Mommy Villainess Chapter 124

124 Kiho Oppa
AFTER TILLY broke the kiss with Kiho, she looked down and saw her husband had already released his cock from his pants. He was stroking it as they kissed a while ago, huh? "You started without me," she playfully accused him, then she looked up at his handsome face. Gosh, it was so hot to see and hear him breathe heavily. "Why are you touching yourself when I'm here? I'm kind of upset."

Kiho chuckled which rarely happened, so she really savored that moment. "I'm just warming up for you, Tilly."

"My body is already on fire for you, Kiho."

He smiled and used his other hand to pull her by the nape and kiss her on the lips.

She would never shut up about how Kiho's touch always felt hot on her skin despite his literally cool body.

And even though her top was unbuttoned, she didn't feel cold at all despite the carriage being covered with ice. Luckily, she chose to wear a dress with a buttoned top. All Kiho had to do was pull the ribbon and rip the buttons.

Of course, she got her "revenge" by ripping her husband's dress shirt as well.

So right now, both of their torsos were exposed. Still, she didn't feel uncomfortable.

Kiho assured me that thanks to his ice, we wouldn't be seen or heard from the outside.

Her thoughts were cut-off when Kiho put the hardened peak of her left breast in his mouth. Then, his other hand fondled her right breast. Yeah, she moaned aloud while grinding herself against his erection.

"Kiho," she moaned. "Are you sure the carriage is soundproof now?"

"Mmm," he answered, then he twirled his tongue around her nipple before he looked up at her. "You can be as loud as you want, honey."

She was suddenly stunned while looking at his handsome face.

It never failed to amaze her how his yellow-ish eyes would turn gold whenever he was turned on. His eyes were beautiful. Well, she found everything about him pretty anyway.

"I like your face, Kiho," she said truthfully. "I think I'm obsessed with your face. I hope that doesn't make my feelings for you sound shallow. I mean, I hope you know that I really like you as a person as my man. But physically, you're my style."

His brows furrowed in confusion. "I'm your "style?" What does it mean?"

"Oh. That's a phrase famous from the second life I had," she said. "It means you're exactly my type the kind of guy that I want to spend my life with."

He suddenly looked excited because of the new stuff that he learned from her. "I like that phrase. Tilly, it's amazing that you know a lot of things that aren't common in this world. What was your second life like, honey?"

"I was lucky to have born in privilege during my second one."

"Were you happy?"

"Having a comfortable life made it easier for me to live back then," she admitted. "I don't want to sound ungrateful but during my second life, despite my privileged background, I have always felt that something was missing in my life. I really wanted to have a child then."

He gave her a sympathetic look. "Tilly, did you love your husband in your second life?"

"No," she answered without missing a beat. "I respect him, but I never loved him. He felt the same for me. But despite our loveless marriage, I could say that we were good friends."

He let out a deep sigh. "I wish I was also born in the same world as you in your second life," he said, then he touched her face while looking at her lovingly. "I wouldn't have let you feel empty had we met then."

She smiled at his sweetness. "If we had met in my second life, then you would have been my oppa."

"'Oppa?'" he asked curiously. "What does it mean?"

"It's how younger girls addressed older males. That's how girls call their older brothers. But girls can also use that to call their older partners," she explained to him. "If you were born earlier than me in my second life, I would have called you oppa."

"It sounds strange but I like how that word rolls off your tongue."

She giggled at that. "Kiho oppa."

He lowly growled as if to tell her that he was turned on. Then, he gently bit her lower lip. "God, I don't know why but hearing you call me that turns me on even more."

She laughed because she felt his erection got even harder. "I can tell, Kiho oppa."

And so, she didn't waste any more time.

She slightly stood up, moved her panties to the side, and took him in. They both groaned at the delicious unison of their needing parts.

"So good," Kiho groaned in a heavy breath as she pushed herself down further, taking him in deeper. He held her hips to guide and not control her acknowledging that she was in charge right now. "I know I've said this before but Tilly, I will seriously never get enough of you."

"Same," she moaned. Then, she remembered her mental note that she would tease him by talking dirty to her husband. "I love the way you fuck me, Kiho oppa."

His eyes widened by the vulgar word she used. Then, his whole face reddened. But he obviously looked pleased. "God, that was hot."

She got wetter as the way Kiho look at her turned hotter.

And so, she began to move on top of him.

She didn't want to break his cock so instead of bobbing up and down, she started to push her hips forward, grinding up, and savoring the sensation being sent up to her body. The groan he made encouraged her to grind up again. This time, she put more pressure and he seemed to like it. Of course, it felt amazing to her as well because he had filled her up in the best way.

"Ahh," Kiho groaned. Then, his hands reached up to hold onto her breasts. Gosh, that felt really good. "Tilly, you have no idea how good you make me feel."

"It's because you make me feel so good, too," she said while breathing heavily. "Kiho oppa, I'm already close," she said while grinding hard against him. "Oppa"

Kiho looked like he was already close, too.

He didn't change their position and he just held her in place. Although he let her do all the work, he didn't stay still. He touched her where he knew she wanted to be touched. Kissed, licked, and sucked her in places that his mouth and tongue could reach. And then he nuzzled her neck, breathing in her ear as if he realized that the sound of his panting could get her off.

And while teasing my ear by the strangely hot noises he made, while their bodies were still connected, his fingers found her clit.

That was it.

She came hard and panting.

Even though Kiho assured her that the carriage was now soundproof, she still didn't want to risk it. So she grabbed the hand that had just been on her clit, then put his sleek fingers into her mouth. Yes, she muffled her own release by tasting herself, using his body.

"Hot damn," Kiho groaned. Then, he came while his face was buried against her neck. She could tell by the amount of his release how much he enjoyed their intimate moment. And it was a lot. "Let me clean you up, honey."

That was another thing that she loved about her husband.

Kiho never failed to clean her up after their love making. He would always offer to get her a wash cloth, then proceed to take care of her. Of course, she would do the same for him. But more often than not, he refused to make her do anything that he could do on his own. That was how much he didn't want her to get tired.

"Thank you, Kiho," Tilly said, then she buried her face in his neck when she felt sleepy. "Please wake me up once we're home."

"Okay, honey," Kiho said while gently patting her back. "Rest well."


TILLY laughed softly when she saw how excited Kiho look while they were in the tub filled with ice. She had been taking a bath that way ever since Luna told her so. "Why do you look so happy, Kiho?" she asked while she was sitting between his legs. She leaned against his chest and turned to him. "Is this your first time to take a bath in a tub filled with ice, hon?"

"Kiho oppa" time was over.

She decided to call him that way only when they were in an intimate moment.

"Yes," Kiho said with a hint of excitement in his voice. "But are you sure that you're not getting too cold, honey?"

She shook her head. "I got used to it," she said. "I can endure anything for our Winter.

"Good job, honey," he said sweetly, then he kissed her forehead.

She just giggled.

"I'm really happy that our son's dominant Mana is ice," Kiho said with a hint of excitement in his voice. "I can't wait to teach Winter how to use his power."

She smiled warmly at that. "I'm also excited to see you bond with our baby, Kiho. Spoiler alert: Winter looks like your mini copy."


"Are you disappointed?"

"No, but I wish our son looks like you a bit more," he confessed. "I'm not that confident in how I look."

"You look great, Kiho," she said sincerely. "I'm obsessed with your face, remember?"

His happy glow returned right away. "Then, if we'd be blessed with a daughter after Winter is born, I wish she'd look like your mini copy. I like your face the most in the world, Tilly."

She laughed at that. Gosh, that was so cheesy but it made her feel very giddy. "Kiho, you love me too much."

Kiho smiled and nodded so innocently. "I do."

She rewarded him with a kiss on the lips.

"Who fell in love first? You or your husband?"

She gasped when she heard the first Supreme's voice in her head.

"What's wrong, Tilly?" Kiho asked immediately. "Are you okay?"

She nodded, then she gently slapped both of her own cheeks. "Gosh, how can I forget to tell you that I met the Supreme while I was unconscious?"

"You met the Supreme?" he asked, then he gently grabbed her wrists to stop her from slapping her cheeks. "Did you talk to her?"

"Yes," she said. When Kiho was sure that he wouldn't hurt herself again, only then did he let go of her hands. Then, he wrapped his arms around her shoulders. "The Supreme told me that the first barrier around my heart has been broken."

"First?" he asked with furrowed brows. "Does it mean there are still other barriers around your heart?"

"Uh-huh," she confirmed. "Like what we already know, my heart can't awaken until we find the Red Phoenix."

"We must be extra careful then," he said. "We can't afford to have the other barriers around your heart get broken. We're lucky that the Supreme warned you about it."


"What else did you talk about the Supreme?"

"This is weird but the Supreme asked me who between us fell in love with the other first," she said. "I don't know why the Supreme was interested in my love life."

"How did you answer the Supreme's question?" he asked curiously.

She cleared her throat to hide her embarrassment before she answered. "I told the Supreme that it was you who fell in love first," she said. "I even told her that you fell in love with me at first sight."

"You're not wrong."


"I really fell in love with you at first sight," Kiho said proudly. "I was willing to give up everything and break off my engagement with "Lady Prescott" to be with the "lady with the crab mallet.""

Tilly laughed heartily when she was reminded of their minor misunderstanding before they met officially. "Kiho, our love story is one for the books."

And they will have a happy ending, especially once Winter joined their little family.



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