Mommy Villainess Chapter 133

133 Snowdrops
TILLY blinked several times when she found herself on top of a mountain. When she looked below, she found nothing but an empty desert.

Is this a dream or something?

"It's hot," Tilly said while fanning her face with her hands. This was a rare occurrence. Since her body temperature was naturally warm, she really couldn't feel "hot." But the weather in that place was draining her energy. "Why is it so hot in here?"

As soon as she thought that she was going to faint from the heat, her body released a cool aura that seemed to "embrace" her until she felt better.

"Oh, your little one cooled you down."

She turned around to find a familiar woman sitting on a rock. It was hot but she was covered by a thick red cloak. Still, she looked very fresh.

That long black hair

and the face that kind of resembled hers

"You're the Supreme," Tilly said excitedly. "Aren't you?"

"My name is Soleil Rosenberg," the Supreme said with a smile. "You can just call me Soleil."

"I'm Tilly Nystrom," she said cheerfully. "You may also call me by my name."

Soleil's smile faded. "Ah, Nystrom."

"Uhm, is there a problem with my name, Miss Soleil?"

The Supreme smiled and shook her head before she changed the topic. "I didn't have the chance to say this before but let me say it now: congratulations on your pregnancy."

She smiled and gently placed her hands on her tummy. "You can tell?"

The Supreme nodded. "Of course. I wish you all the best, Tilly."

"That feels like a blessing," she said because she felt the warmth in the Supreme's voice. "Thank you, Soleil."

She just smiled at that. "I never thought that we'd meet again so soon, Tilly. Are you trying to awaken before you get to the Red Phoenix?"

"No," she denied. "I don't know how I got here. I was just trying to concentrate and visualize the weapons that I want to wield."

"Oh, so you're training."

She nodded before she asked. "Soleil, the saint told me that when you were alive, you used to wield a flaming bow and a flaming dagger. That's so cool! I want to wield the same weapons as you, so I'm working very hard right now."

The Supreme giggled. "I admire your determination. Do you want me to give you a hint on how to create flame weapons?"

"I guess a hint would be okay."

Soleil smiled before she spoke again. "You just have to imagine yourself surrounded by different weapons. The right weapon or weapons will choose you and not the other way around."

That kind of made her feel down. "Does it mean I can't choose the same weapons as yours?"

"We don't know about that yet, Tilly," she consoled her with a smile. "But whatever weapons you wield, I'm certain that you'll make good use of them."

She didn't know why but the Supreme's words comforted her. "Soleil, you sound so kind and so mature. No wonder the Fire Mages trusted you as their leader in the past."

For some reason, her smiled suddenly looked sad. "But I failed to protect my clan"

It looked like the Supreme was about to say more but all of a sudden, she froze. Then, she looked up at the clear sky. Judging by the way she didn't squint her eyes, she may not have been hurt by the sunlight.

Or maybe it was because they were in a "dream" so the sun there was "fake."

"He's awake," the Supreme said softly. "My gray cloud is back."


Soleil looked at her with a serious look on her face. "Tilly, lend me your body for a while."

Tilly blinked in surprise. "Excuse me?"


WHEN KALEL's feet touched the ground, the heavy pour of the rain suddenly stopped.

Not only that.

A few moments later, the beautiful garden where he was and the whole estate became covered with ice. And that was because he froze the time in that area. In addition to that, the people who were affected by his presence had been literally frozen. They wouldn't know and wouldn't remember what happened once the time started ticking again.

But for now, the whole estate was temporarily "erased" from the map.

"Welcome back, Lord Kalel."

Kalel turned around to find Asher Forrester kneeling before him with his hanged low. "Rise, little one."

Asher flinched before he raised his head to face him. "I unsealed my divine power to get rid of my childish appearance, Lord Kalel. So please don't call me "little one,"" he said, then he stood up as if he wanted to make a point. "Look, I'm no longer a child."

Oh, Asher already reached his ear now, huh? In their past life, Asher was only a nave and reckless seventeen year old boy before he died. But now, he looked like a proper grown-up.


"You're my godchild, Asher," Kalel reminded him. "You'll always be a child to me."

"Oh, please," the child complained. "I'm already the saint in this era."

"So what?" he said. "You're just a brat with a little bit of divine power. But you have the love of the sky god to back you up so you can be arrogant even though you're weak."

"Thanks," the little one said sarcastically.

"Is that the attitude you're supposed to be giving me?" he confronted the "saint." "You're making me want to hit you, Asher."

Kids these days are rude, huh?

"You have my Holy Scepter, my lord," Asher accused him. "I've risked it all and unsealed the limitations in your power in hopes of taking a peek in your memory. I didn't expect you to awaken but since you're already here, I'll ask you directly. Where is my Holy Scepter, Lord Kalel?"

Ah, the Holy Scepter.

Back in his time, Asher's Holy Scepter had captured Auro's interest. It was true that his foolish little brother asked him to steal it from Asher. But when he refused, he asked another person to do it for him since he couldn't touch the Holy Scepter himself.

"I didn't steal your Holy Scepter," he denied. "Do you really think that I can do that to my favorite godchild?"

"I'm your only godchild," Asher complained. "I didn't say that you stole my Holy Scepter, my lord. But I believe that you stole it from the person who stole it from me."

"Why do you think that I stole it from the thief?" he asked. "Who stole your Holy Scepter anyway?"

"Are you trying to fool me, Lord Kalel?"

"I don't have the time to mess with you," he said firmly. "I don't know where your Holy Scepter is. But I think it's good that it's gone."

"Lord Kalel"

"That Holy Scepter of yours can kill gods," he said seriously, cutting-off the child rudely. "That's exactly the reason why Auro wanted it. But it wasn't only my brother, Asher. Even if it was now or then, I'm certain that people who wanted to challenge the gods would do anything to get the Holy Scepter. So maybe it would be better for everyone if it just disappeared and never show up again."

The young boy let out a frustrated sigh. "You're still obnoxious, Lord Kalel."

He just ignored the insult since Asher was his favorite (and one and only) godchild in the world. "Who stole your Holy Scepter? You didn't answer my question earlier."

Asher turned his gaze away from him. "Your second wife."

"Soleil Rosenberg was my only wife, Asher," he said sternly. "I know who you were referring to. But don't call that woman my wife. She was only commissioned by the elders to give birth to my second child with Soleil."

"My lord, are you saying that the second child was yours and Lady Rosenberg's?" the child asked. "I remember that people back then didn't believe your claim especially the Fire Mages."

He scoffed. "What do you expect from Winchell? He loses logic when it comes to Soleil. But considering what I did to his little sister, Winchell's wrath is justified."

"Oh, I can see that," the saint said. "By the way, the Red Phoenix goes by the name of 'Wixx' now, my lord."

"I don't care," he said in a flat voice. "That's the nickname Soleil gave him in the past. He's only using that because he loves his little sister too much. I'm not going to call him that even if it kills me."

"Uh, my lord? You sound jealous."

Once again, he scoffed. "Of course not. I'm not jealous even though Soleil never gave me a nickname in the past."

"Yes, you're jealous."

"Shut up, little one."

Asher looked like he had something to say but stopped when he felt that heavy presence.

Of course, Kalel felt that as well.

When he looked up, the gloomy sky was suddenly cleared by the unusual glow of the sun. The dark clouds were gone, and the ice that covered the entire premise started to melt under the sunlight that became warmer because of her presence.

A goddess has descended to earth.

To be precise, Soleil Rosenberg wasn't an "official" goddess. But she was Winchell's little sister and she was even stronger than her brother. In fact, she was offered to ascend to the heaven with Winchell, but she refused and chose to be reborn as a Fire Mage instead.

According to Soleil, she'd rather protect the human kind than "mingle" with the high and mighty gods and goddesses in the heavens.

Was that the first time that you caught my attention, Soleil?

"Soleil is here," Kalel said, his chest tightening painfully. "My sunshine is back."


"WELCOME back, Lady Rosenberg."

"You've grown up, Sentinel," Soleil greeted her brother's spirit guardian who knelt and bowed before her. When she opened her eyes, she found herself inside a room protected by Sentinel's Mana. He probably hid Tilly Nystrom as soon as he felt Kalel's return. "Raise your head, child."

Sentinel did as he was told to do so. But he still looked defiant. "No," he said stubbornly. "I will not let you meet the Black Serpent, my lady."

Soleil laughed softly at his "threat." That was cute. "Don't worry. As long as the Moonchesters aren't here, your fear won't happen." Even before the spirit guardian could react to what she said, she already walked past him. "Leave. I'll just talk to him for a while. You don't have to worry because I only borrowed this body I haven't completely awakened yet." She looked outside the window where she saw the trees covered in ice. But the ice was starting to melt. That could only mean one thing. "Lord Kalel is about to leave anyway."

"As you wish, Lady Rosenberg," Sentinel said even though his tone made it obvious that he was just forced to obey her wish.

But at least, the young boy left her alone.


KALEL was confused when Asher literally blocked his way with his arms open. "What are you doing, little one?"

"You can't meet the Supreme," Asher said firmly. "I'll stop you at all cost, Lord Kalel."

"Who said I want to see Soleil?"


"I just went back to return this body to its rightful place," he said, then he clutched his chest. "Leaving this in the Plane was dangerous. Have you lost your mind, Asher?"

"I'm just desperate to find my Holy Scepter."

"Stop looking for it," he warned the child. "Just live like how you did in the past. If you find your Holy Scepter again, you can no longer be a mere spectator."

"Lord Kalel"

"I'm going back to sleep," he said to cut him off. "There's one more reason why I decided to borrow this body for a while.

"What is it, my lord?"

"I have three jobs for you," he said seriously. "First, don't let me awaken in the presence of the Moonchesters. I know that you think that I'd go crazy if I saw the Supreme in my awakened state. So if you don't want that to happen, make sure that they wouldn't be the one to wake me up completely."

The saint's furrowed brows showed his confusion. "Lord Kalel, are you saying that the Moonchesters can make you go crazy or something?"

"I don't have the time to explain," he said in a hurried voice. He could feel Soleil's presence nearby so he needed to escape as soon as possible. "Second, kill the White Snake."

Asher's eyes almost popped out. "The White Snake is your spirit guardian, Lord Kalel."

"Just do it," he said firmly. "Third, make sure that the Moon Serpent will be born in this era safely."

"You're asking too much, my lord," the saint complained. "You know how lazy I am."

"When the Moon Serpent is born, you might get a clue as to where your Holy Scepter is."

"So you knew," Asher accused him. "You knew where my Holy Scepter is all along."

"I have a hunch, but I still won't give you a hint unless you fulfill my three requests," he said, his body starting to feel light. At the same time, the ice covering the whole area was starting to melt. "Now I need to fall back to sleep."

"Are you trying to run away from me again, Lord Kalel?"

Kalel froze when he heard the familiar voice that he couldn't and wouldn't forget no matter how many centuries pass. "Soleil."


WHEN SOLEIL was alone in the room, she walked towards the door. She had no intention to see Kalel yet, but she wanted to talk to him. So instead of leaving the room, she simply placed her hands on the door.

"Are you trying to run away from me again, Lord Kalel?" Soleil asked softly knowing that Kalel would still hear her.

There was a short pause.

Then, she felt it.

Kalel was definitely standing on the other side of the door.

"I'm not running away," Kalel said in his usual monotone voice. "I'm just doing my duty."

Ah, just with hearing his voice, she could already imagine his stoic but handsome face. No matter how many centuries pass, she could never forget every single thing about him.

"The you and the me of this era have successfully conceived a child," she informed him in a soft voice. "I hope Tilly gives birth to their son safely."

Of course, he didn't respond to that.

Obviously, he didn't know what to say.

"You're still as awkward as ever," she complained lightly.

"You taught me how to be human, Soleil," he said in voice that sounded like a whisper. "So when you left, I was lost. But I deserve it. After all, I didn't choose you."

She smiled sadly at that.

When they were newly married, Kalel was as emotionless as a rock. There were times that he had hurt her but it was never intentional. He was just a foolish older brother who would do anything for the Moonchesters.

But of course, she worked hard until she won him over. She "taught" him to be a "human" instead of being his brother's puppet.

When they had the Moon Serpent, she thought they were finally going to be a real family.

But in the end, the Moonchesters ruined everything.

"I didn't choose you either," she reminded him. "What happened in the past wasn't your entire fault, Lord Kalel."

"I don't deserve your kindness, Soleil," he said in a frustrated voice. "You don't know the things that I did after you were gone. They were worse than ripping your heart out."

"I don't care," she said. "Only the two of us know the truth of the tragedy that ended us."

"I know, and that's exactly the problem," he said, his voice filled with pain. "Once we're both fully awakened, I'm afraid that we can't talk like this without trying to kill each other. Only the two of us know the truth, so no one else can help us especially not when I'm still tied to the Moonchesters. After all these years, I still wasn't able to free myself from my brother."

"Trust them, Lord Kalel," she told him. "Kiho fell in love with Tilly first."

"He did?"

"My curse on you worked," she teased him even though she wanted to cry so bad. "Tilly told me that Kiho fell in love with her at first sight. Maybe this time, your love for me in this era is stronger than the blood that ties you to the Moonchesters."

"I wish we can remember this moment once we both wake up completely."

She could only smile sadly at that.

Unfortunately, it wouldn't work that way.

She left a piece of her soul in the heart the same way Kalel left a piece of his soul in his reincarnation's body. The pieces they left didn't have the memories of what happened after the "tragedy that ended them.

But once they fully awakened, they would retrieve their memories.

And that might cause them to hate each other.

But when she saw Tilly, she saw a glimpse of hope.

"I believe in Tilly and Kiho of this era, Lord Kalel. I know that they can overcome the thing that we failed to do in the past," she said in a hopeful voice. But to be honest, there was now a lump in her throat. "And once their love succeeds, maybe we can face each other again properly."

Kalel didn't respond.

She had a hunch as to why he suddenly fell quiet, so she turned to look outside the window. And like she expected, it was snowing now.

"Why are you crying?" she teased him.

Yes, whenever Kalel was sad, it would snow. His literal tears were snowflakes, you know?

"I want to see you," Kalel whispered. "I want to be with you again, Soleil."

She smiled and pressed her forehead against the door. When she closed her eyes, she felt her tears roll down her cheeks. "Why only now do you say the things that I wanted to hear from you when we were still together?"

"Because I was a fool."

"Let's just place our hopes on Tilly and Kiho now."

She heard silence from the other side of the door.

Then, she felt and heard Kalel press his forehead against the door just like what she was doing now. She could even feel that he placed his hands on the same spot where her hands were. Sadly, that was the closest they could get for now.

"I'm feeling sleepy now, Soleil."

"Me, too," she said. "Our time is up."

"Good night, my sunshine," Kalel whispered in a soft voice.

"Good night," Soleil whispered back. "See you later, my gray cloud."

Before Kalel fell back into slumber, he made it snow hard until Soleil's favorite flowers blossomed: snowdrops the symbol of purity, hope, and rebirth.

The snowdrops were reminder of their promise to start all over again someday.


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