Mommy Villainess Chapter 51

51 Supreme Fire Mages Awakening
WHEN Kiho reached the top of the highest redwood in the forest, he finally got a closer look at the majestic flaming bird. But his forehead knotted in confusion when he realized that the Red Phoenix wasn't moving.

[Did someone shot it with a paralyzing bullet?]

He hated that he had to attack the red bird when it couldn't fight back. It felt worse to know that he was going to take advantage of other people's handiwork. But he wanted to win the Hunt. Honestly speaking, he was used to dirty tactics because of his assassination missions. But hunting a legendary beast like this was taking a jab on his pride.

He shook his head to get rid of those thoughts.

[Eyes on the prize, Kiho.]

He got down on one knee and prepared his rifle to hit the Red Phoenix in both eyes.

According to Duke Prescott, the Red Phoenix albeit being a replica would look for something important to it. Hence, it would "wake up" agitated. To temporary stop its movement, he had to literally blind the red bird. Once it loses its sight, it would stop flying and would rest on top of anything tall enough to its liking. A giant tree or the castle's rooftop, for example.

But since the Red Phoenix had fast regeneration, he had to capture the flaming bird while it was still blind.

[I can't miss.]

When Kiho was sure that he would hit the target, he finally pulled the trigger.

But before the bullet could even reach the Red Phoenix, the majestic bird suddenly disappeared in thin air.


He was even more surprised to see Captain Sherwood floating in the air. He sliced the bullets that almost hit him. Ah, the Blue Dragon Knights captain was probably trying to catch the phoenix as well from the other side.

"Hey, careful," Captain Sherwood complained when he saw him. "You almost shot me, Captain Kiho."

"Sorry," Kiho said casually. "I didn't expect that the Red Phoenix would suddenly disappear, Captain Sherwood."

Just where did the majestic flaming bird disappear to?


TILLY didn't know if she was hallucinating or something.

But right now, she was looking at a beautiful flaming red bird in the sky. Its golden orbs were staring straight back at her as if it finally found the thing it was looking for. She could read it in its mesmerizing eyes.

"Come," Tilly whispered, relieved to hear and feel the beat of her heart again. When her body finally felt light, she opened her arms to the red bird. "Come to me."

The Red Phoenix seemed to understand her because it suddenly started to come down to her in an alarming speed. But even though the giant bird was engulfed in red flame, she didn't feel scared. She could feel that it wouldn't hurt her.

When the Red Phoenix was a few meters away from her, her body started to float until she was standing in the air. She wrapped her arms around the red bird as it enclosed her in its soft and warm wings.

The dagger in her chest burned to ashes but her body and her clothes were fine.

"Can you feel my wrath, Red Phoenix?" Tilly asked the red bird while stroking its soft feathers. It moved its head as if it was nodding as a response to her question. Like she expected, the phoenix could understand her. "Then, burn the b*tch Nia Moonchester for me."


TILLY knew that wasn't herself at the moment.

The wrath in her chest was taking over and she couldn't stop it. Rather, she didn't want to. She was tired of Princess Nia messing up her life again and again. That b*tch would probably stop only when she was dead.

[I have to kill her this time before she hurts my family again.]

The power inside her was overflowing and that was where her confidence was coming from. She felt she could kill Princess Nia instantly. Well, the Red Phoenix would do the job for her.

[Please take care.]

She watched the Red Phoenix flying high up in the sky in its glory.

While she had to stay and deal with the shadow who stabbed her heart a while ago. It seemed like a robot that could only perform the job programmed in its "head." After all, the silhouette stopped moving as soon as it stabbed her.

[But I can't leave it alone. It might have a recording device that may have captured my moment with the Red Phoenix. I have to destroy it the shadow.]

As soon as she thought of destroying it, she heard a strange voice in her head. She couldn't tell if it was a male or a female. But for some reason, the voice was soothing to hear. Like she knew who it was but she couldn't just remember.

[Ring of Fire], the strange voice whispered. [Say the words, Supreme.]

"Ring of Fire," Tilly said under her breath while looking at the unmoving shadow.

As soon as she said the "magic words," a literal ring of fire appeared around the silhouette and burned it to ashes. It only took three seconds!

She smiled at the outcome.

[It feels good to be this powerful.]

Tilly looked up at the sky. The Red Phoenix couldn't be seen anymore. She hoped that the princess was already being toasted alive. "Please don't fail, Red Phoenix."


NIA felt a shiver down her spine when she felt a very strong power coming at her.

[It can't be!]

"Your Royal Highness!" Lahara screamed while standing protectively in front of her. "It's the Red Phoenix!"

The red bird plowed into the glass window.

Everything that it touched burned right away. In just a few seconds, the entire room was already engulfed in flame and they were in the middle of it.

Nia was shocked.

First of all, Castle Vania was supposed to be surrounded by a powerful barried. How come a mere replica had managed to break into it?!

[But this shouldn't happen in the first place!]

Before the replicas of the Four Ancient Beasts were put in the boxes, they were conditioned to never attack any member of the royal family. So she couldn't understand why the replica of the Red Phoenix was suddenly attacking her!

[Wait is it really a mere replica?]

Her thoughts were cut-off when she heard Lahara screaming in agony. When she turned to the mage-knight, she gasped when she saw her being literally burned alive.


Nia tried to run towards Lahara and help her. But she was stopped when the Red Phoenix let out a loud shriek. Then, the red bird slapped her with its huge flaming wings.

She raised her hands and created a barrier to protect herself.

But it was useless. As soon as the red bird's wing touched the barrier she made, it burned and was reduced to nothing. She instantly panicked because it was the strongest barrier that she could create. This was the first time her shield was broken.

Right at that moment, she knew she didn't have enough power to fight it.

Nia got down on one knee, touched her shadow, and pulled it out of the floor.

After making her own clone fight the Red Phoenix, she tried to run away. But she was shocked when the red bird burned her shadow to ashes.

Losing her shadow instantly weakened her until she was coughing blood.

[This phoenix definitely isn't a replica!]

Once again, she tried to run using all her strength. But when the Red Phoenix opened its huge wings, she was suddenly engulfed in red flame.

It was hot, unforgiving, and bone-melting.

For the first time in her life, she felt physical pain.

"Aku!" Nia cried when she fell on the ground while hugging herself tight. No matter how much Mana she used, she still couldn't extinguish the flame burning her alive. She could only cry in agonizing pain, especially when she realized that her skin was seriously starting to get burned. "Help me, Brother!"


TILLY clutched her chest tight when she felt like her heart was being squeezed at the moment. After that, she started to cough blood.

[What's happening to me?]

The overflowing power she felt a while ago also started to disappear.

As evidence, the Ring of Fire that she created to burn the shadow was suddenly quenched.

But then, all of a sudden, the comforting flame that engulfed her began to hurt. It was as if the flame was starting to burn her now.

[It hurts]

"I knew this would happen."

Tilly looked up and was surprised to see Captain Denver standing in front of her. She stepped back from him when he started to walk towards her. "No," she said weakly. "You're going to get hurt if you touch me, Captain Denver."

Captain Denver just grabbed her by the wrist. Then, he pulled her and hugged her tight.

She tried to push him away but he suddenly let her go and gently pushed her away from him, literally.

That was when she realized that the flame engulfing her a while ago was transferred to Captain Denver. But unlike her, he didn't seem like he was hurt at all. In fact, the red flame started to vanish as if it was absorbed by his body.

She would understand if it was an ordinary flame. But it came from the Red Phoenix. That could only mean one thing.

"Captain Denver" Tilly said in disbelief. "Are you a Fire Mage?"

"I told you not to stand out, didn't I?" Captain Denver asked softly, a sad smile spread across his lips. Then, much to her shock, he got down on one knee and hanged his head low before her. "Welcome back, Supreme Fire Mage."


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