Mommy Villainess Chapter 108

108 Fancy Meeting
LUCINA felt a shiver down her spine when the entire area was suddenly engulfed in a divine energy that could only belong to one person.

The saint has awakened?!

It looked like she wasn't the only one who felt the holy presence. Captain Denver, Lord Huxley, and the witch also looked at the church's direction.

"I apologize but I have to excuse myself," Captain Denver said, then he stopped as if he remembered something. Then, he turned to the witch. "Miss Luna, you need to go to the church as well, don't you? Let me accompany you."

The witch just nodded, then she turned to her and Lord Huxley to bow politely before leaving with Captain Denver.

That's one powerful witch, huh?

Now she was certain that Luna was the one who put the protective spell on Lady Nystrom.

If the witch was with Captain Denver, that means Captain Denver and Lady Nystrom has really joined forces.

"I really want to kill Captain Denver," Lord Huxley said as soon as the captain and the witch were gone. "His Majesty should praise me for my self-control."

"You did well, Lord Huxley," Lucina praised him with a smile. "Although I'm pretty certain that Captain Denver felt your bloodlust earlier. I'm sure he's going to be wary of you from now on."

"Like I care," the count hissed. " House Huxley was never known for its patient anyway."

How dumb. If you weren't crazy strong, you would have died a long time ago because of your bad temper.

"That witch is strong," he said, then he turned to her with a raised brow. "Can you take care of her?"

"Of course," she said. "I intend to keep my end of the bargain."

House Huxley would officially adopt her once she killed Luna.

She offered her help in exchange of a higher position in the society because that was the only way she could get close to the Nystroms. She was a lower noble so it would be impossible for her to enter the higher society where the Duke and Duchess of Oakes belonged without the help of Lord Huxley.

Although if Her Royal Highness was awake, she wouldn't have needed the help of House Huxley.

"To be honest, I don't think I need your help to get what I want," Lord Huxley said while looking at her with obvious discontent. "I only accepted your deal because you're one of Alisa's closest friends. And you also helped Her Royal Highness to recover her beauty."

"Lord Huxley, I know that you're very strong. Your Mana and fighting skills are comparable to the captains of the Four Orders," she said with a smile. "But still, you can't kill a witch as strong as Miss Luna."

"And you can?"

"It's not because I'm strong," she said to pacify the offended count. God, men and their stupid ego. "It just happens that my power is the weakness of witches like Miss Luna."

"Is it really necessary to eliminate the people around Captain Denver first?"

"You won't be able to touch even a strand of Captain Denver's hair as long as Miss Luna is around," she said firmly. "That witch specializes in performing strong protective spell. You saw her eyes, Lord Huxley. They are pink."

"Yeah, but what about it?"

Oh, god. How stupid can this muscle head be?

"If you gouge out her pink eyes, you can make powerful protection out of them," she answered. "Their clan was hunted down for that reason."

Lord Huxley's face lit up in excitement, his eyes gleaming with frenzy. "I want those pink eyes then," he said. "Get those eyes for me once you killed the witch, my precious little sister."

She didn't miss the sarcasm.

"As you wish, Lord Huxley," she said, not interested to call him "brother."

He just nodded. "Anyway, I'm heading to the church to see His Holiness. Are you coming with me?"

She shook her head. "The saint's holy presence is too strong. I'm weak to that."

"Oh," Lord Huxley said, obviously not interested in what she said. "See you later then, my new little sister."

She just smiled and bowed politely.

After that, the count left.

Lucina looked up at the Eclis Church. To be honest, she wanted to go there to see Duke Nystrom. But Emperor Aku was there. I need to seal my power first before I appear before His Majesty.


"WOULD YOU like to have breakfast with me and my husband, Your Holiness?" Tilly asked with a frozen smile. Gosh, what the hell am I saying?!

Saint Forrester smiled charmingly at her. "I'd love to have breakfast with you, my sweet child. But I'm afraid that I can't allow your husband to join us."

Her brows furrowed in confusion. "But why, Your Holiness?"

"I don't like his face and I'm afraid I might lose my appetite."

Her eyes widened in shock. "With all due respect, Kiho's face is a natural treasure. Your Holiness, is your eyesight starting to get bad due to your old age?"

The saint looked shocked by her rude question.

Even Kiho let out a gasp. "Tilly, you're talking to the saint," he whispered to her with a hint of worry in his voice. "He's different from the human bird."

"Oh, that's right," she said. "I'm sorry, Your Holiness."

The saint was supposed to say something but he was interrupted.

"Your Holiness."

Tilly flinched when she heard Emperor Aku's voice. When she turned around, she found His Majesty walking towards to the altar while being followed by Sir Gregory and Captain Sherwood.

When the emperor walked past her and Kiho, they bowed and greeted him politely.

Emperor Aku just nodded at them as acknowledgement before he stood in front of the Saint Forrester. Then, His Majesty got down on one knee and respectfully held the saint's hand. "I'm glad that you're finally awake, Your Holiness," he said. Then, the emperor kissed the back of His Holiness's hand. "Welcome back, Saint Forrester."

"My utmost gratitude for the warm welcome, the only moon of our Great Moonchester Empire," Saint Forrester said with a smile. "You may raise now, Your Majesty."

His Majesty nodded then stood politely in front of the saint. "Your Holiness, you just woke up. Please allow me to escort you back to the temple."

"Thank you for the offer but I have to decline, Your Majesty," the saint said in an apologetic tone. Then, he turned to her with a bright smile. "I already accepted my savior's invitation to have breakfast with her. After she woke me up from my long and deep slumber, I can't turn her down. Can I?"

Tilly didn't want to admit this but she felt a shiver down her spine when Emperor Aku turned to her with a "sweet" smile.

Gosh, he's pissed.

Thankfully, Kiho was literally behind her so she didn't get that intimidated.

"Of course, Your Holiness. You can't turn down Lady Nystrom's invitation," Emperor Aku said with a smile. When she just smiled, he turned to the saint again. "Your Holiness, please allow me to prepare the accommodation for you. You can have breakfast with Lady Nystrom there. I want you to have the best service the empire could provide for you."

"That would be great, Your Majesty," Saint Forrester said. "Thank you."

"You don't have to thank me, Your Holiness," the emperor said with a smile. "Please wait in the parlor room first. I'll prepare a comfortable carriage for you and Lady Nystrom."

The saint just bowed at that.

Emperor Aku turned to Kiho. "Lord Nystrom, come with me," he said in a formal tone that surprised her. "Help me prepare the accommodation for His Holiness and Lady Nystrom."

Tilly turned to her husband. When she saw him frowning, she gently and discreetly pinched his side. Hon, we're in front of other people.

Kiho immediately fixed his expression and went back to being pokerfaced. "As you wish, Your Majesty," he answered politely. Then, he turned to her and whispered. "Tilly"

"I'll be fine," she whispered back. "I'm sure I'm safe with His Holiness."

And Sentinel is inside my heart to protect me.

"Stay safe, Tilly," Kiho said, then he kissed her on the forehead. "I'll follow you as soon as I can."

"I know," Tilly said with a smile. "I'll wait for you, Kiho."

His Holiness cleared his throat a little too loud.

When they turned to the saint, she realized that His Majesty and the knights all tore their gaze away from them as if to give them privacy.

Her cheeks burned when she realized what Kiho and her just did.

Gosh, we just made a public display of affection!

"Kids these days," Saint Forrester said. "Anyway, you make a wonderful couple, Lady Nystrom and the handsome duke."

How sarcastic.


"DON'T pout, Kiho."

"Im not pouting, Your Majesty," Kiho answered with a pout. When he realized what he was doing, he gently slapped his mouth. "Now I'm not."

Emperor Aku just rolled his eyes at him. "Wait here. I'll just talk to His Eminence about the security arrangement that I'll prepare for His Holiness."

He just nodded politely.

After that, Aku left with Sir Gregory and Captain Sherwood (who gave him a longing look that he ignored, of course).

Now he was left alone at the back of the church where His Majesty's grand carriage was parked. He was asked to wait for the carriage that the emperor asked his people to bring to the church. That carriage would be used by Tilly and His Holiness.

I hate to leave Tilly alone with His Holiness but I still have a duty to fulfill.

"Duke Nystrom?"

Kiho flinched at the voice that called him.

He was surprised to see the woman that he saw at the market place before. The one that had a jet-black hair before it turned into brown. Right now, the woman's hair was brown again.

"It's really you," the brunette said while walking towards him. "Fancy meeting you here, Your Grace."

Kiho stepped backwards, his body suddenly having a mind of its own. God, why and how did this strange woman get there when the area was supposed to be guarded by royal knights? He hated to say this but he felt like meeting her there wasn't a co-incidence. That made him remember the conversation he had with Tilly about "fangirls." "Miss, are you a sasaeng fan?"


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