Mommy Villainess Chapter 179

179 Star Crossed Lovers
"YOU'RE STILL alive, huh?" Kalel asked Elis Ripperton, the Blue Dragon, as he blocked his kick with his arm. "I should have frozen you to death back then."

"As if you could," Elis snarled, then he summoned his infamous tornado to attack him. "Will you please die now for me, Kalel Moonchester?"

"It's Nystrom," he said. "I'm not related to the Moonchesters in any way."

When he was caught inside the tornado, he released his water Mana. Then, he created a giant rectangular box made of his ice Mana that trapped the tornado inside. He filled the coffin-like ice-box with water until the tornado turned into a brinicle instead.

As soon as the tornado had become nothing but an ice stalactite, he broke the "ice coffin" that he created.

Then, he used the water inside it to attack Elis.

But the Blue Dragon just waved his hand and the direction of his water attack drifted away from him.

"I guess there's a reason why you were chosen as a god," he said, slightly impressed at how Elis could fight at par with him. Maybe it was time to get serious now. "I should show my respect to you as a fellow Beast God." He opened his right hand and summoned Kei his ice staff. "Let's get this done and over with, Elis."

It looked like Elis got serious as well because he summoned his two white fans. Those weapons of his could create the nastiest tornadoes. "Come at me, Black Serpent."

He wasn't one to turn down a challenge.

But he didn't attack first just because of the Blue Dragon's challenge. He just really wanted to end it once and for all.

He swung his staff and it hit Elis's fan that was as hard as steel.


He was about to jump backwards to prepare for another attack. But much to his surprise, the Blue Dragon suddenly grabbed him by the wrist.

It surprised him because Elis never touched him during a fight before.

He's a long-range fighter after all.

"Kalel Nystrom, I want to believe that I am the strongest Beast God," Elis said seriously. "But I know that for Winchell and Ainsworth, you will always be the strongest."

"They aren't wrong so don't get mad at them," he said bluntly. "I really am the strongest Beast God."

The Blue Dragon smirked bitterly. "That's the reason why I swallowed my pride and asked for his help."

He had a bad feeling about that so he pulled his hand from his grasp.

It was too late though.

He saw a familiar mark in his arm a mark that almost made his knees buckle.

"You look terrified, Kalel Nystrom," Elis said with a smirk. "Do you recognize the mark in your arm?"

How can he not recognize the mark of his own father?

As soon as he figured out what just happened, the sky started to become darker than it already was. And then, came the cold breeze caused by what was about to come.


"No," Kalel whispered when he felt his father's life force entering his system. "Go away!"


"S-STAY AWAY from the young lord and Miss Luna!"

Roarke let out a deep sigh when a woman wearing a commoner's clothes appeared. Her whole body was shaking but she looked determined while pointing a branch of tree at him. He also noticed that she had cuts all over her body.

Right, we saw a broken carriage a few meters behind the carriage where we found the Young Master and the Moon Priestess.

They didn't bother to check on the people inside the carriage because their only priority was to save the young lord.

"Are you a servant of the Nystroms?" Roarke asked the woman. "If you are, then you shouldn't worry. I'm a follower of Lady Nystrom and I'm here to protect the young lord. If I have intentions to harm the Young Master and Lady Luna, I wouldn't look after them. Would I?"

The woman fell silent as if she was contemplating whether to believe him or not. In the end, she let out a relieved sigh. "Are the Young Master and Miss Luna alright?"

He nodded, then he motioned for the young lord and the Moon Priestess. "You can check on them. I won't hurt you."

She finally broke into tears as she ran towards the two. "Lord Winter Miss Luna"

"Lord Winter?"

So, that was the young lord's name, huh?

Supreme, you're really a lovesick fool. You named your son after the Black Serpent's favorite season? How come you still love him that much even with your memories sealed?

His thoughts were cut-off when it suddenly rained heavily

and it wasn't an ordinary rain either.

"No," Roarke whispered to himself, then he looked up at the dark sky with fear in his different-colored eyes. "The Black Serpent"

Where the f*ck is Crawford?!


TILLY coughed blood when she felt Elis squeezed her heart painfully.

This bastard is trying to rip my heart out!

She didn't want to use her full power because she just awakened. But she had no choice now. She made her body burn and used the hottest flame that she could muster.

And that kind of flame could only come out from her heart.

Elis screamed in pain and pulled his hand out of her chest.

Thankfully, he didn't manage to rip her heart out.

"Supreme, please let me out now," Sentinel, who was still inside her heart, begged her. "I just can't stay here and watch them hurt you any further!"

"No you have to stay there," Tilly told Sentinel in her mind. "Their target is my heart. It originally belonged to Brother Wixx so you have to guard it. If something bad happens to me, you have to take away the heart and hide it no matter what."

After that, she cut off their connection.

She made her body burn even more until the Black Serpent hissed as if it was in pain. The heat of her body made the giant snake loosen its grip around her.

Just a little more

"What the f*ck are you doing to our Supreme?!"

She gasped, then she looked up at the sky to see Jameson Crawford lighting up the darkness with his bright, orange flame. "Jameson"

Jameson screamed at the top of his lungs while the flame around his body grew bigger.

Then, several huge rocks engulfed in his orange flame appeared. When he waved his hand, the flaming rocks flew towards the head of the Black Serpent. Some flew at Elis.

Ah, yes. He calls that attack as 'Flaming Comets,' if I remember it right.

The Black Serpent hissed and it completely dropped her this time.

Of course, she used her flame to break her fall. She was able to land gracefully but she didn't have the time to even take a minute of rest. As soon as her feet touched the ground, Elis came at her with his fans.

God, he is so annoying.

She summoned her golden bow but instead of her flaming arrow, she used the golden one instead. Elis looked surprised by her action. She didn't give him a chance to think and let go of the golden arrow at his direction.

Elis snarled at her, but then he jumped so high as if he wanted to escape from her weapon.

He couldn't though.

The golden arrow followed Elis and it wouldn't stop until it hit him. The only way to stop the golden arrow was to destroy it. But the Blue Dragon better do it quickly. After all, if the golden arrow was still "alive" after five minutes, it will combust and create a huge, huge flame.

Good luck, Elis.

She looked up at Jameson and scowled when she saw him fighting the hissing Black Serpent. Well, she knew that he was just doing his job. But it still hurt her to see her Kalel being attacked by her Keeper.

Hang in there, Lord Kalel, she said to herself. I'll think of a way to help you.

"Ah, I forgot to ask you something, Soleil Rosenberg."

She turned around to see Aku Moonchester being tended by Yumi now. Her dear mother-in-law was glaring at her while the emperor was giving her a snide smirk.

"Do you remember your second child?" Aku Moonchester asked with a laugh. "Or did you forget about him on purpose?"

Her brows furrowed in confusion.

I have a second child?

She felt a sharp pain in her temple as an unfamiliar memory started to play in her mind

"Lord Kalel, it's gone!" Soleil cried while clutching her now empty stomach. She was already on her sixth month of pregnancy. But when she woke up, the baby in her womb was gone. "Our baby is gone!"

Kalel looked shocked by what she said. "What do you mean the baby is gone?"

She didn't know how it happened either.

The two of them ran away in secret after making both their families believe that they had ended up hating each other. The Fire Mage Clan believed that she was in her family's temple to prepare for war. On the other hand, the Moonchesters thought that Kalel went to the North to train and summon another powerful weapon for the upcoming war, too.

But the truth was they were in the shrine of the Moon Priestess.

They conceived their second child in secret. Aside from Luna, no one else knew that she was pregnant. There was no way the Moon Priestess would betray them!

"I don't know but I think our baby was stolen," Soleil said between sobs. Then, she held Kalel's hands in her trembling hands. "Lord Kalel, what do we do now? I feel like I'm about to go crazy!"

She hadn't moved on from the loss of their first child yet.

It sounded cruel to conceive a second child and use the baby as a vessel for her heart that they would give to the Moon Serpent later. But still, that didn't mean that they would love their second child any less.

The child that came from her and Kalel would be precious to them, of course.

But now, the baby was gone.

She lost another child.

"It could only be the Moonchesters, Lord Kalel," Soleil said, anger rising up in her chest rapidly. "They are the only people capable of doing something this evil"

"We'll find our baby, Soleil," Kalel promised her. Just like her, he looked very angry. But it seemed like he was holding back her anger for her sake. "For now, please take a rest," he begged her with worry in his voice. Then, he pulled her for a tight hug. "We will make them pay for everything that they have done to us."

Tilly's tears rolled down her face as she clutched her stomach.

Yes, now she remembered. She had a second child with Kalel. But the baby was stolen. And then one day

a pregnant woman claiming that her baby was Kalel's son.

"They stole my second child," Tilly said, then she screamed at the top of her lungs. If she wouldn't do that, she'd go crazy. "Give me back my child!"

And then, the ground shook hard.

After all, all the volcanoes in the whole empire just erupted because of the Supreme Fire Mage's wrath.


"DISTRACTION," Aku said with a smirk while watching Lady Nystrom go insane with anger. "You taught me that, Lady Nystrom," he said, then he turned to Yumi. "Do it now. This is the only chance that we have."

Yumi nodded, then she transformed into her form as the White Snake.

He was a bit startled by the hard shaking of the ground due to Lady Nystrom's anger.

But it was exactly the distraction that they needed.

Aside from my brother, your nasty temper is still your weakness, Supreme.

"It was nice meeting you again, Soleil Rosenberg," Aku whispered to himself when he saw the White Snake coil around the Supreme's leg. "Now, have a deep slumber and forget everything."



Jameson stopped attacking the Black Serpent when he heard the Supreme's loud cry. When he looked down at where she was, his eyes widened when he saw her standing still while the White Snake was wrapped around her leg.

And that f*cking snake bit the Supreme!

He flew down and caught Lady Rosenberg before she hit the ground.

Shit, I need to bring her to Sinclair!

"Leaving now, aren't you?"

Jameson glared at the kid emperor who was smirking at them right now. If only Lady Rosenberg wasn't in danger, he would love to stay and roast the f*ck out of him. "We will f*cking return, you f*cking fake emperor," he told Aku Moonchester in a cold voice. "And once we come back, we will f*cking burn your f*cking empire to f*cking ashes."

Aku Moonchester laughed like a maniac that he was. "F*ck off, Keeper."

Jameson gave the emperor a nasty middle finger before he shot up the sky with the unconscious Supreme in his arms. Before he disappeared, he gave a "farewell gift" in the form of hundreds of his Flaming Comets that he dropped from the sky.

We f*cking lost this time.


ROARKE was instantly devastated when he saw Crawford arrive with an unconscious Lady Rosenberg in his arms.

The rain had already stopped, but it seemed like they still lost the battle this time.

It didn't matter though.

As long as we have the Supreme and the young lord, we can always bounce back.

"Sinclair, hurry," Crawford told him. "The Supreme was bitten by the White Snake!"

"What?" Roarke asked with furrowed brows. "I sent you to the Supreme so nothing like that would happen!"

"I'm sorry, okay? I got distracted by the Black Serpent!" he said with frustration. "Scold me later. For now, we need to make sure that the Supreme is alright."

He glared at Crawford. "Lay her down," he said.

Crawford looked surprised when he saw that the blanket that he laid on the ground had barely enough space for the Supreme.

Ah, right.

The female servant kept crying a while ago so he made her sleep.

"Don't be rude," Sinclair scolded Crawford. "The woman is a loyal servant of the Supreme. She said that the Supreme assigned her as the young lord's nanny. We have to respect Lady Rosenberg's decision and bring the woman with us."

"As long as she's not a f*cking enemy, I'm fine with it," Crawford said, then he carefully put the Supreme next to the Moon Priestess.

He knelt beside the Supreme and held her wrist, then he closed his eyes.

Aside from being a Fire Mage, he was also a Healing Mage. He could detect what kind of illness his patients had by simply touching them. It was a very useful ability for them.

"How's the Supreme?" Crawford asked impatiently. "She's going to live, isn't she?"

"Lady Rosenberg wasn't poisoned," Roarke said, then he opened his eyes while looking at the Supreme's face with furrowed brows. "Her memories seem to be missing though."


AKU looked down at the unconscious Kalel lying helplessly on the ground while the White Snake was biting his leg. "Fool," he said. "I already told you that you can't win against me."

After Yumi was done with her job, she transformed back into her human form. Then, she cradled Kalel in her arms. "My poor child," she said. "Don't worry, my little Nystrom. Once you wake up, everything will be back to normal. You'll finally forget about that wench."

The "venom" that he created for Lady Nystrom and Kalel better work.

After all, he spent more than half of his Mana to create the venom that could erase their memories. He was in that weak, pathetic state because of that.

I became the Supreme's punching bag so the venom better be effective this time.

"Why did you let Soleil be taken away by her Keepers?!"

He turned around to see a fuming Elis.

The Blue Dragon just came back after dealing with the golden arrow. He returned a little too late though. Lady Nystrom was just taken away by her Keeper with a dirty mouth.

"We have to let go of the Supreme for now," Aku said, then he tapped Elis's shoulder. "We will get her and the Moon Serpent next time."

He lost a lot tonight.

But the important thing was he successfully tore Kalel and Lady Rosenberg apart.

The star-crossed lovers must never be together again.


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