Mommy Villainess Chapter 194

194 House Prescott 4
"MY DAUGHTER is the reincarnation of the Supreme?" Marianne asked in disbelief. "How did that happen?"

"It's a long story," the Red Phoenix said. "But I'll tell you that you were able to conceive the reincarnation of the Supreme because of your blood."

"My blood?"

He nodded. "I can tell that you came from the bloodline of a powerful Sun Priestess. People like you are also Fire Mages. But you don't have strong Manas. The purpose of Sun Priestesses is usually to give birth to powerful Fire Mages."

"I don't like how it sounds."

"That's how it was in the past," the god said. "Anyway, now that you know what kind of Fire Mage your baby is, I want you to be careful"


She looked up when she heard Maverick's voice above them.

Only then did she realize that the prayer room she was in had changed. As far as she remembered, she was in a room with the statues of the Four Ancient Beasts. But right now, she was in a prayer room with only the statue of the Red Phoenix.

"It seems like it's time for you to go for now," Lord Wixx said. When she turned to him, she saw him snap his fingers. "See you later, Sun Priestess."

Before Marianne could even complain, she suddenly felt sleepy


"MARIANNE, what happened?"

Actually, Marianne didn't know what happened to her too.

When she woke up, she was already lying on the bed of their chamber. Apparently, Maverick found her unconscious in the prayer room dedicated to the Four Ancient Beasts.

That was definitely not the room where I met the Red Phoenix.

Anyway, it was a good thing that her husband decided to pick her up at the temple. She was glad that he found her right away. She didn't want anything bad to happen to their baby.



"I met the Red Phoenix in the temple."

As expected, her husband looked shocked. "Did you purposely go to the prayer room of the Four Ancient Beasts to "talk" to the Red Phoenix?"

She was glad that her husband was sharp.

They never failed to visit the temple once a week. But instead of the prayer room for the Four Ancient Beasts, they would just pray at the "general" praying room. She was certain that Maverick found it strange that she was in the special praying room instead.

"I talked to the royal princess," she said. "She told me that all she needs is to summon the sky beast. So we agreed to work with each other."

Maverick looked surprised by that. "Marianne, was that the best choice that you have?"

She nodded. "I know that House Prescott is a strong family. But we also both know that we can't win against the royal family yet. If the royal princess announce that me and our baby are Fire Mages, it's over for us."

"I'm sorry," he said in a voice filled with guilt. "I'm sorry that my family isn't strong and powerful enough to protect you and our baby."

She shook her head, then she cupped his face. "That's not true, Maverick," she consoled him. "Everyone is powerless against the royal family."

"You're too kind to me, Marianne."

She just laughed it off. "Maverick, our best course of action right now is to work with the royal princess. But please act like you don't know that I'm a Fire Mage. I also didn't mention to Her Royal Highness that House Denver is the leader of the surviving Fire Mages."

"You made the royal princess believe that no one else knows your real identity?"

She nodded. "I don't want anyone else to get involved in this."

So that if Princess Nia happened to betray her in the end, no one else would fall with her.

But of course, that was the worst case scenario. She would do everything to prevent that from happening.

"Marianne, it breaks my heart that you're the one doing the most to protect our child," Maverick said in a sad voice. I will do my best to keep with you."

"Protecting our child isn't a competition to see who does more "work,"" Marianne reminded her husband, then she gave him a kiss on the cheek that made his whole face red. She giggled because how could Maverick still blush from a peck? Heck, they already conceived a baby! "You're so adorable, Maverick."


"THERE'S a way to clear the Fire Mages from the accusation of the royal family against them, Lady Prescott."

Marianne surprised with what the royal princess said. "Really, Your Royal Highness?"

Today was the last day of their dancing lessons that lasted a month.

She had to quit as the royal princess's dancing teacher because she had nothing else to teach her. And she'd be leaving the Royal Capital with her husband for a long vacation.

Princess Nia nodded, then she sipped her tea before she continued. "I read all the books in the royal library. There wasn't anything written about the Fire Mages's apparent betrayal. But I found a book that talked about the tree of truth and it's called the Great Fire Tree."

"That's the first time I've heard of that tree."

"I read that all the knowledge in the world is stored in that tree," the royal princess continued. "The tree can allegedly show the events in the past. If you find the Great Fire Tree, you can discover the truth about the "betrayal" of the Fire Mages. And if you find out that your clan didn't betray the royal family, then you and your child don't have to hide your identity anymore. You can live in peace without worrying about your safety."

That was a huge relief.

We still have hope.

"Unfortunately, I didn't find anything about the location of the Great Fire Tree," the royal princess said. "But I can assure you that it really exists, Lady Prescott."

"Thank you, Princess Nia," she said genuinely. "Once we summon the sky beast, I'll ask him about the Great Fire Tree."

She couldn't tell the royal princess yet that she managed to meet the Red Phoenix.

That was because she thought telling Princess Nia about it was useless since the only thing that she got from the god was about her bloodline. She'd tell the royal princess about the Red Phoenix once she got the chance to ask him if he could grant a wish from Her Royal Highness. In that way, she wouldn't accidentally give Princess Nia some false hopes.

"I'm glad to be working with you, Lady Prescott."

"Same here, Princess Nia," she said. "Ah. I just remember that next week, my husband and I are leaving for Oakes. Do you know about that, Your Royal Highness?"

"Yes. Everyone in the empire knows that Duke Prescott spends half of the year in Oakes. And that's the reason why your territory keeps on flourishing," the royal princess said. "Will you be returning before you give birth to your child?"

She nodded, then she sipped her tea before she answered. "The doctors and the priests that my husband trusts are all here in the Royal Capital. And he also wants me to give birth to the temple where all the children of House Prescott were born."

"See you before you give birth then, Lady Prescott," Princess Nia said with a smile. "Have a safe trip."

Marianne smiled and nodded. "Thank you, Your Royal Highness."


BEFORE MARIANNE leaves the Royal Capital, she decided to visit the temple in hopes of meeting the Red Phoenix again.

She did what she had done before pray in the room dedicated to the Four Ancient Beasts, then call for the Red Phoenix. And just like what happened the first time she talked to the god, she was once again sent to the mysterious prayer room.

"So we meet again."

"Greetings, Lord Wixx," Marianne greeted the Red Phoenix politely. "Thank you for answering my call again."

"I didn't ask this the first time we met because we had a limited time then," Lord Wixx said instead. "Tell me, Sun Priestess. Why did you summon me?"

"I need your help," she said in an urgent tone. "Princess Nia Moonchester asked me to help her summon the sky beast"

"Moonchester?!" he snarled. "You're working with a Moonchester?"

She stepped back in fear. "I-Is there something wrong with that, Lord Wixx?"

"The Moonchesters killed my little sister in the past," he said angrily. "And I'm certain that even until now, they're still after her. If the Moonchesters find out that your daughter is the reincarnation of the Supreme, they will kill her without hesitation."

She clutched her stomach protectively. Just the thought of her daughter being targeted by the Moonchesters already scared her. And that also raised questions in her mind. "You're the Red Phoenix, aren't you? Can't you do something to protect my daughter?"

"I can," he said in a serious tone. "But to protect her, I will need your life force."

She swallowed hard. "My life?"

"As you can see, my consciousness is locked up in this prayer room," the god said. "My physical body is locked up in a place that I don't even know where. Because of it, I can't protect my foolish little sister. However, I know people who can protect her."

"And who are those people?"

"The Supreme's Keepers," he said. "But they are currently sleeping in the island that worships the sun. They were put to sleep in the past and three things must be done first before they wake up." He raised his index finger. "First, the Supreme must be reborn again." Then, he raised his middle finger. "Second, we have to meet in this lifetime." He raised his ring finger this time. "And lastly, the soul of a Sun Priestess must be locked up in the island so that the Keepers could leave the place and come to the Supreme's rescue."

"D-Does it mean in order to free my daughter's protectors, I have to give up my life?"

"Yes," he said firmly. "That's why I asked you if you'd be willing to give up your life for your daughter."

Of course she would give up her life if it meant protecting her daughter.

But a part of her wanted to refuse. She didn't want to leave Maverick. And she also wanted to see her daughter grow up.

Still, as a mother, she already knew what she'd choose.

"Is there no other way?" she asked in a weak voice. "The royal princess said that if we find the Great Fire Tree, we might prove the innocence of the Fire Mages."

He scoffed at that. "The Great Fire Tree is supposed to exist in the island where the Keepers reside. But until now, we haven't seen it yet. Don't believe everything that a Moonchesters says."

"I believe in Princess Nia," she said firmly. "I saw how genuine she looked when she told me about the Great Fire Tree. And I want that tree to exist." She placed her hands on her tummy. "I want my daughter to live in a world where Fire Mages aren't executed."

"It's not important right now," the god said in an urgent tone. "If you agree to give up your life to awaken the Keepers, I will cast a spell on your soul. Once you die, the strongest of the Keepers will awaken first, then he will descend on earth to fetch your soul. After that, the other Keepers will wake up one by one. And when the time is right, they will come and get the Supreme."

The fact that the Red Phoenix talked like her life didn't matter was offensive. But she let that slide because her attention was caught by something else.

"Why can't they come and get my daughter as soon as they wake up?" she asked with furrowed brows. "Can't they protect her and my husband right away?"

"My foolish little sister has a duty that she has to accomplish first," Lord Wixx said in a bitter tone. "She has to meet a despicable reptile and fulfill their jobs for the greater good."

"I don't understand, Lord Wixx"

"You don't have to," he said while shaking his head. Then, he changed the topic. "My remaining power can't make this room's presence disappear for too long. You have to make a decision now, Sun Priestess."

She suddenly became emotional.

Of course, choosing to give up her life for her daughter was easy. But the hard part was leaving Maverick to protect their baby alone. And the thought of leaving her husband a little too early was breaking her heart because she knew that he'd be devastated.

"I'll give up my life for my daughter," Marianne said with a sad smile. "In return, I want you to help me leave a message for her, Lord Wixx."

"That, I can do," Lord Wixx said. Then, his face softened up. And much to her shock, he bowed lowly to her. "My utmost gratitude for your sacrifice to protect my foolish little sister, Lady Marianne Prescott."


"BROTHER, are you here?" Nia asked when she entered Aku's chamber. There weren't royal guards outside Aku's room when she arrived at his residence. But it wasn't that strange. After all, only Sir Gregory was allowed to stay near his room. Sometimes, the knight and her brother would have tea in his chamber so she invited herself in. "I want to ask something about the banquet"

She trailed-off when she saw a beautiful white-haired woman lying lazily on her brother's bed. The woman's skin was paler than hers, and she had gorgeous golden eyes. But even though she looked young, she could tell that the lady was much, much older than her appearance suggested.

Her eyes tell me so.

"Don't worry, little princess," the woman said with a smile. "I'm not your brother's lover."

"I know," she said bluntly. "My brother is too obsessed with me to take a lover. Especially not at his current age."

The woman just laughed softly. "Aku chooses to ignore your recent actions but I know what you're up to, little princess."

"What do you mean by that, woman?"

"I know that you're working with the Sun Priestess," the woman said with a smirk. "I'm sorry but since your conversation with her was always interesting, I couldn't help but eavesdrop."

"How dare you!"

"You want to summon the sky beast with the help of the woman who's going to give birth to your biggest nemesis?" the woman asked, then she laughed mockingly. "Little princess, it seems like you already forgot who the Supreme is. I can't blame you though. You fell in love with your previous life in the modern world that your mind erased the memories of your other miserable past lives."

"Stop stalking like you know me," she snarled at the white-haired woman. "And are you telling me that Lady Prescott's child is the Supreme?"

"Well, I'm not certain. I just know that the baby in her womb is a strong Fire Mage," the woman said playfully. "Little princess, shall I help you remember why you should hate the Supreme Fire Mage?" Much to her surprise, in just the blink of an eye, the woman was already standing in front of her. And she even had the audacity to cup her face! "Nia Moonchester, you can never be friends with the Supreme you have to kill her."

Before she could even push the strange woman, she suddenly disappeared

and then, a white snake coiled around her ankle and bit her.

Nia gasped and was about to call for help when all of a sudden, a strange image entered her mind.

It was an image of a beautiful woman with jet-black hair and glowing purple eyes.

"I curse you, lady who owns Aku Moonchester's heart," the woman with the jet-black hair said angrily. "For all eternity, you would be reborn again and again as his twin sister and your souls would be bind forever." She smirked at her. "And only the flame of the Red Phoenix can burn down your tie with Aku Moonchester- not that my brother would do that for you."


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