Mommy Villainess Chapter 175

175 Midnight Sun
"YOU'RE still very, very handsome," Tilly commented while looking at Kiho's sleeping face. He was lying on the ground while she was squatting beside him. They were still in the pond where they both collapsed after she uttered the "secret code" she used as a seal. Thankfully, she woke up first. "Your hair color this time looks pretty bland. But your face pulled it off."

Kiho, who was unconscious, didn't respond he couldn't, obviously.

She lifted her hand and gently poked his cheek. "Your skin is still as cold as I remember. And even in this lifetime, you still rarely smile," she said with a smile. "You're my little dark gray cloud through and through."

It was a pity that she had to awaken this way.

That she had to leave her husband after she retrieved her memories.

"L-Lady Nystrom?"

She turned around to find a witch with pink eyes. Of course, she noticed the little baby boy in her arms. Yet, she still couldn't take her eyes off of the woman.

"Luna," she said with a smile when she remembered her name, then she stood up. "I'm glad that we've met in this lifetime again."

Luna looked surprised.

Ah, right. As Tilly Nystrom, she never called the witch by her name. It was always 'Miss Luna.' But in the past, they dropped the formalities and called each other by their first name.

She just woke up so her memories as Soleil and her memories as Tilly were still overlapping.

"You have awakened, Supreme," Luna said carefully while looking at her now jet-black hair. Then, she looked at her face with curious eyes. "Have we met in the past?"

She smiled and nodded. "Yes. You are my brother's" she trailed-off when she remembered that her Brother Wixx didn't like people talking about his relationship behind his back.

"What was my relationship with Lord Wixx in the past, Supreme?" the witch asked curiously. And she seemed very interested in the topic. "He didn't mention anything when we met in this lifetime."

Of course, her brother wouldn't.

But she was pretty sure that Luna meeting Wixx in this lifetime wasn't a co-incidence. The two met because her brother definitely lured the witch without her knowing.

Still a coward, I see.

"We'll talk about it later," she told the witch. Then, she turned to the baby boy. "My son," she said with a smile. "You were finally born in this lifetime."

When she looked at Luna, the witch immediately put the baby in her arms.

"Your body is as cold as your father's," Tilly said while rocking the baby in her arms. "Winter, isn't it?" Upon looking at his face closely, she realized that her son's eyes were puffy. It was obvious that he just cried his eyes out. "You probably know what I'm about to do, right?"

Winter looked like he was on the verge of crying again as he extended his little arms to her as if he wanted to cling to her. To stop her from leaving. Of course, that squeezed her heart so bad.

"I promise I will return for you and your father, my little cinnamon roll," she said while keeping Winter closer to her. Now that her memories were settling, her memories as Tilly Prescott-Nystrom were also getting clearer. "Mommy will be back quick, I promise."

Her little cinnamon roll pouted while big, fat tears rolled down his cheeks.

"I trust you, Winter," she said with a smile even though her heart was heavy. "Please take care of your father. Help me protect our family this time, hmm?"

Winter seemed to understand her words. He stopped crying, and the sadness in his eyes was replaced by determination. Then, he reached for her face. "I'll protect Daddy," he said in her mind, surprising her. "So please return to us safely, Mommy."

She had so many questions for her son but she knew that she didn't have the time for it.

"I will return safely," she promised, then she kissed Winter's forehead. It wasn't just a kiss. What she left on her son was an invisible mark that would let every single Fire Mage that he was hers. And if his life was put on danger, that mark would send a signal to the nearest Fire Mages around him. In short, it was a protection. "I love you, my little cinnamon roll."

Winter smiled even though he looked scared for her. "I love you, too, Mommy."

She smiled, then she put Winter back in Luna's arms. "Luna, you must go now. You have to take Kiho as far away from the Royal Capital as possible," she said seriously. "Now that I'm awake, Kiho might also awaken anytime. It's fine as long as he isn't near the Moonchesters. Also, if you see a White Snake around him, kill it."

Luna looked like she had a lot of questions but in the end, she didn't ask anything. Instead, she just nodded. "As you wish, Supreme."

"I have to go now," she said, then she summoned her flame.

A few heartbeats later, her whole body was engulfed in red flame. Then, the flame gathered on her back until they became a pair of red, flaming phoenix wings. They weren't real wings though. Only her brother could grow real phoenix wings on his back.

Still, her flaming wings could make her fly.

"See you later, Luna," Tilly said with a smile, then she turned to Winter. "Wait for me mommy, my little cinnamon roll." And finally, she turned around to look at Kiho one last time before she left. She wanted to kiss him but she was afraid that her flame might make him up. This kind of farewell would do for now. "Sleep well, my gray cloud."


WINTER was happy that he was able to talk to his mother.

He didn't know how it happened. Was it because his mommy's Mana was so powerful now that she was able to hear him this time? Well, it didn't matter.

I'm just glad that my memories weren't wiped off.

Maybe it was because he didn't say anything about his past life. Bidding his mommy goodbye didn't reveal what he found out in the past anyway, so the "curse" didn't take effect.

And that's a relief.

He looked at his father who was still unconscious. Right now, they were in a carriage that was moving a little too fast than normal. Of course, he was in Miss Luna's arms.

On the other hand, his father was on sitting across from them. He was leaning against the window, still unconscious. Captain Sherwood was sitting beside his daddy. He remembered that his father told him not to trust the captain. And so, he was keeping an eye on him.

Winter would protect his daddy while waiting for his mommy.

Nobody can touch my daddy under my watch.

And right after that thought crossed his mind, their carriage suddenly stopped.


ALL TILLY had to do was track the presence of Aku Moonchester.

As soon as she knew where to go, her red flaming wings wrapped themselves around her body. Then, she closed her eyes and imagined the exact locations. She felt her body became light a sign that her wings were already taking her where she wanted to go.

When she opened her eyes the same time her wings did, she found herself floating in the air

and below her, she saw Aku Moonchester come out of the temple.

It wasn't only him.

Elis and the little tiger were also there.

Good. I don't need to look for the brats.

She opened both of her hands and when she did, the little feather tattoos in the middle of her palms appeared. Those marks were her weapons.

The first one to manifest was her golden bow. As soon as it appeared above her left palm, she grabbed it. Then, a flaming arrow appeared above her right palm. She grabbed it, then she put the arrow in the bow and pointed it to Aku Moonchester.

Without hesitation, she let go of the arrow.

The amazing thing about her chosen weapon was it could multiply depending on her will and Mana. So even though she only used one arrow, when it flew towards the emperor's direction, it got divided into several more arrows. The number was enough to create a ring of fire around Aku Moonchester, Elis, and the little tiger.

Now that she had announced her arrival, the three men looked up at her.

Her flame was shining brightly in the dark, midnight sky. She probably looked like the sun to them, and it only befitted how one should see the Supreme Fire Mage.

Anyway, each one had a funny look on his face.

Elis had a frenzied look on his eyes, the little tiger looked like a kid caught stealing from the cookie jar, and Aku Moonchester

Ah, the emperor looked scared at first.

But then, he easily regained his composure.

"Kill her," Aku Moonchester whispered in his breath. "Kill the Supreme!"

Tilly smiled at the "cute" order of the emperor. "Kneel."

Just like she expected, Elis and the little tiger suddenly fell on their knees.

Aku Moonchester staggered, but it seemed like his sheer stubbornness and pride were what kept him standing.

Aww, cute resistance.

"Stand up," Aku Moonchester hissed at the Beast Gods, the bracelet around his right wrist glowing. The way the emperor held his right shoulder told her that he couldn't bear the weight of the bracelet. "Don't let the Supreme overpower you"

The emperor stopped talking midway because he was probably surprised when she suddenly appeared before him.

He definitely didn't expect her to come near him without making a sound.

Even Elis and the little tiger that were now both standing looked too shocked to move and help their emperor.

"This is too heavy for you, little Aku," she said while holding Aku Moonchester's right arm. Then, using her other hand, she held the bracelet and melted it. "You shouldn't take things that don't belong to you."

Anger crossed the emperor's eyes. He tried to pull his right hand from her grasp. In return, she broke his arm.

Aku Moonchester, who was probably wasnt used to getting hurt, screamed in pain.

"Your Divine Protection doesn't work on me," she reminded him. "Don't ever forget that."

The emperor, now heavily sweating, glared at her.

She was a little distracted when the flame of the arrows around them was put out by a strong gust of wind.

Knowing Elis's sneaky attacks helped. She knew that he wouldn't hesitate to literally stab her on the back. And so, she summoned her red flaming wings and slapped the Blue Dragon hard. It sent him flying until he hit the post of the temple across them.

The slight distraction that Elis caused was used by Aku Moonchester to slip from his grasp. Then, he jumped away from her.


She raised her brow when she found the little tiger kneeling in front of her with his head hanged low.

Ainsworth was the weakest among the Beast Gods. She didn't have to ask to know that the bracelet managed to tie him with the kid emperor all these years. And she also didnt forget what he did under Aku Moonchester's order after he awakened.

""Soleil?"" she asked. "Did I hear it right, little tiger?"

Ainsworth fell silent for a while before he spoke again. "B-Big Sister Soleil."

"Good," she said with a satisfied smile. "Just because you're free from little Aku's control doesn't mean I've already forgiven you, little tiger. You ripped off Captain Denver's arm and you almost ruined Luna's face. And His Holiness"

"He's alive," the little tiger said, then he looked up at her with eyes begging for forgiveness. "I know that the saint is still pretty useful to you. I made it out like I've killed him but I didn't. My spirit guardian is tending to the saint right now."

Little tiger's spirit guardian had always been aloof.

She almost forgot about its existence because she had never seen it in this lifetime yet.

"That's still not enough," she told him coldly. "Little tiger, follow the Black Serpent Knights and bring them to the North safely. Once you meet Captain Denver there, I want you to beg for his forgiveness. If you failed this mission, don't ever show your face to me again."

"I won't fail, Big Sister Soleil," Ainsworth promised. Then, he stood up and bowed to her. "See you later, Supreme."

And after saying his goodbye, the little tiger disappeared.

She didn't waste her time.

With her eyes locked on Aku Moonchester, she leapt for an attack. But Elis literally blocked her way. This time, his blue scales were covering his body.

"Isn't it unfair that you paid attention to Ainsworth while you ignored me, Soleil?" Elis asked bitterly. "I'm the one who's loyal to you!"

"I don't know you," she said blandly even though she clearly remembered who Elis was. That was her punishment for him: to never acknowledge her past connection with him. "I'm not acquainted to a god who kills innocent humans for his own greed."

Her words obviously cut deep in the Blue Dragon's feelings.

Not that she cared.

She closed her fingers tight, made her fist flame, and then punched the hell out of Elis's hard stomach. His blue scales might be impossible to break for other people. But to her, his scales were just as soft as egg shells.

Her punch didn't send Elis flying but it was enough to make him fall on his knees again while clutching his stomach. She also saw him cough blood.

"For a god, you look pathetic," she told him mockingly, then she walked past him.

Aku Moonchester didn't wait for her doing nothing.

While she was dealing with Elis and the little tiger, he had successfully gathered his Mana. And now, he was holding the Celestial Sword.

It was also known as the emperor's strongest weapon.

The blade and the holder of the Celestial Sword were completely silver, save for the red diamonds embedded in the holder. Those red gems resembled the eyes of the Moonchesters.

"Aku Moonchester, I already told you to stop using things that don't belong to you," she said while shaking her head. "I guess I need to teach you a lesson."

Aku Moonchester just smirked at him.

This time, he was the one who attacked first. He swung the sword, creating a strong burst of white ball of energy directed at it. It was strong enough to hurt the Beast Gods.

But not enough to scratch her.

She just literally slapped the ball of energy making it hit the wall on her left side. It just didn't break the wall. The ball of energy also destroyed the forest where it went through after the wall collapsed.

Aku Moonchester looked surprised by her strength.

She used his distraction to attack him. Her fast and swift movement allowed her to once again appear before the emperor without him knowing. Before he could even react, she grabbed the blade of the Celestial Sword with her bare hand.

Of course, she was cut.

But it didn't matter before her blood turned into a huge red flame that was hot enough to make Aku Moonchester drop the sword.

His hand was burned as well, making him hiss in pain,

She wasn't done yet.

This time, she summoned the ancient dagger that she used along with her bow and arrow. Without wasting a single moment, she stabbed the dagger in Aku Moonchester's chest and pierced it hard enough to push him until his back hit the wall of the temple.

Aku Moonchester could only scream in agony.

"Die," she said in a cold voice. "After I'm done with you, I'll kill Nia Moonchester next"

Her voice trailed-off when she felt a cold hand grab the hand that she was using to pierce the dagger through Aku Moonchester's heart.

She didn't need to turn to her side to know who owned the hand that stopped her.



That voice

She slowly turned to her side and she was greeted by the face that she hated to see at that moment.

It was Kiho, but also not.

Silver hair.

Red eyes.

Skin as pale as the moon.

Tilly's tears fell down silently. "Lord Kalel."


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