Mommy Villainess Chapter 167

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TILLY was baby-talking to Winter while they were lying on the bed facing each other when Kiho entered the room. She gasped when she saw that her husband brought the cake that she baked. Damn, what a long night it had been.

"I heard from Miss Luna that you baked this cake yourself, honey," Kiho said when he sat down next to her and put the tray on the night table. "It's a pretty cake."

She made a strawberry short cake to celebrate Winter's birth. Well, she wanted to make cinnamon rolls but she was afraid she'd fail so she stuck with her comfort zone instead.

Back in her second life, she used to bake as a hobby. Thankfully, cooking and baking in this world wasn't as hard as she thought it would be. After all, the technology from her second life was equal to high-level magic or spirit stones in the empire.

"I hope it tastes good," Tilly said, then she turned to Winter who was looking at her with big, round eyes. "Oh, my little cinnamon roll. You can't still eat cake so mommy and daddy will finish your birthday cake for you, okay? When you're big enough to eat solid food, I will make cinnamon rolls for you and your daddy."

Winter giggled as a response.

"Gosh, you're so cute," she squealed happily, then she showered Winter with kisses.

Her baby smelled like a baby.

Gosh, she wished they could be like any other normal family and spend their days and nights idly like this.

Kiho cleared his throat and when she turned to him, she saw him pouting. "I feel out of place," he complained lightly. "You already took a bath together without me. Now, you're ignoring me again. I want attention, too."

She laughed at that.

Kiho really went from a stoic knight who hated socializing to a pouty, clingy husband who wanted attention from his family.

And I love that.

"Come here," she said with open arms. "Winter, close your eyes."

Kiho smiled at what she said, then he leaned forward to kiss her on the lips.

It was a quick but deep kiss, and she was hoping Winter listened to her and closed his eyes. She knew that they had to be decent around their son. But after everything that she found about her connection to Kiho, she wanted to treasure every moment she had with him.

"Thank you," Kiho said after the kiss. When he went back to his seat, he already looked satisfied. Then, he turned to Winter with a haughty smile. "You may open your eyes now, little rascal."

She turned to Winter and was surprised to see that her baby really closed his eyes. "Gosh, our little cinnamon roll can really understand us. Our combined genes are amazing, Kiho."

"Winter got his brains from you, Tilly."

She just laughed it off. "It's from both of us, hon."

He smiled at her charmingly. Then, he let out a small gasp as if he remembered something. "I have a gift for our little rascal as well. I'm glad that it was done before he was born."

"I didn't know that you prepared a gift for our Winter," she said in surprise.

"I'm sorry but I kept it a secret from you, honey," he said apologetically. "It's because I also prepared a gift for you. You carried our little rascal in your womb for many months, then you worked hard to safely give birth to our son. You deserve a gift, Tilly."

Okay, that instantly made Tilly emotional. "Oh, Kiho"

Kiho smiled, then he stood up and kissed her on the forehead. Then, he leaned down to give Winter a kiss on the forehead, too. "Wait here, my babies," he said. "I'll just get the presents."


JULIAN couldn't sleep.

But he didn't want Luna to worry about him so he pretended to be asleep so she would take a rest, too.

The witch was the one that Lady Nystrom and his father well, he meant Lord Nystrom, assigned to take care of him. Luna had been doing a splendid job of taking care of him. She was also worried about her emotional well-being.

Lady Nystrom, you found a good friend in Miss Luna.

When he was sure that the witch had fallen asleep already, he opened his eyes and turned to her. Luna was lying down on her side while facing him. Her chest was heaving evenly a clear sign that she was deep asleep now.

Good night, Miss Luna. Thank you for looking after me.

He had a soft spot for people who took care of other people's children properly.

In his past life, his nanny practically raised him.

He didn't know what happened but after his mother gave birth to him, his father exiled her from their kingdom.

But the absence of his mother didn't give him a chance to be closer to his father.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that his father didn't care about him. He entrusted his life to his servants. It didn't seem like he was even remotely interested in him. He felt like his father only had him because he needed an heir to continue the Nystrom lineage.

The way he treats Winter now is very different from the way he treated me in the past.

Julian couldn't help but remember the past


[From the distant past...]

JULIAN was happy because for his seventh birthday, his father sent him the key of the palace's treasury room. According to the letter that came with the golden key, he was allowed to take anything from the room and it would be his birthday gift.

So, he was in the treasury room now.

Out of all the luxurious things that he saw in the room, only one thing caught his attention.

"This is so beautiful," he said while holding a practice sword made of ice. It looked simple, but very elegant. The sword was also filled with a strong Mana that would also serve as protection for the sword wielder. "This is the gift that I want."

"Don't touch it!"

Julian flinched when he heard his father's angry voice. When he turned to him, he saw his father marching angrily at his direction. He rarely saw his father so he should be happy. But the sight of his frown scared him instead. "F-Father"

His father snatched the ice sword from him. "Who told you that you can enter this room?"

"I-I received the golden key from your palace, Father," he explained while looking at the floor. He was too scared to look at his father, much more to meet his eyes. Why is Father so angry?

"My aide gave you the wrong key," his father said. "This treasury room and everything in here belongs to my son."

Because of shock, he was able to gather the courage to raise his head. "B-But I'm your son, Father."

"Leave," his father said coldly, his face void of emotions. There wasn't even an ounce of warmth in his eyes. His father looked at him as if he was a stranger. "You don't belong here."

Julian, hurt by his father's callousness, bolted out of the room in tears.

Am I not Father's son?


TILLY laughed merrily when he saw Kiho's gift for their little cinnamon roll. "Oh, hon. It looks so pretty!"

Kiho smiled proudly. "Isn't it?"

The little box that Kiho held contained a very cute small iron crab mallet that would fit Winter's tiny hands. What made it pretty was the fact that it was made of ice. She was pretty certain that Kiho made it himself.

"Since Winter is our son, I'm sure he's bound to love seafood as well. King Crabs, in particular," her husband said with a hint of excitement in his voice. Then, he turned to Winter with warm gaze. "Little rascal, the crab mallet is made of my ice. It will never hurt you. And since it's infused with my Mana, it will protect you if it needs to." He gently caressed his son's small face. "Thank you for being our son, Winter."

Winter didn't "troll" his father this time. Much to her pleasant surprise, their little cinnamon roll actually smiled and put his tiny hand on top of his father's hand.

She almost burst out crying at the beautiful sight.

I love our family.

Kiho smiled back at Winter, then he kissed his forehead before he turned to her. "And now, for my lovely wife's present"

She giggled excitedly. "I wonder what my dashing husband got for me."

He smiled as if he was nervous and excited for her reaction. Then, he stood up only to sit behind her. A few moments later, he caressed her neck lovingly.

Oh, it's a necklace?

Her thoughts were confirmed when she felt a cold sensation on her chest. She touched the pendant and when she looked at it, she gasped in surprise. "Oh my gosh," she squealed excitedly. "This is very pretty, Kiho."

Just like Winter's present, the pendant in the necklace that Kiho gave her was also made from his ice.

And the pendant was shaped like her new favorite flower.

"It's a snowdrop," she said in amazement.

"I remember that you said you think snowdrops are beautiful," he said, then he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her cheek. "Did you like my present, honey?"

"I love it!" she said, then she turned to her husband that she wanted to devour. "Winter, please close your eyes again."

"Little rascal, it will be better if you sleep now," Kiho said playfully. "Your mommy and I will be very busy soon."

Tilly, feeling the butterflies in her stomach, giggled and lightly hit her husband on the chest. "Kiho, you're so naughty!"


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