Mommy Villainess Chapter 180

180 History Repeating Itself
"A FLOATING island," Luna said to herself in disbelief. "It's really an island but I didn't expect it to be up in the sky."

She was talking about the "island that worships the sun" the one that they were supposed to find if they went to Mount Sola.

Who would have thought that "Mount Sola" was actually a floating ship?

I still can't believe all of this

When she woke up, she was already travelling with two of the Supreme's Keepers. Thankfully, the Keepers managed to save Lady Nystrom, Lord Winter, and even Isabelle.

Thankfully, before they left the Royal Capital, Lady Nystrom already revealed herself to Isabelle, Louisa, and David as a Fire Mage. It was part of the "seeds" that she planted. She risked revealing her identity to see if her servants were really loyal to them.

The duchess is really smart.

And well-loved, if she must say.

After all, the servants remained loyal to her despite the risk that they had to take since they decided to continue serving the Nystroms.


She had been travelling with the Keepers for a few days now.

First, they went to the Redsun Desert using Roarke Sinclair's ability to open portals. When they arrived there, they were greeted by giant sand Crades that the Keepers easily dealt with. Then, they reached Mount Sola and climbed it by feet.

When they arrived at the peak of the mountain, it suddenly transformed into a giant ship that could only be activated by a certain amount of fire. Of course, it had to come from a Fire Mage. The two Keepers used a huge amount of their Mana to make the giant ship float and become invisible for a safer flight.

To say that she was shocked would be an understatement.

The amount of Mana the Keepers have is insane!

She planted her hands on the glass window. From where she stood, all she saw was white clouds. According to the Keepers, it will take a few more days before they reached the island.

So this is why the Moonchesters couldn't find the Fire Mages until now.

Who would have thought that they were living in a floating island?

"Miss Luna."

Luna turned around to see Isabelle carrying the sleeping Winter in her arms. "Have you changed Lady Nystrom's clothes, Isabelle?"

"Yes, Miss Luna," Isabelle said with a smile. Even though she already had her hands full with taking care of Winter alone, the maid still never failed to look after Lady Nystrom as well. "We can film her now."

She smiled and nodded. "Thank you, Isabelle."

Ever since the first day that they left the Royal Capital with the Keepers, they had been filming the condition of Lady Nystrom and Winter. They were using the "CCTV" made of spirit stones that Mr. Amilo created in such a short notice before.

The documenting part was also one of the seeds that the duchess planted.

So, Lady Nystrom, please weak up now.

"Lady Luna, Miss Isabelle?"

They turned around to see Roarke Sinclair. He bowed to them as a greeting. Thank goodness one of the Keepers had manners. The other one had a nasty temper and a dirty mouth.

But she had to admit that the vulgar one was very loyal to the duchess.

Jameson Crawford only leaves the Supreme's side if she needs a bath or a change of clothes.

"The ingredients that you requested have been prepared. Thankfully, Crawford has a sweet tooth so we always pack ingredients for making pastries," Roarke Sinclair informed them politely. "May I know what the cake you plan to bake is for?"

Isabelle got emotional right away while rocking Winter in her arms. "It's for Lady Nystrom, Sir Sinclair," she said in a cracked voice. "Tomorrow is Lady Nystrom's birthday."

Roarke looked surprised.

Well, Lady Nystrom's birthday in this lifetime is different from her birthday when she was born as the Supreme Fire Mage.

"Isabelle, please start preparing," Luna said while gently patting the maid's back. "I'll look after Winter for the meantime."

Isabelle nodded, then she carefully placed Winter in her arms. Then, she bowed to them politely before she went to the kitchen.

"Lady Luna, the young lord seems to be sleeping a lot ever since we left the empire," Roarke Sinclair said worriedly. "Is Lord Winter alright?"

"Lord Winter is naturally a sleepyhead," she assured him. "But I think he's sleeping a lot these days because he's trying to enter Lady Nystrom's mind. The young lord is probably finding ways to wake her up, which is very understandable. His father was already taken away from him. He's definitely scared of losing his mother this time."

"We won't let that happen," Roarke Sinclair said firmly. "We won't lose the Supreme again."

She just nodded in agreement.

"Lady Luna, in behalf of all the Keepers and the Fire Mages, can I ask a favor?"

"It depends on the favor, Sir Sinclair."

"Now that we know that the kid emperor erased the Supreme's memories, can you please not tell her anything about the Black Serpent when she wakes up?" Roarke Sinclair asked. "We want to keep the Supreme and the young lord in the island for her safety."

"I'm sorry but I can't do that," Luna said firmly. "If you dare to completely erase the Black Serpent from Lady Nystrom's memories, you will have to fight me and the young lord."


AKU SCREAMED in anger after he heard the news.

He literally flipped the tea table causing everything on it to break after hitting the floor.

"What did you say?" Aku asked while glaring at Sir Gregory who delivered the news to him. "Repeat what you just reported to me, Sir Gregory."

Sir Gregory looked nervous as he repeated the words that he just said a while ago. "After Her Royal Highness Princess Nia used her mind manipulation on the servants of House Nystrom, a strange bright light erupted from them. And then, when we were on our way back to the Royal Palace, we heard a commotion in the plaza. I went out to investigate what was going on and then" He paused to gulp before he continued. "I saw thousands of flyers scattered on the ground. Most of the people in the plaza had already picked up the flyers and had read the content both the nobles and the commoners present there. Apparently, those flyers were found all over the empire."

He let out another howl.

The flyer that Sir Gregory mentioned was an announcement that revealed Nia's infertility and almost everyone in the empire had read it already.

According to the mage that the old knight consulted a while ago, it seemed like the flyers came from a strong spell that was activated after Nia touched the servants of House Nystrom. After hearing that, he realized that the revelation of his beloved's condition was a "gift" from Lady Nystrom.

She knew that I wouldn't leave her servants alone so she prepared that spell as revenge.

There wasn't anyone in the duchess's side who could execute her wicked plans except for the witch with pink eyes.

The witch that can fix Nia's body.

"Your Majesty, your advisors, the House of Lords and the House of Commons, and the elders of the White Tower are here to see you," Sir Gregory said after he took a call a while ago.

"The news about Her Royal Highness's condition had probably reached them," he added in a hesitant voice. "Should I ask them to leave?"

"No, I can't run away from this," he said while trying to calm down. "If I don't fix this issue soon, the people might rebel against the royal family."

Curse you, Lady Nystrom.

The old knight nodded in agreement. "Your Majesty, how about Lord Nystrom? Will you really let him stay in House Nystrom?"

"Yumi erased his memories and Nia already brainwashed the servants of House Nystrom," he said. "It would be better for him to stay with the servants that will remind him every day that his wife didn't only "betray" him but she also took their son away from him. I want him to live in a place surrounded by people who now hate Lady Nystrom."

"I understand," Sir Gregory said, then he bowed to her. "I will bring the guests to the meeting hall, Your Majesty."

"Yes, do that," Aku said while walking away. "I need to talk to Nia first."


LOUISA, the head maid of House Nystrom, could finally breathe after Her Royal Highness Princess Nia and her people finally left the estate.

Just like what Lady Nystrom expected, the royal family really came.

Technically, brainwashing the servants of House Nystrom didn't physically harm them. Still, mind controlling them to make them think that Lady Nystrom betrayed Lord Nystrom and ran away with their son was still an attack.

The royal family is really despicable.

To be honest, she was shocked when Lady Nystrom revealed that the emperor was after her life because she was the Supreme Fire Mage.

But she was even more shocked when the duchess told them that they weren't obligated to obey her orders. That she would understand if they chose to leave because of how dangerous the situation was. She even assured them that she would protect and financially support them if they chose to live a normal life instead.

At that very moment, she knew that the duchess was worth serving.

Thankfully, David felt the same.

We will live and die for the Nystroms.

"Louisa, I already threw away the Moonflowers that Her Royal Highness left," David, the head butler, whispered. Right now, the two of them were having a secret meeting inside the treasury room of the mansion. It was the safest place for them to talk because only the two of them had the key to the treasury room. And Lady Nystrom gave them the keys for that very reason. Her Royal Highness's mind manipulation is really strong. The other servants seem to be harboring ill-feelings towards Lady Nystrom now."

"Lady Nystrom said that the royal family will definitely attack us," she said worriedly. "But she probably didn't expect that Her Royal Highness will brainwash the servants of the mansion." She touched the gem in the ribbon of her uniform. "Thankfully, Miss Luna still gave us a charm that will protect us from any kind of spell or magic."

The butler nodded, then he touched the same gem embedded in his bowtie. "We have to wear this all the time."

"I feel bad that only the two of us weren't affected by the brainwashing," she said. "But we still have to do our job. The duchess trusts us and we can't disappoint her."

"We have to stay strong until Lady Nystrom and Lord Winter return," David said determinedly. "We will protect Duke Nystrom until then."

"We have to do our job well," Louisa said with the same resolve as David. Then, she fixed the hairpin in her hair. It had a very small gem that also worked as a "CCTV." "We will record and document every single thing that will happen in House Nystrom from now on."


"YOUR POSITION as the captain of the Blue Dragon Knights was taken away from you," Noel Sherwood's mother scolded him. "What do you plan to do now?"

Noel Sherwood groaned in complaint. He had just finished dressing up when his angry mother barged in his room. "Mother, I'm already the duke of our family," he reminded her while fixing the cufflinks of his shirt. "Why are you still scolding me?"

It had been almost a week since the night they lost.

He was attacked by a giant white snake but thankfully, her mother's people found him and saved him from dying from venom. Since he was stronger than normal Mana users, he recovered fast and now, he was back to his usual state of health.

Unfortunately, two days ago, Sir Gregory came into his estate to inform him that he had been "released" from his position for failing his duties. He didn't state what kind of duty he failed though. But he didn't question the decision because he already expected that.

I bet His Majesty will appoint my ancestor as the new captain of the Blue Dragon Knights.

He didn't care about that. As long as he wasn't separated from his dear Duke Nystrom, he would accept any kind of "punishment." And the emperor definitely knew that.

That's exactly why he hasn't killed me yet.

"You just recovered, Noel," his mother said in her usual strict voice. "Where do you think you're going?"

"Mother, I may no longer be the captain of the Blue Dragon Knights. But I'm still a duke and a member of the House of Lords," Noel Sherwood reminded his mother with a sweet smile. "I still have a job to do."

Lady Nystrom, I will follow your orders for now.


"NIA, do you know how the people are reacting at the news of your infertility?"

Nia calmly sipped her tea. She was having a peaceful moment in her room when her brother barged in angrily. "I know," she said, then she elegantly put the teacup down on the coaster. Then, she looked up at Aku. "They probably want me to step down as the future empress." She snapped her dainty fingers just to annoy her brother. "Ah, that will be too light of a punishment. Maybe your people want me exiled or worse" She did a slashing motion in her neck using her hand. "Perhaps they want to see a royal princess beheaded."

"Nia," Aku called her name coldly. "I'm serious."

"You're not going to choose me over the throne, are you?" she asked him with a smirk.

He let out a frustrated sigh. "I'm headed for a meeting after this," he said, changing the topic. "The advisors, the House of Lords and House of Common, and the elders of the White Tower are here. They will definitely demand that I remove you as my betrothed. And you're right, that won't be enough for them. However, I will not allow you to be executed."

"I will be exiled then," she said, then she sipped her tea again.

"You really can't wait to get away from me, huh?" he asked bitterly. When she didn't respond, he continued. "I will still keep an eye on you, Nia. And don't worry I won't let anyone else steal your position. You will still be the future empress of this empire."

"What will you do?" she asked lazily. "Change the law so that an infertile empress will be allowed to rule the empire with you?"

"I found somebody who can fix your infertility."

She dropped the teacup on the table.

Thankfully, it was already empty so she wasn't burned or anything.


"I'll do everything to find that witch and fix your body," Aku said firmly. "You're the only woman worthy to be my empress, Nia."

She looked up at him with a glare. "Do you think your people will wait for you to find that witch? We're not getting younger, Aku. Those people are desperate for you to have an heir."

"You don't have to worry about that," he said coldly. "You found the second child of Lady Rosenberg and Kalel, didn't you? He can be the "child of the prophecy" now that Winter Nystrom is gone."

Her brows furrowed in confusion. "Are you crazy? The second child is older than Winter Nystrom. And I already brainwashed the servants of House Nystrom that the duchess took her son with her. How will you explain that?"

"We just have to say that we managed to get him back," he said casually. "And we don't have to show the second child to other people yet. Once he grows up a little, no one can tell that he's a few months older than he should be. If my people want proof that he's really the son of Kiho, they can do that. After all, the second child belongs to Lady Rosenberg and Kalel anyway."

"Are you planning to make the second child your heir?"

He nodded. "They can't refuse the "child of the prophecy" as my heir. And now that Saint Forrester is gone, we can easily control the church," he said. "But don't worry, Nia. As soon as your body gets fixed, we'll make our own child."


"I will appoint the second child as my heir to shut the critics," Aku said firmly. "But I will never officially name him as the crown prince." He caressed her cheek with the back of his hand. "That position only belongs to our future son, my beloved Nia."

Nia could only close her eyes to hold back her tears. Damn you, Aku.


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