Mommy Villainess Chapter 15

15 Fire Mage
"DID Duke Prescott scold you for what happened the other day?" Kiho asked Tilly after she told him about her argument with her father.

"He scolded me as soon as he got home," Tilly confirmed while nodding her head. "Kiho, I'm starting to get suspicious of my father."

"What do you mean?"

"My Mana is weak but it seemed like he wanted me to get rid of my magical ability," she said. "I can't help but think that my Mana is something that's supposed to be special."

Her mother got gravely ill because of her Mana and that fact was strange already.

All nobles were born with strong bodies capable of containing Mana no matter how strong it was. Of course, there were exceptionally rare commoners like Kiho who were born with magical abilities despite the lack of a noble bloodline.

But her mother was a noble and she was supposed to be compatible with her Mana. But her mother's own magical ability technically killed her.

"Kiho, have you heard of a Mana that could kill its host?"

The captain shook his head. Then, he paused as if he just remembered something. But he seemed to be hesitant.

"Tell me," she said while looking up at him with puppy dog eyes. "Please?"

He gulped while looking at her face as if he couldn't bear to say "no" to her. His resistance lasted for a mere five seconds before he gave in and told her what she wanted to know. "In the past, there were black mages who performed human experiments on commoners without magic ability. These black mages forcefully injected Mana stones inside the body of their victims. Most of the common folk died because their body wasn't compatible with the Mana inside them. Because of that, the previous emperor ordered execution for all the black mages who participated in that cruel experiment."

That was depressing.

Ah, now she knew why he didn't want to tell her at first.

"Tilly, is there something wrong with your Mana?" Kiho asked with a hint of worry in his usual monotonous voice. "Is it trying to hurt you?"

She shook her head to put him at ease. "I was just wondering if I could do something else aside from making my body temperature hot. I thought I could be a Fire Wielder."

When she was a little girl in her previous life, she thought she could be a Fire Wielder because she once watched the parade of some Red Phoenix Knights who could control fire. But she lost interest as soon as she started to attend tea parties with ladies her age.

"Fire Wielders can only control fire using special weapons or rare spirit stones," Kiho said. "If you can produce fire within your body, then you must be a Fire Mage."

"Fire Mage?" she asked in a voice filled with curiosity. She didn't know why but her heart started to beat erratically when she heard the term. "That sounds fancy, Kiho."

Well, it didn't really sound fancy. In fact, the term was so bland and common. She just liked the idea of her turning out to be a mage.

[And a Fire Mage at that!]

"You can't be a Fire Mage, Tilly," Kiho said in a serious tone. "Their tribe is considered as the royal family's sworn enemy."

Her eyes widened in surprise. "But why?"

"Apparently, the Fire Mage Tribe betrayed the royal family in a war that happened a long time ago," he explained. "Ever since then, their tribe was exiled from Moonchester Empire. But since the royal family needed fire to strengthen their military power, the Royal Mages searched for people with affinity to the fire element. They taught the chosen ones how to use tools with fire-based magic. Thus, Fire Wielders were created."

In short, the Fire Wielders were just a poor man's version of the Fire Mages.

"I'll support in whatever you want to be, Tilly," Kiho said in a softer voice. "But please don't be a Fire Mage. Your life will be in grave danger if the royal family brands you as an enemy worse, a traitor."

For some reason, that sent shivers down her spine.

In her previous life, the emperor branded her as a traitor for her crimes against the royal princess. She was executed mercilessly. Needless to say, she didn't want that to happen again.

"But I guess even if you turned out to be a Fire Mage, I'd still choose you."

She blinked in surprise.

Kiho said it so casually and yet, the firmness and sincerity in his voice convinced her that he was being honest.

[It's sweet, but I don't want us to be branded as traitors.]

How could they give Winter a comfortable life if they became enemies of the empire?

"Forget it," she said, then sipped her tea before she spoke again. "I don't want to be a Fire Mage. Not that I have the power to be one anyway."

"Yeah, your Mana is relatively weak."

She pouted at his bluntness. "Ouch."

He suddenly looked guilty but didn't know how to apologize.

[He's so awkward sometimes.]

"You better bring me some big lobsters and crabs when you return," she said. It was her attempt to help make it up to her. "I'll forget that you called me weak if you bring me good seafood to eat with you."

The captain nodded eagerly. "I will bring you all the best food I'd find in the island."

"Thank you," she said with a smile. "And can you run an errand for me while you're at the Pillas Islands?"

"Of course. What is it?"

"Can you buy the most popular clothes and jewelries there for me?" she asked. "I'll give you the money before you leave."

He shook his head. "You don't have to, Tilly. Consider it as a gift from me."

"No, I'm not asking you to buy the clothes and the jewelries because I want them for myself," she explained. "I just need them for the business I want to start. I need to know the trends outside the Royal Capital."

"Then, consider it as my investment," he said firmly. "I'm not a businessman but I know that you need investments to open up a business, right? I know that you're wealthy enough but as your fianc, I want to help."

She could only laugh softly at his stubbornness.

[He really doesn't want to accept money from me.]

"Alright," she agreed. "Buy me whatever you want. But do you know my size?"


"You have to know my body's size before you buy me clothes," she teased him. "I'm not there so how can you know if a dress will suit me or not?"

"Then, what's your size?"

She gasped aloud, then hit him lightly on the arm. "How can you casually ask that to a lady?"

He looked so confused that a crease on his usually smooth forehead appeared. "But how can I know your size if I'm not going to ask you?"

That gave her another avenue to tease him.

Tilly cleared her throat to hide her smile. Then, she stood up and opened her arms wide open. "Touch any part of my body and remember my size with your hands."

She didn't dare to look around because she was so sure that her servants were getting second-hand embarrassment because of her actions. After all, in this world, it was unconventional for a woman to initiate a physical contact in public.

[But whatever.]

"Are you sure?" the captain asked, then he stood in front of her while looking down at her literally. Damn, their height difference was really cute. "Can I really touch any part of your body to get your size?"

"Yes," she said firmly. "I'm giving you the permission to touch me."

[Let's level up and be lewd.]

"Then, please excuse me," Kiho said, then he gently held her left hand.

[Just my hand?]

Much to her surprise, the captain started to touch her ring finger as if he was engraving it to his mind.

[Wait is he getting the size of my finger?]

Ah, he'd probably buy her an engagement ring once he returned.

Actually, she wanted a hug from Kiho before he leaves for tomorrow. He would be gone early in the morning. Plus, he would use the portal in the emperor's palace which was off-limits for someone like her. In short, she wouldn't have the chance to send him off.

That was exactly why he visited her today.

She wanted to seduce Kiho so she could meet Winter as soon as possible. But seeing Kiho's innocent and gentle side wasn't bad either.

[Winter, my baby, please wait a little longer.]

"I'm done," the captain said, obviously satisfied for getting her ring size. "Thank you for the opportunity, Tilly."

Tilly couldn't help but smile at him. She just changed her mind. Kiho wasn't a cinnamon roll. He was a big teddy bear a very cute one at that. "Have a safe trip, my captain."

Kiho gave her a small smile. "I'll hurry back home for you, my lady."


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