Mommy Villainess Chapter 38

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AFTER the exchange of vows, Tilly gave her guests their souvenirs.

It was her token of gratitude for everyone who showed up at their wedding. And to be honest, it was also some sort of bribery. She knew that some of the nobles weren't happy that she almost tarnished the nobility's image. So she was hoping that they would forget about the unfortunate incident if she showed them a little bit of generosity.

For the ladies, she prepared a complete set of pearl jewelries: necklace, earrings, bracelet, and ring.

For the gentlemen, she prepared two gifts: a white and black pearl cufflinks, and a tie tack with a pearl attached to a thin chain.

Of course, the set of jewelries and accessories that she gave to Emperor Aku and Princess Nia were more special and more expensive. No one would complain because it was only natural for the nobles to treat the twin royals differently.

Thankfully, the guests seemed to be satisfied by their generous wedding souvenirs.

[I hope that they speak nicely about me and Kiho from now on.]


TILLY and Kiho would spend their first night as a newlywed couple at the biggest chamber in the castle that Emperor Aku lent them for a week.

A week with only just the two of them, as they requested.

After the reception party, they sent off their guests before they headed to the castle.

Tilly didn't have the time to wear her lingerie because as soon as they arrived at their room, Kiho turned into a beast that she was waiting for.


The next thing Tilly knew, she was already lying on the soft mattress with Kiho hovering her. He was showering her face with little kisses. That made her giggle.

Then, he gave her a sensual look one that was definitely asking for more.

She held his hand and put it on her breast as a response.

Kiho looked surprised and amazed at how soft she was. Tentatively, he began squeezing her breast. Gently at first, then he became greedy. He pulled down her dress until she was only in her underwear. When he gave her the look that asked for permission, she removed her bra.

Now, she was only wearing her black lacey panty.

The captain looked mesmerized by her naked upper body.

He didn't need to say anything to let her know that he liked what he saw. The way he worshiped her body with his mouth and hands were more than enough.

[Oh, gosh.]

She moaned when his tongue explored her throat, her collarbones, and then further. And while his mouth was moving down her body, she felt his fingers against her lacey panties, tracing a line that has been soaked for a while now.

His kisses were enough to make her wet.

And now, his slender fingers were pushing her to the edge.

[No, not yet]

She said that, but she couldn't stop her hips from grinding against his fingers.

[It feels so good]

Kiho looked at her with hungry eyes before he disappeared from her view. When she felt his warm breath against her thighs, she closed her eyes and prepared herself for all the pleasure that was about to wreck her in a good way, of course.

She knew what was about to come so she physically prepared herself. She grabbed onto the sheets that she could hold. Then, she stretched her right leg when he carefully moved and put it over his shoulder. Just a few hot seconds later, he pressed his mouth on her.


He swiped his tongue deliciously on her, almost making her come.

As if it wasn't enough to make her breathless, she then felt his tongue on her clit, teasing the sensitive part with slow strokes. She reminded herself to breathe; she had to because the pleasure was knocking her off her breath.

And at the moment when she just caught her breath, he pushed a finger inside. When she gasped aloud, he pushed another one. His fingers hitting the right spots in her center made her moan deliciously.

[He's making me a screamer!]

But then, he suddenly moved his hand away from her moist center.

She was about to complain when he replaced his hand with his tongue. His mouth was doing wonders on her when he reminded her that he still had his fingers. He slid one digit while he was sucking her. She let out another loud gasp and when she did, she inserted another finger.

Looked like he was enjoying her tiny whimpers, huh?

[But damn! The combination of his tongue and fingers are crazy good!]

She wasn't surprised when she felt herself clench around his fingers. She let herself surrender to the tingling sensation until she was tipping over the edge.

But he wasn't done with her yet.

He curled his fingers, pumping then in and out of her fast as he used his tongue to lap up the juices escaping around his digits. And then he moved his mouth away from her clit and replaced it with his thumb, rubbing her through orgasm and making her squirm.

"You taste delicious, Tilly," Kiho teased her when he got up. And damn, he was licking his juice-covered fingers clean. It was so erotic that she almost came again. "Yummy."

Tilly, still catching her breath, roared playfully at him. "Kiho, I want it NOW."


TILLY swallowed hard when Kiho finally took off his clothes.

She already knew that he had a gorgeous body but right now, her gaze was fixed on his very considerable length.

[Gosh, he's really big.]

He looked shy when he caught her looking at his thing. But that expression was gone as soon as he cradled his cock. Then, he hovered over her and held her hips as he positioned himself between her legs.

"Tilly, are you ready?" Kiho asked gently while looking straight into her eyes. "I'll be very gentle. But if it hurts, just tell me. I'll stop right away."

Tilly smiled at his thoughtfulness.

He also said those words during their first night in her past life.

[This is the first time that I'm having sex in this lifetime. It would hurt a bit so I'm feeling a bit scared. But since it's with Kiho again, I know that I'm safe.]

With that thought in mind, her body eventually relaxed.

"I'm ready, Kiho," Tilly said while wrapping her arms around his neck. Then, she locked her fingers behind his nape. "Let's do it."

"Are you sure?

She smiled again. "Yes, Kiho. I'm very sure."

Kiho nodded gently.

Then, he slowly entered her.

They moaned in unison. The first thrust stung a bit but overall, it felt great. He was so big that she felt instantly filled even though he hadn't moved yet.

Kiho's breath was heavy and he had a look of intense concentration in his face as he pushed into her. Like he was being so careful as to not hurt her. She could also tell that he wanted to move but his desire to protect her overpowered his own lust.

[He's really selfless.]

"Kiho, I'm okay," Tilly assured her. "You can move now."

The captain still looked worried. "Are you really sure, Tilly? I know it hurts."

"It doesn't hurt too much because you're being so gentle," she said. To convince him, she grinded her hips against his. "It feels good, Kiho."

His golden eyes glowed hungrily.

He finally began gliding in and out of her.

[So f*cking good.]

The deeper he surged inside her, the more she circled her hips to feel him to her very core even more.

"Kiho, more," she moaned while moving her hips in harmony with his. "I want more."

He didn't respond with words.

But his hand moved and reached between them. He found her throbbing nub and gently caressed it as if he knew that there was an ache there. It hurt a bit because it was their first time and the captain was big. But his touch replaced the pain with pleasure

pleasure that made her scream again.

[Thank goodness we have the castle to ourselves!]

Kiho stopped moving for a while to kiss her on the lips.

The kiss was fierce, as always.

Then, he held her hips tight, picking up his face. This time, despite the loud beat of her heart, she could hear the bed creak under their weight and movements.

But the creaks soon faded in the background as her moans became louder. She moved her hips in the same rhythm as his. Their movements were now faster, his thrust deeper. The friction of their bodies ignited a spark inside.

And then it exploded.

She closed her eyes and let herself burst from pleasure.

"Ah, Tilly," Kiho whispered in her ear. His groan was deeper and louder now as his hips moved faster. His heavy breathing set her off again. And this time, she wasn't alone. He joined her as he came as hard as she did. Then, he collapsed against her. His body was usually cold because of his Mana. But right now, his skin felt as hot as a red flame. "I love you, Tilly..."

Tilly was surprised at what Kiho whispered in her ear.

[Did I hear him right?]

Sadly, she didn't have the time to confirm it because as soon as they were down, she felt so exhausted that she fell asleep as soon as she closed her eyes.

That night, she dreamt of the first time she held Baby Winter in her arms.


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