Mommy Villainess Chapter 178

178 Blood Moon
"YOU ALWAYS sprout the most random things in the most inappropriate time," Tilly scolded Kalel while smiling faintly. "We'll do more once we killed Aku so don't you dare sacrifice your life like this, you fool."

Kalel's face turned red. "More?"

"More," she promised. Then, she cupped his face between her hands. "You can't die yet, Lord Kalel. Our son has already been born in this lifetime."

He looked pleasantly surprised to hear that. "Really?"

"Don't you have your memories as Kiho?"

"My memories are still hazy," he confessed. "My mother forcefully awakened me."

She let out a frustrated sigh. "I should have roasted that old wench" She bit her lower lip when she realized she was being rude to her mother-in-law. "Sorry."

"It's okay," he said. "I understand."

She didn't want to talk about the White Snake so she changed the topic.

"Our son is already here so we can't die yet," she told him. "So please don't sacrifice your life, Lord Kalel. There has to be a way to kill Aku Moonchester without you dying."

"What if there's none?"

"Then, I'll make a way to kill him while keeping you alive," she said determinedly. "I won't let them steal you away from me again."

"This is why they call you a fool, Soleil," he said with a heartbroken look on his face. "I don't deserve you."

"Yes, you don't," she said with a sad smile. "That's why you need to spend your lifetime proving to me that I didn't make the wrong choice by choosing you." She pinched his cheeks gently. "And that's my punishment for you, Lord Kalel. So you have to live, okay?"

His red eyes turned gold as he nodded.

To be honest, she liked his gold eyes better. They only became red because he was reborn as a Moonchester. But whenever he would use his power as Kalel, his eyes would turn gold again.

I hope his eyes stay gold forever.

Her thoughts were cut-off when the sword was suddenly pulled out from their bodies.

It hurt like hell, but they didn't have the time to dwell on the pain.

Fortunately, both she and Kalel had fast regeneration for wounds that weren't that deep. As long as their vital organs weren't hit, they would heal. That was how hard it was to kill them, and so it was for Aku Moonchester.

As soon as the sword impaling them was gone, she and Kalel literally turned their backs on each other.

She kicked Aku Moonchester in the face hard enough to send him flying.

Even without turning around to look, she knew that Kalel was dealing with Elis who attacked him as soon as the sword was pulled out.

"Lord Kalel," she said while summoning her flame. She didn't want to take her eyes off of Aku Moonchester so she didn't turn to her husband even though she wanted to. Instead, she just believed in her heart that they would have all the time in the world to spend together later. "Don't die on me."

"I won't not after your sweet promise," Kalel promised, making her giggle like a lovesick fool that she was. "Let's figure it out together this time, Soleil."

"This time," Soleil whispered to herself with a smile. "We really learned a lot of good stuff in this lifetime as Tilly and Kiho."


AINSWORTH was shocked when he finally caught up with the Black Serpent Knights.

Shit, what happened?

Most of the knights looked like they just woke up with a terrible headache.

He didn't know what exactly happened but he can guess based on the awful smell in the air. And he could still feel the trace of a strong Mana released around the area.

The smell of Moonflowers and the remains of the Mana unique to Aku's sister

He growled lowly.

That kid emperor is still as cunning as ever.

His thoughts were cut-off when he heard a loud cry from a child. He turned around to see a knight comforting a young boy. And then, he noticed that the knight wore the badge of a captain.

"You," Ainsworth said to the captain when he reached them. Much to his surprise, the captain and the knights around him drew their sword and pointed their weapons at him. He didn't want to start a fight so he raised his arms in surrender. "I'm here under the Supreme's order."

"Supreme?" the captain asked with furrowed brows. "Who's that?"

Instead of explaining, he just put a hand on top of the captain's head.

Before the knights could even move to attack him because of his sudden movement, he growled loud enough to knock everyone out. The only people who remained awake and standing were the captain and the child hugging the captain's leg.

The knights need to sleep anyway to completely get rid of the Moonflowers' effect.

Anyway, the captain looked like he was in a daze right now. And that was because she was showing him the memories of when the Supreme gave him the order to support the squad.

Well, I just revealed the Supreme's identity but if the squad is an ally, then it's alright.

"You," he said to the young boy who stopped crying. He liked that he didn't look afraid of him. There was fire in his eyes, and Mana warm enough to tell him that the child was a Fire Mage. "Why are you crying?"

The young boy let go of the captain's leg before he spoke. "When I came back to my senses, my younger brother was already gone."

The princess kept the knights alive and only took a child with her?

That only meant that the child must be special.

"Sir, you're an ally, aren't you?" the young boy asked.

He raised a brow at him. "And how did you know that?"

"Because I know who the Supreme is," the child answered. "If she sent you here to help us, then it means she trusts you."

Hearing from a Fire Mage that the Supreme trusted him made him feel so proud of himself. "That's right," he confirmed with a grin. "The Supreme trusts me."

"Then, can you help me?" the young boy pleaded. "I need to find my brother."

His smile disappeared when he heard that. "I can't do that," he said while shaking his head. "We need to get away from here, boy."

"But my brother"

"The princess took your brother," he said even though he didn't see it himself. But he had to say something to shut the boy. "I can fight the princess, but that wasn't the Supreme's order. My top priority is to bring everyone to the North."

The child looked confused. "But why would the princess take my brother?"

"Who knows what goes in a lunatic's mind?" he said with a shrug. "Anyway, I'm pretty sure that your brother is still alive. If the princess took him instead of killing him, that means she needs your brother."

"I don't care. I still need to find my brother," the child insisted. "If I have to do it alone, I will."

"The Supreme told me to bring everyone to the North," he snarled to intimidate the child. "Since I arrived when your brother isn't here anymore, I won't add him to the lives I need to protect." He pointed a finger at the feisty young Fire Mage. "However, you're here when I arrived so you're not going anywhere."

The young Fire Mage just smirked at him. Then, he ran away.

He laughed at his cute attempt at escaping him.

That's right a Fire Mage should be as feisty as the Supreme!

However, he couldn't allow the boy to chaste after the princess. If he did, the young Fire Mage would only die. The Supreme would be more disappointed in him if that happened.

"I'm sorry, young Fire Mage," Ainsworth said when he caught the resisting child. Of course, no one could outrun him on land. When the Fire Mage tried to heat up his body in an attempt to burn him, he growled loud enough to put out his fire. Then, he covered the child's eyes with his hand. "I have to bring you all safely to the North."


TILLY breathed fire at Aku Moonchester causing his whole body to be engulfed in red flame as he dropped to the ground.

His agonizing scream was music to her ears.

To stop the dumb emperor from rolling to the ground as if doing so would put out her fire, she stepped on his bleeding chest.

He glared at her.

She just smirked while looking down at him.

To be honest, she wasn't satisfied yet. Her flame wasn't strong enough to inflict much damage in his body. Yes, he was writhing in pain because of the heat. Still, her flame couldn't burn his skin as much as she wanted to.

His Divine Protection is still strong.

She could inflict pain in his physical body, but her flame wasn't enough to burn him alive.

F*ck you, stupid Sky God.

She raised her hand to summon her dagger but much to her shock, the weapon that manifested instead was an iron crab mallet?

What am I supposed to do with this?

She looked at the weird weapon and then, she remembered where it came from.

Right, I summoned this when I haven't retrieved my memories yet.

Her life was Tilly Prescott-Nystrom was very different from her previous life as Soleil Rosenberg. Because of the gap in their personalities, she couldn't help but feel like they were two different people.

Maybe it was because she just woke up.

I'll get used to this feeling soon.

"What are you doing, Soleil Rosenberg?" Aku Moonchester snarled. "If you kill me, your beloved Kalel Nystrom will die as well."

"I know," she said with a smirk. "I won't kill you. I will just chop off your limbs one by one until you can no longer hurt anyone. Don't worry I will keep you alive until we find a way to cut off the bind that you put in Kalel's soul."

He looked shocked by her declaration.

And then, the emperor laughed like a lunatic.

Did he finally go insane?

"Soleil Rosenberg, my foolish brother was ready to kill himself so I'd die with him," Aku Moonchester said. "If he was ready to die to get rid of me, why do you think he stopped you when you were about to kill me?"

Okay, that made her think.

Kalel was seriously ready to die with Aku. But he stopped her when she was about to stab the emperor's heart.

Now, that's really strange.

"After Kalel tied his soul to mine in order to free yours, he killed himself once he was certain that you and the Moon Serpent will get reincarnated," the emperor said with a frenzied look on his face. "That was how I died as Auro Moonchester. But do you know how I was able to reincarnate as Aku Moonchester of this lifetime?"

"I hate to entertain you but you are correct," she said. "I've always wondered how you became so powerful when you are nothing but a child who failed to be a god."

He just smirked at that. "Soleil Rosenberg, you and my foolish brother connived in the past in order to ensure the Moon Serpent's reincarnation. Your heart is inside your son right now, isn't it?"

She chose not to respond because she knew that the emperor had more to say.

"To be where I am right now, I had to steal an important organ of a fallen god," Aku Moonchester said with a smirk. "Soleil Rosenberg, where do you think the real heart of the Moon Serpent is?"

She couldn't control the gasp that got out of her mouth. "I thought you crushed it when you killed the Moon Serpent in the past"

"How can a mere human like me crush the heart of the Moon Serpent back then?" he asked in a mocking tone. "To prevent the Moon Serpent from being reborn as your son, all I had to do was steal its heart. No one said that it had to be crushed."

Her body wasn't supposed to feel cold but at that moment, the emperor's confessions were making her break into cold sweats.

"You fulfilled the condition for the Moon Serpent's reincarnation by giving your own heart to him," the emperor continued. "Since you are a being as divine as the Moon Serpent, his body accepted your heart without a problem. Thanks to that, you never bothered to look for the real heart of your son. You've become too complacent, haven't you?"

She stepped on his chest harder, making him scowl in pain. "Get to the point, Aku Moonchester."

"My heart right now doesn't really belong to me," Aku Moonchester said with a smirk. "It belongs to the Moon Serpent and Kalel knows that. So if you crush my heart, you'll lose your son forever."

She gripped the iron handle of the crab mallet harder. Kalel didn't tell me that!

"Ah, I know that look," the crazy emperor said in an amused tone. "Don't be mad at Kalel. To be fair, he only found out about it before he died. Since he just woke up, he didn't have the time to tell you about your beloved son's heart."

Her whole body burned literally because of the anger rising up in her chest.

The most frustrating part was she couldn't hurt Aku Moonchester now.

"Give my son's heart back to him," she said, lifting the iron crab mallet as a preparation for her next attack. "It will be fine as long as I ripped the heart out of you without crushing it, right?"

The emperor's arrogant smirked disappeared. "Stop!"

As if she'd stop.

But when the iron crab mallet was just about to hit Aku Moonchester's chest, a big white snake suddenly crawled around her arm and gripped it until she was forced to drop her weapon.

When the snake hissed and acted like it was about to bite her, she made her body burn.

After all, she knew that it was the White Snake and not just an ordinary snake. Her intuition was confirmed when the snake turned into a beautiful woman with white hair and golden eyes.

"Greetings, my dear mother-in-law," she said in a cold voice, then she grabbed Yumi by the hair and lit it up until her flame spread in her whole body.

"You wench!" Yumi screamed while trying to put out the fire by creating a small ball of energy that poured water in her body. But of course, her weak-ass water Mana couldn't do anything to her flame. "I will never accept you as my daughter-in-law!"

"I married Lord Kalel and not you," she snapped back, then she increased the flame to burn the wench for good. "I will also never accept you as my husband's mother. You don't have the right to claim him as your son after what you did to him."

The wench only screamed angrily at her.

She turned her back on her mother-in-law when she was sure that she'd eventually be burnt into ashes.

Catching Aku Moonchester was her top priority.

"Darling!" Yumi screamed in an agonizing and desperate voice. "Help me!"

Lord Kalel is no longer under your control, Mother, she said to herself while locking her gaze on Aku who was still lying helplessly on the ground. He won't help you this time.

But as soon as she took another step forward, it suddenly poured.

Her eyes widened in shock because it wasn't an ordinary heavy rain. The raindrops weren't simply made of water each drop was infused with the Black Serpent's unique aura.


She turned around to see Yumi lying on the ground. Her skin was a little burned but she'd live. Especially now that her flame was put out by the strange rain.

Only Lord Kalel's "rain" could extinguish my fire.

She looked up at the dark sky hoping that she was wrong.

But no she was right again.

Kalel had turned into his god form. And now, the giant Black Serpent had its huge and long body wrapped around the highest building in the temple. It was hissing angrily while looking down at him with its red eyes.

She didn't know if it was just her imagination or the full moon behind the Black Serpent turned as red as its eyes.

Wait red eyes?

When Kalel changed into his god form on his will before, the Black Serpent's eyes were gold!

Don't tell me

Her thoughts were cut-off when all of a sudden, the Black Serpent's tail snaked around her body tight. Then, it lifted her up until she was high enough to reach its eye level.

That was when she realized that Kalel was probably not himself again.

"Hey, snap out of it," she snarled in a weak voice. The grip of the Black Serpent's tail around her body was getting tighter. To be honest, it was getting harder to breathe. She tried to burn the tail but her fire couldn't even scratch the snake's scales. Damn, the rain was making her flame weak. "Wake up, Lord Kalel!"

The Black Serpent only hissed at her. Worse, the giant reptile even gripped her harder as if it wanted to crush her. Like it didn't even recognize her.

"You're not my Kalel, are you?" Tilly confronted the angry Black Serpent. "I've spent my past lifetime watching Lord Kalel so I can tell now if he's himself or not. And at this very moment, you're not my husband." She summoned her flaming arrows. They manifested above her head while pointing the sharp peak at the Black Serpent. "Leave my Kalel alone, you beast!"

"My lady, shouldn't you be more worried about yourself?"

Tilly gasped when she heard Elis's voice behind her. No!

"It's time," Elis said. Then, he stabbed her in the back until his hand reached her heart. "It's time that you come back to me, Soleil."


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