenly moved in its own. The next thing she knew, she was already turning around to face the owner of the voice.

Oh. My. F*cking. God.

Her eyes widened when she saw a very handsome man with long light blonde hair and piercing ash gray eyes. He was clad with a white cloak similar to what Howard always wore. The divine presence that he exuded didn't make it hard for her to realize who he was.

Heck, he was literally shining!

At first, she thought she was the only one who could see the saint.

But the collective gasp behind her said otherwise. The loudest gasp that she heard came from Howard. Gosh, the saint had really awakened!

"Your flame felt nice and warm," the saint said with a smile. "Good morning, Lady Nystrom."

She took a step backwards and was surprised when her back hit a solid (and cold) chest. When she turned her head to see who it was, she was relieved to confirm that it was really Kiho.

He's the only man I know who has a cold body.

Anyway, her husband probably went up to the altar as soon as he felt the holy presence. He was that overprotective of her. And this time, she appreciated it more than ever.

Kiho looked serious, and he had his hands on her shoulders. He looked so guarded as if he would attack the saint if he suddenly made a funny move. If her husband didn't believe in gods, there was no way he would worship a saint. "Tilly, are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Kiho," Tilly assured her husband, then she turned to the saint again. He was smiling, but the glint in his eyes told her that he didn't forget every single blasphemy that she committed a while ago. That made her swallow hard, but she refused to show her nervousness. Instead, she smiled sweetly at the saint. "Would you like to have breakfast with me and my husband, Your Holiness?"


TO SAY that Aku was shocked when the saint awakened would be an understatement.

Nia had been the Beast Priestess for many years but she never succeeded in awakening His Holiness!

One of the heavy criticisms that the royal family had received for the past years was their failure to awaken the saint from his deep slumber. It was used against them by the ant-royalty faction several times. And that failure also caused many commoners to question if the god still favored the Moonchesters as the rulers of the empire.

Of course, he had swiftly dealt with those criticisms by killing off the people who would raise the discussion about the saint's slumber.

But now that Lady Nystrom had managed to awaken His Holiness

there would definitely be a switch of power among the higher nobles!

"Your Majesty, is that really His Holiness?" Sir Gregory, who was standing beside him, asked in disbelief. "Did Lady Nystrom really awaken the saint just like that?"

No, the duchess didn't awaken the saint "just like that."

He saw it when the flame of the candle died out. The angle would have been hard for his companions to see what the duchess did. But thanks to his sharp senses, he witnessed everything.

Lady Nystrom used her flame to light up the candle again.

Did the flame of the Fire Mage with the "heart" the reason why the saint awakened?

If my hunch is right, then it could mean that His Holiness has been waiting for Lady Nystrom all this time.

"This is not good," Aku said in an empty voice. "If the saint blessed the duke and the duchess now, then House Nystrom would solidify their position as the most powerful family in the high society."

And the Noble Faction would definitely take advantage of this!


LUNA hid behind Captain Denver when she felt the strange aura coming near them, then she used her charm again to conceal her presence.

They didn't make it the church to witness the ceremony because they were following the ominous energy that she had been feeling since she arrived at the Royal Capital. And Captain Denver, as gentleman as he was, followed her quietly.

Now that they were walking near Eclis Church, the "enemies" decided to appear before them.

"Fancy seeing you here, Captain Denver," Count Huxley said with a sinister smile. "How are you?"

"I'm doing great, Lord Huxley," Captain Denver answered politely. "And how about you?"

"Oh, I'm good. Especially now that our family is about to grow bigger," the count said playfully. Then, he motioned for the petite brunette standing beside him. "Captain Denver, let me introduce you to my adoptive sister."

Captain Denver looked shocked by that. "House Huxley has adopted another member?"

"Yes," Count Huxley said proudly, then he turned to the lady beside him. "My precious little sister, introduce yourself to the captain of the Red Phoenix Knights and his companion."

Luna flinched at that. The count noticed me.

"Greetings, Sir Denver and the beautiful lady behind you," the brunette greeted them in a sweet yet polite tone. "I'm Lucina Morganna and would officially be Lady Lucina Huxley soon."


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