Mommy Villainess Chapter 57

57 The Captains Resignation
TO SAY that Tilly was surprised when Kiho said that he was going to resign as a captain would be an understatement.

She was shocked!

"You worked hard to be a captain, Kiho," Tilly reminded him. Well, she wanted him to resign because she didn't want her husband to be close to the royal family any more than he already was. But still, she didn't want him to regret his decision later. That was why she was helping him decide if that was what he really wanted to do. "And you're not just any captain. You're one of the leaders of the Four Orders that represent the Four Ancient Beasts. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that you, Captain Denver, Captain Ainsworth, and Captain Sherwood are the new guardians of the Great Moonchester Empire."

It wasn't easy to reach that position, especially since Kiho was a commoner.

If only the royal family wasn't a threat to her and her family, she wouldn't want her husband to leave his position. She knew that he'd be a great duke. But she also wanted Kiho to follow his passion. If being a captain was the job he really wanted to do, then she wouldn't take that away from him even though she would be put in jeopardy.

[I just want to be considerate of his feelings.]

"I take pride in my position of the captain of the Black Serpent Knights because it means I'm being useful to the empire," Kiho said carefully. "But I've always wanted to quit the assassination jobs that come along with my position. I don't enjoy killing people."

Oh. That made sense.

[Kiho isn't a killing machine after all.]

"When I married you, the thought of quitting had already crossed my mind," the captain continued. "And now that you're pregnant, I've become more resolved to resign. I want to be a more decent human being for our son." He fell silent before he continued talking in a sad voice. "Well, I know that my hands would remain tainted with blood from all the people that I've killed. But now that I have a family, I want to atone for my sins and be kind for the remaining years of my life." He smiled but it was a sad one. "Do I really deserve to be this happy after I've taken so many lives with my very own hands?"

"We can't change our past mistakes but we can atone for it by living decently in the present," Tilly gently said while caressing his cheek. Of course, she was speaking from experience. "Kiho, from now on and until the day we die, let's be kind to ourselves and kinder to other people."

He nodded, then he kissed her palm. "Tilly, I'm going to accept Duke Prescott's offer. Once I quit being a captain, I'll do my best to be a good Duke of Oakes. I will work hard to not tarnish your father's legacy."

She smiled at that, but she was still worried. "But do you think Emperor Aku would let you quit your job? You're known as his "shadow beast." I don't think anyone in the empire would want to take your position."

"I have a way to make His Majesty agree," he said confidently. "Trust me, honey."

"I trust you, hon," she said, then her forehead knotted in worry. "But what will happen to the Black Knights if you resign? Will the emperor appoint a new captain? Will they continue doing assassination jobs for the empire?"

"His Majesty only gives assassination jobs to the Black Serpent Knights because I'm the captain," he explained. "If I quit, he wouldn't use the squad for his dirty tasks. The emperor knows I'm the only one capable of executing his plans."

Kiho wasn't being arrogant. He was simply stating a fact. He wouldn't be dubbed as the emperor's "shadow beast" if he sucked at his job.

"I'll recommend Blake to be the next captain," Kiho said. "I know that they will accept my decision. They're the ones who have always wanted me to quit the assassination jobs that I take from the emperor. I'm in debt with them so I'll make sure that the new generation of Black Serpents Knights wouldn't be associated with dirty jobs anymore."

She believed that. Even in her past life, Blake and the other Black Serpents Knights had been loyal to her husband.

[I want to take care of them this time as a token of gratitude for looking after Kiho.]

"Hon, once you get a surname and become the new Duke of Oakes, you'll need more people to protect you as a sign of your rise in power," Tilly said seriously. "As a duke, you'll have the right to ask the emperor to have your own private army."

His eyes widened in shock. "I can do that?"

"The other captains are doing that, Kiho," he said. "Captain Sherwood is a duke and the Blue Dragon Knights serve as his family's private army as well. It didn't cause a conflict of interest because the Sherwoods are a part of the Royal Faction. On the other hand, Captain Ainsworth is a part of the Noble Faction. So even if the Golden Tiger Knights are working for the empire, once a civil war breaks out, their squad will definitely fight for House Ainsworth. Despite knowing that, the emperor couldn't simply kick them out because he doesn't want the Noble Faction to start a coup. Plus, His Majesty is confident that he has control over the Four Orders because he has you and Captain Sherwood."

Captain Denver stood in the neutral side so she wasn't sure what the emperor thought of the Red Phoenix Knights.

"Anyway, I don't think that His Majesty would deny your request if you want the Black Serpent Knights to be our family's private army," she continued. "And we're a part of the Royal Faction anyway."

Well, for now.

Plus, she wasn't planning on starting a coup anyway. She was determined to amend the relationship between the royal family and the Fire Mages. Well, she knew it wouldn't be easy after she tried to fry the bitchy princess.

[That was a mistake on my part.]

But it felt good so she didn't really feel guilty.

"Thank you for the support, honey," Kiho said, then he leaned down to kiss her on the lips.

Tilly immediately wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer to him until he was on top of her.

But he pulled away from her.

"Our baby," her husband said. "I don't want to accidentally crush our Winter."

"Then, let's change positions."

She gently pushed Kiho down the bed and she straddled his hips.

Without breaking their eye contact, she licked her fingers one by one. All the while his gaze was stuck on her. He was obviously turned on.

To please him even more, she slid her hand inside his pants and wrapped her hand around his cock, sliding it up and down his length. He groaned a little louder than usual which encouraged her even more. This time, she was even rubbing herself against his leg. She stopped her hand for a few seconds before she slid again and squeezed on her way up.

"Tilly," Kiho groaned.

Then, he pulled her by the neck for a deep and searing kiss. She moaned against his mouth and pumped him faster. When she felt that Kiho was about to reach his climax, she let go of his cock. Before he could complain, she went down on him and spread his legs.

He blushed at what she did.


Then, she wrapped her mouth around him. Her other hand was flat on his chest. She could feel his heartbeat under her palm. His body might be cold, but the way he called her name was hot. That was all she needed to know that he was enjoying the moment.

She was pleasantly surprised when Kiho wrapped her hair around his fingers, pulling her closer to him. Not to force her, but to encourage her instead. Slowly and with her consent, he started to push his hips up, hitting the back of her throat. He shuddered when he slid back out as if he was trying not to come yet.

"Tilly," Kiho said, breathless. "I'm close."

After one last lick, she removed her mouth on his rigid cock.

Then, she held onto his shoulders. It looked like he wanted to have control this time because he grabbed her waist. Then, he carefully laid her on the bed while spreading her legs with his knee. As soon as she accommodated him between her legs, he covered her with his body.

The moment she felt him hot and ready, she guided him. They moaned and groaned at the same time when he slid inside her.

God, it really felt good to have him inside her.

"Am I not crushing you and our baby?" Kiho asked, still not moving. "Is this okay, Tilly?"

"Yes," she answered while trying to catch her breath. "You can move now, Kiho. I swear you're not crushing our Winter."

To convince him that he wasn't hurting him, she moved her hips.

He groaned and finally took over.

Ever so gently, he grabbed her hips and he started to pump. Still moving deliciously inside her, he collapsed on her and buried his face against her neck. His warm breath fanned the sensitive part of her neck, making her giggle.

[God, I giggled in the middle of sex!]

Well, that giggled soon turned into another delicious moan.

Kiho's thrusts were fast and deep, and the way he slid inside her was precise. And it seemed like he already knew her body very well because he immediately found the perfect rhythm for them. She felt sore, the kind that sent her to blinding bliss.

"Tilly," Kiho whispered in her ear, his voice filled with undeniable need.

"It's okay, Kiho," she said, already aware of what he needed that moment. "You can come first. Fill me up, hon."

His response came in his sexy heavy breathing.

[God, why do I find his shallow breaths hot?!]

The answer was simple: Kiho was made of sexiness.

Anyway, her thoughts were cut-off when the captain caught her lips for a hot kiss. His tongue plunged deep in her mouth, imitating the way his cock moved inside her. A few thrusts later, he did what she wanted him to do he came inside her and filled her up completely.

To be completely honest, sex without protection was very messy. But since she was doing it with Kiho, she still found it very hot.

"Just a minute, hon," Kiho whispered when he collapsed on her. But she could tell that he was being careful not to crush her under his weight. "I'll clean you up in a while."

That was one of the things that she liked about her husband.

After making love, he would always bring her a washcloth and clean her up. Even in bed, he treated her like a queen. Kiho was really a keeper.

"Thank you, Kiho," Tilly whispered while hugging him tight. Then, she kissed him in the temple. "Thank you for taking care of me and our Winter."


"KIHO, how's Lady Prescott?" Emperor Aku asked him. "I heard that she got into an accident during the hunt."

"Tilly is fine, Your Majesty," Kiho answered politely. Right now, he was standing in front of the emperor in the throne room. Like usual, there were only the two of them inside. "Thank you for asking. May I ask how Her Royal Highness is doing?"

He was completely clueless about what happened after he left Castle Vania yesterday.

Since he was considered in a break, he didn't receive any report. And what happened to Princess Nia would definitely be kept confidential.

The nobles probably hadn't heard of it yet because they were still quiet.

[If they found out about what happened to the princess, hell will break loose.]

He had a feeling that was the reason why Emperor Aku summoned him today.

"Before I answer your question, I have a bad news to share with you first," Emperor Aku said. "Kiho, Lahara didn't make it. Before we reached the temple, her body suddenly combusted and turned into ashes. According to the High Priest, the flame that Lahara absorbed burned her insides and so in the end, it made her combust."

That shocked him.

[I was pretty sure Lahara was still alive before I left]

But if the mage-knight absorbed the flame, then what the emperor said was possible.

"Nia is still in a terrible state," the emperor continued. "Kiho, I know I don't need to say this but let me remind you. The princess's state is confidential. Aside from and the High Priest, only you and Captain Sherwood saw her that day."

"I understand, Your Majesty," he said. "Your secret is safe with me."

"I know that," Emperor Aku said, then he gave him a weak smile. "Kiho, you won the Hunt. Congratulations."

"Thank you, Your Majesty," he said politely. "But after what happened that day, I don't feel like it's something to celebrate. And I wouldn't have caught the replica without your help."

"That's not true, Kiho," the emperor said while shaking his head. "We can't celebrate your victory. The investigation is still on-going and the nobles are forcing me to talk about what really happened during the Hunt. Out of consideration for you and your wife, I decided not to involve you in cleaning up this mess. Catching the replica was already a huge contribution. But still, I know it's not enough as reward for what you did."

Kiho held his breath.

To be honest, he was acting sly. Truth be told, he was waiting for the emperor to bring up his reward from the Hunt. He didn't feel like he won but still, that was the key for his freedom.

"I'll grant you a wish, Kiho," the emperor said. "Tell me anything you want. As long as it's within my power and ability, and if it wouldn't put the empire or the throne in jeopardy, then I shall give it to you."

"I only have one wish, Your Majesty," Kiho said seriously. "I want to resign as the captain of the Black Serpent Knights."

His Majesty was obviously not pleased by his wish.

The ground shook as if it was responding to the emperor's anger.

"You want to what?" Emperor Aku said with a smile. But his eyes were glowing red with anger. "Kiho, do you want to die?"


TILLY was surprised when her father visited her at Kiho's mansion without prior notice.

When she got into the parlor room where the duke was waiting, she saw how serious her father looked. Right at that moment, she had a feeling she knew the reason he was there.

At the hospital, she asked Captain Denver if her father was aware that she had the heart of the Supreme Fire Mage. According to the captain, he wasn't in the position to answer her question. Right then and there, she already knew that her father was aware of who she really was.

"Father," Tilly politely greeted the duke when the servants left them alone in the parlor. "Are you here to tell me about who I really am?"

Duke Prescott, her strict but kind father, smiled sadly at her. "Tilly, I'm here to tell you about a lovely commoner called Marianne."

That shocked her.

Did she hear it right?

[My mother was a commoner?!]


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