Mommy Villainess Chapter 41

41 Newlyweds
TILLY was impressed by the castle's huge bathroom.

Instead of a tub, there was an indoor tiled pool with four posts. Statues and water fountains were also around the room. And most of all, there was a giant crystal chandelier above.

[I feel like I'm in a five-star hotel.]

"Kiho, isn't this pool beautiful?" Tilly said when they were on the pool corner steps. She was sitting between his legs while leaning against his back. "In some other places, we have to pay a fortune to have this room to ourselves," she said before she turned to him.

"Uh-huh," Kiho agreed but he was gazing down at her breasts. "They are beautiful."

And she could feel his growing erection against her hip.

She couldn't help but laugh softly at his reaction.

[Are all newlyweds like this or we just have high sex drive?]

In her past life, she remembered doing it three times with Kiho during their honeymoon. But he didn't act as clingy as he did now.

"Captain, eyes on my face," she lightly scolded him. "I'm talking to you."

Kiho looked at her with an embarrassed look on his face. "I'm sorry, honey."

"You know what I was thinking earlier?" she asked with a playful smile. When he shook his head, she continued. "I was wondering if all newlyweds are as horny as we are or we just have high sex drive."

"Oh, I'm not sure," he said. "But I remember that one time, Blake scolded me for giving one of our men a weekend break after his wedding."

She gasped at that. "You gave a two-day break to a man who just got married? You're a monster, Captain Kiho!"

"I told you I've killed people for my job and you just laughed it off," he said, his voice filled with amusement. "But now that you heard that I gave a newly married knight a two-day vacation, you're looking at me like I'm despicable."

"Because you are," she said with widened eyes. "You're a terrible boss for giving a weekend break to newly married guy. How would you feel if His Majesty gave you two days instead of a week for our honeymoon?"

To be honest, one week was too short for a honeymoon.

But Kiho was a captain and he couldn't leave his post for too long. In fact, the Black Serpent Knights weren't able to attend the reception party because they had a mission away from the empire. Blake and the others had to leave after the wedding ceremony.

Kiho would have to join the troop a week from now. Blake was currently leading the squad but the success rate of their mission would drop without the captain. And so, Kiho had to follow his knights after their honeymoon.

They were lucky that it wasn't an urgent mission because if not, they would have to move their wedding date.

"You're right," Kiho said while nodding his head. "I would be pissed if His Majesty gave me two days to spend with you after our wedding." He scratched his cheek, obviously ashamed of his ignorance then. "I didn't know the joy of having a wife during that time so I didn't care."

"You owe that knight an apology, Kiho."

"I do," he admitted. "I'll give him a one week break. Then, I'll send him and his wife to a vacation place of their choice as peace offering. With pocket money, of course."

"That sounds like a good plan," she said. Then, she kissed his cheek. "Good thinking, Captain."

That kiss seemed to awaken his libido once again.

"Tilly, can we do it again?" Kiho asked while wrapping his arms around her shoulders. Then, he kissed her cheek and proceeded to gently bit her earlobe. "Please?"

He didn't have to beg but she decided to tease him first.

"But if we do it now, I'm sure you won't stop with just one round," she lightly complained. "I don't want to be so exhausted because I want to walk by the beach later."

"I promise one round is enough."


"I swear."

"Okay, then," she said. "But on one condition."


"I want to be in control this time," she said slyly.

"I don't mind," he said, then he caught her lips for a hungry kiss.

When she started to kiss him back with as much fervor, his hands began to fondle her breasts and play with her nipples. He took her hardened peak between his thumb and index finger, then he rolled it around and gave it light pinches.

It felt so good that she came right away.

[Argh, and he wasn't even touching me down there yet.]

One of Kiho's hand reached between her legs while the other remained squeezing her breast.

"Oh," he said when he cupped her mound. "You already came?"

"Shut up," she complained, a little bit embarrassed that she came with just him playing with her boobs.

He just let out a soft laugh.

Her whining soon turned into a moan when his thumb rubbed her clit while his two fingers were thrusting inside her.

[Gosh, he's so good at multi-tasking!]

Kiho nuzzled his face against her neck and made a trail of open-mouth kisses on it down to her neck shoulders. Then, he lightly nibbled at her collarbone.

She turned to him to kiss him on the temple. Then, she leaned a bit forward to reach and gently bite his earlobe. This time, it was his turn to groan. And boy, she had to say that every sound Kiho made during sex turned her on even more.

No wonder she felt herself tightening around his fingers. She knew he felt it too because his fingers moved in and out of her faster.

Gosh, she released a powerful orgasm again.

[Just from his fingers]

He slowed down with this thrusting when she leaned against his chest to catch her breath.

"Are you okay, honey?" he teased her. He only pulled out his fingers when she was completely spent. Then, he licked his digits one by one as if he was licking a delectable treat. "Dessert."

She rolled her eyes at his teasing. "Where's my innocent little Kiho?"

"You made a man out of him, honey."

Okay, she laughed at that. "Well, I like your duality."

She couldn't wait anymore to feel him inside her again so she stood up and faced him. Then, she held onto his shoulders and straddled his hips. After securing her position, her hand reached down between his legs and carefully held his erect cock.

He leaned against the tiled wall and groaned, obviously pleased by the sensation brought by her fingers around his manhood.


Satisfied by his reaction, she slid her hand along his considerable length. She was still wet and they were in a pool so he'd definitely slide inside her easily.

"Are you ready, hon?" she asked him.

"I am," he said, then he placed his hands on her waist. "Please be careful and don't break my little guy."

She just laughed it off.

A few heartbeats later, she sank down and took him all the way inside. That caused them to moan simultaneously. Gosh, he was so big that he filled her up completely.

[And I haven't moved yet.]

Accommodating his massiveness inside her made her feel like she was breaking into two.

The captain seemed to notice that she froze. "If it hurts, I'll pull out."

"No, I'm fine," she assured him.

She just didn't expect that that position would allow her to take him in as deep as possible. But that was the point of that sitting on top of him to give her the control on how deep he would penetrate her.

Kiho, probably in an attempt to help her relax, kissed her gently on the lips.

And it worked.

She wrapped her arms around his neck while kissing him. Then, she started to move slowly. When her body completely relaxed, she took him deeper.

Then, Kiho thrust his pelvis up to match her downward slides. He filled her completely that even his tiniest moves still hit all the right spots inside her. So even though she was supposed to be the one doing the work in that position, she didn't feel that at all.

Anyway, when she broke the kiss for air, his mouth found her breasts again. He took one nipple in his mouth while his hand played with the other mound.

She moaned loudly and changed her movements.

Now she was bouncing up and down his cock as careful as possible while he pushed his ups, matching her new rhythm.

This time he put the other breast in his mouth. Then he lazily made a circle around her nipple with his wet and hot tongue until he got to the center of the orb. She almost came again when he flicked his tongue several times before he wrapped his lips around the hardened peak.

And then he sucked on her nipples. Gosh, the sounds he made while sucking it was very erotic to her ears.

"Kiho," she moaned in his ear. "I'm close"

The captain stopped worshipping her breasts to grab her hips tight. Then, his thrust became faster and deeper. She was still on top but he clearly had to control now.

But she was competitive so she grabbed her shoulders and moved her hips in a way that would match his pace. It seemed like he loved it because he groaned and buried his face against her neck.

His warm breath tickled her skin. Everything about that moment sent her to blinding bliss. A few bounces and pumps later, she was screaming with a powerful orgasm.

Then, she collapsed on him.

But he wasn't done yet, and so was she.

He groaned lowly when she ran her palms over his bare chest, accidentally brushing her fingers against his hardened nipple. When he cursed out of pleasure, she nibbled the sensitive part of his neck to tease him further.

That seemed to send him to the edge because he shot his load after a few thrusts his release taking longer than usual.

"Let's stay like this for a while, honey," Kiho whispered while kissing the top of her head. "Can we?"

"Of course," Till said with a smile. "I want you inside me a little longer, too."


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