Mommy Villainess Chapter 186

186 Keeper Of The Keepers
"TILLY, I think Lord Winter is going crazy from boredom."

Tilly laughed at what Luna said. "What is my son doing now?"

"I saw him practicing an apology speech," Luna said, then she sat on the sofa across her. "I think he wants to apologize to Solenn but his prides keeps him from doing so." She sighed and shook her head. "Lord Winter's pride is bigger than his little body."

She laughed again. "He's been locked up in the house for almost a week now. I told him he can only come out when he's ready to apologize to Solenn."

It was the witch's turn to laugh. "Ah, I see. No wonder the young lord looked like he wanted to punch himself while practicing his apology speech."

Right now, they were in her office in their house.

Their next meeting with Solaris and the Keepers would take place once Wong and Sentinel returned. They were free until then. But that didn't mean they had nothing else to do.

After all, she and Luna never stopped working since day one.

"How are you, Luna?" she asked while pouring tea in her teacup. "Have you retrieved new memories recently?"

Luna shook her head. "No matter how hard I try, I still can't remember where I hid the Holy Scepter in my previous life. Lord Solaris told me that I shouldn't be too hasty. He said I could lose my mind if I force myself to remember everything."

"You should listen to Solaris," she said, then she sipped tea before she continued. "We don't need the Holy Scepter for now so take it easy, Luna."

The witch sipped tea first before she talked. "I know that, Tilly. But I want to be of help in any way I can."

"Thank you, Luna," she said sincerely. "Your past self also did a good job. You sealed your memory of the Holy Scepter very well."

She let out a frustrated sigh. "I sealed it so well that even I can't crack it now."

"True," she said with a laugh. "But to be honest, if memories were easy to retrieve, we would never be in this situation. In fact, I heard from Solaris that humans are forbidden to remember their past lives. Only a handful like us are stubborn enough to break the law of nature."

The witch nodded in agreement. "That's why I'm very amazed by your idea, Tilly. Thanks to the videos that you recorded before we left the Royal Capital five years ago, it became easy for me to explain what was going on when you lost your memory. But the most useful video that we have was the video of your fight with the emperor. I'm glad the recorded video was clear."

Apparently, she put a hidden camera in herself when she fought Aku Moonchester.

When they played the video, they discovered a lot of important things because of the emperor's big mouth during the fight.

Also, she noticed several other stuff because she played the video every single day.

"Thanks to those videos, we were able to create a cohesive plan," Tilly said. "But the clues that Wong and Sentinel found about my brother's location is an unexpected variable. Solaris told me that Wong might push for Wixx's rescue first before I return to the empire."

The mention of her brother's name made Luna blush. But she immediately caught herself and became composed again. "Of course, it's very important for us to rescue the Red Phoenix. Still, I'm on your side, Tilly. If you descend back to earth with Lord Wixx, the emperor and the b*tchy princess will focus on your brother. If that happens, I doubt it if they'll even consider the deal that we plan to offer to them."

"I know, right?" she said while shaking her head. "But you know how stubborn Wong is. And the Keepers listen to him even Solaris. After all, he's the de facto leader."

"If the plan gets delayed, I bet Lord Winter will be disappointed again," Luna said worriedly. "The young lord is really looking forward to be reunited with his father."

"I also want him to reunite with his daddy the soonest. But I can't be selfish," Tilly said with a smile. "This is one of the burdens that I need to carry as the Supreme Fire Mage."


"MOMMY, when will we prepare to leave the island?"

Tilly felt her chest tightened because of Winter's question.

She just tucked him into bed and was about to leave his room when he asked her about their departure. For a few seconds, she just sat still on the edge of the bed while thinking of an excuse. But she realized that her son was smart so lying to him wouldn't work.

"Winter, our departure might get delayed," Tilly said to her son honestly. "Something came up."

"It's the Keepers, isn't it?" Winter asked with a frown. "I've always known that the Fire Archmage and the Keepers don't want you to leave the island, Mommy. They won't stop making excuses because they don't want to lose you again."

"Winter, don't say that," she scolded her son. "Wong and Sentinel found clues as to where your Uncle Wixx may have been locked up. They want to prioritize rescuing the Red Phoenix first before we descend back to the empire."

"But what if it takes years before you rescue Uncle Wixx?" he complained. "Can't you just send another group to save my uncle?"

"I already suggested that," she said. "But we haven't reached a conclusion because we're still waiting for Wong and Sentinel."

"Uncle Wong will definitely convince the Keepers to rescue Uncle Wixx first," he said with another frown. "Mommy, Uncle Wong hates us. He definitely doesn't want us to leave the island because he wants to torment us."

"Winter, I know that Wong is mean to us. But he's not petty," she said, then she changed the topic. To be honest, Wong was very hostile to her so she didn't have that much conviction to defend him from her son. "Don't be hasty, son. I know that you can't wait to reunite with your daddy. But we still have to be very careful."

Winter let out a frustrated sigh. "Mommy, for the past five years, another child has stayed with my dad and pretended to be me. What if Dad gets attached to Julian and he forgets about me?"

"How did you know that?"

He bit his lower lip while looking so guilty.

"It was Jameson, wasn't it?" she asked while shaking her head. "That big mouth"

Out of all the Keepers, Jameson was the closest to her son.

Knowing that Jameson was a simple-minded guy, she wouldn't be surprised if her son was able to manipulate the Keeper to tell him the information that he needed.

"Winter, you're so crafty," she complained. "I wonder where you got that from."

Her son smiled cheekily. "I got it from you, Mommy."

"I'll take that as a compliment," she said with a laugh. But she got serious right away. "Winter, we have a hunch that your father, just like me, has lost his memories. However, I still believe that he hasn't forgotten about us. That's why I know that when we see him again, he will come back to us."

"Yes, but I still don't like the fact that Julian is closer to my dad now."

Tilly felt a painful thump in her chest.

She remembered that in the video with her fight with Aku Moonchester, the emperor revealed that she had a second child with the Black Serpent.

After they watched the video, Luna confessed that she knew about the second child. According to the witch, her second son was Julian one of the young Fire Mages that they adopted as Kiho Nystrom's brothers.

Luna apologized to her and said that they didn't tell her about the second child in fear that she might lose her mind.

And it really happened.

"Mommy, are you okay?" Winter asked worriedly. "You suddenly fell quiet."

Now she was nervous.

To be honest, she hadn't told Winter about Julian yet because she thought he was too young to understand. But now that she knew how smart her son was, maybe it was time for him to know the truth.

I also don't want him to keep on getting jealous of his own brother.


"Yes, Mommy?"

"You don't have to be jealous of Julian," Tilly said, then she held his hands tight. "Winter, Julian is your real brother."

To say that Winter was shocked by her revelation would be an understatement.

All hell broke loose then.


WINTER screamed angrily in the void.

Right now, he was on the rooftop of the abandoned building that served as his little gang's "hide-out." Since it was far from the residential areas, he was free to scream at the top of his lungs even though it was already midnight.

The more he shouted, the wider the spread of his ice reached. So right now, the floor and the walls around him were already covered by his ice.

How come I have a brother?!

His mommy explained everything to him.

Apparently, Julian was the reincarnation of the second child of Soleil Rosenberg and Kalel Nystrom. Aunt Luna also said that Julian had the memories of his past life to confirm it.

No I hate it.

He also didn't know why an ungodly amount of rage rose up in his chest when he found out that Julian was his brother. He just knew that he couldn't accept it.

"He can't be my brother," Winter whispered to himself while panting. "My mommy didn't give birth to him in this lifetime." He clenched his teeth when he remembered something. "I heard that I wasn't born in the past. Isn't it unfair that Julian was born then when I wasn't? And now, he wants my parents' love and attention again?"

Once again, he screamed at the top of his lungs.

"Shut. Up."

He froze when he heard the familiar cold voice. When he turned around, his thoughts were confirmed.

Uncle Wong

"Shut up and go home," Uncle Wong said in a menacing voice while his moss green eyes were glowing. In the dark, his dark green curly, short hair appeared black. Also, his all-black ensemble made him look more intimidating. "What are you doing here at this hour?"

He wouldn't lie Uncle Wong scared him.

But he was too angry right now to care.

"If you think I'm noisy, then leave," Winter snapped at the Keeper, his golden eyes glowing menacingly now.

"F*ck those golden eyes," Uncle Wong said, his hand moving as if he was reaching for his eyes. "They remind me so much of the Black Serpent that I want to gouge them out."

The Keeper wasn't giving an empty threat.

Uncle Wong released his bloodlust in the form of a very heavy presence that made him freeze from where he stood.

Then, his body started to shake uncontrollably from fear.

He wanted to at least close his eyes because he had a feeling that Uncle Wong would really gouge his golden orbs. But he couldn't even do that.

Uncle Wong is really the strongest Keeper even stronger than the Fire Archmage!

"If you touch my son, I'll burn you alive."

Winter was relieved to hear his mother's voice. But because of the heavy pressure coming from Uncle Wong's bloodlust, he couldn't even turn to her mommy.

But at least, Uncle Wong's hand stopped reaching for his eyes.

"I don't care if you disrespect me, Wong," his mother said in an eerily calm manner which was scarier than her screaming. "But if you lay a finger on Winter, I won't stay still."

That wasn't an empty threat.

This time, it was her mother who released her bloodlust. In just the blink of an eye, her mommy's aura overwhelmed the air around them. He could tell by the strange heat that was making him sweat now.

And I almost never sweat

Uncle Wong's bloodlust disappeared and now, he was free to move again.

When Winter turned to his mother who stood only a few meters away from them, he felt shivers down his spine.

His mommy's face looked so cold and her purple eyes were glowing menacingly.

Mommy looks very intimidating

Out of instinct, he took his gaze away from his mother. When he did, his eyes caught Uncle Wong. He then realized that he wasn't the only one affected by his mommy's bloodlust.

Uncle Wong is shaking uncontrollably.

Well, his mother's bloodlust was directed at Uncle Wong so it was an expected reaction.

But the defiance in the Keeper's face told him that his sheer stubbornness was the only reason why he remained standing.

"Greetings, Supreme," Uncle Wong greeted his mommy with a curt bow.

His mommy smirked, and then she took a step forward.

And that was all it took for Uncle Wong's knees to finally give in. Then, his head hanged low as he panted.

He was shocked to see the strongest Keeper kneel and bow before his mommy.

"I apologize, Supreme," Uncle Wong said while catching his breath. "I have no intention of hurting Lord Winter. I only wanted to scare the young lord so he would go home."

His mother's bloodlust suddenly disappeared.

"I see," his mommy said even though it was obvious by his tone that she didn't believe Uncle Wong's excuse. But it seemed like his mother decided to shrug it off. When she turned to him, he realized that his mommy ignored Uncle Wong's attempt to hurt him because she was worried of him. "Come here, my little cinnamon roll."

To be honest, Winter was still angry but he was too scared of her mother now to throw a tantrum. Before he knew it, he was already walking towards his mommy.

That was when he realized that his mother wasn't alone.

Uncle Roarke, Uncle Jameson, Aunt Kelsi, Uncle Maddox, and Uncle Braxton were around them

and each Keeper had their weapon pointed at Uncle Wong.

Ah, the other Keepers are here to keep mommy and I safe.

Winter realized that even though Uncle Wong was the leader of the Keepers, at the end of the day, his mommy was still their top priority. And he could feel that they were only "serving" him because they knew how much his mother loved him.

My mommy is really treasured by her Keepers.


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