Mommy Villainess Chapter 39

39 Honeymoon Stage
WARNING: This chapter is full of mature scenes. Please excuse Kiho and Tilly. It's their honeymoon. \u003e.\u003c


WHEN Kiho woke up, he was surprised when he realized that Tilly was sleeping peacefully beside him. She was using his arm as a pillow while hugging his waist tight. Also, her leg was pressed between his legs.

He silently prayed that she wouldn't suddenly move or else, her knee would probably hit his uh, "male member."

But despite that, he still felt blessed to wake up beside his wife.

[My wife], he said to himself while gently caressing her cheek. He couldn't see his reflection but he could feel a smile forming in his lips. [Tilly is my wife now.]

And they had already consummated their marriage a while ago.

The marks all over Tilly's milky white skin confirmed that.

His wife was wearing his linen shirt (the reason why he only had his pants on) and nothing else. The shirt was big enough to cover her body until her mid-thigh. But the fabric was so thin that he could see her erect nibs poking against it.

The sight of her perky breasts made him hard.

[More I want more.]

But he controlled himself.

Making love with him for the second time would make Tilly absorb some of his Mana again. He wasn't sure if her body could handle that. And most of all, she was still probably sore.

[You worked hard, Tilly.]

He kissed her on the nose.

Tilly's forehead knotted, then her nose that he just kissed wrinkled. A few moments later, she finally opened her eyes. "Kiho?"

When she tried to move, he pressed his legs against hers.

"Honey, be careful," he lightly warned her. "Or else, you'd break my, uh, family jewels."

She looked down at her leg trapped between his legs. "Oh, we wouldn't want that to happen," she said before carefully pulling away her leg from his manhood.

He felt relieved.

"Sleep more, honey," he gently told her. "Sorry for waking you up."

"I feel cold inside, hon," she said. She told him a while ago that "hon" was short for "honey." "This is the first time I felt this."

"It's probably my Mana," he said. "Does the cold make you feel uncomfortable?"

"No, it's actually a pleasant feeling," she said with a smile. "I was just surprised because I'm used with the warm feeling inside my body."

He just touched her face as a response. "Go back to sleep, honey. I know you're tired."

"Not really," she said in a playful tone. Then, her arms wandered on his bared stomach. "Kiho"

"I want to do it again, too," he admitted. "But I'm worried about you, Tilly."

"I'm fine," she assured him. "Trust me. I don't feel the pain."

"Are you sure?"

Instead of answering, she just leaned forward to kiss him causing her soft breasts to press nicely against his chest. Since the fabric of the clothes she wore was thin, he also felt her nibs poke against his skin.

[Feels good]

And it felt even better when she started to nibble on his lower lip.

He was rock hard now.

Kiho snaked his arms around Tilly's soft body, then grabbed her firm buttocks in his hands as he pulled her closer to his body. He took over the kiss and devoured her mouth, coaxing her tongue to dance with his until she was moaning and grinding against his erection.

He gently pushed his wife until she was lying on her back and he was on top of her, grinding his hips against her belly.

"Can we do it again, Tilly?" Kiho whispered in her ear before he gently bit the lobe.

"Yes, please," Tilly moaned, her hand reaching for his crotch. "Give it to me, Kiho."


TILLY shivered in pleasure when Kiho's cold fingertips touched her warm skin when he pulled up her shirt up to her belly. Then, he kissed the skin that he found underneath.

[His body is cool again but it still feels good.]

She took in a sharp breath when he successfully puller her shirt up and exposed her breasts. He hungrily put one erect nipple in his mouth and swirled the tip of his tongue around the orb. Then, he sucked on it.

And while his mouth was busy with her left breast, his hand was playing with the other nipple. He ran his thumb over the peak, then gently squeezed it.

She could only moan and wrap her legs tight around his body as he worshiped her breasts.

Then, he stopped to get up and kiss her on the lips. While he was gently sucking on her tongue, he slipped his fingers between her legs. She wasn't wearing her panty anymore so he had an easy access down there.

Teasingly, he used the tip of his middle finger to trace a wet path up her slit.

She prepared herself for what was about to happen so she grabbed the bed sheet under, hard, until her knuckles turned white.

Like she expected, Kiho left her mouth after he made her lips swollen. Then, he put his head between her legs again. Suddenly, his tongue and fingers were on her. She was already soaked under his amazing mouth. No wonder she surrendered right away.

She clenched around his fingers and her stiffening legs wrapped around him. Then, she quivered when she released another powerful orgasm.

While catching her breath, she decided to return the favor.


"Mm?" he answered while he was lapping up the remaining juices on her. Then, he got up and hovered over her. "What is it?"

She wrapped her arms around his neck then pulled him down beside her. After that, she rolled over until she was on top of him and he was on his back.

[This is my chance to "attack."]

She quickly tugged at his pants. Without being told to lose them, he did it himself. Now he was only in his tightly fitting boxers that resembled modern boxers from her second life. Well, even the women's undergarments here weren't that different from the ones in the modern world.

Anyway, she gulped when she saw the huge bulge straining against Kiho's boxers.

[He's rock hard.]

And so big.

Before she realized what she was doing, she was already pulling his very stiff member out of his boxers. And boy, the captain's cock was really impressive. It was long and thick and probably too big for her mouth. But it didn't stop her from eating him out as she promised him that morning.

[Happy eating to me.]

She got his cock in and out of her mouth in no time.

Kiho groaned lowly, his heavy breathing told her that he was enjoying her mouth. "Tilly that feels so f*cking good"

It was the first time she heard Kiho curse. And he even did that using his sexy bedroom voice. That was more than enough to encourage her to please him with her mouth and hands.

In her past life, she rarely pleasured him this way. Despite her selfishness, he never complained or demanded her to do that for him. Instead, he continued making her happy in bed. She wondered how he endured that kind of sex life with a b*tch like her before.

[I'll make it up to you this time, Kiho.]

She dipped her tongue around the tip of his cock, pushed it in and out of her mouth. Then, she held the base of his length and pumped slowly. Then faster, as she took him as deep as she could. He was still in her mouth when he started coming. While the hot fluid was filling her throat, she heard him call her name again and again.

"Sorry, Tilly," Kiho said, still breathing heavily. "I should have told you that I was close"

"It's okay," Tilly said when she got up, licking her lips clean. "You taste good, Captain."

His whole face turned red before he held her hand and pulled her closer to him. When was lying on her back, he lied down on top of her. Then, he pressed his face between the valleys of her breasts.

She wrapped her arms around his head and hugged him tight while listening to his heavy breathing. For some reason, the sound of his shallow breathing was a turn on to her.

[He sounds sexy without even trying to be.]

Tilly's thoughts were cut off when she felt Kiho's growing erection against her hips. "Gosh," she said in surprise. "You're ready again?"

It hadn't been ten minutes since he ejaculated!

[Well Kiho is only twenty one.]

Kiho got up and gazed down at her with glowing gold eyes. Then, he held her waist. "Tilly, can we do another position?"

She felt her cheeks burn but she nodded eagerly. "Sure."

"Thank you," he said politely

then he gently flipper her over onto her stomach.

He grabbed her hips and pulled them back up, the new position making her go on all fours. Oh, she remembered that she liked this one because it allowed Kiho to penetrate her deeper.

"Tilly, is this okay?" Kiho asked, his erection pressing against her moist entrance. "Are you comfortable with this position?"

"Yes," Tilly said, grinding herself against his erection. "Take me again, Kiho."

As a response, the captain slid inside her again.

And they would do it three more times that, ending their first night as a married couple with Kiho gallantly fulfilling his promise of "five rounds" to Tilly.


TILLY wasn't surprised when she woke up at noon with her body sore all over.

Five rounds. They did it five freaking times in different positions. Thank goodness she had a month of solo yoga "classes" before their honeymoon. If she didn't make her body physically fit for that moment, she wouldn't be able to match his high sexual drive.

[My captain is a sex god!]

"Honey, you're awake?"

She got up and wrapped her naked body with the thick blanket when Kiho entered while pushing a food trolley.

Tilly smiled at the wonderful sight of her husband bringing her breakfast. "What did you cook for breakfast, hon?"

They were the only people in the castle so obviously, he was the one who cooked the food.

"I made a simple breakfast. Well, it's actually noon but since this is our first meal for today, let's call it breakfast," Kiho said. Then, he leaned down to kiss her on the forehead before he told her what he made. "I just fried eggs, sausages, and bacons. I also made baked beans, grilled tomatoes, and mushrooms on toast. And for the drinks, I made coffee for us."

"Perfect," she said. "Thank you, hon. And sorry for not waking up earlier. I should have helped you prepare our breakfast."

His face went red when he gazed down at her neck

her neck that was covered with love bites.

[Actually, he left marks all over my body.]

"It's okay, Tilly," the captain said. Then, he looked up at her with shining eyes. "I know that you're tired."

"Tsk," she lightly complained, then hit him in the arm. "Why do you look so proud, huh?"

He shrugged, a smile threatening to form on his lips. "I'm just glad that I made you happy even though it was both our first time."

"It doesn't seem like it was your first time."

"Well, I studied really hard for this night," he admitted in a shy voice. "I read tons of popular romantic novels as part of my preparation."

By that, he probably meant the 'infamous' erotic books that the young ladies in the empire were raving about.

She couldn't help but let out a soft laugh at his cute confession. "Thank you for working hard to make me happy, Kiho."



"After breakfast, do you want to take a bath together?" Kiho asked. The blush on his cheeks said that he was being shy. But the glint of hungriness in his eyes showed the beast in him. "I want to experience taking a bath with you."

"Sure," Tilly said with a smile. If she wasn't hungry, she would have jumped his bones by now. But she needed to eat to have enough energy later. "Let's take a bath together after breakfast, Kiho."

[So, bathroom sex it is.]


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