Mommy Villainess Chapter 147

147 Lord Prescotts Last Will
WINTER was upset after crying like a baby.

Well, technically, he was a baby right now. Still, it hurt his pride to cry like that. He was called the 'Ice Prince' in the past not just because of his dominant Mana.

He got that moniker because of his cool personality, too.

In the past, he was always calm and composed. He was aloof, mysterious, and indifferent. Definitely not a crybaby, okay?

God, this is so embarrassing.

He glared at his father.

It's your entire fault, Dad. You made me remember that I'm supposed to hate you. If you didn't made me upset, I wouldn't have cried!

He was sure that his father couldn't hear his thoughts.

So he was shocked when his dad glared back at him.

Okay, that's scary.

His mother, having noticed that his father was glaring at him, scolded her husband with another hit in the arm. "Kiho, why are you glaring at our son?"

Heh. Serves you right, Dad.

His father didn't take his sharp glare off him. "This little rascal is glaring at me so I have to glare back at him to assert my dominance."

"You're so immature, Kiho," his mother said. "Give me back my little cinnamon roll."

He was surprised when he saw his father pout like a child. Then, he obediently (and carefully) handed him back to his mother.

Dad never acted this way in the past.

Back then, if he was the "Ice Prince," his father was the "Ice King." Obviously. And that was because his father rarely showed emotions.

But now, Daddy makes different funny faces.

Well, that was a good thing.

"Winter," his mother called him affectionately. When he turned to her, he saw her eyes sparkled in happiness. "Mommy will give you a bath. I feel sorry that you had to be put in the incubator as soon as you were born. I know that Miss Luna gave you a light sponge back then. But I bet you still want a proper bath."

Yes, Mommy, Winter answered in his mind. Thank you.

"Can I join you?" his father asked.

When his mother was about to answer, he "cried" in protest.

"Oh, baby," his mommy said while gently rocking him in her arms as if to pacify him. Then, she glared at his father. "I think Winter got scared of you because you glared at him a while ago, Kiho. You should apologize to our son."

"But that little rascal started it."


"I'm sorry, Winter," his father told him. "Daddy has been childish."

"Good boy," his mother told his father affectionately. "Thank you for apologizing to our son, hon."

His father smiled.

And then, his parents kissed.

Winter pretended to yawn to have an excuse to close his eyes.

God, they're so flirty.

"Winter, baby, don't fall asleep yet," his mother told him gently. "Let's take a bath first, hmm?"

Winter opened his eyes, then he smiled at his mommy. After that, he turned to his father who caught his gaze. They had a mini "staring" contest. It was funny how his father was easier to tease in this lifetime than in the past. But he was enjoying it.

And so, Winter smirked at his father.

See you later, Dad.


KIHO was sure that the little rascal smirked at him.

And he also noticed that his son had an arrogant look on his little face. It was as if Winter was rubbing it in his face that Tilly was paying more attention to him.

A rival, Kiho thought to himself. A formidable rival has appeared.

And Winter was the only "rival" that he would allow himself to lose to.


TILLY couldn't help but smile while putting little Winter's tiny clothes on him.

A while ago, Luna helped her give a bath to her little cinnamon roll. And after that, the witch also gave her a bath that would apparently help her body recover faster. According to Luna, she was amazed that she could stand and move just a few hours after she gave birth.

To be honest, she still felt numb until now. She couldn't feel physical pain. Maybe it was because the pain of losing her father was the most painful thing that happened to her in this lifetime.

"You look so pretty, my little cinnamon roll," Tilly gushed, then she gently touched his smooth cheek while looking at her son's little face. She would never get tired of looking at his big, round golden eyes. "Winter, please don't be scared of your daddy. Kiho had a rough life before we came into his life. But despite that, he's trying his best to live an honest and decent life for us. He's not perfect but I assure you, his heart is in the right place." She held his tiny hands and gently squeezed them. "Your father loves us, Winter."

It seemed like Winter understood her because he smiled lovingly at her.

"Gosh, your dimples are really pretty," she said in a happy voice, then she suddenly felt sorry for his son when she realized that his small clothes were still a little too big for him. And that was because her baby was too small. "Winter, Mommy is sorry for giving birth to you so early."

Fortunately, Luna assured her that Winter, despite being born prematurely, was healthy thanks to the Mana that he absorbed from Kiho.

"But don't worry, baby," she assured her son. "Daddy and I will make sure to give everything and anything you need for you to grow healthier."

Her son giggled, then he raised his little arms as if he wanted her to carry him again.

Of course, she obliged. It kind of made her sad that her little cinnamon roll was too light even for a baby. But still, she was grateful that Winter was alive.

That they survived that night.

"Father would have been happy to meet you, Winter," she whispered in a sad voice. "Lord Prescott, your grandfather, was a great man."

Winter's smile faded, the he reached for her face.

Ah, her little cinnamon roll was trying to comfort her.

She smiled at her son. "Thank you, Winter."

A few moments later, she heard a knock on the door. Then, when the door opened, Kiho entered the room.

Her husband looked delighted to see her and their son.

"Hi," she greeted her husband when she stood up. "Hon, I think our Winter is no longer afraid of you."

"Really?" Kiho asked, surprised. "Can I carry him?"

"Of course," she said, then she turned to their son. "Baby, your daddy is going to carry you, okay? Please don't be afraid of him."

When Winter just smiled, she carefully handed him over to Kiho.

"Wow. You've got some chic clothes, little rascal," Kiho said affectionately while looking at their son with glowing eyes. "Have you already forgiven daddy?"

Winter raised an arm and touched his father's face.

"Thank you, Winter," Kiho said gently. Then, he turned to her with a somber look on his face. "Tilly, Viscount Severn is already here."

She was expecting the viscount.

While Kiho was in the basement a while ago, she sent an urgent message to Viscount Severn her father's trusted secretary and the head of one of the Prescotts' vassal families. She informed the viscount about his father's passing.

"Let's go and greet Viscount Severn," Tilly told Kiho. "And let's ask Miss Luna to look after Winter. I don't want anyone else to see our son yet."

Kiho nodded. "We'll do that, honey."


"MY CONDOLENCES, Duke and Duchess Nystrom."

Tilly just nodded as an acknowledgement of Viscount Severn.

In the corner of her eye, she saw Kiho do the same.

The viscount was an old man in his early fifties. He had white hair and beard, blue eyes, and a good built despite his age. Of course, Viscount Severn dressed like someone of his rank.

Dashing, obviously.

Anyway, right now, they were in the tea room.

"Lord Severn, can you schedule a meeting with the other vassal families under House Prescott in my father's mansion?" Tilly asked politely. "I want to inform everyone of my father's passing personally."

"I can arrange that, Lady Nystrom," Viscount Severn said. "If there anything else that you need me to do for you, please don't hesitate to say so."

"Thank you, Lord Severn."

"I still can't believe that Lord Prescott is no longer with us," the viscount said while shaking his head.

Kiho may have noticed that she felt saddened to be reminded of his father's passing, so he held her hand and squeezed it gently.

She squeezed back.

Thank you, hon.

"It seems like Lord Prescott has already expected this to happen," Viscount Severn said, then he looked back and forth between her and Kiho. "Duke and Duchess Nystrom, Lord Prescott already made his last will before he went to the North."

Okay, that surprised her.

"Your father asked me to read his last will to you once he was gone," the viscount said while opening the briefcase that he brought with him. "Do you want to hear it now?"

She turned to Kiho and when he nodded to let her know that it was her call, she turned to the viscount and nodded. "Yes, Lord Severn. I want to hear father's last will."

"Very well, Your Grace," the viscount said. Then, he pulled out a piece of paper from the briefcase. The letter he held had the Prescotts' house seal a proof that it was a legitimate last will. "Lord Prescott kept his last will short. First" He turned to Kiho. "Lord Prescott passed down his title as a marquis to Lord Kiho Nystrom."

Kiho looked shocked to hear that.

But she wasn't surprised. Women in their empire weren't allowed to inherit their father's title. Only male successors were allowed.

After all, this era was still very sexist.

"That title comes along with a territory," Viscount Severn continued. "That means that from now on, the March of Crassus now belongs to Duke Nystrom. And now that you're the Marquis Crassus, that also means you're now the new head of House Prescott as well, Your Grace. All the heads of the vassal families of House Prescott will now recognize you as the new lord."

Kiho looked like he still couldn't believe it.

Tilly, on the other hand, was very grateful to her father.

Thank you for making our family more powerful, Father. We will use the position that you gave us wisely.

"For Lady Nystrom" Viscount Severn said, then he turned to her. "Lord Prescott transferred rights to the Mountain of Solace to you."

Okay, that made her gasp.

The Mountain of Solace was the mountain also known as the home of the most unique and the rarest spirit stones in the whole empire!

"All the businesses and charities under Lord Prescott's name are also to be transferred to your name, Lady Nystrom," the viscount said.

This time, she got emotional.


Kiho may have felt her slowly breaking down because he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and gently pulled her closer.

The viscount looked at her with sympathizing eyes. But he knew he still had a job to do so he continued. "Lastly, Lord Prescott's subsidiary title would be inherited by his grandson Lord Winter Nystrom."

Both Tilly and Kiho were surprised to hear that. The empire's law allowed nobles to give their subsidiary titles to their male relatives. But still, she didn't expect that his father would do that for her son.

Father included Winter in his last will

It was a testimony of how much Lord Prescott already loved Winter even before her son was born. And that broke her heart even more.

I wish you could have met Winter, Father.

"Lord Prescott gave the young lord his earl title along with his earldom," Viscount Severn declared. "From now on, Lord Winter Nystrom is the Earl of Crownstein."

With a noble title under his name, Winter just became a full-fledged higher noble.


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