Mommy Villainess Chapter 159

159 The Blue Dragon
"HONEY, are you hurt anywhere?"

Tilly nodded while wiping the tears off her cheeks using her hands. "I'm fine, hon," she said even though she was also confused as to why she just suddenly cried. "I think I'm just tired."

"You should rest with Winter," Kiho told her while he was helping her wipe her tears. "I'll take care of our guests."

"But you just recovered, Kiho."

"I'm fine," he assured her. Then, he held her hand and placed it on his cheek. "See? My body temperature is back to normal."

He was telling the truth.

His body was hot a while ago. But now, it was as cold as ice again. Plus, he was no longer sweating heavily.

"I'm sorry, hon," she said apologetically. "I'll join you after I take a nap."

"It's okay, honey. I'll catch up with my men and I'm sure we have a lot to talk about. So you can take your time," he said, then he kissed her forehead. "Thank you for everything."

She smiled. It felt good to feel validated even though she wasn't asking for his validation. She was just glad that he appreciated the things that she was doing for their family. "Thank you for being a good husband and a good father, too, Kiho."

He didn't smile but his golden eyes glowed in happiness.

After that, Kiho tucked her in bed and made sure she and Winter were comfortable in bed. Then, he stood up and faced Sentinel. "Please look after my Tilly and our little rascal, Sentinel."

Sentinel bowed politely to him. "As you wish, Your Grace."

Kiho leaned down and kissed her on the lips, then he kissed Winter on the forehead before he left the room.

Tilly then laid down on her side to face Winter. She wanted to hug him but he was too small and she was afraid her arm would crush him. So she just watched her little cinnamon roll until she fell asleep

and then, she fell into a deep sleep.


AKU picked up the crystal bracelet from inside the glass cube.

He put it around his right wrist and as soon as he did, his shoulder felt heavy. Not only that the bracelet also started to burn his skin. But he endured. It wasn't like the bracelet was strong enough to kill him.

Many years have already passed, he said while looking at the crystal bracelet. Even without looking at his reflection, he knew that his eyes were glowing red right now. It's time you accept me as your master.

Thanks to his sheer stubbornness, the crystal bracelet finally stopped burning his skin.


He walked towards the coffin and placed his right hand on the cold marble lid. A faint, silver light started to form under his palm. At the same time, the whole casket started to turn warm. It was due to the effect of his Mana being absorbed by the Blue Dragon inside the coffin.

"Wake up, Lord Ripperton," Aku said in a firm voice. "Don't you want to see your beloved once again?"


KIHO felt a sharp pain in his back when the weather suddenly turned cold.

"Lord Nystrom, what's wrong?" Blake, who was drinking beside him, asked in concern. "Did you hurt your back?"

Kiho shook his head. "I'm fine, Blake. Go on and have fun without worrying about me, will you?"

His vice-captain laughed at that. "You can't ask me not to worry about you, Lord Nystrom. Lady Nystrom asked us to look after you. No offense but the duchess scares me more than you do. I don't want to get beaten up by your wife if something bad happens to you, my lord."

He bit his lower lip to stop himself from smiling.

It wasn't like he was trying to suppress his emotions. He wasn't just used to letting other people see him smile. But most of all, only one person could make him smile easily.

Ah, make that two.

Only Tilly and Winter could make him smile effortlessly.

"Yeah, you should really be scared of my wife," he said in a light tone. "My Tilly can sometimes be stronger than me."

Blake just laughed, then he finished his huge glass of beer in one gulp.

Right now, he and the twenty three top members of the Black Serpent Knights where in the ballroom of the mansion that had turned into something akin to a pub. The servants took out long tables and benches for the knights.

Then, the kitchen staff prepared a hearty dinner for everyone. After eating their meal, the knights requested to have beer.

Ah, Tilly is yet to have dinner.

His wife's "nap" has turned into a long and deep sleep. It seemed like she was really tired so he didn't wake her up.

On the other hand, Miss Luna was looking after Winter and Julian in the playroom. The last time he checked on Tilly (just ten minutes ago), Sentinel already went back in her heart. He wasn't that worried because as long as the spirit guardian was near Tilly, he knew that his wife would be safe.

I should check on Tilly again.

After all, his wife might be hungry. She would love the dinner that the kitchen prepared: seafood. Of course, King Crabs and lobsters were included in the menu.

"Blake, take care of the young ones," Kiho told his right-hand man. "I'll just check on Tilly again."

Blake was just about to answer when all of a sudden, Damian appeared next to the vice-captain.

"Lord Nystrom, may I see Lady Nystrom and your son?" Damian asked excitedly. Normally, the young knight couldn't even look at her in the eye. But based on the redness of his face, he must already be drunk. And that was where his courage was coming from. "I want to see the young lord. I wish he takes after the duchess!"

Blake's eyes widened in shock.

Then, all of a sudden, the room went quiet. Everyone turned to Damian with a horrified looked on their face.

His men must have thought that he was offended by the young knight's careless remark.

Kiho wasn't offended though.

I want Winter to take after my Tilly.

He was about to tell him not to worry when all of a sudden, they heard a ground-shaking thunder followed by lighting.

Wait, the weather was clear just now.

"Lord Nystrom!" Whitton, who was in the balcony, called him. Then, he pointed a finger at the night sky. "There's a tornado!"

A tornado?!

He ran towards the balcony to see for himself.

Lo and behold, a tornado was indeed forming in the middle of the Royal Capital. The violent rotating column of air extended from the thunderstorm to the ground. The tornado looked like it was going to be a strong one.

And it seemed to be forming around the Royal Palace.

Your Majesty

Kiho wanted to punch himself when he felt an ounce of worry for Emperor Aku. But he easily shook it off and faced his knights instead. "Everyone, get ready," he said, pulling everyone's attention to him. "We're going to protect the estate from the tornado."

Every single Black Serpent Knight in the room bowed to him. "Yes, Lord Nystrom."


AKU didn't want to admit this but his knees almost buckled at the sight of Lord Elis Ripperton.

Long silver hair with a touch of blue, light gray eyes that were almost white, pale skin with scales on his cheeks and arms ah, this was indeed the Blue Dragon. When he stepped out of the coffin, his plain white robe had turned into an elegant blue cloak.

"You better have a good reason for waking me up, Aku Moonchester," Lord Ripperton said in a deep, cold but clear voice. "If you don't, I'll kill you."

"I won't wake you up for nothing, Lord Ripperton," Aku said with a big smile. "Lady Rosenberg has finally been reborn."

Lord Ripperton went still for a moment. He must have been searching for the Supreme using the connection that he had with her. After all, before the Black Serpent appeared, the Blue Dragon was the one who was standing beside the Supreme.

It seemed like Lord Ripperton had already found Lady Nystrom's location because his gray eyes glowed.

And then, in just the blink of an eye, the Blue Dragon was gone with the wind.

"The Golden Tiger and the Blue Dragon are both awake now. I don't need the Red Phoenix because as long as my brother is on my side, everything will still fall into place. I'm pretty sure that the Black Serpent will choose me once he awakens," Aku said to himself with a soft laugh. "The game is already over, Lady Nystrom."


ELIS stood in front of the sleeping Supreme.

He noticed the baby sleeping beside her but he ignored him. Based on the Mana that he felt from the tiny human, he could tell that he was the child of the Supreme with the Black Serpent.

"Who are you?"

He turned to the baby who was now awake and speaking to him in his mind. The tiny human even had the audacity to glare at him. The little one's golden eyes reminded him of the Black Serpent's snake eyes.

That was enough to infuriate him.

"Shut up before I gouge your snake eyes out," Elis warned, then he put a finger on the baby's forehead to put him to sleep.

But then, another hurdle came in the form of the Red Phoenix's spirit guardian.

"L-Lord Ripperton"

He turned to Sentinel who was now standing next to him as if he was ready to attack but hesitated when he saw his face. "Fool," he said, then he snapped his fingers causing the spirit guardian to fall on the floor unconscious. "Don't forget that we're no longer on the same side."

After that, he got down on one knee and held the Supreme's hand.

"I am back, Lady Rosenberg," Elis whispered, then he pressed his forehead against the back of her hand. "But I can no longer stand by your side..."


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