Mommy Villainess Chapter 132

132 When A God Awakens
"YOUR HOLINESS, what should I do?" the little Supreme asked him. "Please teach me how to create my own flame weapons the fastest way."

Forrester was amused by the little Supreme's enthusiasm to "learn" the fire technique that would allow her to create weapons made of her own flame.

Funny. You were the one who invented the flaming weapons, Supreme. You don't have to "learn" it. All you have to do is remember it, just like what the Black Serpent needs to do in order to "master" the water technique.

Now, the situation was getting riskier.

To create a flame weapon, the second barrier in the little Supreme's heart would crack a bit.

Honestly, he didn't know what would happen if the second barrier cracked. But he was confident that he could stop it.

I have to risk everything for the sake of my Holy Scepter.

"We'll start with visualization," Forrester said, determined to continue with his plan despite the risk. "Little Supreme, I want you to concentrate and visualize the kind of weapon that you want to use. I suggest that you start with a simple one like a dagger. I know that you want to be like the first Supreme. But we'll take it easy."

"Okay," the Supreme agreed. "I'm good at visualization since my imagination is wild. Plus, I also used to do yoga for meditation in the past so I have good concentration as well."

"I don't know what you're talking about but good for you."

She just smiled at him.

Then, without him needing to supervise her, the little Supreme sat on the floor in a lotus position. After that, she put her hands on her lap.

"I'm going to start meditating now, Your Holiness," the little Supreme said, then she closed her eyes. "I'll try to design my desired weapons."

She said "weapons."

He sighed and shook his head. Even though he already told her to start by creating one weapon, it still looked like she was aiming for two.

I shouldn't have told her that the Supreme in the past was a double weapon wielder.

His thoughts were only cut off when he noticed a thin reddish barrier around the little Supreme. It was the heat of the flame within her body. It seemed like the little Supreme herself wasn't aware of that protection that she possessed now.

"Lady Nystrom doesn't notice it but ever since the first barrier in her heart was broken, the heat of the flame within her body had become a barrier," Sentinel, who appeared beside him, said. "The barrier appears whenever the duchess is asleep or unaware of her surroundings as if the barrier knows exactly when to protect the Supreme."

Oh, that makes sense.

Anyway, Sentinel was talking freely despite the little Supreme's presence because it seemed like she fell into a temporary slumber. When a person like the little Supreme with sealed memories concentrated hard enough, it was common for them to lose consciousness.

But she's fine.

Forrester turned to Sentinel. "Then, even the Black Serpent can't sense the little Supreme's new protection even if he's always sticking to his wife like glue?"

The spirit guardian shook his head. "I guess the duke can sense that the duchess's body has become warmer than usual. But maybe he thought it was normal because his wife is a Fire Mage." He turned to him. "Your Holiness, speaking of Duke Nystrom where did you take him for his training? I can't feel him anywhere the premise."

"I sent the little snake to the Plane."

Sentinel's eyes almost popped out of his head. "Your Holiness, that's very risky."

"I know," he admitted. "My father already scolded me, okay?"

The 'Plane' was the space between the mortal world and the "heavens" where the gods and goddesses reside. That was also usually the place where people in the brink of death were sent while waiting for their fate.

It was risky to bring the Black Serpent in the Plane because the other gods might feel his presence and vice-versa. That could trigger his awakening.

"Your Holiness, I don't know what you're planning but make sure that our Supreme won't get hurt in any way," Sentinel warned him. "I know that Lord Wixx asked me to follow your orders but only if it benefits Lady Nystrom."

"I know," Forrester said, then he looked outside the window. The weather was clear again, but he would admit that he wasn't sure if it would stay that way before the day ends. You'll be fine as long as you don't force yourself to use your ice, little snake.


KIHO already ran out of patience.

The water inside the box where he was currently trapped in already reached his waist. He didn't want to admit this but he was starting to panic. No matter how hard he concentrated, he couldn't stop the water from coming out.

I have no choice then.

He knew that the stupid saint sealed his ability to use ice. But all he had to do was to break the seal, right?

I'm going to freeze the water first, Kiho said while touching the cold wall of the box he was in. After that, I'll figure out how to control this damn water.

That was the plan

but for some reason, he felt his heart thumped hard and painfully against his chest as if he just had a heart attack.

And that was the last thing he remembered.


"WHO IS your real mother, Julian?" Luna asked the child curiously. "If the Supreme wasn't your mother in the past, then who gave birth to you?"

"I don't remember my real mother," Julian said. "And I don't want to remember the past anymore. I just want to live quietly as Julian, Flint's younger brother. So please no more questions, Miss Luna."

How could she continue asking when the baby pleaded her so earnestly?

And she thought that letting Julian live quietly as Flint's younger brother instead of being exposed as the Black Serpent's child would be better. Lady Nystrom, under no circumstances, should know about the truth.

"Alright," Luna said. "We'll forget about your past for a more peaceful present."


KIHO somehow knew that he was drowning. He couldn't breathe, and he couldn't even move a muscle. This was the first time that he felt this way.

No, I can't die. I want to stay with Tilly and see our son get born. I have to survive.

He tried to breathe but it seemed like his lungs were suddenly filled with water.

Now he was seriously scared.

"But why are you scared of the water when it's yours to control?"

Kiho opened his eyes when he heard a stranger's voice in his head. To his surprise, he found himself inside a cave while sitting on the ground and catching his breath.

In front of him was a familiar man sitting on a huge rock.

Long white hair, red eyes, pale skin

a face that quite resembled Emperor Aku.

The strange man's clothes were also different. It looked like a white robe with ice daggers pattern in the hem each sleeve. Under the white robe, he wore a black turtle neck shirt, black trousers, and black combat boots.

He didn't want to admit this but the strange man exuded a majestic and commanding aura that was even stronger than the emperor's.

Why do I feel like bowing to this guy?

"Who are you?" Kiho asked threateningly. "And where am I?"

"We're inside your consciousness," the strange man said. "And I am you."

"I don't understand," he said with furrowed brows.

"You don't have to understand," the stranger said. "You just have to remember."

Before he could even blink, the long-haired guy was already squatting in front of him with his cold hand on his head.

"Hey," Kiho said, irritated. But for some reason, he couldn't move to push his hand away from him. "Can you at least introduce yourself first? I don't understand what you meant when you said you are me."

"I'm Kalel Moonchester."

"F*ck off," he said, thinking that this man was just messing up with him.

"Ah, right," the other guy said. "I'm also known as Kalel Nystrom."

Okay, now Kiho was interested. "You're a Nystrom?"

Kalel Nystrom nodded. "Not that you'd remember it anyway."


FORRESTER was shocked when another thunder roared in the sky again.

When he turned to the window, his eyes widened. The clear sky was gone and worse, it suddenly rained heavily the kind of rain that could be mistaken for a storm. And the change of weather happened in less than a minute.

It's not my father's doing this time.

"Your Holiness, this kind of rain reminds me of a certain someone," Sentinel said nervously. "Could it be"

Before he could even respond to the spirit guardian, lightning flashed brilliantly in the dark sky followed by a loud clap of thunder. This time, the ground shook as if a gigantic stone just hit the earth.

"Sentinel, hide the Supreme," Forrester said seriously. "The Black Serpent is awake."


AKU shivered at the sight of the heavy rain outside.

The lightning, the thunder, the heavy pour

This could only mean one thing.

"Kiho" Aku whispered to himself, then shook his head. "No" He clutched his tightening chest. "It's you, Kalel."

And the emperor wasn't the only one who felt the Black Serpent's return.

Everyone who knew about the existence of celestial beings, whether they were enemies or allies, had the same thoughts at that very moment:

"A god has descended to earth."


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