Mommy Villainess Chapter 140

140 From One God To Another
KIHO couldn't help but stare at the dark sky.

He could feel in every bone in his body that it was going to rain heavily. Well, it was pretty obvious that it was going to rain judging by the clouds. But the ominous feeling that was prickling his skin was telling him something else.

I need to go home.

Right now, he just got out of the cave in the deepest area of Forest of Enryu.

Once a month, he would visit the snakes in the cave and just hang out with them.

He knew that it was weird but that was already a part of his routine. And it wasn't like he was just wasting time there. Whenever he would visit the cave, he would train to master the water technique that he had learned a few months ago.

"Now I know why it stinks here."

Kiho turned around to find a huge guy with golden hair.

What a weird fellow.

The stranger wore nothing but a pair of white pants. But even though it was freezing cold, he looked as unbothered as him.

Normal people would be shaking by now.

"You probably smelled your own breath," Kiho said coldly.

The weird fellow laughed loudly. "Your memories were sealed but your terrible personality remained, huh?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," he said. "Enjoy your alone time."

"Are you sure that you're choosing the right side, Black Serpent?"

He wasn't sure if he heard it correctly because of the sudden loud roar of thunder followed by lightning.

The sky seemed angry for some reason.

I really have a bad feeling.

"Hey," the golden guy said. "Let's fight again when you "wake up," `got it?"

"I don't have time for you," Kiho said, then he immediately ran to his waiting horse. Tilly, please be safe.


TILLY WAS humming happily while putting flowers in the vase.

Right now, she was decorating the tea room because they were expecting Luna and Captain Denver to visit their home tonight.

Miss Luna wants to check on me and so, Captain Denver will escort her.

Kiho went to hang out with his snake friends and to train, but he called her a while ago and told her that he was about to come home.

The only one missing in her life now was her father.

Lord Prescott went to the North with Marquis Denver a month ago. Her father never failed to call her every night. She was sure that she would receive another call from him later.

I really miss you, Father.

As if on cue, the spirit stone in her ear "rang." Yes, the earring served as a communication device that was connected to her father's device.

"Father," Tilly greeted him cheerfully after she tapped the earring to receive his call.


She froze when she heard her father's weak voice. "Father, what's wrong? Are you okay?"

"Listen, Tilly. I don't have much time," Lord Prescott said in an urgent but seriously weak tone. "Whatever happens, don't go to the North."

Her heart thumped against her chest painfully. She could feel it in every fiber of her being her father was in danger. And worse, she couldn't do anything to help him. She was scared for his life. "Father, where exactly are you and what's going on?"

"My daughter, please forgive me for breaking my promise," her father said in a sad voice. "It looks like I can no longer meet your son"

"No," she whispered, her tears rolling down her cheeks silently. "Father, please don't say that. Where are you? We'll come as fast as we could."

"Once our little Winter is born, please tell him that his grandfather and his grandmother love him very much," he continued, still ignoring her questions.

"No, Father," she said between sobs. "Say that to Winter yourself"

"Tilly, thank you for being a good daughter to an awkward father like me," he said, his voice softer now despite the pain that she could feel from it. "I'm sorry that I'm not good at expressing myself. But please know that I love you. That I'm proud of you and I'm sure that your mother would feel the same way if she was still with us." He took a deep breath before he continued. "I want to be with you when you give birth to your son, Tilly. I want to see you become a good mother like Marianne. But I know that even if I'm no longer here, Kiho will take care of you and my grandson."

Her knees gave up and before she knew it, she was already on the floor while sobbing uncontrollably. "Father, why do you sound like you're saying goodbye?"

She knew that he was.

But she refused to accept it.

"Please tell Kiho that I love him as well," her father said. She could feel a faint smile in his voice despite his shallow breathing. "Please tell him that I'm thankful and blessed for having a son like him."

"Father, please tell that to Kiho yourself"

"I would if I could," Lord Prescott whispered. "Tilly, remember this: you should only believe in Kiho's love for you. No matter what kind of blood runs in his veins, don't forget that his heart belongs to you and no one else. Don't believe people who would say otherwise. Just love, believe, and trust Kiho with all your heart and soul."

"Father, did you find anything about Kiho's identity?" she asked between sobs.

His father took a sharp breath.

"There you are, old man."

She froze again when she heard an unfamiliar voice that seemed to belong to a young man.

The next thing she heard sent shivers down her spine.

Lord Prescott screamed as if he was in deep pain while the stranger in the background laughed loudly obviously enjoying her father's torment.

"Stop it!" she screamed angrily. "Who the f*ck are you?!"

"Language, lady," the stranger said. "Don't worry. I'll end your father's misery now."

After that, she heard several stabbing sound in the background.

And then, her father breathed his last breath.

"No!" she cried, then she held her stomach that started to hurt as if she was having contractions. It was painful but not as much as hearing her father get killed on the line. "Who are you and what did my father do for you to kill him?!"

"Me?" the stranger asked playfully. "I'm a descendant of the Black Serpent."

She didn't know why but her chest tightened painfully upon hearing that.

"Why did I kill your father?" the stranger asked again, his child-like voice starting to hurt her ears. "No reason. I'm just bored. This is how the descendants of the Black Serpents kill time here in the North, you know?"

Hearing his stupid reason for killing her father brought an ungodly amount of rage in her heart.

She felt her body burning literally

and her heart starting to get cold.

"I'll kill you," she whispered in an eerily calm manner. "I'll kill every single descendant of the Black Serpent and I'll start with you. I will never forget your voice, murderer."

The stranger fell silent for a while, then he made an inaudible sound. "Woah, lady. You sound scary. This is the first time that I felt fear."

"And I'll make sure that you won't forget that feeling," she promised him menacingly. "My name is Tilly Prescott Nystrom, murderer. Now, I want you to spread my name to your clan. I want every single one of you to remember the name of the person who will end you all."

The line was suddenly cut off.

And it was because the communication device in her ear was burned.

She remained shocked for a few moments before it finally dawned upon her: Lord Prescott, her father, was now gone.

The pain and the anger in her chest made it hard for her to breathe.

And so she screamed at the top of her lungs or else, she might die.

At that moment, her body also recognized the pain coming from her stomach.

Then, she felt and heard a pop. It was followed by a huge rush of water came from deep inside. The next thing she knew, a gush of fluid was now all over the floor.

My water broke.

But she was only seven month pregnant!

The anger and the pain that she was feeling were suddenly replaced by fear.

"Winter," she said. "Are you coming out now?"

"Lady Nystrom!"

She looked up and was relieved to see Luna. The witch kneeled in front of her right away and checked her condition.

"My water broke," Tilly informed the witch in a shaking voice. "Miss Luna, I can feel it Winter is about to come out and I can't stop it."

"Then don't," Luna said, then she looked at her straight in the eye. "Lady Nystrom, you're about to give birth now."


WHEN KIHO arrived at the mansion, the head butler informed him that Tilly was already giving birth in the tea room.

But according to the butler, Miss Luna didn't allow anyone else inside. In short, the witch was helping his wife give birth alone. He was worried about Tilly because he knew that she wasn't her due date yet, but he trusted the witch.

"Duke Nystrom, Miss Luna is waiting for you," Captain Denver, who stood by the door, informed him. "She said she needs your Mana."

He wasn't in the right mind to talk yet so he just tapped the captain's shoulder.

Then, he opened the door and entered the room. As soon as the door behind him closed in a loud thud, he heard it.

Winter's first cry.

Their baby was so small in Miss Luna's hands. His color wasn't good, too. He was worried about their son but his eyes looked for Tilly right away.


His heart broke when he saw his wife lying on the floor while breathing heavily. There was so much blood around as well.

Tilly was barely awake, and she looked so weak.

He started to run toward his wife and then

"Duke Nystrom!" Miss Luna yelled loudly as if she was trying to catch her attention. When he stopped and turned to her, she stood up with Winter in her arms. "I need you to create an ice cube big enough to be Winter's incubator."

Kiho was shocked to hear that. "You want me to freeze my son?"


AKU looked up at the heavy pour of rain from outside of his room's window.

It was supposed to be cold but right now, he could feel the heat of the Red Phoenix's flame in the air.

And then, there was also the divine presence that only a few would recognize.

"Congratulations, Kiho. The Moon Serpent is born," Aku whispered to himself. "The God Slayer has finally returned to earth."


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