Mommy Villainess Chapter 43

43 Back To Work
[I REALLY am shameless.]

Tilly was checking herself in the bathroom's mirror.

For their last night at the castle, she finally wore the black peek-a-boo lace babydoll lingerie with g-string. That was the one that she chose with Lani and Leni. To be honest, she also wanted a suspender garment set to come with the lingerie. But unfortunately, it wasn't available in the current market in the empire yet.

[I should just be grateful that we have sexy lingerie here.]

She was satisfied with how she looked on it anyway. The fit and the color complemented her body and complexion. And the lingerie was comfortable.

When she turned around and looked at her reflection, she felt a little bit embarrassed to see that her butt was very exposed. Thank goodness she still had "apple butt" in this lifetime even though she didn't have time to work out properly.

[I guess a got lucky to be born with this body.]

After admiring herself in the mirror, she got out the bathroom to surprise her husband.

Kiho took a bath first and when she went to their room, she found him doing his sword swinging practice.

[So workaholic.]

But she didn't want to complain because watching the captain work out was a blessing.

Kiho was only wearing pants so his sweaty upper torso was a sight to behold. Each swing he made literally flexed his sexy arm muscles. And the look of utter concentration on his face was also hot. It was admirable of him to stick to the basic exercises of swordsmanship even though he was already a master swordsman.

[He never forgets his roots.]

Kiho stopped when he probably felt his presence. He looked at her as if he's say something. But when she saw her, he froze with his mouth open.

He didn't need to say anything.

The sudden glint of hunger in his glowing gold eyes told her that he liked what he saw.

"Tilly, I wanted to take it easy tonight because we're going to travel early morning," Kiho said in a low voice while walking towards her. "But I don't think I can hold back now."

"Kiho, I don't want you to hold back," Tilly said with a playful smile. Then, she turned around to show him her buttocks. When she turned to him, she smirked when she saw him lick his lips. She turned around to face him again when he was already within arm's length. [My captain is so sexy.]

Her husband growled when he finally reached her.

The captain grabbed her by the waist and kissed her so hard and so good until she found herself leaning against the wall.

She wrapped one leg around his waist while his hand slid under her lingerie. He squeezed a cheek of her butt before he hooked his fingers in the waistband of her g-string. He pulled it down in a hurry.

[Gosh, I corrupted my cute innocent Kiho.]

The captain broke this kiss while his finger was tracing her slick slit. "Honey, you're never not wet around me, huh?"

Okay, that seriously made her blush. She playfully hit his arm while whining. "I don't want to hear that from someone whose erection is pressed against me."

"Touch," he conceded lightly.

Then, he used his other hand to pull down his pants. He released his hard cock before he grabbed her buttocks to hoist her. That made it easier for her to wrap her legs around his waist. And as soon as she did, he pushed in making them moan at the same time.

It felt so good that her nails dug into his shoulders.

"I think I gave your shoulders and back a lot of scratches," Tilly said while breathing heavily. "Sorry about that, hon."

"The scratches you give me are the only ones I don't mind, Tilly," Kiho said, the he started to move inside her. "I'll accept them all if it means doing this with your for the rest of our lives."


TILLY couldn't believe that when she woke up, she was already on their bed in Kiho's residence. The last thing she remembered was being in the carriage on the way home.

Well, she was too tired but still

[I wonder how the servants reacted.]

"Good morning, honey."

Tilly smiled when Kiho, who was sitting on the side of the bed, leaned down to kiss her on the forehead. "Good morning. Why didn't you wake me up?"

"Because I know you're tired," Kiho said. "I carried you to our room. Then, I asked the maids to change you into your sleepwear."

"You could have done it yourself."

He blushed at that. "I wanted to. But it seemed like your maids wanted to take care of you themselves so I let them."

She smiled. Then, her forehead knotted when she realized that he was already wearing his uniform. "You're going back to work this early?"

"Yes," he said. "I have to drop by at the palace first and report to His Majesty."

"Can't you have breakfast first?"

"I don't have time for that," he said apologetically. "Sorry. I want to join you for breakfast but my schedule for today is tight."

"At least bring a sandwich with you," she said. When he just nodded, she continued. "Are you going to leave and follow your squad after that?"

"I'll go home first," he said while caressing her face with the back of his hand. "I want to have lunch with you before I leave. Is that okay?"

She smiled and nodded at that. "I want the try the famous restaurant at the Sky Plaza. It's called 'Delite.' Should we have lunch there?"

"Okay, I'll make a reservation," he said, then gave her butterflies kisses on the face. "You should sleep more, honey. I'll tell the maids to wake you up before lunch."

She nodded because admittedly, she still felt tired from their vacation. "But let me send you off. I want to do it since this is our first day as a married couple at home."

Kiho's face instantly lit up. "I'd love that, Tilly."

"Give me ten minutes," Tilly said, then she got up. "Do you want to help me get dressed?"



"YOU'RE going to join the Hunt?"

"Yes, Your Majesty," Kiho answered politely while standing in front of Emperor Aku in the throne room.

"This is the first time, isn't it?" Emperor Aku asked in amusement. "I've been encouraging you to join the Hunt but you always refused me."

The Clean-up Hunt was different from the Hunt that the emperor made as a game.

In the clean-up operation, you just have to slay as many Crades as you want. But if you join the emperor's Hunt, you have to catch the replica of an ancient beast. He thought it was just a bother before but since Tilly requested it, he'd join and win the competition.

"What made you change your mind?" the emperor asked. Then, he smirked knowingly. "Is it for Lady Prescott? Do you want to win the Hunt and offer your winnings to her?"

"Let's just say that you are correct, Your Majesty."

His Majesty just laughed at his response. Then, he became serious. "I'm glad that you're joining the Hunt this year, Kiho. I'd hate it if Captain Sherwood wins again."

"Your Majesty, Captain Sherwood is your personal knight," he reminded him carefully. "Shouldn't you feel proud about his achievements?"

"I don't want him to impress Nia every Hunt," the emperor said, his red eyes glowing. "I don't know what I might do if he won and dedicated it to Nia."

"Why would Captain Sherwood dedicate his win to Her Royal Highness?"

"The winning gentleman is supposed to dedicate his victory to the most beautiful lady in the Hunt," Emperor Aku said. "And that can only be Nia."

"Ah," he said, not really interested in what the emperor was saying. "But if I win, I won't offer my victory to Her Royal Highness."

"Excuse me?"

"I'll dedicate my win to Tilly," he said casually. "She's the most beautiful lady to me."

"I don't know how to feel," the emperor said with a knotted forehead. "I'd hate it if you dedicate your victory to Nia. But I'm also irritated to hear that you won't offer it to my fiance because that means she's not the most beautiful lady in your eyes."

He didn't respond to that because he felt like he didn't need to.

[His Majesty becomes irrational when it comes to Her Royal Highness.]

"But I like you more than Captain Sherwood so I'll let it slide," Emperor Aku said in a calmer tone. The glow in his red eyes also disappeared. "I'll pray for your victory, Kiho."

Kiho bowed politely. "Thank you, Your Majesty."

After that, he was dismissed.

When he left the throne room, he met Captain Sherwood in the hallways. He just gave the other captain a polite nod and was supposed to continue on his way out when he spoke.

"Captain Kiho, are you going to join the Hunt this year?" Captain Sherwood asked. "I heard from the administration office that you requested a form for the Hunt. Is it true?""

"It's true, Captain Sherwood," Kiho confirmed.

"Knowing you, I don't think you'd dedicate your victory to Her Royal Highness," he said with a grin. "Kiho, do you want me to concede?"

"Why would I want you to do that?"

"Because I don't want to embarrass you to your wife," the Blue Dragon Captain said, as casual as ever. "I know that if you win, you'd dedicate it to Lady Prescott."

"Captain Sherwood, do you know why you've been the victor of the Hunt for the past years?"

"Of course, I know," Captain Sherwood said cheerily. "It's because I'm the strongest competitor."

"Wrong," Kiho said without even batting an eye. "You only won in the past because I wasn't part of the competition, Captain Sherwood."


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