Mommy Villainess Chapter 37

37 Wedding Day
TILLY was standing in front of a huge mirror in the chamber that Eclis Church lent her. She used that as a dressing room. When she was done dolling up, she asked her maids to leave her alone for the meantime. She wanted to absorb everything in.

[I'm really getting married again in this lifetime.]

She was surprised at how beautiful she looked in her classic white wedding dress. Her gown had multi-tiered skirts combined with a lace bodice and three-quarter sleeves.

Her hair was styled in a half up crown braid and was adorned by hairpins with pearls. Of course, her makeup made her look even more dainty and beautiful. No wonder her maids who dolled her up were crying tears of joy when they saw the finished product.

[Well, I can't blame them.]

No offense to Her Royal Highness but today, she looked like a princess.

"Finally," Tilly whispered to herself. "Kiho, let's change our lives this time."

Her thoughts were cut off when she heard a knock.

As soon as she let the person in, the doors opened and Kiho came in the room.

[My baby is so gorgeous.]

Kiho wore a classic black three-piece crisp suit. He also used the tie tack that she made for him. It was a customized pearl tie tack set in yellow gold with a touch of wood.

[Thank goodness we're allowed to see each other before the wedding.]

In the empire, it was a tradition that the bride and the groom would enter the church together.

"Tilly, you look extra beautiful today," Kiho said, his golden eyes shining with happiness. When he reached her, he placed his hands on her waist and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "Thank you for allowing me to marry you."

"I feel the same, Kiho," she said. Then, she wrapped her arms around his waist. She felt like crying because finally, she could build her family again. But her maids would get heartbroken if her makeup got ruined. So she made a joke to make herself forget about being emotional. "You look so gorgeous and yummy, baby."

"I look "yummy?""

"Yes," she said. Then, she stood in her tiptoes to whisper in his ear. "I want to eat you, Captain."

From being sentimental, she suddenly felt horny this time.

[Tilly, be wholesome], she scolded herself. [You have to attend the wedding ceremony first so you can't jump his bones yet, okay?]

"Let's see if you can eat me before I eat you," the captain said teasingly.

He wasn't smiling but his eyes and voice were filled with playfulness.

"Wow, Kiho," she said in disbelief. Then, she let out a soft laugh while playfully hitting his shoulder. "When did you become a pervert?"

"I learned from you," he said proudly. "You only have yourself to blame, baby."

She laughed heartily at his light retort. Then, she changed the subject. She didn't want them to get carried when the wedding ceremony was about to begin half an hour from now. "Kiho, let's change our endearment now that we're going to be husband and wife."

For her, their engagement period was their "dating phase," that was why she asked him to call her 'baby.'

But now that they were about to get married, she wanted to level up their endearment, too.

"I asked you to call me 'baby' before," she continued. "So this time, I will let you choose our new endearment."

He looked pleasantly surprised by that. "Really?"

She nodded. "Do you have anything in mind?"

His cheeks turned pink as he nodded gently. "I'd like to call you 'honey,' Tilly. Is that okay with you?"

She smiled at his adorable shyness. Who would think that this was the same man who slew giant sea monsters just to get her a pearl ring? "Okay, honey."

Kiho gave her his rare full-blown smile his complete set of white teeth and dimples making a comeback. "Honey?"

Tilly smiled at his cuteness. "Yes, honey?"

The captain responded by giving her a recklessly and intoxicatingly hot kiss.

[Pre-honeymoon version, huh?]


AFTER the short and formal wedding ceremony, Tilly and Kiho sent their guests to the ships that they prepared at the Atlenta Town.

In each ship, there were several designated dressing rooms for the guests. In those rooms, a variety of cocktail dresses were prepared for the ladies. For the men, there was an array of linen shirts and chinos.

Of course, the sizes and designs of the clothes prepared for the guests were diverse.

[Just a little bit more.]

Tilly just finished changing her clothes. After taking off her wedding dress, she now wore a white maxi tube dress with pleated skirt. It was kind of sexy compared to her wedding gown a while ago and it was on purpose.

[This party dress is easier to take off.]


Tilly smiled when Kiho entered her room after she let him in.

Her husband looked good in his loose white shirt. The V-neckline of his shirt was deep, so his wide expanse of chest was kind of exposed.

She instinctively licked her lips.


"Don't look at me like that, honey," Kiho lightly scolded her while walking towards her. The glint in his yellowish eyes told her that he was barely holding back from locking up themselves in the room. "We still have a reception party to attend to."

To distract herself from her dirty thoughts, she looked down at her wedding ring.

Just like her engagement ring, her wedding ring was simple but elegant. It was a diamond ring with a white a platinum band. Kiho's ring had a thicker band and the diamond was embedded in its center. She liked their wedding rings.


"I'll behave," Tilly said with a pout. When the captain hugged her, she sneakily placed her hands on his chest. That made him groan lowly. "Oops."

"You're so naughty," he said while gently shaking his head. Then, he kissed her temple before he spoke again. "Would you like to stroll in the deck? The view of the sea is breathtaking. It might cleanse your lewd mind."

She gasped at his ~hard~ teasing. That was the first time he said something that straightforward. After the initial shock, she laughed and hit him in the arm. He didnt complain though. "Did you just call me "lewd," Captain?"

"You are lewd, honey," Kiho said with a smirk. "And I love that about you."

Tilly laughed and buried her face against his solid chest. "Let's "cleanse" my lewd mind before I jump your bones, honey."


IT WAS early evening when the reception party by the beach officially started.

Tilly was satisfied by the outcome.

There was a beautiful floral arch above the round stage where she and Kiho stood.

On their either side, chairs that the guests occupied were lined neatly. Behind all the chairs was a pavilion specifically made for Emperor Aku and Princess Nia. Only Lahara and Captain Sherwood were behind the twin royals. But everyone knew that there hidden knights around.

And, uh, Tilly hated to admit this but even though Her Royal Highness was at the farthest row, she was still glowing.

Princess Nia looked gorgeous in her white lace flower wrapped chest dress. This time, her hair was tied in an elegant bun. But as usual, her makeup was so light and innocent-looking. If she didn't know any better, she'd think that the princess was an angel.

Of course, Emperor Aku looked just as dashing. And now that he wasn't wearing his heavy cape or clothes, the linen shirt he wore exposed his gorgeous built.

[Gosh, why are they so beautiful?]

Tilly shook her head to focus on her moment with Kiho.

Right now, they were standing on the round stage in front of their hundreds of guests. Now that everyone was there, they finally started their exchange of vows.

"Tilly, I swear on my honor as a knight that you're the only woman that I will give my heart and devotion to," Kiho said sincerely while holding her hands. Love and respect were evident in his eyes as he looked at her like she was the only woman he could see. "I know that this wedding is only the beginning of our journey together. I'm not a fool to think that we will always be happy. Life doesn't work that way. But what I can promise you is that I will prove to you every day that you made the right choice when you married me. I won't let you regret choosing me as your husband. I vow to give you all the happiness in the world, my wife."

Tilly got emotional when he heard his vow. His eyes and voice were filled with love and sincerity. She couldn't believe that she got lucky in this life time. "Kiho, I swear on my life that I will devote myself to you and the family that we will build in the near future. I will be the safe haven that you will always go home to. I will never let you become alone again." When she saw the tears in Kiho's eyes, her tears silently fell down her cheeks. "I vow to stay by your side for as long as you want me to, my husband."

And they sealed their vows with a chaste kiss.


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