Mommy Villainess Chapter 161

161 A Distant Memory 2
"GOD, YOU'RE so handsome," Soleil said in surprise. When she realized what she just said, she gently slapped her mouth with her other hand. What are you saying, you shameless mouth?

Thankfully, the handsome guy didn't seem to care about what she said.

He just looked at her with a blank look on his (very, very, very handsome) face (that shouldn't be allowed to exist).

Come on, how can someone be that good-looking?

She was pretty confident with the way she looked. But after seeing that guy's face, she decided to live humbly from now on.

My face pales in comparison with his.

Anyway, she waited for the handsome man to speak to her again. But he just ignored her, squatted, and proceeded to count the snakes flocking around him. He never threw her a glance again. It was as if she wasn't there.

He's seriously counting the snakes!

She hated feeling like she had to catch his attention or something.

In the first place, she had a loving family. Her parents and her older brother showered her with love and praises ever since she was born. In the village of the Fire Mages clan, she was also the center of attention.

After all, her parents were the leaders of the clan while her older brother was the one who could manifest as a phoenix.

In short, she was used to being fawned over.

And to be ignored by the first man I find attractive hurts my pride.

Soleil cleared her throat. "Excuse me," she said. When the stoic (but very, very, very handsome) man didn't even turn to her, she continued. "Can you please melt the ice around me? I want to get out from this giant ice cube."

She could melt the ice, of course.

But she wanted an excuse to talk to the guy she fancied.

He still didn't even turn to her though. Instead, he just raised a hand and snapped his fingers. As soon as he did, the huge walls of ice around her suddenly became water

soaking her from head to toe.

So cold!

Okay, he did get rid of the ice. But still

"You could have warned me first," she complained while hugging herself tight. God, the water was so cold and her body was shivering. "I don't do well in the cold, you know?"

The handsome young man just stood and gave her a "not-my-problem" look. Then, he turned his back on her and started to walk away. The snakes making hissing sounds were following his trail. Ah, no.

They are his "children."

She wasn't a fool to believe that. And she could tell that those snakes were just ordinary snakes. They weren't children cursed to turn out like that. She understood why he said that though.

It's just like how I consider my brother and Ainsworth as my "children."

"Hey, how did those snakes become your children?" she asked, playing dumb. "Are they cursed or something?"

Her acting paid-off.

The handsome young man stopped walking and turned to her. He was still void of emotions. But she saw a spark of interest in his golden snake eyes. Still, he didn't say anything.

"I'm sorry for almost hurting your "children,"" she said. It was self-defense on her part but she didn't want to sound like she was making a lame excuse.Instead, she just politely bowed her head. "Kids, this big sister is really sorry."

The handsome young man seemed satisfied. His golden eyes glowed beautifully. But again, he didn't say anything. He just turned his back on her and walked away again. This time, he didn't stop or glance back at her.

"How cold," Soleil whispered to herself. "But he's really my type of guy."


SOLEIL was fuming.

She thought her heart would explode if she didn't let her anger out of her chest. And so she screamed. She screamed so loud that the air she breathed out became giant flames that engulfed the whole forest in her vivid red flame.

The giant Crades in the form of disfigured lizards tried to attack her. But even before the monsters could reach her, they already turned into ashes.

Still, it wasn't enough to pacify her.

Amos Village was wiped off overnight. The village people were eaten by Crades. Every. Single. Villager.

She couldn't wrap her head around the fact that it happened without her knowing. Her students knew how to call her. She gave them precious stones that they could use to let her know that they were in danger.

Did they hate her enough for them not to call her?

Or did they not have the chance to do so?

God, the children

The harder she cried, the bigger her flames got. Before she knew it, the whole forest was already burning. Even the remnants of Amos Village had already turned into ashes.

"Big Sister Soleil!" Ainsworth yelled. He was standing a few meters away from her and obviously, he couldn't get near her. This time, her high-level flame would surely roast him to death. "Stop! You know that you're burning the innocent animals that live in the forest, don't you? If you value human lives, you should value animals, too!"

Hearing that weakened her resolve.

She loved animals just as much as she loved humans. But it was too late now. Even her couldn't stop her own flame from burning the forest further.

But she was too tired and too hurt to care.

"Soleil," Elis called her. Then, he held her arm and pulled her for a hug. His Mana extinguished the fire engulfing her body. "Calm down."

"Hey, is my sister alright?" Winchell asked. Her brother was running around trying to absorb her flame as much as he could to save the animals in the forest. "And Elis Ripperton, don't you dare take advantage of this situation!"

"I'm just trying to calm her down," Elis said in defense. Then, he gently patted her back. "Stop crying, Soleil. Those humans never deserved your tears."

That made her angry again.

She pushed Elis away from her and was about to lash out on him when all of a sudden, it rained heavily.

Even the three men around her were surprised. And it wasn't just because it suddenly poured. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that they were all shocked to see the heavy rain put out the giant red flames that was burning the whole forest a while ago.

An ordinary rain could never extinguish her flame.

She opened her hands to catch the raindrops on her palms. They were warm. And they were infused by a Mana that felt very pure. She couldn't explain it properly though.

All Soleil knew was the raindrops that were supposed to be cold felt warm at that moment.

It was as if the rain was trying to comfort her.


"BIG SISTER Soleil, it's time to have dinner."

"I'm not hungry," Soleil told Ainsworth who was pestering her from the other side of the door. "Leave me alone."

"Alright," Ainsworth said in a defeated voice. "I'll ask Big Brother Winchell and Elis to come instead."

"Do whatever you want."

The next thing she heard was the little tiger's heavy footsteps walking away from her room.


Right now, she locked herself up in her room.

She lit up the fireplace and sat in front of it. Normally, a fireplace wouldn't be put inside a room because it was dangerous. But since it was her room and she could control fire, Saint Alec let him have one. The saint knew that she needed the warmth of her own flame whenever she felt down. Just like now.

How can a person like me who can't even protect a village become a god?

To be honest, she didn't want to become one.

But it was her parents' will for her and her brother Winchell to ascend the heavens. Their mother and father thought they would be safer in the heavens than the earth. After all, humans who found out about their "strange" power would get violent towards them. They had been called monsters many times. Humans treated them like they were Crades.

Sometimes, she thought that the humans were right about them.

After all, their clan as well as the clan where Elis and Ainsworth belonged already existed back when the world still had seven moons in the sky. Apparently, a huge war happened back then that almost wiped out the humanity. It was a miracle how their clans managed to survive.

She was told that when her generation was born, Saint Alec and his brother started a journey to gather the "favored children" of the Sky God. It was her, Winchell, Elis, and Ainsworth. Apparently, despite being born humans, they had divine powers.

According to the saint, only the gods above knew the reason why they were chosen to have that kind of "blessing."

But if humans like me are born with divine powers, what used would it be if we just ascend the heavens as gods? Aren't we supposed to use these powers to protect the weak? To protect the human clan?

"This isn't right," she whispered to herself. "I can't do this."

Feeling like the air in her room was suffocating her, she stood up and willed herself to disappear. A few moments later, her body was engulfed in a warm, red light until she literally faded. It was an ability similar to teleportation.

Unfortunately, she hasn't mastered it yet.

She wanted to get as far away as possible from the temple.

But she just found herself on the roof of the highest building in the temple.

"I am not going to be a god!" she yelled with clenched fists. Everyone living in the temple had sharp senses so she knew they heard her. And that was exactly what she wanted. "I'm going to stay as a mortal and protect the human clan!"

After screaming at the top of her lungs, she let out a deep sigh. She was about to return to her room when all of a sudden, she heard a hissing sound. When she turned to her left side, he was surprised to see a huge black snake with golden eyes.

Out of instinct, she created a ball of fire in her hand.

"Don't. They're my children."

She stopped when she heard that voice in her head.

Also, she noticed that the black snake wasn't going to attack her anyway.

"Hello, little black snake," she said, then she squatted to match the snake's eye level. "Where's your cold but hot and very handsome father with a body to drool for?"

Much to her shock, the black snake was suddenly engulfed in a black light.

And then, poof!

The black snake disappeared and it was replaced by the snobbish but very handsome young man that she met in the cave. And oh, he still looked hot in his black elegant robe with embroidery of the crest of the "snake clan."


If he was able to enter the temple, it could only mean one thing.

"You are Lord Nystrom," she said in disbelief. Then, she covered her face with her hands because of embarrassment. God, I'm so dumb!


She removed her hands from her face and went into a kneeling position. Ever since she was a child, she was taught to respect the "snake clan" because they were full-fledged gods. She hated hierarchy, but she couldn't help it because of her strict upbringing. "Yes, my lord?"

Nystrom tilted his head while looking at her with a glint of curiosity in his glowing golden eyes. "Are humans worth protecting?"

"Yes," she said firmly. "Humans are worth protecting, Lord Nystrom."

He pointed a finger at her face. "Interesting."

She caught his finger and was surprised by his cold skin, but she didn't let go even though he looked shocked when she touched him. She knew that it was wrong to do so, but so was pointing at people. "Lord Nystrom, pointing is rude."

Nystrom still looked shocked but he didn't pull his finger from her grasp. "Oh."

His soft "oh" was followed by the reddening of his cheeks.

"Oh," Soleil said, her own cheeks getting flushed as well. "Oh."

And was it her heart beating so loud and so fast against her chest?


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