Mommy Villainess Chapter 113

113 Meeting Of The Two Wives
AFTER lunch, Tilly was now having tea with Kiho, Sentinel, and Luna in the tea room.

She told Luna and Kiho everything that Saint Forrester asked her to do. Sentinel already knew that since he was inside her heart during her conversation with the saint, so the spirit guardian remained quiet while snacking on the pastries on the table.

"I trusted the saint because I felt like I should," Tilly concluded, then she turned to Sentinel who was still busy with his macaroons. "And Sentinel bowed to His Holiness."

"I can't really say that His Holiness is on our side. He's a strange one," Sentinel said, then he turned to her. "But I can vouch that the saint isn't on the emperor's side as well. In fact, His Holiness seems to hate the Moonchesters."

"My enemy's enemy is a friend," she said with a smirk.

"Anyway, I don't see anything wrong with the saint's offer," Luna said seriously. "I'd rather the saint train you than Duke Nystrom." The witch turned to her husband who stopped drinking his tea midway. "No offense, Your Grace. But you spoil the duchess too much."

Kiho gulped as if he was guilty. Then, he carefully placed the cup down on the table. "Okay, I admit that I'm spoiling my wife too much. But I don't regret it. And before I accept His Holiness as Tilly's master, I'll supervise their training session first. I won't easily hand my wife and my child's life to a stranger no matter how holy he is."

She smiled at her husband's protectiveness. "Aww, that's so sweet of you, hon."

Kiho turned to her with a small smile reserved only to her.

On the other hand, Luna and Sentinel just rolled their eyes.

These two are so fed up with us, aren't they?

"I don't know His Holiness but I trust your gut feel, Lady Nystrom," Luna said, changing the subject right away. She probably didn't want to see her and Kiho acting lovey-dovey again. "And if we find His Holinesss scepter, he'll help us locate the Ancient Beasts. It's not a bad deal so I suggest that you accept the saint's offer."

"I'm relieved that you don't find the idea ridiculous, Miss Luna," she said in relief. "I'm embarrassed but when I first heard His Holiness say that, I thought it was impossible for me to gather the Ancient Beasts since they belong to His Majesty."

"The Ancient Beasts don't belong to the emperor," Luna and Sentinel said in unison, both said the same thing with conviction as if she offended them.

"The Moonchesters captured and locked up the Ancient Beasts against their will," Sentinel said firmly.

"Okay, sorry," she said with her hands raised in surrender. "I misspoke."

"My wife already apologized for her mistake so if you scold her again, I'll kick you out," Kiho threatened lightly, obviously not pleased with the fact that the two scolded her.

Yep, he spoils me a lot.

Luna and Sentinel fell silent after that.

Tilly cleared her throat before she turned to the witch. "Miss Luna, do you have a moment? I want to speak with you in private."

"That's fine with me, Lady Nystrom," Luna said. "If it's okay with you, will you let me give you a proper bath? I already completed the ingredients that I need to give you the medicated bath that you need."

Kiho frowned at that, obviously not pleased with the witch's offer.

She lightly nudged her husband sides.

Gosh, I know that he loves taking a bath with me but Miss Luna is my doctor! Giving me a proper bath for pregnant women is a part of her job.

"I'd love it, Miss Luna," Tilly said in excitement. "I also have a favor to ask of you."


"YOUR HOLINESS, would you like to stay at my palace for the meantime?" Aku offered the saint. Right now, they were having coffee in the grandest tea room of his palace. "It will put me at ease if you stay here until you are fully recovered. I can feel how low your current divine power is, Your Holiness."

"I wonder why," Saint Forrester said in a sarcastic tone. "Maybe it's because some insolent fool stole my Hoy Scepter, seal my divine power, and put me into a deep slumber?"

He shouldn't have been surprised.

After all, the saint had always been this outspoken. If it was any consolation, he knew that His Holiness treated everyone that way. Thus, he could let it slide.

"Your Holiness, I can help you find your Holy Scepter if you allow me."

The saint laughed softly at that. "If you could, you would have found it already even if I was still in a slumber, Your Majesty. But you know that the Moonchesters couldn't touch my Holy Scepter, don't you?"

He smiled at that. Lying at the saint wouldn't work since His Holiness knew a lot about the royal family and almost everything about the empire. "I didn't say that I'd find it myself, Your Holiness. I said I can help you look for it."

"What do you need from my Holy Scepter, Your Majesty?"

"I'll get straight to the point then," he said, then he quietly put the cup on the table. "Your Holiness, I need your divine power to bring Nia back to me. You already probably know this but my beloved is currently unconscious. I don't know how but one of her people helped her regain her beauty. Still, that's not enough for me. I want her to fully recover as soon as possible."

The saint raised a brow at that. "Do you really believe that my divine power will work on a Moonchester? You know that my Mana is harmful to the royal family."

"I know that," he admitted. "But Nia is different she's a special Moonchester."

His Holiness's brows furrowed in confusion. "Are you going to tell me the answer if I asked what makes Her Royal Highness different from the rest of the royal family?"

He just smiled, then sipped his tea.

"Then, I'm afraid I can't help you, Your Majesty," Saint Forrester said with a smile. "My Holy Scepter isn't meant to be used for the Moonchesters."

Aku smiled and then, he picked up his cup again. "Then, I suppose the royal family has no need for the church anymore."


"MISS LUNA, why is the water so cold?" Tilly asked while hugging herself tight. Right now, she was in the huge tub filled with cold water and bubbles. Of course, she was naked as she was taking a bath. "I don't usually feel cold but this water is freezing! Are you sure that this is good for my pregnancy?"

"Your son's dominant Mana is ice," Luna explained while pouring some dust on the water that looked like a bath bomb to her. "According to your maids, you prefer lukewarm water when you're taking a bath. That's good because average pregnant women shouldn't bathe in hot water. But since your body and your child are both special, I prepared a special regime made especially for you. This one will help your baby develop faster and healthier. Other babies need nutrients to be healthy. Of course, your son needs that as well. But aside from that, we have to "feed" his Mana. As far as I can tell, your child is craving for coldness since your body is already very warm. So please endure it, Lady Nystrom."

After hearing that, she stopped complaining. If it was for her baby, she'd endure anything. Winter, "eat" as much coldness as you need, she told him. Mommy is okay.

"Lady Nystrom, what's the favor that you want to ask of me?" the witch asked, then she sat on the edge of the tub.

"Oh," she said when she remembered her conversation with Flint. "There's this Fire Mage child that I'm close to he's called 'Flint.' He has a baby brother called 'Julian,' and the baby is around 17 months old. According to Flint, Julian's temperature doesn't go down even if they put a tool on him that's supposed to control his power. I'm wondering if you can a look on him and help the baby cool down. I heard that Her Royal Highness has a device that can track down Fire Mages. I don't want it to pick up Julian's Mana."

"I understand," Miss Luna said. "I'll go and meet the baby, Lady Nystrom."

Tilly smiled at that. "Thank you, Miss Luna."


KIHO stopped kissing Tilly when he realized that his wife wasn't kissing him back anymore. When he pulled away, he found out that Tilly already fell asleep. He smiled at how cute she was.

My Tilly must have been really tired.

After all, it was a long day for her.

He was supposed to tell Tilly that Lu-something showed up again. But when he saw his wife after her bath, he forgot about the other woman. He kissed Tilly until they fell on the bed together. Of course, he wanted more than a kiss.

But his priority would always be his Tilly's well-being.

He could die of blue balls if it meant giving his wife a good night's sleep.

Rest well, honey, he said in his head while fixing her robe, especially around her tummy area so their baby wouldn't get cold. Then, he covered her up warmly in the thick blanket. Good night, my Tilly.

Kiho kissed Tilly on the forehead, then he stood up and walked to the bathroom.

Tilly said that the cure for "blue balls" is a cold shower.


EUGENE Huxley smirked when he finally saw the commoner child called 'Flint.'

Right now, he was in the tower of the Fire Wielder Guild with his "adoptive sister." He went there to "donate" equipment to the children of the guild. After all, his family was known in the empire for producing the best weapons out there.

As a count, he had several charities that he supported to lessen his tax. But this was the first time that he donated for the Fire Wielder Guild.

And he only did that to enter the tower.

"There you are," Eugene Huxley said that caused the commoner child to look at him. Fortunately, there was only the two of them in that training room. He sneaked in there to do his task for today. "You're 'Flint,' aren't you?"

Flint's brows furrowed in confusion. But it seemed like he felt his killing aura because the child stepped back. He also raised his arms as if his instinct told him to be wary of him. "Who are you, sir?"

Eugene Huxley smiled while putting on his black gloves. "Oh, don't be afraid of me," he said cheerfully. "I'm just here to say my greetings to your master."


TILLY looked up at the tower of the Fire Wielder Guild when her chest suddenly tightened. She didn't know why but she suddenly felt nervous.

What's wrong with me?

Right now, she was alone in front of the carriage.

Kiho and Luna were inside the tower now while listing their names in the logbook. It was the protocol before visitors were allowed inside. The two had to enter the tower together because they had different purposes.

She and her husband were there to meet Captain Denver.

While Luna was there to meet up with Julian's new guardian.

Kiho asked her to stay in the carriage because he didn't want her to get tired. He was okay with leaving her for a moment because Sentinel was inside her heart.

When she got bored waiting, she decided to step out of the carriage and look around.

The tower looks bland outside. But this area feels warm even if it's already winter. It's definitely because of the Mana of the Fire Mages.

She smiled she felt a warm feeling in her chest.

This feels like home.

And suddenly, the nostalgic feeling was ruined when she felt another presence. When she turned around, she got the shock of her life. She already expected that moment, but she didn't expect it to be that soon.

By that, she meant meeting the person she hated most.

Lucina Morganna.

Kiho was telling the truth when he said that Lucina Morganna had brown hair when he met her instead of a jet-black one.

Is it magic?

But other than that, the beauty and grace that Lucina Morganna had in her past life didn't change.

Gosh, if she didn't retrieve some memories of her past life, she would have felt guilty facing this woman. But when she saw this b*tch laugh at her after she was executed, she decided that her memory of Lucina Morganna being a good woman might be false.

And she didn't care about her past life anymore.

I'm the original wife anyway.

"Good day, Lady Nystrom," Lucina Morganna greeted her with a sweet smile. "I don't think I need to introduce myself to you anymore. I'm pretty sure that Duke Nystrom has already told you about meeting me twice. Didn't he?"

As far as she remembered, Kiho told her that he met Lucina Morganna once.

But she knew that there was a reason why her husband hasn't told her about meeting this b*tch again. After all, her husband couldn't even remember her name and called her 'Lu-something' the last time they talked about her (only because he asked if the b*tch did something bad to her in the past).

"Yes. My Kiho told me about a woman who made him very uncomfortable twice," Tilly said with a smile. And that smile even got bigger when she saw Lucina Morganna's face turn sour. "But I'm afraid that you still have to introduce yourself to me, lady from an unknown family." When Lucina Morganna's face turned red from embarrassment, she laughed softly. She knew that she was being mean by bringing up their social status. But all is fair in love and war. "Plus, don't you know that my husband can't even remember your name? He calls you 'Lu-something,'" she continued in a calm but mocking tone. "Unless you want me to call you 'Lady Lu-something,' I suggest you properly introduce yourself to me."


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