Mommy Villainess Chapter 191

191 House Prescott 1
MARIANNE knew that Lady Charlotte Denver, the wife of Marquis Morgan Denver, was a woman of dignity. Lady Denver was known among the ladies to be a very upright person. No one could ever doubt her character.

So when she was approached by Lady Denver one evening at a banquet held in the Denvers's estate, she came with her and listened to every word that she said. The lady of House Denver was that charismatic.

"Lady Prescott, you're a Fire Mage," Lady Denver told her while they were in the private tea room of their mansion. Then, when she opened her right hand, a ball of fire appeared and danced on her palm. "Just like us."

She almost dropped the teacup in her hand.

To be honest, she didn't know how to react. The first thing that she felt was fear. But it wasn't because she was afraid of Lady Denver.

In fact, she was afraid for her.

The Fire Mages are considered traitors in the empire

"Lady Denver, pardon me but I can't easily believe what you're telling me," Marianne said when she found her voice. "It's not that I think you're lying. But all my life, I have never summoned fire like you do. The only strange thing I find about my Mana is how it makes my body literally hot. My skin always feels feverish even though I'm fine."

"Your unusual body temperature is a sign that you're a Fire Mage, Lady Prescott," Lady Denver said. When she closed her fingers, the flame on her palm disappeared. "Most of the Fire Mages who aren't aware of what they are lose their ability to control fire. Since you have no clue of what you are and no one told you about it before, you Mana turned weak until you lost the ability as a Fire Mage."

That made sense.

After all, she was an orphan. She didn't have parents who could tell her what she was.

"We decided to approach you because we noticed a special aura around you when you got pregnant," Lady Denver continued. "Lady Prescott, your daughter is the reincarnation of the Supreme Fire Mage."

"Daughter?" she asked in surprise, then she clutched her stomach. "You already know the gender of our child?"

Lady Denver nodded. "Our family has been waiting for the rebirth of the Supreme. We have a device that could detect her special Mana. That device pointed us to you, Lady Prescott. To be honest, we tried to conceal your Mana as a Fire Mage to protect you. But the baby in your womb is too special so we failed to hide your identity."

Hearing that made her anxious.

"If you're trying to protect me and my baby, does it mean someone is after my baby and I?" she asked, her voice filled with fear. This time, she hugged her stomach in an attempt to protect her child. "And if you failed to conceal us, does it mean that person already found out about me and my baby?"

The lady of House Denver slowly nodded. This time, she was looking at her with pity in her eyes. "Don't worry, Lady Prescott. House Denver is here to protect you and your baby," she assured her. "Our clan is loyal followers of the Supreme. The founder of our clan was a Fire Mage who survived the purge in the past. He found a way to conceal our Mana as Fire Mages. That's how House Denver managed to survive for a long time."

She knew that the things Lady Denver was saying were very important.

But to be honest, right now, she couldn't care less. She was more worried about her baby. And of course, she was scared of how her husband would react.

"Lord Prescott," Marianne said. Maverick Prescott was her husband but whenever she would refer to him in front of other people, she would call him by his proper title. And to be honest, until now, she was still used to calling him "my lord" even after being married for three years now. "Lord Prescott needs to know this."

Lady Denver sipped her tea before she spoke. "Lady Prescott, right now, Lord Prescott is with my husband. By now, Morgan has probably revealed to your husband that you and the baby in your womb are Fire Mages."

"What?!" she asked in disbelief. She grew up as an orphan but that didn't mean that she was ill-mannered. When she had her bridal lessons before her wedding with Maverick, her etiquette teacher used to compliment her for her proper manners. But this time, she couldn't help raising her voice at Lady Denver. Technically, she was higher in rank because she was the wife of the duke while the other lady was the wife of a marquis. Still, she felt bad for shouting so she immediately calmed herself down by taking a deep breath. "Lady Denver, I apologize for raising my voice. But why didn't you give me the chance to tell my husband myself about my real identity? You shouldn't have taken that chance away from me."

"I humbly apologize, Lady Prescott," Lady Denver said with a slight bow. "I know this will sound like an excuse but we have to protect you and your baby. We have to know first if Lord Prescott can accept you."

She swallowed before she asked. "What if my husband turns his back on us after he finds out the truth?"

"Then, we'll finish him off."

She already expected that response so she didn't really get surprise.

And most of all, she had faith in her husband.

Maverick almost gave up his comfortable life to be with her. If he was the type of person who cared so much about her past, then he should have given up on her a long time ago. But of course, the case now was different.

Fire Mages are the enemies of the royal family. To be honest, I will understand if my husband chooses the throne over his family. After all, House Prescott has been a part of the Royal Faction ever since the empire was built.

But despite everything, she still decided to trust her husband.

"I can see that you believe in Lord Prescott," Lady Denver said with a faint smile. "I really pray and hope that he doesn't turn his back on you, Lady Prescott."

"He won't," Marianne said, then she changed the topic when she remembered to ask something very important. Well, to be honest, she already knew the answer to her question. Still, she wanted confirmation. "Lady Denver, who is after me and my baby?"

Lady Denver smiled sadly before she answered. "Her Royal Highness Princess Nia Moonchester."


"WELCOME BACK, my lord," Marianne greeted Maverick Prescott, her husband, when he entered their room.

Maverick looked shocked while looking at her.

And she knew why.

After all, she was kneeling in front of him with a huge luggage behind her. It looked like her husband didn't know what to ask so she explained. If she waited for Maverick to talk, she'd have to spend the whole day kneeling.

I love my husband but sometimes, he's too quiet for his own good.

Sometimes, being married to a "man of few words" could be exhausting and frustrating. Still, her love for him never wavered.

But just because you love a person doesn't mean you're not allowed to dislike a part of them.


"We both know now that I'm a Fire Mage," Marianne said carefully, then she placed her hands on her tummy. "That means our baby is also a Fire Mages."

Maverick slowly nodded. "I know."

She waited for him to talk more but he didn't.

See? How frustrating!

"My lord, if the royal family finds out that our baby and I are Fire Mages, House Prescott will be labeled as traitors," Marianne said seriously. "I'm sorry but I have to make you choose now. Is it us or the royal"

"You," Maverick said without missing a heartbeat. "You and our baby."

Her dear husband said it without hesitation even though she just reminded him of what would happen to him if he chose them.

And he didn't even offer an explanation!

He just answered her question in the most simple way.

Simple but sincere.

Marianne couldn't help but chuckle and cry at the same time. Yes, it was sometimes frustrating that her husband was too quiet. But most of the time, it was rewarding. "My lord, I love how simple you are."

And Maverick blushed at her compliment.

Aww, my husband is so adorable.

Her thoughts were cut-off when Maverick quietly helped her get up from her kneeling position. "Did you doubt me, Marianne?"

"Just a little bit," she admitted with a pout. "I know that you love us. But I also know that House Prescott is loyal to the throne. To be honest, I'll understand if you choose the royal family over your own."

He looked hurt by her words. "Why would I choose the royal family who wants to kill my wife and my daughter?"

"They also told you that?" she asked, a little upset that Lord Denver also revealed their child's gender to her husband. But aside from that, she was also a little bewildered as to why her husband still looked calm despite everything. "Maverick, are you not afraid? The Denvers said that the one after me and our baby is Her Royal Highness."

"I'm afraid," he confessed in a soft voice. "I was raised as a noble that pledged his loyalty to the throne. But the fear I feel with the thought of fighting against the family that I vowed to protect is nothing compared to the fear I have with the simple thought of losing you." He gently placed a hand on her stomach. "Now that we're having a child, I'm even more determined to protect you and our family, Marianne."

Her husband rarely talked that much.

She got emotional knowing that Maverick expressed his feelings that way because he wanted to assure her. He wanted her to trust him. She really didn't deserve her husband.

"I'm so sorry, Maverick," she said while blinking her tears away. But her cracked voice failed her. "If I wasn't a Fire Mage, you won't be forced to turn your back on the Royal Family. If I wasn't a Fire Mage, our baby wouldn't be in danger." She failed holding back her tears and right now, she was already crying complete with ugly sobs. "Had I known I was a Fire Mage earlier, I wouldn't have married you."

Pain immediately crossed his eyes. "Marianne, do you really mean that?"

Her conscience kicked her right away.

"Of course not," she said while shaking her head. "I just thought your life would have been easier if you married a normal lady instead."

"I don't want a life without you, Marianne."

Okay, she cried even harder now. "Me too."

"Marianne, let's run away from the Royal Capital," Maverick said while wiping her tears off her face with his hands. "Let's live in Oakes. We'll be safer in our territory."

Marianne nodded. Now that she was pregnant, she'd do everything to keep their baby safe. If leaving the Royal Capital to leave in Oakes was one way to do that, then she'd do it. And most of all "I'll go anywhere if it's with you, Maverick."


MARIANNE swallowed hard while looking at the letter in her hands--- the letter that had Princess Nia's crest.

She had already read the content again and again but she still couldn't believe it.

"Marianne," Maverick called her as soon as he entered her office. She was in-charge of House Prescott's finance so she had her own office in her husband's grand mansion. "I heard from the head butler that you received a letter from the Royal Palace."

Her husband had beads of sweat on his forehead and he was panting. She could clearly tell that he ran to her office as soon as he heard the news. And of course, he looked very concerned.

"Maverick, it looks like we can no longer escape the Royal Capital," Marianne said with a sad smile. "Her Royal Highness requested me to be her dance teacher."


"YOUR ROYAL HIGHNESS, do you think Lady Prescott will accept your invitation?"

"Of course," Nia answered Lahara's question. Then, she sipped her tea before she continued. Right now, the two of them could talk freely because they were alone in her room. "She can't turn down an offer from a royal family member. And House Prescott is a part of the Royal Faction. They'd lose face if members of the high society find out that they rejected my invitation."

Lahara picked up a cookie from the cake stand before she spoke again. "What if Lady Prescott used her pregnancy to turn down your offer?"

She scoffed at that. "The last time I saw Lady Prescott, just before we detected a Fire Mage aura in her, she looks clueless as to what she really is. If she doesn't know that she's a Fire Mage, she won't have a reason to turn down my offer. And if she did" She picked up the teacup again. "Then, that only means she's hiding something from me."

"What's your plan, Your Royal Highness?" Lahara asked curiously. "Are you going to rip Lady Prescott's heart out right away just like what you did to the other Fire Mages that we found?"

"No, not this time," Nia said. "I feel something special in the child that Lady Prescott is carrying in her womb."


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