Mommy Villainess Chapter 121

121 Bigger Family
"YOUR GRACE, are you alright?"

Kiho remained poker faced even though Captain Sherwood was making him uncomfortable.

The captain just asked him if he was alright but the tone he used and the face he was making now could be easily misunderstood by other people.

Luckily, only Captain Denver was standing beside him.

The other knights and Fire Wielders were heavily guarding Count Huxley as he was being transferred from the Fire Wielders' custody to the Blue Dragon Knights' squad. Captain Denver's vice-captain was the person in-charge of overseeing the process.

"I'm alright," Kiho said. "I wasn't the target of the attack. But the young Fire Wielder that Lord Huxley tried to kill is still unconscious."

Captain Sherwood's facial expression hardened. "The Blue Dragon Knights are the ones in-charge of Lord Huxley's arrest. Rest assured, I will make sure that the count won't be able to escape, Duke Nystrom."

He nodded. "Thank you, Captain Sherwood."

Captain Sherwood smiled brightly as if he was really happy by what he said. "Anything for you, my lord."

God, that made his skin crawl.

Captain Denver cleared his throat loudly to get their attention before he spoke. "Captain Sherwood, do I need to come with you now to give my statement?"

"Ah, yes," Captain Sherwood said as if he just remembered the real purpose of his visit at the Fire Wielders' tower. "You must come with us, Captain Denver. If you want, you can bring as many witnesses as you need."

"Alright," Captain Denver said. "We'll follow behind your troop."

Captain Sherwood nodded. "I'll wait until you're ready to leave, Captain Denver."

"Then, please excuse us," Captain Denver said before he turned to her. "Duke Nystrom, can you accompany me to Lady Nystrom's doctor? She's one of the witnesses and I would like to ask if she'd like to give her statement."

Kiho nodded eagerly. The way Captain Sherwood looked at him was making him want to run away from him as soon as possible. "Of course, Captain Denver."

After politely excusing themselves, they went back inside the tower.

Only then did Kiho was able to breathe comfortably.

Captain Denver chuckled when he saw his expression. "Captain Sherwood made you uncomfortable, didn't he?"

Kiho turned to him in surprise. "You knew?"

"You're easy to read, Your Grace."

Okay, he was touched.

And he felt ashamed of himself.

He never knew he was the possessive and overprotective type until he met Tilly. Thus, he still didn't know how to control his emotions. But thanks to his wife, he was starting to learn how to be emotionally more mature.

"Thank you, Captain Denver," Kiho said sincerely. "Did you just say that you need Miss Luna's cooperation to get me away from Captain Sherwood?"

Captain Denver nodded. "Yes," he said. "Miss Luna is Lady Nystrom's doctor. I have no intention of exposing her to the enemies. Aside from that, Miss Luna is a special witch because of her pink eyes. I don't want the greedy higher nobles to get interested in her ability."

"I agree," he said. "We must protect the people that protect Tilly."

"Yes, that must be our priority."

"Speaking of which" Kiho turned around to make sure that no one was within earshot to listen to their conversation, then he faced the captain again. "Tilly wants to kill Lord Huxley before the trial begins."

Captain Denver looked shocked at first, then he turned serious. "Honestly speaking, that's what I intend to do. Lord Huxley won't stop going after the Fire Wielders even after he's imprisoned."

He nodded in agreement. "And the count works for Her Royal Highness. We can't trust anyone associated with the princess."

"Let's make a plan once I come back," Captain Denver said. "Now that His Majesty knows our real identity, we can move more freely."

"Uh-huh," Kiho agreed. "I hate to say this but I think we need Captain Sherwood's help this time."


"WHAT?" Aku asked in a surprised voice after he heard Sir Gregory's report. "Lord Huxley was arrested for attempting to kill a young Fire Wielder in the tower?"

"That's right, Your Majesty," Sir Gregory confirmed. "Captain Denver sent a report to the Royal Knighthood. The admin handed the case to Captain Sherwood. I heard that the Blue Dragon Knights already went to the tower to arrest Lord Huxley."

He closed his eyes and let out a deep sigh.

Thanks to that awful report, he lost the motivation to read and sign the mountain of paper works on his desk.

"Did Captain Denver ask for a noble trial?" he asked when he opened his eyes. "Captain Denver is the son of Marquis Morgan Denver. They're in a higher position than Lord Huxley. If he didn't kill Lord Huxley himself, then it only meant that he was going for a noble trial."

Sir Gregory nodded before he answered. "That's right, Your Majesty," his knight confirmed. "The admin office is in chaos right now because this is the first in a while that two higher nobles will be on a noble trial. And Your Majesty, you'll be the one to decide Lord Huxley's verdict."

"Lord Huxley will definitely lose the trial," he said. "Unless he reveals the real identity of the Fire Mages."

"Will you allow the count to expose the Fire Mages this early, Your Majesty?"

"No, of course not," he said while shaking his head. "Remember, we need Lady Nystrom's child. We have to make sure that she'll have a safe delivery. And she has to give birth in a place where we can easily steal the child. If they get exposed now, she'll definitely go into hiding. The Fire Mages are good at hiding so we can't let them leave the Royal Capital."

"Then, what should we do, Your Majesty?" Sir Gregory asked. "Do you want me to finish off Lord Huxley before the noble trial?"

"Lord Huxley belongs to Nia. I don't want her to wake up only to find out that some of her collections are gone now," Aku said, then he looked outside his window. "Sir Gregory, I want you to abduct Lord Huxley and hide him until the war begins."


TILLY noticed that Luna fell silent after she explain in detail the things that she remembered from her first life.

She was only distracted when her stomach growled lowly.

I'm craving for Kiho's ice again.

"I'm certain that in my past life, I only pretended to have been killed to escape from His Majesty's clutches," Luna declared after a few minutes of deep thinking. "I'm just not sure what the past me did after I faked my own death."

Tilly let out a frustrated sigh. "I guess there's no way of knowing about what happened after I died in my past life."

"There's still a way," the witch said, then she pointed at her tummy. "If you suspect that your child also has the memories of his past life, then he can help us discover the truth once he comes out."

"Oh," she said, then she placed her hands on her tummy. "That's right."

"Also, the baby that Sentinel is currently babysitting"

Ah, right.

According to Luna, Sentinel was in the room where Flint was recovering. The spirit guardian was still babysitting Julian with the help of Celine Julian's guardian.

"Did you feel it, too?" she asked the witch. "Julian isn't an ordinary baby. The first time he touched my chest with his finger, my heart almost awakened. At that time, I didn't know what happened to me. But looking back, I'm pretty sure that he almost awakened me. He did that again a while ago."

"Now I'm even more curious about the baby," Luna said. "I can't read his Mana. Even though I know that he's a Fire Mage, I still feel a special aura around him. Lady Nystrom, we need the baby to stay close to us. Is it possible to get the custody of the child from the tower?"

"I know a way to do that," Tilly said hesitantly. "But I need to discuss it with Kiho first."


TILLY SMILED when Kiho entered the room. "Hon, I want to eat your ice again."

Kiho leaned down to kiss her forehead before he sat beside her. "Later," he said. "I asked Miss Luna to make a potion or something that will make my ice cleaner and more edible for you. I don't want you and Winter to get sick from consuming my Mana that way."

Ah, so that was the reason why Kiho volunteered to escort Luna out of the room.

When her husband returned, the witch excused herself and said that she would help Sentinel babysit Julian. Also, Luna said she needed to check on Flint's condition every 30 minutes.

I'll visit Flint later.

"Okay," she agreed because she knew that Kiho only wanted the best for her and their baby. "Was Lord Huxley already arrested by the royal knights?"

He nodded. "Captain Sherwood and the Blue Dragon Knights came to arrest the count."

She let out a frustrated sigh. "I forgot to ask Lord Huxley about Lucina Morganna. I want to know where he found her, and the reason why he wanted to adopt her as his sister."

"We can interrogate Lord Huxley later," he said, then she noticed that he became serious. "Tilly, someone tried to kill you while you were unconscious earlier."

She was shocked to hear that. "Was it the same assailant that "visited" us at the temple a while ago?"

"I think so," he said. "They have the same aura. But this time, I found out that it was a woman. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see her face because she suddenly disappeared without leaving a trace."

A woman, huh?

"Aside from Her Royal Highness, I can only think of another woman who wants me dead," she said. "I bet it's Lucina Morganna."

He blinked in surprise. "Oh. Did she have a strong power in your past life, Tilly?"

"I can't remember," she said truthfully. "But if she works for the princess, she can't be normal."

"Fair point," he said, anger visible in his eyes. "That woman just gives me more reasons to hate her."

"Did you injure her?"

He nodded. "My ice spears pierced through her torso."

"Brute," she teased him, but she instantly got serious. "If she disappeared for the following days even though she was supposed to stay by her future adoptive brother during these trying times for House Huxley, then we can safely assume that she was gone to recover. We'll have to consider her as a threat from now on."

He looked at her as if he was proud of her. "I like how calm you are when taking this in."

"Nothing bad happened to me because you protected me," she said with a smile. "Plus, I'm relieved that she's strong enough to try and kill me." She looked at her hands. "I feel powerful now, Kiho. It wouldn't feel right to kill Lucina Morganna if she happened to be a small-fry. That would make me feel like a bully."

Kiho let out a hearty laugh. "You being arrogant is also hot, Tilly."

She looked at him and raised a brow at him. "Kiho, you find everything about me hot."

He nodded in agreement. "That's true."

It was her turn to laugh loudly. "Gosh, you're making me feel sexier."

His gaze turned heated.

She knew what he wanted to do so she gently tapped his chest to stop him from jumping her bones. They had a serious matter that they needed to discuss first. "Kiho, I have a huge favor to ask."

"What is it?" Kiho asked with a hint of worry in his voice. "You sound so serious, Tilly."

"I want to keep Flint and Julian close to us," Tilly said nervously. "Can we adopt them?"


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