Mommy Villainess Chapter 162

162 A Distant Memory 3
SOLEIL immediately let go of Nystrom's finger, moved a few inches away from him, and bowed in apology. "Please pardon my insolence, my lord," she said, hoping that he didn't notice her flushed face. "I didn't mean to suddenly invade your personal face. I also apologize for touching you without permission."

"It's okay," Nystrom said softly. "I'm sorry for pointing at your face."

She just nodded to acknowledge his apology.

Then, she sat on the roof and hugged her knees together maintaining a decent space between her and Lord Nystrom. When she turned to him, she saw him sitting with one knee bent, while his other (long) leg was stretched out. He also had an arm on top of his bent knee.

The way he sits is so cool.

But it looked like he was no longer interested in her.

She was disheartened for a second, but she realized that her parents didn't raise a quitter. To be honest, she didn't know what was happening to her. She wasnt this assertive to other people. But for some reason, she wanted Nystrom's attention.

"Lord Nystrom," she called him. He didn't turn to her but she could tell that he was listening. "Aren't you going to ask for my name?"

"I already know you," Nystrom said casually. "Soleil Rosenberg."

She shouldn't be surprised.

Before she and Winchell got to the temple, Saint Alec already told them about the other "favored children." The saint probably did the same to Nystrom, Elis, and Ainsworth.

His Holiness also told us about the "snake clan."

According to Saint Alec, Nystrom was the son of the Moon God with the "Mother of Snakes." The "Mother of Snakes" was a fallen goddess but a goddess nonetheless. That was why Nystrom didn't need to ascend to heavens to be considered a god.

In short, Nystrom was born a god and will always be one.

Ascending to heavens was just an option for him. That was also why the saint never forced Nystrom to attend his lessons in the temple.

Yes, we take lessons from the saint.

Saint Alec was the one who helped Winchell, Elis, and Ainsworth manifest into their chosen mystical creature. After all, before they ascended heavens, they had to let go of their human bodies and become mystical creatures instead. Apparently, they would be known as the "Beast Gods" someday.

Well, I haven't chosen a mythical creature yet.

She still had time though.

"Lord Nystrom," she said when she got curious about his chosen mystical creature. Well, he was from the snake clan and she just saw his "snake" form. Still, one couldn't be too sure. "What is your chosen form as a god?" Well, in his case, it was just formality. Anyway, even though he still didn't turn to her, she continued asking. "Are you going to be a large reptile?"

He looked at her with a clear disbelief on his (very handsome) face. "A serpent is a large reptile?"

"A serpent is just an extra large snake, isn't it?" she said, then she gasped and bowed. "I didn't mean to insult you, Lord Nystrom. Please excuse my insolence."


When she raised her head, she saw him looking up at the night sky. It was hurting her pride that he wasn't really paying attention to her. But he looked mesmerizing while he admired the moon so she couldn't get upset.

You're more beautiful than the moon, Lord Nystrom.

She knew that getting attracted to a person's physical appearance was shallow. But in her defense, it was impossible to ignore his attractiveness when he got that face. Also, his presence was really different from other people. He simply stood out even though he was just sitting there.

Is it because he's a god?


She gasped when she heard her brother's loud voice.

When she looked down, she saw Winchell, Elis, and Ainsworth. The three were naturally looking up at her with worry. But she also noticed that they were glancing at Nystrom (who still looked like he didn't care about a thing in the world).

To capture the attention of Winchell, Elis, and Ainsworth who only cared about themselves was a huge feat. They were also probably drawn to Nystrom because of his "pure" presence.

Only a god could pull in his fellow (soon-to-be) gods.

"Sister, we heard you a while ago," Winchell said in a worried voice. "Come down and let's talk."

She wasn't ready to talk to her brother about her decision yet. And so, she turned to Nystrom. "My lord, please help me get away from here."

"Soleil!" Winchell and Elis yelled at the same.

"Don't worry, Big Brother Winchell and Elis," Ainsworth said confidently. "I'm the fastest among us. Big Sister Soleil can't get away from me."

When Nystrom remained still without even looking at her, she gave up on him.

She knew that she couldn't outrun Ainsworth but she wouldn't give up without a fight. And so, she stood up. She was about to run when all of a sudden, Nystrom grabbed her hand.

His hand was cold but for some reason, she felt warmth in her chest.

She was distracted when she heard Ainsworth growl. When she looked up, she gasped when she saw him leap at her in his tiger form. She didn't want to shake Nystrom's hand off of her so she just closed her eyes and braced for what would happen next.

A few seconds passed and nothing happened to her yet.

When she opened one eye to take a peek, she saw a frozen tiger suspended in the air.


She opened both eyes to see if she wasn't being mistaken. When she did, she realized that Ainsworth in his tiger form was really covered with ice now. She was about to walk towards him to melt the ice but she was stopped when someone gently tugged her arm.

When she turned to Nystrom, she realized that he was still holding her by the wrist. His grasp wasn't tight but it wasn't also loose. The strength was just enough to hold her without hurting her. Well, his cold skin still startled her but she had a feeling that she would get used to it.

"Let's go," Nystrom said. Ah, finally. He was looking at her face properly. "We need to feed the children."

Soleil couldn't really understand what he was saying. She didn't know that being stared at by Nystrom would make her feel very conscious. Still, she nodded. Her brother Winchell could melt the ice around Ainsworth anyway. "I'll go with you anywhere, Lord Nystrom."

And just like that, their bodies were suddenly engulfed with cold, silver light that slowly swallowed them until they disappeared.


SOLEIL shut her eyes tight when Nystrom began freezing the toads with his eyes. Apparently, his "children" needed their food to be covered with ice first. She knew that it was only natural for snakes to eat toads (and other animals) but still, she couldn't bear to watch it.

I asked him to take me away from the temple so I can't complain.

Nystrom brought her to the cave where they first met.

As soon as they arrived, the snakes all gathered around him. Then, he uncovered the giant ice cube that contained the toads that he was feeding to his "children" right now.

While he was busy, she sat on the huge rock and closed her eyes.

"It's done."

Soleil opened her eyes to find Nystrom standing in front of her. She noticed that the snakes were gone. "Where are your "children," my lord?"

"Sleeping," he said, then he sat on the opposite rock facing her.

And then, he looked up at the open "ceiling" of the cave. From there, they could clearly see the full moon.

Is he drawn to the moon because his father is the Moon God?

Unfortunately, she didn't feel the same. She was more drawn to the sun. Probably it was because of her fire Mana. She liked warm things and to her, the moon felt cold.

Just like Lord Nystrom.

"Lord Nystrom?"

As expected, he still didn't look at her. But now, she was confident that he was listening to her even if it looked like he wasn't.

Soleil took a deep breath, then she finally asked the thing that was bothering her since the first time they met. "Lord Nystrom, do you find me pretty?"

She knew that she was being vain, okay?

But for the first time in her life, she wanted a guy to find her pretty. Maybe it was normal for an eighteen-year-old lady to feel that way towards the man she fancied.

Her thoughts were cut-off and she sat properly when Nystrom finally looked at her.

It was the most unnerving moment of her life.

Her heart was beating like crazy while anticipating his response. She prepared her heart for the disappointment that she might get. After all, she heard that the "Mother of Snakes" was a great beauty.

If Nystrom grew up surrounded by beautiful women, he probably would just find her face "average."

Nystrom opened his mouth and was about to answer her when all of a sudden, his golden eyes glowed menacingly. Then, he turned to the entrance of the cave. "A human child is in danger."


SOLEIL bolted out of the cave as soon as Nystrom said that a human child was in danger.

She was glad that she did because she would have been too late if she didn't move fast. When she got out of the cave, she saw a Crades in the form of a serpent with two heads that was about to eat a young boy.

When she reached the Crades, she cracked her knuckles. And then, she lifted her hand and landed a heavy punch against the serpent's body. As soon as her fist connected to the monster, she let out a red flame that instantly burned the Crades.

After that, the monster was sent flying. But even before the Crades hit the tree behind it, it already turned into ashes.

Small fry.

After making sure that the enemy was taken care of, she immediately turned to look for the human child. She was relieved to see that Nystrom was on his knee while checking on the kid.

"How is the child, my lord?" Soleil asked worriedly while walking towards them. Then, she also got down on one knee to look at the human child. The young boy's appearance surprised her. "He looks pretty."

Pretty, but a little strange.

The young boy had white hair and pale skin. He also looked skinny. Upon looking closer, she realized that he wasn't that young.

He's probably around ten or twelve years old?

And he looked so skinny.

It looked like the kid hasn't eaten or drank any water for days.

Nystrom used his arm to help the young boy get up. And then, he raised his other hand. It was empty at first. But when she blinked, his palm was suddenly filled with clear water. He made the child drink it.

"You have ice and water Mana?" she asked in surprise. "You're amazing, Lord Nystrom."

And you're pretty," Nystrom said, then he turned to look at her face. He still looked stoic, but there was a tinge of pink on his cheeks. "You are very pretty, Soleil."

The unexpected flattery instantly made her cheeks burn.

She knew that she was the one who asked him if she was pretty. But she didn't expect him to answer her question while they were in the middle of helping a child! She wasn't prepared, and so she could only stare back at him with a stunned look on her face.

Lord Nystrom thinks I'm pretty!

And he said it while his golden eyes were glowing beautifully.

To say that she was overjoyed would be an understatement.

But her celebration was cut-short when the young boy suddenly coughed and sat up on his own. And when the human child opened his eyes, she was a little surprise at what she saw.

Red eyes?

"Child, are you okay?" she asked worriedly when she got over her shock. "What are you doing here alone?"

"I-I got lost," the young boy said in a weak voice.

Soleil's heart broke for the weak child. "Who are you and where is your family?"

"I d-don't have a family," the young boy with white hair, red eyes, and pale skin said in a shaking voice. "M-My name is A-Aku Moonchester."


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