Mommy Villainess Chapter 163

163 The Promise
"LADY Soleil, are you waiting for Lord Nystrom?"

Soleil didn't have to turn around to know that it was Saint Alec who joined her while she was star gazing on the roof. First, she knew the saint's voice and presence very well. Second, he was the only one in the temple who would call her "Lady Soleil" instead of "Lady Rosenberg."

Humans called people higher in rank with their title and last name.

But for people like them, they would just usually call their acquaintances with their title (either a 'lady' or a 'lord') and their first name. That signified their "closeness" as "people on the same level" even if they weren't close on a personal level.

"I'm not," Soleil denied even though she knew that the saint knew she was lying. Right now, she was sitting on the tiled roof while wrapped in thick blanket. She wasn't really cold but her brother Winchell forced her to take the blanket so she wouldn't get sick. "I'm just watching the moon. It looks extra pretty tonight."

But it only looked pretty in her eyes because it was the night that she met Nystrom in that same roof five years ago.

That was also the first and last time that she saw Nystrom in Lumira Temple.

"You were never fond of the moon," Saint Alec said with a light laugh, then he sat down next to her. "You're the Daughter of the Sun, Lady Soleil."

She turned to the saint.

As far as she knew, he was already a century old. But he still looked like a man in his thirties. Saint Alec had pretty light brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. Okay, he looked normal. But his divine aura made him appear very gentle and nice.

I'm sorry, Your Holiness. I was surrounded by children with very conventional beauty so my standards are quite high.

By "children," she meant Winchell, Elis, and Ainsworth.

And yes, she wouldn't deny that one of her negative traits was she could be too fixated on people's physical appearance. She was trying her best to teach herself that everyone was beautiful and had different unique charms.

Now that she was already a lady, she didn't have an excuse to be shallow anymore.


"What does being the "Daughter of the Sun" mean, Your Holiness?" she asked curiously. "My father isn't the sun."

The saint just laughed it off. "You'll understand your origin once you reach the heavens, Lady Soleil."

"Then, I will never find it out."

He let out a deep sigh. "Lady Soleil, are you really sure that you want to be reincarnated instead of becoming a god?"

When the "favored children" entered the Lumira Temple, they already gave up their physical body. It was because no living person could enter the temple except for the saint and the High Priest. After all, Lumira Temple was in the middle of mortal world and the afterlife.

But whenever they went out of the temple, they automatically acquire their "human form." It wasn't the same as their physical body and that form could only last for a few hours.

All of that was a part of their preparation before ascending to the heavens.

And yes, I am giving it up.

"My childhood memories include being hunted down by humans who are afraid of our clan's fire attribute," she said with a sad smile. "Hiding became particularly harder for our parents because my brother and I were born with "divine powers.""

The members of their clan could only produce small fire enough to light up a fireplace and not to use it to fight.

But she and Winchell were different. They could create big flames that could burn anything to ashes. Her brother even manifested into a red phoenix at one point. As in Winchell grew red flaming wings and flew around their land.

Yes, my dumb brother exposed himself to the humans around us.

Thankfully, Saint Alec came to them during that time. To protect her and Winchell, their parents decided to entrust their lives to the saint. She wanted to stay with her clan but her brother made a fuss until she agreed to enter the temple with him.

"I went here not because I want to be a god," she confessed. "I only entered the temple with my brother to lessen the burden of our clan. As long as my brother and I are here, it will be easier for them to blend in with humans."

Her family, in particular, was very wealthy they were "old money."

She was technically a princess and her brother a prince. But since their clan was known for their modesty, they tried to live as humbly as possible. Still, it didn't change the fact that they were considered royalties.

"The years I spent here only convinced me that this isn't the life that I want," she continued in a firm voice. "I'm grateful for everything that you've done for us, Your Holiness. But despite everything, I see the temple as nothing but a big cage."

"Do you regret giving up your physical body to enter the temple, Lady Soleil?"

She shook her head. "I don't," she said. "I love my life here. I like Brother Winchell, Elis, and Ainsworth. We all get along well even though we banter all the time. And because we share the same experience, we can depend on each other. Still, my heart feels empty."

"You love the human clan too much, Lady Soleil," the saint said carefully.

"I just believe that stronger people should protect the weaker ones," she said. "I don't want to waste the power bestowed upon me by living a comfortable life in the heavens."

Saint Alec smiled at her. "Alright, I won't question your decision anymore," he said in a tone as if he already gave up convincing her to change her mind. "I know that whatever path you choose, you'll still shine. After all, you are the Daughter of the Sun, Lady Soleil."

Soleil smiled and looked up at the moon. "I hope I see him again before I get reincarnated."


SOLEIL let out a frustrated sigh when she found herself alone in the dining hall.

She was supposed to eat with Winchell, Elis, and Ainsworth. But obviously, they didn't have any intent to eat with her. Again.

It's been a week since they started to ignore me.

In fact, she hadn't seen the three men since they decided to "rebel" against her. Not even their shadows. They were trying to guilt trip her for "abandoning" them.

They're so childish.

She had enough of their tantrums so she stood up. Then, she rolled up her sleeves and was about to leave the dining hall to look for the brats when she heard that familiar deep, cold voice.

"Are you not having dinner?"

She turned to the owner of the voice

and she was greeted by the most handsome face that she had ever laid eyes on.

Lord Nystrom!

She covered her mouth with her hands when she let out a small gasp.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that she suddenly got emotional. God, her eyes were suddenly blessed with the sight of that beautiful face.

Nystrom was already very handsome five years ago. But now, he looked manlier. He was taller and leaner now. Also, his shoulders were broader. It seemed like the years did nothing but make him even more perfect.

The elegant black and gold robe that he wore made him look even more majestic.

"Soleil?" Nystrom called her in that sexy voice of his. "Can I join you for dinner?"

She immediately sat down. "Of course, Lord Nystrom."

He nodded as thanks before he sat on the chair opposite to hers.

In the temple, they didn't have servants to assist them during meals. The servants would just prepare the table and take out all the food.

"Lord Nystrom, may I know what brought you here?" she asked excitedly. "Are you staying for the night?"

He nodded while looking at the variety of food on the table. "I'll be staying in the temple until the Doors of Heaven opens.

She gasped. That would be one year from now! So, that meant that she'd be spending time with him for a long time. She couldn't help but smile at the good news. "Thank you, Lord Nystrom."

He looked at her with a confused but amused look on his face. "Thank you for what?"

"For blessing my eyes with your pretty face," Soleil said with a shy smile. "I've missed you, Lord Nystrom."

Nystrom's face turned pink, then he looked down on the feast as if he was too shy to meet her gaze. "I feel the same, Soleil."

Ah, maybe she fell in love all over again.


TO SAY that Soleil was happy while walking with Nystrom in the rose garden would be an understatement.

Is this really happening?

Right after their dinner, she asked him to walk with him for faster digestion. But of course, that was just an excuse. She just wanted to spend more time with him.

"Lord Nystrom, how's Aku?" Soleil asked carefully. "Is he doing well?"

After they saved the child who introduced himself to them as 'Aku Moonchester,' Nystrom brought him to his estate. After all, the "snake clan" wasn't just known for creating poisons. They were also famous for creating the best medicines for almost all known diseases to man.

That was also the last time that she saw Nystrom.

"He disappeared," Nystrom said casually. "Aku left two years ago."

"Oh," she said.

But she had a feeling that Nystrom that wasn't telling the whole truth. She felt like there was more to it than what he told her. Knowing that it was none of her business, she didn't ask more questions.

"Soleil," he said, then he stopped walking and turned to her. "Are you really not going to ascend the heavens to be a god?"

She faced him properly, then she looked up at him before she nodded. "Yes, Lord Nystrom."


It's now or never.

She took a deep sigh, then she finally gathered the courage to say the thing that she always wanted to tell him. "Lord Nystrom, let's meet again in our next lifetime."

"How can we meet again in the next lifetime?"

"Look for me," she demanded while her heart was beating loud and hard against her chest. She was nervous but if she didn't make a move now, nothing would start between them. "If you find me in our next lifetime, I will make it worthwhile for you, Lord Nystrom."

He raised a curious brow at her. "And how will you do that?"

"I know that we're the same, Lord Nystrom," she said bravely. "The temple feels like a big cage for me. I don't know much about your life so I could be wrong. But for some reason, I feel that the snake clan is a shackle to you. That they imprison you in a life that you didn't choose for yourself."

Everyone knew how precious Nystrom was to the "snake clan." That was why he barely got out of their huge estate. Maybe she was getting ahead of herself. But his empty eyes told her that he wasn't living the way he wanted to.

Or maybe he didn't know that there was a life outside his clan.

"Let's live freely once we're reborn, Lord Nystrom," she said firmly. This time, she was more confident. "You and me together. But of course, only when you want to."

His golden eyes glowed beautifully. "You and me together. I like the sound of it."

She was relieved to hear that. "So, it's a promise?"

He nodded firmly.

Soleil smiled and then, she lifted a hand and extended her pinky finger to him. "Promise that you'll find me in our next lives, Lord Nystrom."

"I promise," Nystrom said, then he hooked his pinky finger with hers while looking at her warmly. "I will find you whatever happens, Soleil."

If Soleil and Nystrom knew what would happen once they got reunited as the Supreme Fire Mage and Kalel Moonchester, maybe they wouldn't have made that promise

the promise that began their downfall.


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