Mommy Villainess Chapter 20

20 Hot Welcome
[COME to think of it, I can't remember what happened to Princess Nia after she was exiled from the empire.]

The only thing Tilly remembered was the fact that Her Royal Highness was sent to a far-away country with Catalina and a knight from the Blue Dragons. Since the emperor made a deal with the Noble Faction, the princess's life was spared.

[But in my past life, I never saw the princess again until the day I died.]

Her gut feeling was telling her that the Princess Nia was involved in her past tragedy. But she couldn't find a logical reason as to why the princess would expose her secret just to ruin her life. Plus, House Prescott had always been loyal to the royal family.

[I guess I need to investigate first.]

"Lady Prescott, are you listening?"

"Huh?" Tilly asked Blake in bewilderment, then blinked a few times before she realized that she spaced out. "Oh. What were you saying again, Sir Blake?"

[Gosh, I should stop thinking about the past for the meantime and focus on my surprise welcome for Kiho.]

To surprise her fianc, the Emperor Aku prepared an ordinary carriage for her and Sir Blake. If they used a fancy carriage from the royal family or House Prescott, Kiho would surely find her right away.

[And so, here we are now.]

She was on an uncomfortable ride with Blake as they travel the long road to the Lunar Island. It was a private island owned by the royal family.

According to Emperor Aku, Kiho would return home using the portal from Pillas connecting to the Lunar Island. The captain already used the portal in the royal palace and it takes time before the Mana that powers it to get replenished.

And thus, Kiho had to use another gateway. Plus, the captain would be bringing a ship with him this time. It wouldn't fit in the portal from the royal palace. So he really had no choice but to use the one in the Lunar Island even if it was a little far from the Royal Capital.

"My lady, are you tired?" Blake asked with a hint of worry in his usually nonchalant voice. "I can ask the coachman to stop for a while."

Tilly shook her head. "We can't surprise Sir Kiho if we're late. I'm fine. Thank you for worrying about me, Sir Blake."

"I'm just doing my job, Lady Prescott," he said.

She just smiled at that. "Anyway, what were you saying about Flint again?"

Yesterday, she asked Blake to make sure that the boy they met at the plaza would come home safely. For that reason, the knight had to leave her side. He wasn't allowed to enter the Moonflower Palace. Apparently, while she was asleep in the princess's residence, Catalina talked to Blake and asked him to go back in the morning to pick her up.

After Blake picked her up from the palace a while ago, they went back to the Prescott Mansion first. She asked for her father's permission to fetch Kiho from Lunar Island. Since it was Emperor Aku's idea, the duke didn't have the choice but to allow her to go.

As soon as she finished packing her things, the ordinary carriage that the emperor prepared for her came to pick her up.

"The child called 'Flint' is a notorious liar, apparently," Blake reported to her. "According to the Golden Tiger knights I talked to, the kid has been spreading rumors about the return of the Fire Mages across the capital."

Her forehead knotted in confusion. "Why would he do something as dangerous as that?"

Kiho told her that the Fire Mages were banned from the empire a long time ago because of a dispute with the royal family. Spreading rumors about the apparent return of the Moonchesters's enemies could be considered treason.

In this world, even a boy as young as Flint could be executed if he committed a crime against the royal family.

"Apparently, Flint believes that he and his little brother are descendants of a great Fire Mage," Blake said. "Maybe the child heard stories about the Fire Mages and got fascinated with them."

"That's possible," she said. But deep in her heart, she somehow didn't believe that Flint was a liar. His eyes were clear after all. "He has a little brother? What about his parents?"

"They are orphans, my lady," the knight said. "An old woman has taken them in and acts as their guardian. After bailing out Flint, I sent him home just like you instructed."

"Do you remember where he lives?"

"Of course, my lady," Blake answered. "The boy lives in the foot of Mount Elea."

Her eyes widened in surprise. "That's far from the Royal Capital."

"I used my horse when I brought him home, my lady," he said. "And I also gave a pouch of gold coins to their guardian. The boy speaks highly of his "grandma" and so I entrusted her the money. The grandmother refused to accept the pouch at first but I convinced her to use it for the kids. She was very thankful to you, Lady Prescott."

"Good job, Sir Blake."

"I'm honored to be recognized by you, my lady."

She just smiled at that.

A few moments later, Blake's forehead knotted as if he just remembered something he didn't particularly like. "Lady Prescott, would you really do what His Majesty suggested?"

Tilly smiled at the reminder. Thanks to that, her mind drifted away from her worrying thoughts. She knew it was only temporary because whether she liked it or not, she still had to figure out what was happening for her to survive in this lifetime. But a short break like this one was very welcomed. "I'll do it," she answered to Blake's question. "It sounds fun."


KIHO felt relieved as soon as he stepped foot on the ground after getting off from the ship.

He gave Damian and Whitton a day off since they looked exhausted from slaying sea monsters. The two decided to spend the night in the ship because they were too tired to go home. He gave them the permission to use the ship to rest in exchange of looking after the tank.

The tank in the bottom part of the ship contained the giant lobsters, crabs, clams, abalones, scallops, and other sea creatures that Tilly would definitely enjoy eating. He'd love to bring the seafood with him but he couldn't because he'd be riding a horse.

It would take him hours before he reached the Royal Capital but he was used to travelling at night so he'd be fine. Unfortunately, because he wanted to go home as fast as he could, he had to leave the souvenirs he brought for Tilly in the ship. But he asked Damian to bring it to his office once Damian and Whitton went back to the Royal Capital.

[I just want to see Tilly as soon as possible.]

The only thing he had right now was a sling bag where he put the special pearl that he got in the nest of the sea monsters. It wasn't as big or as heavy as he imagined it to be. The pearl that he found was shaped like a cube. It was also smooth and light.

If the experts in the Pillas Islands didn't examine the "cube," he wouldn't have believed that it was really a pearl.

[But the elders in the island said that this pearl is special. According to them, it wouldn't get scratched or broken. If it's that the case, then Tilly could wear her engagement ring without having to worry about damaging it.]

He couldn't wait to get back in the Royal Capital to ask the best jewelry maker to make the finest engagement ring from the pearl he got specifically for Tilly.

"Captain Kiho?"

Kiho almost groaned in frustration when a royal guard blocked his way. The Lunar Island was owned by the royal family so obviously, everyone in the island worked for the emperor. And he remembered that this man was one of the knights who greeted his group when the ship landed at the dock. "Yes?"

"A message from His Majesty's aid came to our office. The emperor wanted you to check the package that was sent to the island this afternoon," the guard said. "According to the letter, His Majesty also wanted you to bring the package to the Royal Capital, Sir."

If he could curse the emperor even if it was only in his head, he would have done that.

"Where's the package?" Kiho asked. "I'll check it now."

"It's in the barracks, Sir."

"Lead the way."

"Yes, Sir."

The barracks was only a few walks away from the dock. After bringing him to an empty room (save for the big box in it), the guard left.

[What kind of package is that?]

Kiho walked towards the box in a hurry. He wanted to check the item inside immediately so he could finally leave the island. In one swift movement, he pulled out a dagger from the inside pocket of his jacket. He was about to cut it open when suddenly, something came out of the box.


If he didn't recognize the voice and the pretty face that greeted him, he would have thrown the dagger at Tilly because of his reflex.

[Thank goodness I recognized her right away!]

He could tell right away that this was Emperor Aku's plan.

[If I would be given one last wish before I die, I'd use it to hit the emperor in the head.]

"That was dangerous, Tilly," Kiho scolded her. He was relieved that he didn't accidentally hurt her. But knowing that he almost did was enough to make him feel flustered. "I almost attacked you."

"But you didn't," Tilly reasoned with a pout. "I know that you wouldn't because you're Sir Kiho, the captain of the Black Serpent Knights. You're not the type of person who would attack others recklessly. Your senses are sharp after all."

He blinked in surprise. "You have too much faith in me, Tilly."

"Of course," she said with a smile. Then, she lifted her arms like a child asking to be carried. "Help me get out of this box, Captain."

He felt his cheeks burn when he realized that he had to hold her waist to lift her up

and it seemed like that was exactly what she wanted him to do.

[Tilly is really strange.]

He meant it in a good way, of course.

Kiho may sound arrogant but to be honest, a lot of ladies around him had expressed their interest in him. Some even practically threw themselves at him despite his refusal.

But all of them only wanted him for his face and his, uh, physique. Every single lady who approached him made it clear to him that they only wanted a physical relationship. They wouldn't consider him as a proper lover because he was a commoner.

He was far from prude but he couldn't imagine himself being used by the snotty noble ladies to satisfy their carnal desires. Each time he turned a lady's advances, they would use their families' power to punish him for simply saying 'no' to them.

That was the first "type" of lady that would approach him.

Second would be the type of ladies who wouldn't even bother to hide their disgust towards him. They were easier to deal with than the former.

[But Tilly is neither.]

She would tease him but still respect his personal space. She also didn't care if they were seen together in public. And even thought she was a duke's daughter, she never looked down on him. In fact, she treats everyone as equal.

[I heard bad rumors about her so I thought she was going to be a pain in the never mind. it wasn't true anyway.]

"Kiho?" Tilly asked with a hint of worry in her voice. "Are you okay?"

"Yes," Kiho said while putting the dagger back in the inside pocket of his jacket. "May I touch you?"

She nodded eagerly. "I want you to."

That made him feel things.

He cleared his throat in hopes of clearing his mind, too. "Then, please excuse me," he said, then he gently placed his hands on her tiny waist.

[Why is she so soft?]

He lifted up Tilly easily, surprised at how light she was.

[I should feed her more.]

His plan was to put her down immediately. But suddenly, she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist.


Because of what she did, her soft breasts were now pressed nicely against his solid chest.

Damn, it felt good.

He was a twenty-one year old adult and Tilly was two years younger than him. But between the two of them, it was him who was as red as an apple while the lady remained calm.

"T-Tilly," he said. When he realized that he stuttered, he cleared his throat. "Your breasts are pressed against mine."

"Do you hate it?"

He swallowed her before he replied honestly. "No."

She smiled playfully while running her fingers at the back of his neck.

Again, that felt good.

"Lady Prescott," he said in a weak voice. Damn it. He wanted to sound stern but at that moment, he didn't sound convincing even to himself. "What are you doing?"

"I'm seducing you, Captain."

He couldn't stop himself from looking at her pinkish lips and suddenly, he was hungry. "It's working, my lady." Before he ran his gaze down her gorgeous body, he looked up to focus on her beautiful face. "May I kiss you, Tilly?"

She smiled as if she was relieved. "I thought you'd never asked."

Kiho didn't waste any second.

He gently put her down, his hands still on her small waist. Then, he pulled her closer and leaned down as slow as possible to savor every moment before their lips meet.

Tilly smelled like roses, she always did. Her heavy-lidded eyes emphasized her long lashes. He was glad that she was about to close her eyes because once he stared at her beautiful purple orbs, he was afraid that he might just freeze and forget how to breathe.

That was how breath-taking she was to him.

[Ah, I can't wait any longer.]

He put a hand on her soft and smooth cheek, then tilted her head back before he finally kissed Tilly softly on the lips. Ah, he had always wondered how her lips would feel.

They were soft

and her mouth was warm.

A few moments later, Tilly leaned forward and kissed him back.

That was the response he was hoping for.

This time, he used both of his hands to hold her lovely face and kiss her again and again. The more they kissed, the hungrier he got for her lips.

Kiho wondered where these passionate kisses would lead them tonight


TILLY was firmly pulled against Kiho's solid body and she loved it. She didn't know how and when but when she came into her senses, she was already trapped between his warm body and the cold wall against her back.

They broke the kiss to catch their breath, but only for a moment.

When he stared into her eyes, his own yellowish orbs started to glow until they were golden. He was still hungry hungry for her kisses.

"More," Kiho said, planting his hands on the wall on either side of her head.

Tilly could tell that the captain was being very careful not to "crush" her. It seemed like he was worried about their difference in height and build. She appreciated that. And his thoughtfulness made him ten times sexier than he already was.

"Yes," Tilly said, her gaze fixed on his red and swollen lips. Her lips were probably the same as his since he nibbled them a while ago. "Kiss me more, Captain."

Kiho closed his eyes and kissed her again. He lightly brushed his tongue between her lips. This time, he couldn't help but touch her body once more. His hands left the wall to slide up her body. Then, he cradled her face with his hands while he sucked her lips.

She moaned into his mouth and that seemed to encourage him even more. He dipped his tongue inside her mouth, coaxing her tongue to dance with his. She kissed him back with as much fervor, her hands now wandering on the wide expanse of his chest.

Tilly could tell that the captain was being very careful not to "crush" her. It seemed like he was worried about their difference in height and build. She appreciated that. And his thoughtfulness made him ten times sexier than he already was.

[Kiho is really a good kisser.]

Tilly wondered if tonight was the perfect time to conceive Winter


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