Mommy Villainess Chapter 199

199 Nightmare Dressed In Red
JAMESON was relieved when an ice ball (with a smiley face) appeared before him and Lady Solenn. "Lord Winter is f*cking safe. The f*cking Black Serpent recognized him," he said, then he turned to the little princess. "What should we f*cking do now, Lady Solenn?"

"We must head to the North right away," Solenn said. "Lady Nystrom is going to descend down anytime so I want to gather all her allies as soon as possible."


"I'M NOT going to say goodbye to the Fire Mages," Tilly declared while tying the ribbon of her cloak around her waist. She wore a plain red cloak over a very villainess-ish type of dress. She had prepared that much to meet her nemesis. In short, she was dressed to kill literally. "That's why I'm sneaking out tonight."

Right now, she stood in the center of a circular platform that would literally drop her off later while being surrounded by Solaris, Luna, and the remaining Keepers.

That platform was in the prayer room dedicated to the Supreme Fire Mage. Yep, she had her own prayer room. But she rarely visited it because it made her feel uncomfortable. After all, she was still alive and she wasn't that arrogant to think that she was a god.

I'm not as delusional as Aku Moonchester.

"Our people will be sad if they find out that you leave when they were sleeping, Supreme," Solaris said with a sad smile. "But I understand why you're doing this."

"Please be safe, Supreme," Kelsi said with sparkling eyes (because of tears). "I will take care of Wong while we're on our way to rescue Lord Wixx."

Wong glared at Kelsi. "Who's taking care of whom?"

"Supreme, please come back safely," Maddox and Braxton both said in a cracked voice. "We will protect Solarium until you return."

"Lady Luna and I will follow you soon," Roarke said. He and Luna would be using the two-seater ship to descend down. Luckily, she didn't need that. "Please take care until then."

"Tilly, please, please, please don't do anything reckless," Luna begged her. "Just stick to the plan, okay? Remember that we planned everything for the past five years very carefully. You don't want to ruin that, do you?"

"Of course, I won't mess this up for us," she assured the witch. "Leave it to me, everyone."

They nodded at her words.

Even though she was a little troublemaker sometimes, she could feel the faith of everyone on her. For that reason, she knew she couldn't fail this mission.

"I'm ready now," Tilly declared seriously. When she moved her shoulders, her flaming red wings appeared on her back. This time, her wings were bigger, stronger, and "hotter" than ever. "Everyone, let's rock Aku Moonchester's world."

Literally, of course.

Solaris, Wong, Kelsi, Maddox, Braxton, and Roarke all raised their hands with their palms facing her.

On the other hand, Luna stepped backwards.

And the witch did that because a few moments later, strong and powerful flames came out of the Keepers' palms. Those flames were absorbed by her flames. It would serve as "additional fuel" and protection so that her descent would be faster than normal without hurting her.

When she had absorbed enough flames, the platform that she stood on opened without warning, dropping her off instantly.

She wasn't scared because right then, her giant red flaming wings spread wide open.

Aku Moonchester, I hope you're still awake, Tilly said to herself. Well, I'm sure you'll wake up anyway once your nightmare begins.


AKU immediately got up when he was awakened by a strong earthquake.

He stood up and was about to leave his room to check on Nia when his eyes caught a glimpse of the strange sky.

What is that?

He walked towards his balcony and when he opened the doors, he was surprised to see a straight burning red line in the dark sky. He couldn't believe it but he could feel a very strong Mana coming from it.

No this Mana

"Hello, Aku Moonchester."

His eyes widened when he heard the familiar voice. When he turned around, he was greeted by the greatest "thorn" in his throat.

It was Tilly Nystrom dressed in a little red dress and black over the knee boots.

Her hair was jet-black hair now, and her lips were as red as blood.

And so were the flaming wings on her back.

Aku smirked even though he'd admit that his knees almost buckled at the heavy presence of the Supreme Fire Mage. "Lady Nystrom, does Kiho know that you visit other men at this hour behind his back?"

"You're not a man, Aku Moonchester. You're just a roach," Lady Nystrom said with a mocking laugh. "When will you stop pretending to be someone or something that you're not?"


WINTER smiled when his father wrapped him in a warm and thick blanket. "Dad, I don't get cold. My dominant Mana is ice."

"I know that people like us don't get cold," his father said worriedly. "But that doesn't mean you won't catch a cold just because your dominant Mana is ice."

Well, that was true.

That's what Mom always tells me as well.

Anyway, he just took a bath and changed into his pajamas. Thankfully, his giant backpack didn't get wet even if he literally froze the boat he was in a while ago.

After that, his father brought him to his room to wrap him in a blanket.

"Have you eaten?" his father asked when he sat beside him. "What do you want to eat?"

"King Crabs," he said right away. "And lobsters, prawns, and tuna! Basically, anything seafood."

He didn't miss the faint smile on his father's almost-stoic face. "Do you like seafood, Winter?"

"I love it, Dad."

His father looked at him as if he was proud of him. "I'll cook a seafood platter for you, little rascal," he said while ruffling his hair. "But first, can you tell me where your mom is?"

He shook his head. His mother told him to never reveal the location of the Fire Mages even to his father. His mommy said that even though she wanted to trust his dad 100%, she couldn't do that knowing that someone else could take over his father's body anytime.

While it hurt him that his mommy couldn't trust his father completely yet, he understood where his mommy was coming from.

And Mommy promised me that she'll kick out whoever it is inside Daddy's body soon.

"I'm sorry but I can't tell you, Dad," Winter said with a heavy heart. "And I ran away from home."

His eyes widened in shock. "You ran away from home? But why? Winter, while I'm happy to be with you, I don't like that you're making your mommy worry."

"It's your fault, Dad."

He blinked in confusion. "How is it my fault, you little rascal?"

"I heard that you're marrying another woman, Dad," he said coldly. "A woman named Lucina Morganna. Or Huxley." He rolled his eyes. "Whatever her name is."

"That's not true," he said without missing a heartbeat. Winter also liked the fact that his father looked disgusted upon hearing the rumor. "I don't know where you heard that from but I have no intention of marrying another woman when I already have your mom."

"Dad, that's so cheesy," he complained even though he was happy to hear that his father remained faithful to his mother all these years. And that made him wonder. "Dad, I thought your memories were erased. How come you seem like you didn't forget about my mommy?"

"I've seen the videos and pictures that she secretly left for me," his father said softly. "I've also read the notes where she instructed me on how to act while we were apart. Thanks to the reminders that she left, I became more aware of my surroundings. Based on my investigation, I found out that the things that your mother said about our enemies are correct."

"What do you mean by that, Dad?"

"His Majesty would send me Moonflowers monthly," he said. "I found out that the Moonflowers by the royal family were used to mind manipulate people. Because I was aware that I was being brainwashed, the Moonflowers eventually lost its effect on me. I'm forever in debt with Louisa and David for protecting me all these years."

He nodded and believed his father's words.

Mommy told me that she gave protection to Louisa and David so that House Nystrom won't completely fall into the hands of the Moonchesters.

"Do you still not trust me, Winter?" his father asked carefully. "You were testing me, weren't you?"

He nodded because it seemed like he couldn't lie to his father at that point. "Yes, Dad. I'm sorry but even if I trust you more now, I still can't tell you where Mommy is. We don't know when you'll be controlled by someone else. I have to protect my mother."

Instead of getting upset, it looked his father was impressed with him.

"Good job, son," he said proudly, then he ruffled his hair again. "Thank you for protecting your mommy. I won't ask about her whereabouts from now on. But I hope you answer this one: Is your mother doing well?"

"Mommy is as feisty as ever," he assured his father. "She told me to kick your butt if it was true that you're getting married with another woman."

His father chuckled, completely breaking the "stoic" look on his face. "That sounds like your mom," he said as his face softened up. "Even though I don't remember our memories together, the videos she left me were enough to tell me how feisty she is."

He saw the longing in his father's eyes.

The five years must have been really hard for you, Dad.

The past years were also hard for his mother. But at least, she had him by her side. On the other hand, his father was stuck with a fake son and had to act like a puppet.

"Dad, I'm here now," Winter said to his father while patting his back gently. "You've work hard alone. But don't worry, Dad. You'll never have to be alone again."

His father suddenly became emotional. Then, he leaned down to hug him tight. "Thank you for coming back to me, Winter," he whispered in a cracked voice. "I can't wait to reunite with your mommy soon."


"I SEE that your tongue is still as sharp as usual, Lady Nystrom."

"My tongue isn't the only sharp thing that I have, Aku Moonchester," Tilly said with a smirk, then she flapped her flaming red wings. "Be careful, Sir Gregory," she said without even looking back. No matter how quiet the old knight thought he was when he entered the room, her sharp senses immediately recognized him. After all, for the past five years, she thoroughly studied the people around Aku Moonchester. "My wings can kill you."

"Wow, I don't know whom I'm facing now," Aku Moonchester said with an arrogant smirk. "Should I address you as 'Lady Nystrom' or as 'Lady Rosenberg?'"

"Neither," she said. Part of their plan was to act like she hadn't retrieved her memories yet. "To be honest, I don't know who I am either. They told me that I was the Supreme. For the past five years, I just followed their orders. That includes studying about the royal family and the people around you." She snapped her fingers and acted as nonchalantly as she could. "Ah, they also told me about Kiho Nystrom my "husband.""

Thank you for the many years of acting lessons, Kelsi.

It seemed like the emperor believed that she still didn't have her memories back. "So you're nothing but the Fire Mages' pretty doll now?"

"It takes one to know one, huh?" she said mockingly. "After all, you're also just a puppet of some god. Aren't you, Aku Moonchester?"

"How dare you disrespect the emperor, you insolent Fire Mage!" Sir Gregory snarled.

Aku Moonchester's eyes widened. "Sir Gregory, no!"

It was too late though.

When Sir Gregory tried to stab her back with his sword, her wings automatically protected her from the attack.

After the blade of the sword touched the flaming feathers of her wings, her red flame turned into very hot lava. It crawled on the blade and melted the sword so fast that the old knight didn't have time to let go of it.

As a result, Sir Gregory screamed in pain while his whole body was getting covered by lava in an alarming pace. And in just the blink of an eye, the old knight melted until only a puddle of lava was left on the floor. Not even his bones remained.

Aku Moonchester could only scream in anger and agony as he watched his closest aide melt into nothingness in front of him.

Yes, you should feel that helpless, Aku Moonchester.

"I told you to be careful of my wings," Tilly said coldly without even turning to where Sir Gregory had melted. Before her lava melted the floor, her wings absorbed it back. "RIP, Sir Gregory--- as in rot in hell."


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