Mommy Villainess Chapter 62

62 Beast Priestess
TILLY was satisfied with how she looked.

For today's ceremony, she wore a maroon dress with a black mesh top. She also wore a complete set of jewelry. Her earrings, necklace, bracelet, ring, and brooch all had black pearls.

Her hair was neatly tied in a bun and she used black lipstick.

Leni and Lani were shocked by her bold choice of makeup but the twins both agreed that she pulled it off nicely.

[I really have a sexy charm.]

Anyway, when she heard a knock on the door followed by her husband's voice, she asked the maids to leave. After giving her and Kiho a polite greeting, the twins left the room.

"Honey, are you done?"

Tilly turned around when Kiho stood behind her.


Her husband looked so dashing in his uniform as the captain of the Black Serpent Knights. His black tunic jacket with velvet collar and cuffs and golden one-shoulder cape really made him look ten times hotter. And the black gloves. Damn, it looked so good on him.

[God, thank you for giving me another chance to marry this man.]

"Hi, gorgeous," Tilly greeted her husband who had a funny look on his face. He looked half pleased-half scared while checking out her dress. "What's wrong?"

"Tilly, you look wonderful," Kiho said when he looked at her face. "But why do you like you're attending a funeral? We're not going to pay respects to Miss Lahara since we don't have access to the White Tower."

Of course she knew that.

But she still dressed that way because she wanted to secretly "mourn" Princess Nia. Well, the b*tch unfortunately survived but she would make sure that once she woke up, she couldn't lay a finger on her and her family ever again.

At first, she felt guilty for Lahara's death. But she reminded herself that if the mage-knight was still alive, she would have killed her first under the princess's order just to get her heart.

[But next time, I'll be wiser when I make another kill.]

"Wearing dark clothes would make me look slimmer," Tilly lied. It wasn't like she could tell Kiho that she wore dark clothes to mock the comatose princess. Well, it was kind of petty of her to do that but she wanted to express her joy through fashion. "I'm worried that I look fat now that I'm pregnant."

"You're not fat, Tilly. You don't look fat either," Kiho said carefully. "And even if you gain weight, that's fine. It's normal for pregnant women to gain weight, isn't it?"

She liked what he said but she decided to tease him. "Kiho, I heard that most men cheat when their wives are pregnant. Once a woman's baby bump gets bigger, it will be hard for her to make love with her husband." He blushed at what she said but she continued anyway. "I heard that's exactly the reason why men cheat during those times."

"I'll never cheat on you, Tilly," he said seriously. "Especially not for that shallow reason."

Her playfulness vanished when she remembered why they divorced in her past life.

Well, Kiho fell in love with Lucina Morganna when they were still married. But that happened when their marriage had already fallen apart a long time ago. Plus, he didn't cheat on her behind her back. He went to her and asked her for divorce.

[But falling in love with someone else while you're married is considered as emotional cheating, isn't it?]

God, that gave a sharp pang in her chest.

Since the events that happened in her past life had long been changed, what if the timeline of Kiho and Lucina Morganna changed as well? What would she do if the two met earlier than expected? Would her husband still fall for Lucina Morganna again?

She knew that Kiho loved her now.

But she didn't want to underestimate the power of destiny.

To be honest, at first, she thought that she would be okay if Kiho and Lucina Morganna got together in this lifetime once again as long as she had Winter. She really thought that all she needed was her son. That she would survive without her husband.

But now, she couldn't bear the thought of losing Kiho to another woman.

"Tilly, what's wrong?" Kiho asked her worriedly. "Why do you look like you're about to cry?"

"I'm upset," she admitted. "I'm upset at the thought of you falling in love with another woman."

She brought that up but she still got upset.

[God, these hormones]

"It won't happen," he assured her. Then, he cupped her face between his hands. "Do you not trust me, Tilly?"

"I trust you," she said. "But Kiho, can I hold onto you? Can I be possessive of you? Is it okay for me to think that all of you belong to me?"

"All of me belong to you, Tilly," Kiho said. Then, he hugged her tight. "No one can steal me away from you so don't be upset, okay?"

She wanted to cling to that.

[Yes, this is different from my past life so I should have more confidence.]

Plus, she was the original wife anyway.

"You're mine, Kiho," Tilly said while hugging him tight. "I won't share you with anyone."


TILLY had to hold back her laughter while listening to Emperor Aku's rubbish speech.

Right now, she was in the Sky Plaza with her fellow nobles.

This time, they were joined but commoners. But of course, their classes were literally separated from one another.

The nobles were in the front of the stage. They were seated according to their ranks. Her father couldn't make it so she was his proxy. As a duke's daughter, she was seated in the front seat among other nobles with the same rank as her father.

Behind them were the marquises and marchionesses, followed by the earls and countesses, then by viscounts and viscountesses, and finally, the barons and baronesses.

At the further back were the commoners. Unlike them, the ordinary citizens didn't have seats for them. They were simply standing behind. Also, there was a barricade surrounding the nobles and the commoners weren't allowed to cross that.

[Gosh, the class war in the empire is this bad.]

Anyway, there was a makeshift stage in front of them. Of course, Emperor Aku was sitting on the throne. He was being guarded by the captains of the Four Orders.

[My husband is so gorgeous.]

Well, the other captains were also good-looking. They wore the same uniform as Kiho but the colors were different. It was red for Captain Denver, blue for Captain Sherwood, and yellow for Captain Ainsworth.

[They look like P*wer R*ngers.]

"Rest assured, we weren't attacked by rebels," Emperor Aku said while standing in front of his subjects. The emperor looked dashing in his gold and red military uniform. This time, the usual playfulness on his face was replaced by solemnity. Understandable because his beloved fiance was still in a coma. "The rumors about the return of the Fire Mages aren't true as well."

Tilly almost smiled at that.

[You're wrong about that, Your Majesty.]

The nobles and the commoners were obviously relieved by the emperor's assurance.

"It was just unfortunate that the replica woke up aggravated after being locked up in the mystery box for hundreds of years," the emperor continued. "It attacked the Castle Vania without a specific target. Princess Nia was hurt because she was trying to protect everyone in the castle. And sadly, while protecting the princess, Lahara lost her life."

A collective gasp was heard among the crowd.

Ah, right. Kiho told her about Lahara's death in advance. So unlike her, the others were surprised to hear the "bad news."

"But Lahara's noble sacrifice won't be put in vain," His Majesty said. "Thankfully, Her Royal Highness is alive and recuperating well. But don't fret, my dear people. The princess will definitely wake up before our wedding date that has already been decided by the High Priest. It will happen eleven months from now and you can look forward to it."

The crowd was definitely uplifted by the "good news."

They cheered and congratulated the emperor for his upcoming wedding.

The nobles elegantly clapped for His Majesty while the commoners shouted, whistled, and laughed happily as celebration.

Some elitist nobles looked evidently uncomfortable by the "noise."

[So snotty.]

"Thank you, everyone," Emperor Aku said and when he raised his hand, the crowd fell silent instantly. "I have another announcement. As you already know, the replica of the Red Phoenix was caught by Captain Kiho of the Black Serpent Knights."

Tilly was surprised when the emperor said that.

[It wasn't in the agenda, was it?]

When she looked at Kiho, despite his stoic face, she could see the confusion in his eyes. She had spent enough time with him to know what his facial expression meant.

[Emperor Aku didn't tell Kiho as well.]

"That means Captain Kiho is the victor of the Hunt," the emperor continued. The crowd applauded once again. "Usually, we would have a huge feast to celebrate the end of the Hunt. But because of Princess Nia's current state, I decided to keep it simple." His Majesty turned to Kiho. "I hope you understand, Captain Kiho."

Kiho just bowed respectfully to the emperor.

"Now, Captain Kiho," Emperor Aku continued. "It's time to dedicate your victory to the lady that would become this year's Beast Priestess."

Tilly's heart thumped loudly against her chest when she made eye contact with Kiho.

Not to anyone's surprise well, they were married so she assumed that everyone already knew that Kiho would choose her the captain of the Black Serpent Knights walked towards her.

Then, Kiho got down on one knee and offered his hand to her.

She stood up and held onto his hand. Then, he pressed his forehead against the back of her hand before he kissed her knuckles.

[And that's how a knight offers his victory to the lady of his heart.]

The crowd once again cheered and showered them with praises. Well, the commoners did. The nobles just respectfully clapped their hands as usual.

She thought the ceremony was over when Kiho stood.

Her husband was about to assist her back to her seat when the emperor spoke again.

"And for my last announcement," Emperor Aku said. Then, he respectfully pointed at their direction using his hand. "I would like everyone to congratulate Captain Kiho and Lady Prescott. They have successfully conceived the child of the prophecy and fulfilled their noble duty to our Great Moonchester Empire."

The applause and the cheers this time were louder.

Kiho looked uncomfortable by the attention.

Tilly smiled and thanked the crowd but deep inside, she was seething.

[Why did the emperor announce my pregnancy without telling us first?!]


AFTER the public ceremony, Tilly was summoned by Emperor Kiho at his palace. To be precise, they were now having tea in the beautiful rose garden. She was nervous to be alone with the emperor, especially since Kiho wasn't around.

When they got at the palace, the emperor asked Kiho to fetch Blake so they could talk about the vice captain's new temporary position.

[His Majesty could have asked other people to summon Blake. This only means that he wants to talk to me alone.]

Well, not really "alone."

As expected, they were surrounded by servants and royal knights. Captain Sherwood and Sir Gregory were there as well. They were far enough not to eavesdrop, but also close enough to reach the emperor if something or someone was to attack His Majesty.

[I wish Kiho would return as soon as possible.]

"Lady Prescott, I apologize for announcing your pregnancy without your consent," Emperor Aku said, then he gently and elegantly put the tea cup down on the round table between them. The table had also a three-layer stand filled with different pastries and savory snacks. "I needed to shower the public with good news so they wouldn't focus on Nia's state. It slipped my mind to ask for your permission since I was busy these days."

"You don't have to apologize, Your Majesty," Tilly said respectfully. Well, she was angry but the emperor already apologized to her. It wouldn't do her good if she acted stubborn about it. "It's the public's right to know about my pregnancy because my child is the child in the prophecy."

"I'm glad you understand," he said with a smile. But his eyes were unusually dark and that made her a bit nervous. "Lady Prescott, why are you dolled up like you're in a funeral?" Okay, now she was certain that the emperor was unhappy with her choice of clothes and makeup. "You're not celebrating Nia's terrible state, are you?"

She was scared because even though the emperor was smiling, the coldness in his eyes and voice were saying otherwise.

But amazingly, she also felt her blood boil in excitement. She didn't know why but seeing the emperor's anger directed at her thrilled her. Like she was waiting for a chance to fight back. Her gut feeling was urging her to bare her fangs at His Majesty.

She held back though.

At her current state, the emperor would just easily kill her.

"It's the opposite, Your Majesty," she said respectfully when she regained her composure. "I wore my precious black pearls today as a symbol that my heart is with Her Royal Highness. These black pearls aren't a sign of mourning. Rather, I'm using them as a reminder that I can't be too happy until my precious friend wakes up. I apologize for calling the princess casually. But I hope Your Majesty understands that Her Royal Highness is close to my heart as a person and not by her royal title."

Gosh, she almost puked at the lies she spitted. She couldn't wait home to wash her mouth thoroughly.

At least, the emperor looked convinced.

"I'm glad that Nia has a friend like you, Lady Prescott," the emperor said. Then, he sipped his tea before he continued. "Anyway, I summoned you here because I have a question for you."

"You can ask me anything, Your Majesty."

Aku smiled in an overly sweet manner before he spoke again. "Lady Prescott, where were you when the replica of the Red Phoenix attacked Nia?"

Tilly suddenly felt her heart in her throat.

[Oh, god.]


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