Mommy Villainess Chapter 129

129 Spectators
I GUESS I'LL use this room.

Forrester chose the room in the end of the hallway in the same floor as the Nystroms. After settling in, he covered the chamber with a spell that would temporarily "erase" it from the mansion. Meaning, other people aside from the Supreme and the Black Serpent would "forget" the existence of that room. That way, he wouldn't be worried about getting caught.

People would only remember the room in the hallway once he left.

"Your Holiness."

Forrester turned around to find Sentinel, the spirit guardian, standing in front of him with a scowl. "Are you picking up a fight with me?"

"Of course not, Your Holiness," Sentinel said. "But I'm here to demand an explanation as to why you want to unseal Duke Nystrom's power. You know that his ability to control water is tied to his past memories. If he learns to control water again, he'll remember his past life as the Black Serpent."

"I know that," he said casually. "I just don't care."

The spirit guardian had the audacity to hiss at him.

He waved his hand and that simple gesture was enough to send Sentinel flying until his back hit the wall. Before the spirit guardian could even make another move, he closed his fist and summoned his Holy Vines until Sentinel couldn't move anymore.

"Relax, Sentinel. I know what I'm doing," he said to the spirit guardian. "I'm completely aware that we're all going to get screwed up if the Black Serpent awakens before the Supreme finds the Red Phoenix."

"If you know that, then why do you still want to unseal the Black Serpent's power?" Sentinel asked in an annoyed voice.

"I will not completely unseal the Black Serpent's power," he said, then he sat on the edge of the huge bed while facing the spirit guardian. "I'll just crack it enough for him to be able to use his water attribute."

"The duke doesn't need his water attribute," the spirit guardian insisted. "He's doing fine even with just his ice attribute."

"Have you forgotten that the Nystroms waged war on the Moonchesters?" he asked while shaking his head. "Do you think they'd survive against the threat of the crazy royal twins?"

Of course, the spirit guardian didn't have a retort.

"The little Supreme only managed to burn the crazy princess because of her raging wrath," he explained. "But in a normal fight, the little Supreme doesn't stand a chance against the crazy princess the same way that the Black Serpent is no match against the crazy emperor. Not in the Black Serpent's current state, at least."

"I don't know about the Black Serpent but I'm certain that the Supreme and the Moon Serpent are enough to bring down the Moonchesters," Sentinel said confidently. "Once Lady Nystrom and Lord Wixx finally reunite, the Black Serpent wouldn't be needed anymore. After all, we only allowed the Black Serpent to be with our Supreme again for them to successfully conceive the Moon Serpent this time."

He laughed softly at that. "The Fire Mages haven't forgiven the Black Serpent yet?"

"If the Black Serpent retrieves his memories, we're not certain if he's going to stay with Lady Nystrom or return to the Moonchesters' side," the spirit guardian said bitterly. "That's why the Supreme has to find the Red Phoenix first before the Black Serpent completely awakens. So even if the Black Serpent retrieves his memories, Lord Wixx would be there to protect Lady Nystrom and kill the duke."

"Well, that makes sense," he agreed. "After all, I'm pretty sure that whether it's in the past or the present, the Supreme still wouldn't be able to kill the man that owned her heart literally and figuratively."

The spirit guardian glared at him. Obviously, Sentinel wasn't pleased by the fact that he reminded him of what the Black Serpent did to the Supreme in the past.

"Whatever you say, you can't stop me from teaching the Black Serpent to use his water attribute," he said firmly. "I need the Supreme and the Black Serpent to be stronger for them to find my Holy Scepter as soon as possible."

Actually, that was a lie.

He just wanted to "crack" the seal to take a peek at the Black Serpent's memories. He was hoping to get a clue as to where his Holy Scepter might have been hidden. He was completely aware that his plan was risky. But it was better than completely awakening the Black Serpent.

I'll do everything to find my Holy Scepter.

"Is that really your only goal, Your Holiness?" Sentinel asked suspiciously. "During your first life, you didn't help in the war. Even though you know that the Moon Serpent was the key that the sky god needed to end the Moonchesters, you let the child die. All because you chose to stand in the neutral side."

"My father's goal has nothing to do with me," he said casually. "Anyway, you shouldn't be worrying too much about my business because as the spirit guardian of the Red Phoenix, you have something more important to worry about."

The spirit guardian's furrowed brows made it obvious that he didn't know what he was talking about. "What do you mean by that, Your Holiness?"

"I have a feeling that the Supreme and the Black Serpent's second child had been reincarnated in this era as well."

Sentinel's eyes widened in shock. Then, he released a very dangerous bloodlust until his whole body was literally burning. It was enough to burn his Holy Vines into ashes. "That child ended the Supreme's life. The Fire Mages didn't acknowledge him then, and we never will do so no matter how many times that child gets reincarnated."

Ah, it seemed like the Fire Mages had really deep hatred for the second child.

"Where is that child?" the spirit guardian asked angrily, his bloodlust didn't show any sign of wavering soon.

Someone wants to kill a baby, huh?

Well, that was none of his business.

"I don't know," he said. "But the witch with pink eyes said that she'll keep an eye on the child."

The spirit guardian looked confused. Then, when realization dawned upon him, he froze. "No, it can't be" he said in disbelief. "The baby Fire Mage with unreadable Mana could he be the reincarnation of the second child?"

He shrugged. "I haven't met the baby in question yet."

"I have to kill that child."

"Was the second child really not the Supreme's son with the Black Serpent?" he asked curiously. "I mean, as a mere spectator back then, I didn't believe that the second child was the Supreme's child with the Black Serpent."

"It doesn't matter to us whether the child was really the Supreme's second child with the Black Serpent or not," Sentinel said in an empty voice. "It wouldn't change the horrible thing that he and the woman who gave birth to him did to our Supreme. That was the reason why Lord Wixx and the entire Fire Mage clan didn't claim that child."

So, in short, the Fire Mages didn't bother to check if the second child was truly the Black Serpent's son with the Supreme or not?

"What if the child was really the Supreme's child with the Black Serpent?" he asked. "Now that the baby has been reborn, do you still intend to kill him even with a huge possibility that he was the Supreme's second child?"

"Like I said, it doesn't matter to us," Sentinel said. The flame in his body was starting to get extinguished but not the anger in his eyes. "I'll kill the child without Lady Nystrom knowing that child doesn't deserve to be acknowledged by our Supreme."

Forrester smiled. "Interesting."

He had a feeling that his boring days were now finally over.

Being a mere spectator is fun.


"YOUR MAJESTY, Duke and Duchess Nystrom have arrived in Oakes with Lord Prescott.

"I don't want them to be away from the Royal Capital for too long," Aku said. He was walking in the hallway while Sir Gregory was following closely behind him. They were on the way to the throne room because he had a meeting with his advisors today. "I'll give them a maximum of seven days for their short vacation."

"How do you plan to make them return, Your Majesty?" Sir Gregory asked. "It's not illegal for them to spend their vacation in their territory for as long as they want."

"I hate it when Kiho is out of my sight," he said. "And more importantly, I don't want them to think that they can hide from me just because they are in their territory. Oakes is still a part of my empire. If you need to create a problem for the Prescotts or the Nystroms for them to be forced to return to the Royal Capital as soon as possible, then do it."

"I understand, Your Majesty," Sir Gregory said. "Ah, what shall we do about Lord Huxley? The Fire Wielders and the Red Phoenix Knights are keeping an eye on the count. It seems like they are planning something."

"It's time to hide Lord Huxley," Aku said coldly. "And kill everyone and anyone who tries to get in the way."


"PLEASE don't kill me"

Luna felt a tug in her heart when she heard Julian's soft plead while the baby was giving her the most innocent eyes that she had seen in a child.

"I may not be the Supreme's child, but that doesn't mean that I'm an enemy," Julian continued in a gentle voice. "The Supreme doesn't need to know my existence. I just want her to be happy with my father this time. So please allow me to live and watch them from afar. That's my only wish in this lifetime, Miss Luna."

Ah, hearing that from a child made her heart hurt.

This baby is so selfless.

"I won't tell the Supreme about your existence. Not yet, at least," Luna promised the child. "But Julian, tell me. Who is your real mother?"


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