Mommy Villainess Chapter 34

34 A Knights Vow
TILLY smiled when Kiho swiftly took his jacket off and gently draped it over her shoulders.

The captain did it without saying a word, but with enough confidence that said he knew exactly what he was doing.

[That's sexy, Kiho.]

"I hope you don't mind," Kiho said while they were walking arm by arm in the riverside. "For the record, I have nothing against your dress. It looks nice on you, honestly. But your back is exposed and I'm afraid you'd catch a cold."

"The dress looks good on me?" Tilly asked with a playful smile. "Really?"

"Yes," the captain answered without missing a beat. "You look even more elegant and confident whenever you wear the dress that you like best."

The ambiance was already romantic because the river was sparkling thanks to the spirit gems in the water. Plus, there were floating lanterns around to guide the passersby like them. No wonder they weren't the only couple taking a stroll in the area.

Thanks to Kiho's words, their date night had turned more romantic.

She liked how supportive he was to her choices, especially to the way she dressed. Even in her past life, she enjoyed wearing clothes that were deemed "too revealing" in that world. But the captain never asked her to cover up. When a nobleman tried to touch her because according to him, she was "asking for it," Kiho beat him to a bloody pulp.

The captain even told everyone that her clothes were none of anyone's business.

[He protected me even though I was a horrible life. Is it possible that Kiho loved me during our marriage? Was he in love with me before he met Lucina Morganna?]

Too bad she couldn't remember if she had happy moments with Kiho and Winter before.

"I like your mindset, Kiho," Tilly complimented him. "Thank you for being supportive of my choice of clothes even though they're a bit unconventional."

"Maybe it's because I wasn't born and raised as a noble," Kiho said. "I lack the etiquette that you learn at childhood so I don't know how you're supposed to dress. But since I've been travelling outside the empire since I was a child, I've seen other cultures that are different from the ones we have here in Moonchester Empire. That's probably why I became open-minded." He paused for a while. "But respecting women should be basic."

"Kiho, you're an angel."

[What a respectable king. I stan you, Captain. From now on, I'm your number one fan.]

"Thank you but I don't want to be praised for doing something that should be basic," the captain said in a shy voice.

"Not everyone can be as decent as you so you deserve the praise," she insisted. "You're admirable, Kiho."

"I am nothing compared to you, Tilly," he said. "You're the real angel. If I were you, I don't I could easily forgive the people who purposely spread malicious rumors about me."

Ah, right.

She showed compassion to Lady Belington and the other ladies who begged for her forgiveness a while ago. Even if she wanted to punish them, she couldn't do that in front of the emperor and the reporters. She would look like a b*tch if she turned down the ladies' apology after they knelt down and bowed their heads to her.

Plus, she already got her revenge when she invited the reporters. Tomorrow morning, everyone in the empire would know that she was only a victim of malicious rumors. That she was bullied by her fellow noblewomen.

[It would be a disgrace to the nobility but if those little b*tches didn't want to be humiliated, they shouldn't have bullied anyone in the first place. That's karma for them.]

"I didn't forgive them because I was kind," Tilly admitted to Kiho. "I only did it because I didn't want to look like a bad person. Don't you think I'm petty for calling the reporters and making a big deal out of this?"

"The nasty rumor that you got involved in wasn't petty," he said firmly. "I would never believe such rumors and I know that we don't owe anyone an explanation. But I also don't want people to talk gibberish about you. You're the kindest, the loveliest and the most beautiful lady I've met, Tilly. I won't allow anyone to disrespect you in any way."

She knew that he was being serious.

And she just heard that Kiho froze the knights in Baroness Alphonse's mansion. The baroness's servant was the one who saw her and Captain Denver in Mount Elea but the servant quickly ran away so she didn't see the whole thing. When Baroness Alphonse heard the servant sharing the gossip with the other maids, she told her servants to spread it to other servants.

[House Alphonse belongs to the Noble Faction and their family also has a mining company. No wonder she used the rumor to try and destroy my reputation. Maybe the baroness was hoping that House Prescott's business will go down with me.]

"What are you thinking, baby?" Kiho asked. "You suddenly fell silent."

"I was just thinking about Baroness Alphonse," Tilly said. "My father called a while ago. He said that a letter from the baroness addressed to me was delivered to our mansion. It seems like Baroness Alphonse haven't yet heard that I've already moved into you residence."

"The baroness will probably negotiate with you," the captain said. "She'll probably offer you compensation to appease you. What do you plan to do, Tilly?"

"I'll ask for a property as compensation," she said, then she stopped walking when they reached the dock by the river. Since it was already late at night, the boat rental was closed. But going there was still worth it because the river looked beautiful with all the lights around. "She has a piece of land here at Moon River area. That would be perfect for the caf that I'm planning to open soon."

"You're already thinking about a new business?" Kiho asked, obviously amused. "That's amazing, Tilly."

"Thank you," she said with a soft laugh. It was cute how Kiho looked at her as if she was the most amazing person he had met. "I don't want to stop at opening a jewelry store. Aside from a caf, I also want to have my own dress shop." She looked up at him with a serious look on her face. "Kiho, my goal is to be the richest woman in the empire."

Because that was the only way she could protect Kiho.

Even if the captain inherited her father's title as a duke, it wouldn't change the fact that he was a commoner. He would never be truly accepted in the high society. And the captain didn't really care about his status. He was looked down because of his attitude.

[But if House Prescott becomes the wealthiest family once Kiho becomes a duke, then he would gain power over the high society.]

"I'll support you, Tilly," Kiho said. "I swear."

"Then, are you willing to learn how to run a business for me?" she asked. "I appreciate your moral support but to be honest, I need something more than that."

In the past, Kiho never cared about the businesses they owned and continued being a captain. Since she was a spoiled brat back then, she also refused to manage their businesses. The vassal families of House Prescott ran their company and its subsidiaries for them.

Their businesses didn't grow ever since her father passed away. Because of that, House Prescott soon lost its power and influence in the high society.

[I won't let that happen in this lifetime.]

"Of course, I'll support you as well," she continued. "I want us to be each other's source of strength, Kiho."

"I can't say that I'm smart enough to run a business but I will study hard," Kiho promised. Then, much to her surprise, he suddenly got down on one knee. Without saying a word, he held her left hand while looking up at her with a solemn look on his face. And his eyes, they were glowing in a beautiful gold light. "Tilly, will you take me as your husband and allow me to be your pillar of support for the rest of our lives?"

He didn't propose to her this way in her past life.

Tilly already expected that he would properly propose to her tonight. But she didn't expect that she'd get teary-eyed. To be honest, she was so touched by his proposal. Ever since she came back in this time, all she ever thought about was giving birth to Winter.

Of course, being kind to Kiho was also a part of her plan. After all, she wanted to give her son a loving family. But at that moment, she thought that she could do more than being kind to the captain.

[I may fall in love with him this time.]

"Kiho, I'm selfish and ambitious."

He gave her a small smile. "I already know that, Tilly."

"You're not my number one priority."

"I can live with that," he said. "And since I vowed my loyalty to the emperor, I can't say that you're my number one priority. But you're definitely the second."

"No, I can't accept that," she said while shaking her head. "Make me your fourth priority."

His forehead knotted in confusion. "But I don't have a family, Tilly. You're the most important person in my life now."

"Take care of yourself and our son before me, Kiho, she said seriously. "Your second priority must be our future son, then yourself. I'm okay with being the fourth in the list."

"I understand," he said. "Then, our future son will be my second priority. You and myself will be the third. We are partners in life so we should be tied in the same number."

"Okay," she agreed with a soft laugh. "Kiho, ask me again."

Kiho nodded and squeezed her hand. "Tilly, will you marry me and allow me to stay by your side forever?"

His proposal was as humble as he was.

[And I love it.]

"Yes, Kiho," Tilly answered while holding back her tears. "I will marry you."

The captain's golden eyes shined even more. Then, he pulled out a ring from the pocket of his pants. After that, he put a beautiful pearl ring on her left wedding finger.

"Kiho, this is beautiful," she said while admiring the ring.

The engagement ring that Kiho got her was simple but elegant. The diamond halo around the single pearl was stunning. But of course, the star itself was the pearl. Out of all the pearls she had seen, the one in her ring was the brightest she had ever laid eyes on.

[Wait, how many times did I say 'pearl' now?]

Well, whatever.

"I'm glad you liked it, Tilly," Kiho said before he stood up. "May I have a kiss?"

"Of course," Tilly said with a playful smile. Then, she stood on her toes and whispered seductively in his ear. "You may have more than a kiss, baby."

The captain groaned lowly, then he grabbed her waist and devoured her mouth.

[Winter, come to Mama!]


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