Mommy Villainess Chapter 190

190 Hello Mother
"LADY NYSTROM, do you want some tea?"

Tilly smiled when she saw Isabelle.

She just sent Wong to get her carriage because she wanted to go somewhere. When she returned to the house, Isabelle who just came out of the kitchen greeted her.

Now that her memories as Tilly were back, she appreciated the young maid even more. But she couldn't understand one thing though. "Isabelle, I thought I asked you to go with the Black Serpents Knights five years ago?"

Isabelle gasped, then she suddenly became emotional. "Lady Nystrom, are your memories back?"

She smiled and nodded. "Yes, I remember everything about my life in this era."

The young maid wiped her tears using her hands as she explained what happened in the past. "The carriage I was during that night was at the back of the line. Just before we reached the border, a messenger from the Black Serpent Knights squad came and told me to follow Miss Luna's group instead. He said they needed back-up. Apparently, Captain Blake noticed that there was a trap waiting for us at the border. The captain also said that since I was riding an ordinary carriage without a Black Serpent Knight escort, the enemies wouldn't suspect me of being a part of the troupe. So they sent me instead to call for help."

That's so Captain Blake.

"I asked Bert, the coachman of my ride that night, to follow Miss Luna's group," Isabelle continued in a cracked voice. "When we were close to their carriage, we were suddenly attacked by knights from House Hayward."

Her brows furrowed in confusion. "House Hayward?"

Wasn't that the family that Lady Alisa belonged to?

"I am sure that it was knights from House Hayward, my lady," the young maid said firmly, anger crossing her eyes. She definitely remembered that events of that tragic knight. "I saw the carriage that went past us. It has the crest of House Hayward."

She kind of remembered Luna telling her how Isabelle survived before. But since she didn't have her memories yet, she didn't really understand the importance of that detail.

Things were different now.

According to Luna, the White Snake attacked them and abducted Kiho that time. If House Hayward was there, it only means that the two are related.

Why were b*tches hard to kill?

"Bert protected me," Isabelle continued between sobs. "I was able to run away because he fought the knights to buy me time. Luckily, I stumbled upon Lord Roarke then. He took care of the knights who went after me."

"Do you know what happened to Bert?"

Bert was the coachman who fell into a coma after she was attacked during the Hunt where she found out that she was a Fire Mage. They took care of his family after that. She remembered that he volunteered to help them the night that they tried to escape the Royal Capital.

"Lord Roarke and I tried to look for Bert," the young maid said while shaking her head. "We didn't find his body. The only things left were the broken carriage and a pool of blood."

She was glad that Isabelle survived but her heart felt heavy.

Bert, it looks like we owe your family again.

"I'm so sorry, Lady Nystrom," Isabelle said while crying hard. "If only I found Lord Roarke earlier"

"Shh. It's okay, Isabelle," Tilly said. "I'm glad that you survived. We'll make it up to Bert and his family by winning this war." She gently tapped the young maid's back. "Thank you for being a part of our family despite everything, Isabelle."


"MOMMY, I'M home."

Tilly's heart was broken when she saw Winter's terrible state when he returned to their home. He was escorted by Jameson, Braxton, and Roarke. The three looked guilty. She knew her Keepers well so they probably felt bad that Winter was punished by Solaris.

Well, she felt the same.

It's hard for me to let other people punish my son but he has to learn his lesson.

Spying on the Keepers to get confidential information was very wrong.

"Isabelle, give Winter a bath," Tilly told the young maid standing behind her. "Make sure that he won't leave the house."

"Y-Yes, my lady," Isabelle answered and the young maid sounded nervous.

Well, Isabelle can tell when I'm angry.

"M-Mommy, are you angry?" Winter asked, fear evident on his face.

"No, I'm not angry. But I'm disappointed in you, Winter," she said indifferently. "Winter, my memories are back now. I know that you have the memories of your past life."

His son looked shocked.

When she discussed the possibility of Winter having his past memories with Luna, they concluded that there must be a reason why Winter couldn't talk about it with them openly.

I mean, before Winter was born, he saved me several times. And during those moments, he spoke to me as if he knew everything that has happened in the past after I died. But if he's keeping his mouth shut right now, then he must have his reasons.

"You don't have to confirm or deny it," she continued. "But I want you to know that if you're really an adult inside, then why are you being so immature?"

It hurt her heart to scold her baby but she didn't want him to grow up selfish.

"Of course, I want you to have a normal childhood that I failed to give you in the past," she said, her voice calmer now. "But you can't act this way, Winter. Please think of the consequences of your actions."

Winter, in his past life, became a ruthless murderer because of his split personality.

That split of personality was caused by his cruel upbringing. He relieved the pressure of being the crown prince and the loneliness he must have felt for having a villainous mother like her by hurting other people.

She couldn't really blame Winter for turning out that way in the past.

But right, her son didn't have a reason to be cruel.

She was aware that Winter was being impatient because he didn't want Kiho and Lucina Morganna to end up together again. She also knew that her son was only protecting their family. But his means of doing so were wrong.

By spying on the Keepers, he put them in a tight spot.

I can't let Winter grow up selfish.

"I'm sorry, Mommy," Winter said in a very sad voice. "I'm so sorry for disappointing you."

This time, Isabelle and the three Keepers looked like they wanted to cry with Winter. But it also seemed like they were too scared of her to talk.

Now I feel like a villainess.

Tilly tore her gaze away from Winter. "We'll talk later, Winter."


TILLY left the house with a heavy heart.

She wanted to make it up to Winter as soon as possible but she wanted to give him time to reflect on his actions. Plus, when she retrieved her memories, there was one place that her heart really wanted to visit.

So here she was now, in the shrine dedicated to the people that the Fire Mage consider as "heroes." The portraits of these heroes were displayed in a spacious and elegant museum-like room with minimal furniture.

One of the portraits that were hanged on the walls was her mother's portrait Lady Marianne Prescott.

I have returned to greet you properly, Mother.

Kelsi, one of the Keepers, had already brought her in that shrine. But back then, she didn't have her memories yet so she kind of felt detached to her mother's portrait. Now that she remembered who she was, the story of how her mommy protected her tugged at his heartstrings.

"Thank you, Mother," Tilly whispered to herself as tears fell down her cheeks quietly. "Thank you for sacrificing your life for me."


MANY years ago

"WELCOME BACK, my lord," Marianne greeted Maverick Prescott, her husband, when he entered their room.

Maverick looked shocked while looking at her.

And she knew why.

After all, she was kneeling in front of him with a huge luggage behind her. It looked like her husband didn't know what to ask so she explained. If she waited for Maverick to talk, she'd have to spend the whole day kneeling.

I love my husband but sometimes, he's too quiet for his own good.

Sometimes, being married to a "man of few words" could be exhausting and frustrating. Still, her love for him never wavered.

But just because you love a person doesn't mean you're not allowed to dislike a part of them.


"We both know now that I'm a Fire Mage," Marianne said carefully, then she placed her hands on her tummy. "That means our baby is also a Fire Mages."

Maverick slowly nodded. "I know."

She waited for him to talk more but he didn't.

See? How frustrating!

"My lord, if the royal family finds out that our baby and I are Fire Mages, House Prescott will be labeled as traitors," Marianne said seriously. "I'm sorry but I have to make you choose now. Is it us or the royal"

"You," Maverick said without missing a heartbeat. "You and our baby."

Her dear husband said it without hesitation even though she just reminded him of what would happen to him if he chose them.

And he didn't even offer an explanation!

He just answered her question in the most simple way.

Simple but sincere.

Marianne couldn't help but chuckle and cry at the same time. Yes, it was sometimes frustrating that her husband was too quiet. But most of the time, it was rewarding. "My lord, I love how simple you are."

And Maverick blushed at her compliment.

Aww, my husband is so adorable.


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